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Anna Clair May 30, 2016 - Crooked by Christine - Chapter 4: Prince Kwon

Ahh Prince Kwon but he's going through so much pain loving Cherry like this :( I wonder honestly whether TOP and his friends know how he feels about Cherry because it would be interesting to see their perspective on his feelings (or maybe they ignore it and try to make him feel better because it obviously looks like Cherry is putting him hard in the friend zone)

LOL Young Do and Ayumu are hilarious. I also love that he's the only guy hanging out with girls because a lot of those guys exist but don't get enough writing time (the ones whose best friends are mostly girls for some reason, like you know I Love You Man) His character is interesting :) (but I might be a bit skewed because I've read a bit ahead kekekekee)

Can't wait till the next update :) Aja aja fighting!

Anna Clair Feb 07, 2015 - Painted Love Confession by Blossy - Chapter 1: Valentine's Gift

Dear Anon,

I think it's seriously been like months before I came on AFF and honestly thank god Annie told me about this because this is so sweet :) thank you for writing this for me. I've been going through some tough times recently so this definitely helped cheer me up. A beautiful Toma trying to woo his way into my heart by painting? Be still my beating heart!

I love how fearful he was andhow you totally got down the annoying part (I would say that even to my girlfriends...bc I'm just stupid like that :D)

Also the fact you used Deepika in your poster as Anna :D KYAAA you must know me well!

Once again thank you for the sweet gift :) I hope you have a great valentines day and I hope to thank you properly again once I get a chance to find out who you are post Valentines day :)!

Anna Clair May 13, 2014 - The Legacy of the Red Dragon by Lil Daisy - Chapter 9: Let's Exchange Stories

Lolll reading Erika's thoughts on Pi was hilarious I do have to agree with Erika though that he does exude raw male sensuality.

Also I love that you mentioned UBC, Canada's own paradise school. I think if people could everyone would go to UBC just because of the fact there would be so much outdoorsy stuff to do that you'd never get bored.

Okay that dinner was freaking wickedddd. The tension just spiked in that room when they started talking about hit jobs and I was like omgomgomgomg is she going to mess up and let out too much of her real motives? (she didn't :))

I'm curious to see where she's going to take this. I'm also curious to see how Erika reacts when she meets Woo Bin (I'm sure he's going to try and find her bc Toma spent his last moments with her right? And he seems to sincerely love the guy as family...)

Kyah Daisy this was fabulous I can't wait to read more!
Author's Response: lol yeah I have so many friends who went to UBC and they all love it there.

Anna Clair May 13, 2014 - The Legacy of the Red Dragon by Lil Daisy - Chapter 8: All My Lonely Angels

*hit-right-in-the-feels* with Toma's speech on the CD man. T.T this girl she's so heartbroken. I want someone to help her move on but at the same time Erika doesn't seem like she wants to. I was reading a manga the other day, and the situation was kind of similar and they said something pretty apt which fits well with Erika's situation.

Regret is intoxicating. Erika regrets the way Toma had to die for her and she'll continue to spiral downward in that regret cesspool until she herself decides she can't regret the decision he made on his own (He did it for her so I'm guessing he didn't die by accident)

Also man the way Erika talks about her mother is positively cruel. Did she ever have a positive female figure in her life after that? Cause that's bound to affect a girl's mental stability and image of what a woman should look like.

Oh my god seeee. The way she just purposefully cut Mike off when he mentioned marriage even when she was so excited to go see him. Erika is addicted to regretting Toma.

Also I started coughing so hard reading fornicating bastard XD ahh Robert Park you're interesting.

Erika definitely didn't know who Toma was right? Well...that's probably going to be one of the only things that will jolt her out of the regret circle. (I'm excited to see Woobin in Japan though :D)

Anna Clair Apr 08, 2014 - Crooked by Christine - Chapter 2: Their First Meeting

Man straight up that poster is flawless looking. It looks seriously real ChriChri.

I'm glad you put that little warning at the beginning T.T it's never good to use substances to deal with emotions. Ji Yong T.T ahh Ji Yong T.T

And then Christine's question - so simple but so hard to answer. Even when he told her I'm not okay it could be perceived so many ways by a stranger depending on how the person wants to react. Do they want to care? Do they not want to care?

You know what I mean? Sometimes we ask people if they're okay but we don't really care... eh lol at least sometimes I feel like that but that might just be my hyperactive paranoia.

THIS REVIEW IS SO LATE T.T but I've been eh about reading lately so gomen Chri. I figured though I should review now that you're finally in Japan you'll get to read one of my awesome reviews on your awesome Japanese computer :D with this awesome smiley face awesome :D


gomen gomen back to reviewing.

Oh man. This is just making me sad. He likes Cherry so much...but then what the hell why did T.O.P snake him? Or is he going to snake T.O.P?

Also poor Daesungie. Coincidentally I was listening to his song with Taro Hakase and it was all 'I love youuuuu' and I was Daesung you're describing GD's silent emotions perfectly.

And that end bit where Cherry asks if something happened because he looked so happy, and then linking it back to the charm :D that was perfect bb!

I loved ittttt! Thank you for the update and lovely I'm looking forward to the next one!


Anna Clair Mar 28, 2014 - Songs About Jane by Ooper - Chapter 2: Story Two: Christine's Cake

Man Jace sounds perfect. (mostly because I'm thinking of him as the TMI Jace XD)

but man dude...this was so heart breaking too (little less heart breaking than the other one :D i didn't cry! yayy no tears!) and I liked that it wrapped up with a happier ending :D it left me feeling good at the end of it because even Christine was interested in him and kyaa it was perfect!

Great job Tali :D! I can't wait to read more of these :)

Anna Clair Mar 28, 2014 - Songs About Jane by Ooper - Chapter 1: Story One: Lillith's Loss

Yeah so I honestly just sat here and cried...alot.

Like next level tears. (lol get it? next level? cause that's the level she's on?)

I don't know what to say. I'm really sad mostly. I'm going to have to reread this one day with a less sad eye but man (drownseyeballs in tears)

Okay no wait, I'll try and read it again now. That's just stupid to read it again days later.

First I thought Haruka was their child who was sleeping between them, but a little later I figured it out obviously.

Man just Tali you took my heart out and stomped on it a lot but in a really beautiful way. And like man T.T he still has the picture in the wallet and gah and their new relationship and the other ghosts and T.T I can't I can't I'm starting to cry again.

So I'm just going to say this was really really beautiful and I really enjoyed reading this

Anna Clair Mar 03, 2014 - The Legacy of the Red Dragon by Lil Daisy - Chapter 7: Looked Away Too Long

okay I made a stupid mistake.

I used my keyboard hit the tab key on the last chapter and then used my arrows to go all the way up to 10 but I only hit 9 and pressed I MEANT 10 I DID T.T sorry I know this doesn't really matter but yeah XD thought you should know about the hazards of typing too quickly)

Aww man. When these scenes of Toma and Erika come up I just have to keep reminding myself this guy is dead :( and Erika's so obviously hung up on him still it's sad. Your description of him was beautiful in that tux and boyish charm *dreamy*

Okay da fuq. I had the initial inclination that Toma was Woo Bin's cousin and he planted himself in such a position to guard the legacy with Erika without telling her. BUT WHATTTTTT I WANT TO KNOW OFFICIALLY WHO WOO BIN'S COUSIN IS. (Sorry when I get demanding I go caps T.T I should calm down).

And whose in the protection circle! as expected. Toma is Woo Bin's cousin. (Probably).

Haruma is pretty much the cutest little shit ever which is why even when he's being annoying to his big brother Pi can't do anything XD

Oooo Woo Bin and Pi will meet o.o and Haruma XD (Haruma's such a chill character though so in tense scenarios I literally imagine him breaking the ice a lot until he's forced into using his skills to break someone's head).

DAISY. I'm so excited for the next chapter :D
Author's Response: lol no dear you are not off the mark. all in good time ^^

Anna Clair Mar 03, 2014 - The Legacy of the Red Dragon by Lil Daisy - Chapter 6: Everything Has A Price Pi attracted to Erika more or the puzzle that she represents o.o? (Well for now we won't have to deal with that question because he hardly knows her well enough yet and he's playing into the trap she's setting for him)

Hahaha Erika's in deniallll no girl freaks out about clothes for no reason. Subconsciously she finds him attractive that's all. Sure she still has to dress appropriately for gaining his trust etc. making him want to do this for her but it's also about the fact he's a good looking, polished boss type and she wants to look good in front of him.

Lol I can imagine Pi's mind when she asked him to have dinner with her in exchange for the Dali...he's like DONE. BEST DEAL EVER. But obv. he's not that foolish either, he knows something is up...if she was up front would he totally retreat back away from her? I guess to keep him intrigued she kind of has to play the mysterious part though.

lol i love how between the Haruma scene and the next scene you have like Haruma thinking omo will onii-chan figure it out?

and the next line is Pi being like I can't figure her out. Somehow I found that funny. (but of course Pi figured her out :) well at least at fact value the same way Haruma face value...not quite).

*next next nexttt*

Anna Clair Mar 03, 2014 - The Legacy of the Red Dragon by Lil Daisy - Chapter 5: First Peek Into Truth

Man you love Warsan Shire o.o I just realized you used a quote from him on LandL's poster too