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shattered_teardrops Dec 26, 2010 - Get Married, Dara! by nizzyool - Chapter 1: Get Married, Dara!

*sob* *sob* *sob
Thank you so much!! I loved it!!
I'm just sad that Dara's mother had to die...
*sniff* But I really loved it!
Thank you very much for writing this! Merry Christmas!
Author's Response: you're welcome~ you make me enjoying Daragon, really ^^ I do have fun writing this :) now that you said you're sad because Dara's mother died, I realize there's something strange with the ending so I decided to add something to fix it. Really glad that you like it!

shattered_teardrops Dec 05, 2010 - Innocent Kiss by biniBningPunkista - Chapter 1: Innocent Kiss

I could perfectly imagine Hiroshi Tamaki doing all of these... ahaha But I keep imagining Ueno Juri in place of Aoi. O.o
Weird, right? ahaha Thank you for this! XD
Author's Response: I can't believe I haven't been able to respond to your review. I must have over looked this. As for your comment, I do understand it since they've been together in Nodame Cantabile it just comes in by default. I do get it sometimes too. ^_^v

shattered_teardrops Dec 01, 2010 - In His Bed and After by biniBningPunkista - Chapter 27: Shopping Maladies

Okay, I give up. I'm going to review. ahaha
I confess, I have been silently reading this story. GOMEN for being a silent stalker!!

I don't remember if I've reviewed this before but I'm pretty sure I've read it before but never had free time to read the new updates...

Anyways, I like where this story is heading. I love Yamapi's BENITO! ahaha
I'm looking forward to the time when everything will be revealed like the truth about Mao's real identity... I can't wait! =)
Author's Response: whaaa... i'll say it's still a loOong wait away... still a lot of chapters to consume. Oh.. and I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU ARE READING MY STUFF!!!! haha.. you just made my day! why haven't i checked my reviews to make replies??? *bumps head on wall* one of my favorite author is reading my stuff. i'm giddy all of a sudden. never mind for the silent stalker part, now that i know you're reading it makes me feel so much better and ready for more updates! *hugs* oh.. and I LOVE the Benito part as well. haha

shattered_teardrops Dec 01, 2010 - Alcoholic Frenzy by biniBningPunkista - Chapter 1: Alcoholic Frenzy

Uwaaaah~! I love it!
And the ending just leaves a lot to the imagination! =)
Author's Response: OMG... my reply has taken me so long. i thought no one was reading this anymore. you're review made me soOo... happy! i'm glad you loved it. *hugs*

shattered_teardrops Mar 28, 2010 - Breaking Rules by kenzo - Chapter 55: RULE # 55: BREAK AWAY

Oh snap! Song Yu Seuk is BAD NEWS! Arrrrgggh! 2NE1 and Big Bang are free and happy now but Mai has to go marry that bastard!

I'm happy that Ji and Dara are starting to clear up everything between them but Mai and Teddy has suffered longer. I just can't stand that.

Hmmm... Can I like, enter the story and just kill Song Yu Seuk with my inter-dimensional mallet of doom so Mai can be free and everyone would be happy? LOL. I know, stupid idea. I was just thinking. keke

Oh, and yeah, I can't believe MinHwan is a baddy here. He'e just too cute. I can't imagine him being bad and all. hehe

Update soon! XD
Author's Response: haha.((= tnx shattered.n___n woah! i'd want to see that inter-dimensional mallet of doom. hahahaha. il try my bestest to update as soon as possible. i'm currently going around PI beaches and connection suddnely becomes haywire.

shattered_teardrops Mar 19, 2010 - In His Bed and After by biniBningPunkista - Chapter 17: Unexpected Visitor

HAH! I caught up! keke I've been a silent reader of this because life is hectic and I can't catch every update but I decided to comment now just because I think BENITO is lame too.. XD Update soon!
Author's Response: I'm glad you still took the time to review my story. I love it when readers does that, specially when they come out of hibernation. hehehe... thank you for the review!!!!!! *hugs*

shattered_teardrops Mar 18, 2010 - Breaking Rules by kenzo - Chapter 1: RULE # 1: NO OFFICE ROMANCE

I just want to let you know that you've gained another reader right here. I might not comment on every chapter because life gets really hectic sometimes but I really, really like your story. Plus, the fact that I'm also a DARAGON shipper a.k.a. Appler. Kudos to you for such an enthralling read! =) I'll be waiting for updates!
Author's Response: thank you. *hugs you really tightly* i'm an appler too!((= i hope to see more DARAGON here as well so if you have fics, lemme know! haha!n__n i hope to talk to you more often and thank you big time for taking the time to read and comment. DARAGON ftw!