Kumohime reviewed Chapter 5: Two Princesses? on Mar 29, 2014 02:42 AM [Report This]

I loved this story so much!!!

They are both soooo weird and I love them even more for it and if there are two people I can imagine having a pillow fight instead of saying I love you, those two people are Massu and Ceil, for some reason LOL

Wait... is he adopting Princess or Ceil??

The end!! It was so sweet that my screen is leaking honey hahaha. I loved it so much.

And yes, if Massu and Ceil (or anybody really) were about to kiss I would jump on their heads, she has to prove she is worthy of Massu!! *narrows eyes* ahaha
(I really should go to sleep)

This was a great story and an awesome present, I know Ceil LOVED it.

Great job, as always, wifey!! *throws flowers and hearts and macadamia nuts cookies* (those were your favorites right? xD
Author's Response: YAY! I'm glad you liked it! I actually wrote a story that nobody died or got hurt in, this is amazing. I should give up angst forever! (just kidding) Very weird people, huh? And I suppose Massu's adopting both- he's going to have to keep a leash on both of those silly girls! ^^ And you'd better clean up your screen! It's leaking honey :3 Just kidding~! I figured you'd tackle the person who Massu was going to kiss, so I just wrote you into the story doing so XD I think I know you so well.... And YES MACADAMIA NUT COOKIES ARE MY FAVORITE HOW DID YOU KNOW -_-

Kumohime reviewed Chapter 4: Yuuki and Gloss on Mar 29, 2014 02:18 AM [Report This]

aaww she misheard him :(
And she is a really talkative and honest drunk lol Will she remember she said she loved him?
He's her neighbor? Wait, how did he know where she lived?? had he been stalking her all along? Well, if the stalker is as hot as Massu, it could be okay :P
sorry, I'm sleepy and it's turning my brain into mush
Author's Response: Real-Ceil just turned legal drinking age, so I thought it was a funny incorporation XD Honest drunk, psh. She's just getting too much alcohol into her system! That weird girl.. Hm... We can have a stalker Massu anytime, Hime. I'll take him any day. Just imagine it. *teehee*

Kumohime reviewed Chapter 3: Tuttifrutti and Natalia on Mar 29, 2014 02:03 AM [Report This]

Aaaww Ceil is jealous of princess! But at least she got a meal and a sort of date with Massu, right? :)
Author's Response: She's jealous of you, maybe that's why you're not too upset *stares* Anyway, it IS a date! Well, a lame date for lame people. Just kidding, I love both Ceil and Massu *squishes* And thanks for your reviews so far!!!

Kumohime reviewed Chapter 2: Chris and Tiana on Mar 29, 2014 01:47 AM [Report This]

aaww poor Tiana and Chris, found in a swer.
And he came back! Wait, what does Ceil mean? She's a princess??
LOL he was afraid of contracting a decease, I can actually see that happening hahhaha
Author's Response: Ceil thinks she is a princess, when she really isn't. Kinda like having an inflated ego, eh? And yeah, Massu's a bit of a .... weird child, don't you think? *pets*

Kumohime reviewed Chapter 1: Dioscorea, Morrow, and Lilyput on Mar 29, 2014 01:30 AM [Report This]

Finally I started reading the story!!
This first chapter is hilarious, and the cats from hell are adorable and well don't get me started on the incredibly hot customer (Massu right?)
I'm glad you are doing a romantic comedy! xD
Author's Response: Yahoo! I'm glad you liked it XD Trust me, this romcom-streak isn't going to last. I feel like writing another angst story now... *too much fluff* (Cats from hell- that made me laugh, Hime!)

JumpIntoMyCore reviewed Chapter 5: Two Princesses? on Mar 13, 2014 11:51 PM [Report This]

She cheered? And he slammed a pillow into her face... XD

They are an odd pair, very odd.

He is right though, women are unpredictable.

And then they have a pillow fight. XD

He's going to adopt Ceil....? XD

What he said was pretty sweet though.

Princess is a cock block. XD

I loved this story and I love how it ended the way it started. XD

OH! And you named the cats after members of AFF, thats so awesome! I would have never guessed that princess was Hime. xD I think the cats suit the members well.

Gosh I can't thank you enough for this!

You've made me very happy, and one day, I will do the same for you.

(Ok, that was awkward, I'm going to stop this review now. XD)
Author's Response: Odd couple, definitely. But no seriously, I could totally picture this scene! And whoops, I might have made a little mistake ^.~ Whelp! Anyway, the ending was too sweet for me. But I'm glad you like it :) I made it super special you know, with the dratted Princess! But do you get it? Hime is Princess in Japanese (well, not exactly but a close enough translation) and I made her interfere between you and Massu because she's super protective of him in real life! ^^ Well, as a FYI, my birthday's on my FB page, so if you want to plan ahead... *cough cough* I wouldn't mind! Love you too, you awkward bunny :)

JumpIntoMyCore reviewed Chapter 4: Yuuki and Gloss on Mar 13, 2014 11:40 PM [Report This]

Awee, poor girl mishearing what he said. He could have said it louder, and nicer! XD

Ceil talks when she's tipsy, and has mood swings, then passes out.... she's a very classy girl. XD

But, I've seen worse, so I can't judge her. XD

Plus she's talking about the cats, which is cute.

An exception again? What does that mean?

Awe, don't throw the kitty!

So, that's how he wakes her up, with food, and poking her? XD

She thinks he kidnapped the cats? She's not the fastest at understanding things, is she?

Oh! He took her to his new place? And he's her neighbor? And is that what he meant by another exception?

Lets see how she reacts to this news. XD
Author's Response: This is what happens when you drink! Think of it as a warning!! And yep, she's the classiest of the classies. Ahahaha, made that one up Ceil, you have so many questions! Sheesh! I swear that they'll be answered soon. Sort of. Hey, at least Massu and Ceil didn't die together. Always count your blessings *nod*.

JumpIntoMyCore reviewed Chapter 3: Tuttifrutti and Natalia on Mar 13, 2014 11:14 PM [Report This]

I feel bad for the way Ceil thinks of Princess. Jealousy really makes people think and do strange things, huh?

I hate apartments that won't allow pets! Why must they deprive people of the happiness of having one?

Massu and the cats warmed up to each other pretty fast, that definitely means he's trust worthy.

But the cats still choose Ceil, I can't blame them. xD

I love you too, and again, thank you so much.
Author's Response: Well, I kind of cringed when I was writing the last three chapters. I had this sudden urge to kill off all of the characters in a horrible and dramatic way, but refrained myself! So enjoy the fluff. It isn't going to last, I swear... Anyway, that was off topic! Ceil is obviously the superior cat lady, duh! LOL Massu can't compare- it's 'cuz he's male. Blech!

JumpIntoMyCore reviewed Chapter 2: Chris and Tiana on Mar 13, 2014 10:58 PM [Report This]

It's cute that Ceil calls him her prince charming, and feels a connection to him from the start.

Chris and Tiana seem like the sweet cats of the bunch, knowing when Ceil is upset, and comforting her the only ways they can.

Oops, Massu seems to make it a habit of showing up at the worst times. XD

Ceil is a princess, what does that mean? XD Poor girl embarrassing herself in front of him so much.

By the way, I really like the name "Miracle Menagerie" it's a pretty name.... for a shelter. XD

It was really sweet of Massu to save Princess the way he did.

I really liked this chapter! Ceil isn't smooth at all, and Massu seems so, mysterious, maybe? XD
Author's Response: It's a magical connection! Actually, I got the name from Harry Potter- the pet store in the novels is called Magical Menagerie! Yeah, lame connection, but whatevs. ^^ Ceil-in-the-story is a conceited little thing that thinks of herself as a princess :P But it's okay since she's not "smooth", like you say! ^^

JumpIntoMyCore reviewed Chapter 1: Dioscorea, Morrow, and Lilyput on Mar 10, 2014 06:23 PM [Report This]

I do talk to cats as if they can talk back. XD But, I don't refer to myself as mama. XD

Morrow sounds like a troublemaker, that's adorable!

Did I ever tell you, that I love facial wounds? No? Well, now you know. XD

Lilyput sounds like a troublemaker too. XD

I love their names by the way, and the way you described Massu, that is Massu, right?

Anyhoodles, sorry I don't have much to say for this chapter, I'll move on to the next.

I'm loving this so far though!

And thank you so much again!
Author's Response: Touche, but who knows what you call yourself when you're by yourself! And facial wounds...? Well, didn't know that side of you! :D That is Massu, but yeah, you'll probably know this by now XD And thanks for reading ^^
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