Favorite Authors
1. aloakley
This author's kind of brilliant.

And because of the awesome work put out I'm now addicted to Dara and Jiyong stories =D
2. biniBningPunkista
So uh...I've been reading her for a couple of years.
She's super talented.
And a beast at description.
Ty Shanny for being such a good writer, reading your stuff makes me forget about my troubles easily.
3. Christine
She's three things
1) Freaking Talented
2) Freaking Funny
3) Freaking Awesome

All three characteristics are highly visible in her stories and I recc. you go read them NOW.
4. Lil Daisy
because she's awesome and you need to go read her work like stat.

probably one of the most admired authors on here. =)
5. lovesmatch
she's somewhat new to the aff family and I've been debating adding her to this section for a long time anyways T.T
but she writes angst and fluff so perfectly that I'm in love with her now.
She's talented and you need to invest your time in her stuff.
and I'm totally not biased.
6. nitelotus
7. Ooper
She's super innocent even when she's writing smut and her stories leave you with the most contented feeling.

If all love could be as innocent and sweet [even when it's angsty] like Tali writes it, people would be a lot happier and the divorce rate would be down =D