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Chapter 2

Ji Hyun’s face was troubled as she wobbled beside Geun Suk who was standing in the middle of the museum gallery where he had his photographs displayed.

“Are you alright?” Geun Suk asked looking worried after Ji Hyun appeared by his side.

“Oppa… I’m sorry for disappearing like that. Something came up and… can I go home? I’m not feeling well.” She told him in a soft voice. Ji Hyun was never good at hiding her emotions thus it always gets her in an awkward situation.

The truth is she mustered up her strength to go back to him so it wouldn’t seem that she was blowing him off with no reason at all. After the incident earlier, all she wanted to do was crawl to her bed and sleep off whatever it was she was feeling at the moment. She was so mad with Seung Ho for stealing her first kiss. Not only that, he even had the decency to rub it on her face that she finally had one.

That wasn’t the kind of first kiss she wanted to have.

Ji Hyun envisioned it to be in a romantic setting, with soft lights around and she expected to feel as if fireworks were everywhere after the kiss. To her great dismay all of that was ruined by no other than her old good friend demoted to worst enemy.

Aside from the anger boiling inside her chest, there was something that was deeply bothering her.

Why did she feel that tingling sensation when Seung Ho kissed her?

Ji Hyun was brought back to reality when she felt an arm around her shoulder. Her head turned to look at Geun Suk as he smiled kindly at her. This almost made her melt, if only she could erase the thought of the stolen kiss by Seung Ho, this would have been a perfect setting for her and Geun Sook to kiss.

“Sure. You do seem like you’re out of it. Let me get my keys and I’ll drive you back home.” Ji Hyun wanted to sigh out loud for Geun Suk to be so considerate of her. He did not even prod to ask anything and for this she was grateful since she really didn’t want to talk about it.

The two of them drove along the highway while listening to the soft music in the back ground. Geun Suk has been driving quietly for quite some time when he noticed that Ji Hyun was already nodding off on her seat. He couldn’t help but smile at himself as he looked at how cute the scene was when she did that. Geun Suk brought his eyes back to the road, wondering what happened earlier that made this bubbly kid turn in looking troubled. If Shin Hye was here what would she do?

Ji Hyun was like a family to him already while Shin Hye, her older sister was his closest friend. He promised Shin Hye that he would take care of her little sister while she’s away on a tour.

What’s really remarkable about these two sisters is that they were able to survive against all odds. Though they lost their parents at an early age, they were able to deal with it and live normal lives without being angry at the world. Because of them, Geun Suk’s own life was straighter than it would have been if he never met the Park sisters.

Being an only child of parents who were too busy to even notice their own son was something that has influenced his rebellious stage in life, which one day got out of hand until Shin Hye went to pick him up at a house party in which he was severely drunk. She did pick him up that time but not before throwing a bucket of ice on his head and slapping his face in front of his so called friends. Shin Hye waited for him to sober up then started slapping him some more when he came to his senses. She even dragged his alcohol reeking body to the bus station to bring him to her home.

Park Shin Hye was amazing like that, she didn’t care what others said behind her back all she thought of was her sister’s well being and her chosen friend’s worth.

Geun Suk was glad he was one of them. He always wanted to be part of the Park family so he tried to do his best on the career he has chosen to make Shin Hye and Ji Hyun proud of him. Then maybe, Shin Hye would eventually see him as someone more than just a friend.

When the car finally stopped in front of the Park's residence, Ji Hyun was totally knocked off. The corner of Geun Suk’s lips lifted as he got out of the car and opened the other side of the passenger seat. He took off Ji Hyun’s seat belt and carried her off inside the house.

“Seung… Yoo Seung Ho. Paboo ya. Paboo.” Ji Hyun mumbled in her sleep.

Geun Suk chuckled as he heard a boy’s name escape Ji Hyun’s lips in her deep slumber. He also wondered what this boy did to Ji Hyun to make her dream of him.


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