A collection of stories written about and designed with Christine and Yamashita Tomohisa to celebrate her birthday.
Category: Japanese Entertainment – Drama/Series: None – Challenges: None
Characters: NEWS: Yamashita Tomohisa
Story Type: Collection of One-Shots – Genres: General, Humor, Romance – Warnings: Fandom Crossover, Fictional Character(s), Fluff, Possible Drama Spoilers, Sexual References, Violence, Vulgar Language
Published: Oct 07, 2012 – Updated: Oct 10, 2012 – Word Count: 6668 words – Read Count: 2549 – Completed: No

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We love you darling :) and we've all fallen for the two of you together so we decided to write this :) Most of us wrote this based on stories we have already read: primarily mangas/anime/cartoon stories where we altered the main character and placed you and Pi in the title roles :) Just in case we don't mean to infringe on any rights of any of the mangakas/creators of this. All other content that is identifiable as original/lacking precedence in the show/mangaka's work is the property of that particular fanfiction author who wrote it. :) Our lovely graphic artists have helped us bring the written creations to life with their skills as well :) thank you :)

Table of Contents

# Chapter Title Read Count Reviews
1 Ayumu: Revege Gone Lovey-Dovey 588 2
2 Shana: Call Me, Beep Me, If You Wanna Love Me 612 2
3 Jannie: Masks 680 2
4 Tierra: POSTER CHAPTER 668 2