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Chapter 4

Author's Chapter Notes

I do not own the characters, this is only a work of fiction.

Ji Hyun was running blindly when she crashed into someone straight on.

“Mianhe…” She bowed low before she started to break into another run but a pair of hand caught her shoulders.

When she looked up it was Geun Suk.

“Oppa…” She muttered her with her eyes almost tearing up.

“What’s wrong?” Geun Suk asked.

Ji Hyun shook her head in response making Geun Suk sigh helplessly over the troubled girl.

“You’ve been looking troubled lately. Your sister is going to kill me if she found out you’re having problems while I’m taking care of you. Tell you what... let's talk about it over a cup of coffee. It's much better to rant over your problems than keeping them to yourself.” Geun Suk tried to convince her and with much thought Ji Hyun conceded, nodding her head silently in agreement before wiping her eyes with the back of her hand.

They went to the nearest coffee shop around the school area and both sat comfortably near the window. Ji Hyun was slowly sipping from her cup while Geun Suk stirred on his cappuccino.

“So, tell me what happened.” He started asking direct to the point.

Ji Hyun contemplated on her coffee before she asked, “Have you ever liked someone and couldn’t tell them about it? So instead you do things opposite of what you feel?”

This question made Geun Suk think for a moment before replying, “Truth be told… I’m in that situation right now. I still haven’t told the woman I like that I’ve loved her for the longest time already.”

The word “woman” struck Ji Hyun that she brought her eyes towards Geun Suk slowly. She realized immediately that it wasn’t her whom Geun Suk would be referring to because she’s only a girl in Geun Suk’s eyes.

“Oppa… by any chance…” Her voice trailed off, not able to bring herself to ask the question.

“Do I like your sister?” Geun Suk finished the sentence for her instead adding another question to it, “Have I been in love with her for all those years?”

She nodded, not knowing what to say.

“Yes. That’s going to be our little secret okay?” Geun Suk gave her a mischievous smile which made her nod in agreement.

Hearing this revelation from Geun Suk was weird. Ji Hyun expected herself to be hurt but instead she was feeling confused. There was no ounce of pain in her heart when Geun Suk told her that he loved her sister. Maybe she had felt it before but she’s only too delusional to notice it.

The image of her kissing Geun Suk Oppa was all but a disturbing dream. What exactly happened to her feelings? Was she too pre-occupied with being annoyed with Seung Ho to believe everything he had told her earlier were true?

It was Seung Ho she thinks of all the time. She’s been having dreams about him too and most of all whenever her mind wonders about, it brings her to Seung Ho.

“Oppa… if a boy who used to annoy a girl suddenly confesses that he likes her, do you think that’s true?”

“Hmmm... that depends. There are boys who are plain bullies and there are boys who annoy girls that they like just because they want her attention. Which category would that boy be?”

“I think it’s the second one. The boy isn’t a bully to be exact, he looks like a complete rebel on the outside but he’s really nice, smart and caring. He’s only misunderstood by many.”

“It seems to me like you know that boy so much.” Geun Suk grinned at Ji Hyun making her blush.

“That boy must really like you Ji Hyun.” Geun Suk told her with a much serious face this time.

“No. NO. It’s not about me. It’s about this friend of mine.” Ji Hyun turned beet red, as she shook her head vigorously in denial.

“Oh… Okay.” Geun Suk muttered then shrugged with a sly grin on his face not believing Ji Hyun the slightest bit.

“Well, I could only imagine what’s going on inside that boy’s head. He’s probably thinking that it’s better for him to annoy the girl he likes than for her not to notice him at all. He might have wanted her to think of him even if it irritates her because at least he knows she’s thinking of him some way or another.” He said with a smile on his face.

Ji Hyun was silent as she thought of the things Seung Ho told her, it’s like Geun Suk Oppa was reading Seung Ho’s thoughts.

“So… what do you think this friend of yours felt when the boy confessed to her?” Geun Suk asked subtly as he gazed at Ji Hyun whose eyes were staring blankly on space.

“My friend felt weird. Initially she was shocked then confused and felt like crying.”

Geun Suk thought silently that if Ji Hyun still wanted to deny it wasn't about her, he would probably laugh out loud at any moment. To divert his impulse to laugh he asked her another question.

“What is she planning to do now?”

“I don’t know.” Ji Hyun pouted as she thought about it.

Does she like Sueng Ho then to be this confused?

“Ah… I guess that’s up to your friend to ponder upon.” Geun Suk finally took a sip on his coffee and gave Ji Hyun an encouraging smile.

Ji Hyun could only nod at him with an uncertain look on her face.

Author's Chapter End Notes

Damn those feelings! hahaha... I wish I was back in high school to feel such an irritating but blissful feeling at the same time. lolz... >_


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