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Chapter 5

Author's Chapter Notes

I do not own the characters, this is only a work of fiction.

With earphones plugged in his ears and hands under his neck, Sueng Ho listened to the wild music of Ellegarden. The beat made him move his foot which was on top of one another as he lay on the grassy field in the middle of the soccer grounds. All his school stuff was sprawled beside him. Books, notes and other gadgets were scattered as he was trying to get himself occupied earlier but opted to listen to music instead.

It’s been a while since he skipped class and started bumming in the field again, he did miss moments like these in where he could let himself go and think about Ji Hyun without much care in the world.

Then as if the world was also against him doing some procrastination or probably plainly telling him he was too stupid for confessing, something very wet fell on top of his forehead.

“What the…”

Huge rain drops were suddenly falling from the sky.

Just when he thought he could think quietly this is what happens to him, thanks to skipping class in the middle of the morning.

“Aish!!!” Sueng Ho grumbled as he scampered to arrange his stuff, then he noticed the rain stopped all together.

When he looked up, a huge umbrella was covering him and the girl who has been occupying his head for most of the time was looking down at him.

“Paboo yah…” She muttered as she lifted the side of her upper lip in a mock disgust.

Sueng Ho’s heart skipped a beat as he paused to look at her.

“What? It’s not like this is my first time to skip class.”

“What are you doing here instead of going to your usual place whenever you skip class?” He asked instead trying to mask his voice with indifference, though his heart beat was saying something else.

“What makes you so sure I don’t go here whenever I skip class?”

“That’s because this is my place and yours is at the school basement where that instrument of yours is hidden.”

This made Ji Hyun stop short. She has never told anyone about the violin she was trying to learn in secret.

“H-how did you know about that?”

Sueng Ho smirked at her then casually wiped his wet nose with his thumb.

“Three months ago, I followed you after school and discovered how you put those rags under the thick door of the basement and play the instrument. I think you’re pretty good at it, so why hide the fact that you’re playing it?”

Embarrassment registered on Ji Hyun’s face and she started to walk away from Seung Ho after saying, “It’s none of your business!”

Rain fell over Seung Ho again as Ji Hyun took the umbrella along with her. Reflexively he grabbed Ji Hyun’s hand that was holding the umbrella to cover both of them.

“Let me go!” Ji Hyun tried to tug her hand away from Seung Ho but he was too strong for her.


“I said let me go!!!” Ji Hyun hollered over the pelting rain that was getting harder by the second.

“NO.” Seung Ho told her with much more conviction this time. He clutched her hand much tighter as he stared directly into her eyes.

“Why won’t you let me go? You’ve practically ignored me for the past year. You know my secret. You already took my first kiss and… and you’ve already confessed your feelings. What else is left?”


“What do you mean by me?” Ji Hyun tried to act stupid but she knew better.

“I like you. I’ve liked you for so long why can’t you see that? Why do you keep on ignoring that? And whatever you do with your life, I’ll support you in any way I could. I will cheer you on. I’ll be there for you whenever you need me. Why can’t you see that?” Seung Ho asked her, his eyes clearly showing the hurt he had felt for the past year.

“Why do you like me so much Seung Ho?”

“I like you just because.” He answered as a matter of fact.

“Just because?” Ji Hyun frowned not totally understanding what he meant.

“There’s no reason for me not to like you Ji Hyun. None. So I’m not letting you go until you tell me you don’t like me. Tell it to me bluntly and I would let go.”

Silence hovered between the two of them as they stared at each other, Seung Ho’s hand still clasping Ji Hyun’s hand that was holding the umbrella while the sound of raindrops faded in the background.

Ji Hyun was the first to break their eye contact at she looked at the ground red-faced.

“You really like me just because?” She asked once more.

“Yes.” Seung Ho responded.

“And you like hearing me play the violin?” She said as she lifted her head to look at him once more.

“I do.” Seung Ho was smiling warmly at her.

A smile formed on Ji Hyun’s lips and then took the umbrella handle with her free hand as she slid her other hand to clutch Seung Ho’s fingers.

“Want to hear it again?” She asked him in a small voice tilting her head as she waited for his answer.

Seung Ho grinned, held her hand and pressed it to his chest.


~The End~

Author's Chapter End Notes

ah.... so much fluff! I hope you like it.
Reviews/Comments would be soOo much appreciated. ^____^v

The End.
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