It was said that once a person made one hundred paper-hearts and gave it to a hundred different people; they’ll find their true love. The only catch was that their true love, within those one hundred people, would be the one who gives back the paper heart as a sign of trust.
Category: Korean Entertainment – Drama/Series: None – Challenges: None
Characters: 2NE1: Dara, 2PM: Jaebeom, Big Bang: G-Dragon, Big Bang: T.O.P, Big Bang: Taeyang
Story Type: Multi-Chaptered – Genres: Drama, Romance, Tragedy – Warnings: Character Death, Fictional Character(s)
Published: Sep 03, 2011 – Updated: Mar 27, 2012 – Word Count: 26530 words – Read Count: 7426 – Completed: No

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This story is made purely from my imagination. All the ideas are solely from my creative thoughts. I do not intend to copy anyone else's plot, and forgive me if that seem so. This story owns orginal characters, but for entertainment purposes I have substituted other characters including Seung Hyun aka TOP, Jiyong aka GDragon, and Youngbae aka Taeyang. Like my previous story, I also made an original female character named Park Chunhei, who is played by Baifern, a Thai actress from the famous movie A Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Other stars would also be featured in this story such as Park Jaebom aka Jay Park and Sandara Park. Although these celebrities are the important group of My Paper Heart, the story is not based on their real life. Lastly, NO ANIMALS ARE HARMED IN THE PRODUCTION OF THIS PIECE.

Table of Contents

# Chapter Title Read Count Reviews
1 Chapter 1 - Bully 1001 3
2 Chapter 2 - Dream 781 1
3 Chapter 3 - Broken 711 1
4 Chapter 4 - Fallen 744 1
5 Chapter 5 - Darkness 796 1
6 Chapter 6 - Goodbye 784 2
7 Chapter 7 - Gone 729 0
8 Chapter 8 - Speak 621 0
9 Chapter 9 - Cry 543 0
10 Chapter 10 - Away 716 0