I Like You Just Because by biniBningPunkista

He’s been avoiding her for a year.
She’s grown accustomed to not having him around.

Then Jang Geun Suk comes into the picture.
Suddenly… he changes his heart.
He does something unprecedented.
She reacts to it.
That’s how things started to rumble.
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I do not own the characters, nor is the story true. This is a work of fiction.

1. Chapter 1 by biniBningPunkista

2. Chapter 2 by biniBningPunkista

3. Chapter 3 by biniBningPunkista

4. Chapter 4 by biniBningPunkista

5. Chapter 5 by biniBningPunkista

Chapter 1 by biniBningPunkista
Author's Notes:
I find the main characters cute and can't forget them from the drama Queen Seon Duk. They deserve to have a cute love story of their own. Hence, I came up with this story line.

Main Characters:
Nam Ji Hyun
Yoo Seung Ho

Supporting Characters:
Jang Geun Suk
Park Shin Hye

Enjoy reading!

Seung Ho took hold of Ji Hyun’s arm and dragged her far away from the museum as possible.

“Yah!!!! Yoo Seung Ho! Stop it. What the hell are you trying to do? Are you insane???” Ji Hyun tugged her arm away from Seung Ho as hard as she could, but to no avail, the guy was too strong for her to contest with.

“Where are you bringing me to? Yah!!! Seung Ho I am talking to you!”

No matter how hard Ji Hyun called out to him, Seung Ho appeared not to hear her or even notice that he was clutching her arm too tight that a numb feeling was starting to creep from his firm grip. Nonetheless she kept on shouting at him.

“You are ruining everything. That was Geun Suk Oppa! I was finally going to have a boyfriend after 16 years of being boyfriendless. This was my chance but you have to come and mess it up!!!”

“You… you… You IDIOTIC LOSER!” Ji Hyun shrieked which made Seung Ho stop.

Ji Hyun wasn’t sure if he stopped because she told him to or because she called him a loser. Whatever the reason is, she doesn’t care anymore. He has been ignoring her for a year already that there was nothing she can do to bring back that friendship. If he hated her that much and had to go to the extent of doing this to her, so be it. It takes two to play this game and she’s not backing down on him anymore.

“Did you just call me a loser?” Seung Ho turned faced her with his narrowed eyes, looking like he was about to swallow her alive.

His facial expression almost made her resolve waver but she mustered up her anger once more and lifted her chin to retort. It wasn’t her who was in the wrong, it was him. HIM.

“Yeah. I called you a loser. I was about to have my first kiss but you have to come and trick me out of it! You’re a prick! A big freaking loser who always bother me at the most crucial times!!!! You avoid me for a year and left me hanging around with myself then all of a sudden you show up and whisk me away like you have done nothing wrong. You are a sore LOSER if you think I’ll be your friend again after you left me like that!!!”

Seung Ho’s face was contorted and red. He looked like he was about to burst.

“So what are you going to do?!? Hit me? Go on! HIT ME for calling you a loser!!!” Ji Hyun yelled at the top of her lungs, daring him to lay a hand on her as she pushed her face forward for him to hit.

In a swift motion Ji Hyun saw Seung Ho raise his hand. Her eyes went wide in shock. She never thought that Seung Ho was really going to hit her. In a split second she shut her eyes tightly to wait for the impact that was about to hit her face any second. She braced herself for a sounding slap but it never came.

Instead something else happen that was beyond her imagination.

Something soft had hit her, not on the cheek but on her lips. A sudden tingling sensation shot through her body.

Ji Hyun’s eyes popped open, it went wide as she staggered backwards almost tripping on her own feet. The back of her hand touched her lips as if covering it in case he was going to do it again. Her chest felt tight it was getting hard to breathe. She couldn’t believe what Seung Ho did to her.

“Why did you do that!?!”

Ji Hyun was now freaking out. Her first kiss was with this slob of a guy who called her fat when they were in junior high. How could he do this to her??? Before they turned cold on each other he was first her friend. A good friend whom she confided everything to, cried her tears out and spent most of her days with. Even though they haven’t spoken to each other for a year she never thought he would do something so despicable like this.

“There! You got your first kiss. Are you happy now?” Seung Ho glared at her.

There was a mixture of something else behind those eyes but Ji Hyun was too pissed off to even notice that tiny detail. She was already stomping off the pavement back to the museum as Seung Ho scratched his head furiously with both of his hands.

“Aaaiissshhh!!!! You damn ass Seung Ho! You did it again. Why oh why do you always let your head get the best of you when she gets mad?” Seung Ho smacked his head as he grumbled to himself while squatting on the ground as people tried to avoid him.

To them he looked like an ordinary teenage boy who was talking to himself, while to him he is another hopeless boy who couldn’t convey his true feelings to the girl he liked.


+++To be continued+++
End Notes:
This is my first time to make a fan-fic out of Korean Actors. I don't know why I have so much fun making fan-fics for underrated actors? Oh well... hope you guys had fun with the first chapter.

Reviews/Comments would be loved, it would help me out to finish what I have started. You can also read my other baby if you have the time- "In His Bed and After"
Chapter 2 by biniBningPunkista

Ji Hyun’s face was troubled as she wobbled beside Geun Suk who was standing in the middle of the museum gallery where he had his photographs displayed.

“Are you alright?” Geun Suk asked looking worried after Ji Hyun appeared by his side.

“Oppa… I’m sorry for disappearing like that. Something came up and… can I go home? I’m not feeling well.” She told him in a soft voice. Ji Hyun was never good at hiding her emotions thus it always gets her in an awkward situation.

The truth is she mustered up her strength to go back to him so it wouldn’t seem that she was blowing him off with no reason at all. After the incident earlier, all she wanted to do was crawl to her bed and sleep off whatever it was she was feeling at the moment. She was so mad with Seung Ho for stealing her first kiss. Not only that, he even had the decency to rub it on her face that she finally had one.

That wasn’t the kind of first kiss she wanted to have.

Ji Hyun envisioned it to be in a romantic setting, with soft lights around and she expected to feel as if fireworks were everywhere after the kiss. To her great dismay all of that was ruined by no other than her old good friend demoted to worst enemy.

Aside from the anger boiling inside her chest, there was something that was deeply bothering her.

Why did she feel that tingling sensation when Seung Ho kissed her?

Ji Hyun was brought back to reality when she felt an arm around her shoulder. Her head turned to look at Geun Suk as he smiled kindly at her. This almost made her melt, if only she could erase the thought of the stolen kiss by Seung Ho, this would have been a perfect setting for her and Geun Sook to kiss.

“Sure. You do seem like you’re out of it. Let me get my keys and I’ll drive you back home.” Ji Hyun wanted to sigh out loud for Geun Suk to be so considerate of her. He did not even prod to ask anything and for this she was grateful since she really didn’t want to talk about it.

The two of them drove along the highway while listening to the soft music in the back ground. Geun Suk has been driving quietly for quite some time when he noticed that Ji Hyun was already nodding off on her seat. He couldn’t help but smile at himself as he looked at how cute the scene was when she did that. Geun Suk brought his eyes back to the road, wondering what happened earlier that made this bubbly kid turn in looking troubled. If Shin Hye was here what would she do?

Ji Hyun was like a family to him already while Shin Hye, her older sister was his closest friend. He promised Shin Hye that he would take care of her little sister while she’s away on a tour.

What’s really remarkable about these two sisters is that they were able to survive against all odds. Though they lost their parents at an early age, they were able to deal with it and live normal lives without being angry at the world. Because of them, Geun Suk’s own life was straighter than it would have been if he never met the Park sisters.

Being an only child of parents who were too busy to even notice their own son was something that has influenced his rebellious stage in life, which one day got out of hand until Shin Hye went to pick him up at a house party in which he was severely drunk. She did pick him up that time but not before throwing a bucket of ice on his head and slapping his face in front of his so called friends. Shin Hye waited for him to sober up then started slapping him some more when he came to his senses. She even dragged his alcohol reeking body to the bus station to bring him to her home.

Park Shin Hye was amazing like that, she didn’t care what others said behind her back all she thought of was her sister’s well being and her chosen friend’s worth.

Geun Suk was glad he was one of them. He always wanted to be part of the Park family so he tried to do his best on the career he has chosen to make Shin Hye and Ji Hyun proud of him. Then maybe, Shin Hye would eventually see him as someone more than just a friend.

When the car finally stopped in front of the Park's residence, Ji Hyun was totally knocked off. The corner of Geun Suk’s lips lifted as he got out of the car and opened the other side of the passenger seat. He took off Ji Hyun’s seat belt and carried her off inside the house.

“Seung… Yoo Seung Ho. Paboo ya. Paboo.” Ji Hyun mumbled in her sleep.

Geun Suk chuckled as he heard a boy’s name escape Ji Hyun’s lips in her deep slumber. He also wondered what this boy did to Ji Hyun to make her dream of him.
Chapter 3 by biniBningPunkista
Author's Notes:
I do not own the characters, this is only a work of fiction.

School dragged on as usual and Ji Hyun was trying to get through the class by day dreaming about Geun Suk Oppa but whenever she does it, another face pops in replacement.

Seung Ho.

This thought made Ji Hyun want to scream but she tried holding it in and instead snuck glances at Seung Ho who was sleeping at the far corner of the class room. An idea crept into Ji Hyun’s head and she stuck her hand inside her bag and took out the hardest eraser she had.

She checked if the professor was still busy writing on the board, then she aimed at Seung Ho’s head.

Ji Hyun whispered to herself, “One… two… THREE!”

She threw the eraser as hard as she could at Seung Ho which hit him straight on at the forehead with a loud thwack. Ji Hyun was holding her breath because Seung Ho didn’t budge a bit, then suddenly something cluttered loudly and everyone’s attention was at the back corner of the classroom.

“You wanna die you dumb ass?!?” Seung Ho was standing up right as he stared at no one particularly. The professor quickly turned to look at him but was too startled to react while Seung Ho was in a state of bewilderment. Then slowly he realized what just happened. Everyone was snickering as Seung Ho shrunk back to his seat, the professor told him to stay after class and everything went back to normal.

Ji Hyun was thoroughly enjoying herself when the professor called her too and asked her to stay after class.

“What… why?!? What did I do?” Ji Hyun exclaimed, afraid she got caught.

“Your career path, you haven’t written anything on it yet.” The professor pointed out to her while she grumbled to her seat.

Unknowingly, Seung Ho was enjoying the bit of announcement. At least he would have the chance to catch up with Ji Hyun.

After the last period Ji Hyun and Seung Ho was told to clean up the classroom while the rest of the class can go home. The professor told Ji Hyun to think of her career path over this small exercise and pass the blank piece of paper by tomorrow.

Ji Hyun grumbled as how unfair life was to her. Why did the teacher have to force her to make a decision when she doesn’t even know what she wants to do with her own life right now?

“What are you staring at?” Ji Hyun retorted at Seung Ho when she realized he has been gazing at her for quite some time already.

“You’re supposed to mop the floor not drool at me. Paboo-yah.” She slapped the mop on the floor as she grudgingly pushed and pulled the stick to wipe the floor with.

“You have no idea what to do when you graduate don’t you?” Seung Ho casually said to her.

Ji Hyun gave him a sharp look.

“What concerns do you have about my future?” She asked him sounding very irritated.

“Why don’t you just marry me when you graduate? I’ll make sure you never go hungry.” Seung Ho grinned at Ji Hyun cockily which irritated her more and because of this, Ji Hyun slammed the mop towards the floor then quickly sprinted towards Seung Ho to give him a round-about kick right at the stomach.

When Seung Ho was down at the floor looking bewildered, Ji Hyun smirked at him and wiped her nose with her thumb as a victory gesture.

“I’ll have to die first before marrying you.” Ji Hyun glared at Seung Ho before picking the mop to resume her work.

There was a stretch of silence between them as Ji Hyun continued to mop the floor while Seung Ho was lying still on the ground, then all of a sudden Seung Ho started to laugh. Ji Hyun turned her gaze towards him and gave him a bewildered look.

“What’s so funny? You just got your ass kicked off and you’re laughing?”

Seung Ho was heaving with laughter while clutching his stomach before he could answer.

“I…” He was trying to catch his breath before he could say what he was thinking, “I… saw your panties. Nice Winnie the Pooh prints by the way.” This remark caused Ji Hyun to turn a shade of purple, in anger and embarrassment.

“YOU PERVERT!!!” She shrieked at him.

“It wasn’t my fault!” Seung Ho doubled over with laughter.

Ji Hyun was getting too frustrated because of him, she didn’t know what else to do.

“Why do you love to irritate me so much???” She demanded.

“Why do you hate my guts so much?” Seung Ho replied quietly instead.

This question took Ji Hyun off guard.

“I don’t hate you.” She mumbled.

“I’m doing this all wrong.” Seung Ho said as he sat right up, not looking at her but instead aiming his stare towards the windows.

“What do you mean by that?”

“I mean I’m doing it all wrong.”

Ji Hyun still couldn’t understand what he meant.

Seung Ho sighed loudly in exasperation.

“The day I started to avoid you, was the day I realized I liked you.” Seung Ho scratched the back of his head looking shy all of a sudden.

A crease formed between Ji Hyun’s brows as if she still didn’t understand what Seung Ho was telling her.

“What I’m trying to say is that I avoided you because I started to like you. That’s why I’m doing it all wrong. I started to annoy you when I learned that Hyung-Geun Suk was taking care of you when your Unnie went away. I know you like him so much so I tried my best for you to notice me. I didn’t really care if you saw me in a totally annoying way because all I wanted was for you to see me. When you sleep, do you dream of Hyung? Or do you dream of me instead? When your head wonders around, does your mind carry you towards him or towards me? That’s all that matters for me Ji Hyun. If messing with you means putting my image in your head, so be it. I don’t care if you hate my guts. What I care the most is for you think of me, only me and not him.”

This was the longest speech Seung Ho was able to tell Ji Hyun after avoiding her for a year and he started pestering her about. Now he was able to tell her all his feelings, at least… it was out in the open. Though it was better if Ji Hyun would reciprocate those same feelings but he knew better.

Surprise was registered on Ji Hyun’s face that she couldn’t think clearly, then all of a sudden she dropped the mop and quickly turned around to pick her bag from the chair and ran out of the class room as fast as she could.

Seung Ho dropped his back on the floor as soon as he watched Ji Hyun leave.

“I knew this was bound to happen.” He told himself out loud before covering his eyes to stop the tears from coming out.

What good does love bring if it’s not even returned?
End Notes:
High School confessions are the cutest!!! all those awkward feelings... haha.. >_
Chapter 4 by biniBningPunkista
Author's Notes:
I do not own the characters, this is only a work of fiction.

Ji Hyun was running blindly when she crashed into someone straight on.

“Mianhe…” She bowed low before she started to break into another run but a pair of hand caught her shoulders.

When she looked up it was Geun Suk.

“Oppa…” She muttered her with her eyes almost tearing up.

“What’s wrong?” Geun Suk asked.

Ji Hyun shook her head in response making Geun Suk sigh helplessly over the troubled girl.

“You’ve been looking troubled lately. Your sister is going to kill me if she found out you’re having problems while I’m taking care of you. Tell you what... let's talk about it over a cup of coffee. It's much better to rant over your problems than keeping them to yourself.” Geun Suk tried to convince her and with much thought Ji Hyun conceded, nodding her head silently in agreement before wiping her eyes with the back of her hand.

They went to the nearest coffee shop around the school area and both sat comfortably near the window. Ji Hyun was slowly sipping from her cup while Geun Suk stirred on his cappuccino.

“So, tell me what happened.” He started asking direct to the point.

Ji Hyun contemplated on her coffee before she asked, “Have you ever liked someone and couldn’t tell them about it? So instead you do things opposite of what you feel?”

This question made Geun Suk think for a moment before replying, “Truth be told… I’m in that situation right now. I still haven’t told the woman I like that I’ve loved her for the longest time already.”

The word “woman” struck Ji Hyun that she brought her eyes towards Geun Suk slowly. She realized immediately that it wasn’t her whom Geun Suk would be referring to because she’s only a girl in Geun Suk’s eyes.

“Oppa… by any chance…” Her voice trailed off, not able to bring herself to ask the question.

“Do I like your sister?” Geun Suk finished the sentence for her instead adding another question to it, “Have I been in love with her for all those years?”

She nodded, not knowing what to say.

“Yes. That’s going to be our little secret okay?” Geun Suk gave her a mischievous smile which made her nod in agreement.

Hearing this revelation from Geun Suk was weird. Ji Hyun expected herself to be hurt but instead she was feeling confused. There was no ounce of pain in her heart when Geun Suk told her that he loved her sister. Maybe she had felt it before but she’s only too delusional to notice it.

The image of her kissing Geun Suk Oppa was all but a disturbing dream. What exactly happened to her feelings? Was she too pre-occupied with being annoyed with Seung Ho to believe everything he had told her earlier were true?

It was Seung Ho she thinks of all the time. She’s been having dreams about him too and most of all whenever her mind wonders about, it brings her to Seung Ho.

“Oppa… if a boy who used to annoy a girl suddenly confesses that he likes her, do you think that’s true?”

“Hmmm... that depends. There are boys who are plain bullies and there are boys who annoy girls that they like just because they want her attention. Which category would that boy be?”

“I think it’s the second one. The boy isn’t a bully to be exact, he looks like a complete rebel on the outside but he’s really nice, smart and caring. He’s only misunderstood by many.”

“It seems to me like you know that boy so much.” Geun Suk grinned at Ji Hyun making her blush.

“That boy must really like you Ji Hyun.” Geun Suk told her with a much serious face this time.

“No. NO. It’s not about me. It’s about this friend of mine.” Ji Hyun turned beet red, as she shook her head vigorously in denial.

“Oh… Okay.” Geun Suk muttered then shrugged with a sly grin on his face not believing Ji Hyun the slightest bit.

“Well, I could only imagine what’s going on inside that boy’s head. He’s probably thinking that it’s better for him to annoy the girl he likes than for her not to notice him at all. He might have wanted her to think of him even if it irritates her because at least he knows she’s thinking of him some way or another.” He said with a smile on his face.

Ji Hyun was silent as she thought of the things Seung Ho told her, it’s like Geun Suk Oppa was reading Seung Ho’s thoughts.

“So… what do you think this friend of yours felt when the boy confessed to her?” Geun Suk asked subtly as he gazed at Ji Hyun whose eyes were staring blankly on space.

“My friend felt weird. Initially she was shocked then confused and felt like crying.”

Geun Suk thought silently that if Ji Hyun still wanted to deny it wasn't about her, he would probably laugh out loud at any moment. To divert his impulse to laugh he asked her another question.

“What is she planning to do now?”

“I don’t know.” Ji Hyun pouted as she thought about it.

Does she like Sueng Ho then to be this confused?

“Ah… I guess that’s up to your friend to ponder upon.” Geun Suk finally took a sip on his coffee and gave Ji Hyun an encouraging smile.

Ji Hyun could only nod at him with an uncertain look on her face.
End Notes:
Damn those feelings! hahaha... I wish I was back in high school to feel such an irritating but blissful feeling at the same time. lolz... >_
Chapter 5 by biniBningPunkista
Author's Notes:
I do not own the characters, this is only a work of fiction.

With earphones plugged in his ears and hands under his neck, Sueng Ho listened to the wild music of Ellegarden. The beat made him move his foot which was on top of one another as he lay on the grassy field in the middle of the soccer grounds. All his school stuff was sprawled beside him. Books, notes and other gadgets were scattered as he was trying to get himself occupied earlier but opted to listen to music instead.

It’s been a while since he skipped class and started bumming in the field again, he did miss moments like these in where he could let himself go and think about Ji Hyun without much care in the world.

Then as if the world was also against him doing some procrastination or probably plainly telling him he was too stupid for confessing, something very wet fell on top of his forehead.

“What the…”

Huge rain drops were suddenly falling from the sky.

Just when he thought he could think quietly this is what happens to him, thanks to skipping class in the middle of the morning.

“Aish!!!” Sueng Ho grumbled as he scampered to arrange his stuff, then he noticed the rain stopped all together.

When he looked up, a huge umbrella was covering him and the girl who has been occupying his head for most of the time was looking down at him.

“Paboo yah…” She muttered as she lifted the side of her upper lip in a mock disgust.

Sueng Ho’s heart skipped a beat as he paused to look at her.

“What? It’s not like this is my first time to skip class.”

“What are you doing here instead of going to your usual place whenever you skip class?” He asked instead trying to mask his voice with indifference, though his heart beat was saying something else.

“What makes you so sure I don’t go here whenever I skip class?”

“That’s because this is my place and yours is at the school basement where that instrument of yours is hidden.”

This made Ji Hyun stop short. She has never told anyone about the violin she was trying to learn in secret.

“H-how did you know about that?”

Sueng Ho smirked at her then casually wiped his wet nose with his thumb.

“Three months ago, I followed you after school and discovered how you put those rags under the thick door of the basement and play the instrument. I think you’re pretty good at it, so why hide the fact that you’re playing it?”

Embarrassment registered on Ji Hyun’s face and she started to walk away from Seung Ho after saying, “It’s none of your business!”

Rain fell over Seung Ho again as Ji Hyun took the umbrella along with her. Reflexively he grabbed Ji Hyun’s hand that was holding the umbrella to cover both of them.

“Let me go!” Ji Hyun tried to tug her hand away from Seung Ho but he was too strong for her.


“I said let me go!!!” Ji Hyun hollered over the pelting rain that was getting harder by the second.

“NO.” Seung Ho told her with much more conviction this time. He clutched her hand much tighter as he stared directly into her eyes.

“Why won’t you let me go? You’ve practically ignored me for the past year. You know my secret. You already took my first kiss and… and you’ve already confessed your feelings. What else is left?”


“What do you mean by me?” Ji Hyun tried to act stupid but she knew better.

“I like you. I’ve liked you for so long why can’t you see that? Why do you keep on ignoring that? And whatever you do with your life, I’ll support you in any way I could. I will cheer you on. I’ll be there for you whenever you need me. Why can’t you see that?” Seung Ho asked her, his eyes clearly showing the hurt he had felt for the past year.

“Why do you like me so much Seung Ho?”

“I like you just because.” He answered as a matter of fact.

“Just because?” Ji Hyun frowned not totally understanding what he meant.

“There’s no reason for me not to like you Ji Hyun. None. So I’m not letting you go until you tell me you don’t like me. Tell it to me bluntly and I would let go.”

Silence hovered between the two of them as they stared at each other, Seung Ho’s hand still clasping Ji Hyun’s hand that was holding the umbrella while the sound of raindrops faded in the background.

Ji Hyun was the first to break their eye contact at she looked at the ground red-faced.

“You really like me just because?” She asked once more.

“Yes.” Seung Ho responded.

“And you like hearing me play the violin?” She said as she lifted her head to look at him once more.

“I do.” Seung Ho was smiling warmly at her.

A smile formed on Ji Hyun’s lips and then took the umbrella handle with her free hand as she slid her other hand to clutch Seung Ho’s fingers.

“Want to hear it again?” She asked him in a small voice tilting her head as she waited for his answer.

Seung Ho grinned, held her hand and pressed it to his chest.


~The End~
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