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Chapter 3

Author's Chapter Notes

I do not own the characters, this is only a work of fiction.

School dragged on as usual and Ji Hyun was trying to get through the class by day dreaming about Geun Suk Oppa but whenever she does it, another face pops in replacement.

Seung Ho.

This thought made Ji Hyun want to scream but she tried holding it in and instead snuck glances at Seung Ho who was sleeping at the far corner of the class room. An idea crept into Ji Hyun’s head and she stuck her hand inside her bag and took out the hardest eraser she had.

She checked if the professor was still busy writing on the board, then she aimed at Seung Ho’s head.

Ji Hyun whispered to herself, “One… two… THREE!”

She threw the eraser as hard as she could at Seung Ho which hit him straight on at the forehead with a loud thwack. Ji Hyun was holding her breath because Seung Ho didn’t budge a bit, then suddenly something cluttered loudly and everyone’s attention was at the back corner of the classroom.

“You wanna die you dumb ass?!?” Seung Ho was standing up right as he stared at no one particularly. The professor quickly turned to look at him but was too startled to react while Seung Ho was in a state of bewilderment. Then slowly he realized what just happened. Everyone was snickering as Seung Ho shrunk back to his seat, the professor told him to stay after class and everything went back to normal.

Ji Hyun was thoroughly enjoying herself when the professor called her too and asked her to stay after class.

“What… why?!? What did I do?” Ji Hyun exclaimed, afraid she got caught.

“Your career path, you haven’t written anything on it yet.” The professor pointed out to her while she grumbled to her seat.

Unknowingly, Seung Ho was enjoying the bit of announcement. At least he would have the chance to catch up with Ji Hyun.

After the last period Ji Hyun and Seung Ho was told to clean up the classroom while the rest of the class can go home. The professor told Ji Hyun to think of her career path over this small exercise and pass the blank piece of paper by tomorrow.

Ji Hyun grumbled as how unfair life was to her. Why did the teacher have to force her to make a decision when she doesn’t even know what she wants to do with her own life right now?

“What are you staring at?” Ji Hyun retorted at Seung Ho when she realized he has been gazing at her for quite some time already.

“You’re supposed to mop the floor not drool at me. Paboo-yah.” She slapped the mop on the floor as she grudgingly pushed and pulled the stick to wipe the floor with.

“You have no idea what to do when you graduate don’t you?” Seung Ho casually said to her.

Ji Hyun gave him a sharp look.

“What concerns do you have about my future?” She asked him sounding very irritated.

“Why don’t you just marry me when you graduate? I’ll make sure you never go hungry.” Seung Ho grinned at Ji Hyun cockily which irritated her more and because of this, Ji Hyun slammed the mop towards the floor then quickly sprinted towards Seung Ho to give him a round-about kick right at the stomach.

When Seung Ho was down at the floor looking bewildered, Ji Hyun smirked at him and wiped her nose with her thumb as a victory gesture.

“I’ll have to die first before marrying you.” Ji Hyun glared at Seung Ho before picking the mop to resume her work.

There was a stretch of silence between them as Ji Hyun continued to mop the floor while Seung Ho was lying still on the ground, then all of a sudden Seung Ho started to laugh. Ji Hyun turned her gaze towards him and gave him a bewildered look.

“What’s so funny? You just got your ass kicked off and you’re laughing?”

Seung Ho was heaving with laughter while clutching his stomach before he could answer.

“I…” He was trying to catch his breath before he could say what he was thinking, “I… saw your panties. Nice Winnie the Pooh prints by the way.” This remark caused Ji Hyun to turn a shade of purple, in anger and embarrassment.

“YOU PERVERT!!!” She shrieked at him.

“It wasn’t my fault!” Seung Ho doubled over with laughter.

Ji Hyun was getting too frustrated because of him, she didn’t know what else to do.

“Why do you love to irritate me so much???” She demanded.

“Why do you hate my guts so much?” Seung Ho replied quietly instead.

This question took Ji Hyun off guard.

“I don’t hate you.” She mumbled.

“I’m doing this all wrong.” Seung Ho said as he sat right up, not looking at her but instead aiming his stare towards the windows.

“What do you mean by that?”

“I mean I’m doing it all wrong.”

Ji Hyun still couldn’t understand what he meant.

Seung Ho sighed loudly in exasperation.

“The day I started to avoid you, was the day I realized I liked you.” Seung Ho scratched the back of his head looking shy all of a sudden.

A crease formed between Ji Hyun’s brows as if she still didn’t understand what Seung Ho was telling her.

“What I’m trying to say is that I avoided you because I started to like you. That’s why I’m doing it all wrong. I started to annoy you when I learned that Hyung-Geun Suk was taking care of you when your Unnie went away. I know you like him so much so I tried my best for you to notice me. I didn’t really care if you saw me in a totally annoying way because all I wanted was for you to see me. When you sleep, do you dream of Hyung? Or do you dream of me instead? When your head wonders around, does your mind carry you towards him or towards me? That’s all that matters for me Ji Hyun. If messing with you means putting my image in your head, so be it. I don’t care if you hate my guts. What I care the most is for you think of me, only me and not him.”

This was the longest speech Seung Ho was able to tell Ji Hyun after avoiding her for a year and he started pestering her about. Now he was able to tell her all his feelings, at least… it was out in the open. Though it was better if Ji Hyun would reciprocate those same feelings but he knew better.

Surprise was registered on Ji Hyun’s face that she couldn’t think clearly, then all of a sudden she dropped the mop and quickly turned around to pick her bag from the chair and ran out of the class room as fast as she could.

Seung Ho dropped his back on the floor as soon as he watched Ji Hyun leave.

“I knew this was bound to happen.” He told himself out loud before covering his eyes to stop the tears from coming out.

What good does love bring if it’s not even returned?

Author's Chapter End Notes

High School confessions are the cutest!!! all those awkward feelings... haha.. >_


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