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ichigoyamada reviewed Cowards. on Aug 19, 2014 02:39 AM [Report This]

Finally!!!!! :D And it's longgggg! :D *likes it*
Anyway, it's a great chapter :D nice job Ceil :D
I'm waiting for new update :D
Thank you for update this story :D *huggles*
Author's Response: Thank you for the review! The next two chapters are probably going to be pretty long as well, (because they might be the last two) Anyway, thank you for reading! It means a lot! *hearts*

Kumohime reviewed Cowards. on Aug 18, 2014 01:17 AM [Report This]

Yeah, cause looking for pics of hot Asian guys is such an imposition! And I offered you dummy.
Awww Massu, now that he confessed to Ryo, of course he's Ok with Kristy and Henry Lol. And by the way, will Ryo ever answer?? Or are we all pretending it didn't happen??
Why aren't Snow and Koyama together? They are so cute.
Aaww Tegoshi saw her. A bit stalkerish but aww. Again with moving in; how about dating first or something (as the Hime in the story, I have commitment issues Lol)
So... what's next? There are a lot of lose ends!
Can't wait for the next update! Let me know and I'll help you kick that writer's block butt! XD
Very nice update!

I found a couple typing mistakes:

"At the risk of sounding like a fool;" wouldn't a comma be better?
"pry the boards of" boards off
"longer were in this house" we're
"reason as to why and I met?” you and I "else who entered in" isn't the in redundant? I would just say entered it.
"want to be with you whether were inside" we're
"person once were out of this house?” we're
"we found you one the floor-“ you on
Author's Response: Well still! Thank you, for being so awesome. You'll see what happens between those two soon. I had to separate them once more, because I didn't know who else to put Massu with. At least he didn't follow her! That'd be stalkerish. XD Well, I guess he figures, they already have the living together part down, since they've been stuck in a house for who knows how long. I'll tie those loose ends up! Don't worry. Thank you for reading! And showing me the mistakes, mahn, I made a lot, didn't I? XD Stupid writers block!

ichigoyamada reviewed Two Days. on May 30, 2014 01:49 AM [Report This]

WOW! This is just... wow...
So, that's why... O: LOL
Koyama's ALIVE!!!! woot!!! :D
Oguri Shun is here too!
What will happen next? Update soon please, pretty please *kitty eyes* :D
Thanks for this update :D *hugs*
Author's Response: I'm glad you liked this chapter! *hearts* Yep! Did you really think I was going to let Koyama die? XD And yes finally Oguri shows up. I'll update as soon as possible. Thank you for reading and reviewing! *huggles*

Kumohime reviewed Alone. on May 19, 2014 05:25 PM [Report This]

You're welcome! And I remember I have to make one more ;)

“There are only two options I see; we all leave together, or we all go down together.”
“I don’t accept those options,” Massu.... I agree with Massu, they are a bunch of extremist! hahaha

“I’m not going to hit you; I just wish you’d understand more than just your own thoughts.” She sighed..... well seems to me that they are all doing the same with Massu and Ceil, none even tries to see things they do.... but then again that is usually the case with people, huh?

Lol, Tegoshi being annoying to be forgiven.

And birthmark? common, at least say it was a drunken tattoo, it would be more believable hahaha

Finally, Ceil is not snapping and being bitchy

Aaww, what's going to happen next?? Why is TegoHime separated!? :P
Seriously, I want to read the next chapter!

“I don’t need saved, nor do I want saved if it" shouldn't it be saving both times?

I saw a couple more... but I'm lazy ahahah and they were just little things I think ;)
Author's Response: You have one more to make? I don't remember, oh my gosh! My memory is failing me! Nooooo! Ok, I shouldn't reply when I first wake up. They're all nuts, is what they are. Yeah, nobody wants to listen to the most obvious way of getting out of there, especially since it's Massu and Ceil who are the ones that see it. I made Tegoshi such a child in this fic. XD Yeah Ceil doesn't come up with the best explanations. Thank you for pointing that out! I saw a few mistakes myself, but I'm being a little lazy, I'll get to correcting them, don't worry. XD I'll update as soon as possible, I hope it's better than this chapter, I'll work on what you told me earlier! *hearts and huggles*

ichigoyamada reviewed Alone. on May 19, 2014 07:51 AM [Report This]

OMG! I... is this story going to end soon? O:
I don't know what should I say (write) now
Finally Ceil show some emotions (LOL)
This is just... Can you update it soon? O: I want to know what will happen next! O:!!! UPDATE SOON PLEASE!!!!! *kitten eyes*
Author's Response: It may end soon, or it may go on FOREVER! And then you'll be 80 and still reading this story.... I'm sorry, I haven't slept yet.. XD This chapter take your words away? XD Yes, finally Ceil shows another side instead of being a sassy biatch. I'll update as soon as possible! Thank you for reading and reviewing. *huggles*

ichigoyamada reviewed Simple Explanation. on May 07, 2014 05:39 AM [Report This]

OMG! Koyama!!! T.T
Please tell me he is still alive! T.T
O: I have a same question with Ryo too, How did Yamapi & Massu know about Ceil? O:
He kissed him! Massu kissed Ryo! O:! And Ceil's ran away... LOL
Okay, I've said this before, let me say it again xD, this is a great chapter, and I'm glad I could help you :D (I love you too *hearts*)
Update it soon, pretty please, *kitten eyes*
Author's Response: I can't! You'll find out soon enough whether he's alive or not. Well actually he asked how Ceil and Massu how they knew it was her, because he and Pi found out together, or so he thinks. *dundundun* Yes! Finally a kiss in this story, right! It's about freakin' time some romance happened. XD Even though that was not the time, and Massu only did it as a distraction, but hey! It's good enough for now. XD Yep, Ceil ran away *shakes fist at her* why does she have to complicate everything? Anyhoodles, I really am so glad you liked this chapter! I'll update it as soon as possible. *hearts and huggles*

Kristy reviewed Simple Explanation. on Apr 18, 2014 05:18 AM [Report This]

Someone bumped into Ceil? Wait, I thought she was alone with Massu. That's like 100% creepy, doll! What if it's like a ghost or something that can see in the dark... *shivers*

I hope Haruma's not straining himself :/ And what is Ceil planning? To be honest, she's the one who's seeming a bit suspicious as of recent. I dunno, maybe it's just me?

WAIT WHAT JUST WENT DOWN. Koyama's dead? No, he was just alive! Ryo, don't you dare lie to me. Or punch Massu. Because even though he doesn't play for my team, he's still my property! *gives evil glare*

And wait, Massu kissed Ryo?!?!? YAY! That was cute. But Ceil really does seem suspicious. I wouldn't be surprised if she turned out to be the liar in this troupe. Hm... We'll see in the next chapter.

You know what just happened? I clicked the next button and nothing happened. This is a problem. We need to remedy this. How? By a new update!! Seriously, I hope you update soon :)
Author's Response: Nope not a ghost, just a very angry Ryo. That's just as scary though. *nods* Haruma needs to man up! Just kidding, he needs to chill out with all the movement, what if he breaks a hip? Kidding again, he's not old. XD Koyama did just get trapped, remember? Maybe they're all just assuming he's dead, or maybe not. *mysterious face* Pi hit Massu too, and I should warn you that he gets hit a few more times. I think I should let you know, just to clear up the confusion, that it's Ceil that's wanted by that man, that's why she acts the way she does. XD Don't worry I'm working on an update now! I will hopefully have it done soon. Thank you for this review, and getting caught up with the story! It probably wasn't easy, huh? Thank you again! *millions of huggles*

Kristy reviewed Nothing Else Can Be Done. on Apr 18, 2014 05:09 AM [Report This]

Who's the she? And the he? Is it Henry and Ceil? *gives suspicious face*

"The girls are useful"

Excuse me? I am extraordinarily useful. And so are all of the other girls. Seriously, don't need to label us as objects, boys! *gives another suspicious face*

Though I found it cute that they're planning on waking everyone by being loud- it's true, I do lash out when I'm tired or just have woken up. Maybe a kick, or a punch... Or even with my hidden dagger (kidding, again). And you just have to love how Ceil pops up at the most random times- she always end up scaring the boys when it's their mission to scare the girls!

Aw, Haruma, you shouldn't ever give up on love! There's someone out there for you. Okay, maybe not, since there's an odd number of us, but HEY! Maybe you'll end up with Zhoumi! Or Heechul! See, look at this amazing potential to fall in love :3

And the smarties are splitting up again. I thought they learned last time with the smashing door that splitting up wasn't a good idea! Like raiding Russia in the wintertime- they'll never win without using their brains.

LOOK AT THAT. Don't say that I didn't warn you- I was the smart one and told you that walking in basements without light is a bad idea. Though the collapsed cave gives a nice tough for hero-Massu to go save Koyama in a dramatic moment!

And what's this about giving up? Never give up! You got to keep going and I'm sure everything will work out in the end~~
Author's Response: You'll find out who they are soon. They're stuck on the whole "girls are weaker than boys" mentality! *glares at them* Thats what Haruma does, he yells to wake everyone up, but since he can't move, they have to do it themselves. XD That's Ceil's favorite thing to do, show up at random times and scare people, ok, maybe not, but still. (And having a hidden dagger would be so cool!) Just throw a random Zhou Mi in their so Haruma won't be lonely. XD Nope, they still haven't learned, and in the next chapters, they get even dumber. XD Massu isn't giving up necessarily, he's just going to hand Ceil over is all. XD I'm almost to your last review! *does happy dance* And then maybe I'll finally be able to sleep. XD *crosses fingers*

Kristy reviewed Move In With Me. on Apr 18, 2014 05:01 AM [Report This]

Hime (and Ceil and Snow), the poster looks fabulous! Considering that you've not been on Photoshop for long, your artistic skills really have developed a lot. It looks super dark and mysterious, and the quote is awesome! Kind of reminds me of the Goosebumps covers; the ones with the green slime? Makes my skin crawl *shivers*

And onto the story- got to love frank Tegoshi; and I was just saying how we should develop the Hime X Tegoshi romance line! Saile on the Himeship? You get it? Hime and Tegoshi and ship mashed together...?

And congrats for Massu for coming out the closet! (No really, this whole yaoi line makes me/my character feel a lot better about ditching him) And I do feel bad for him about his past with Shige. Makes a lot more sense now, about Massu's fixation with sunrises. Though I did note how Pi was asking Massu a few questions of his own... Curious, aren't you, Pi? And I wonder why... *heavy sarcasm noted*

Poor Koyama and his failed relationship! Glad that he got help, though. In a way, both he and Snow were saved by their relationship. It's kind of the actual definition of mutual friendship, right? Though it's not romantic (yet), we can only hope!

Ryo's not-so-subtle-confession-that-was-about-his-ex was pretty dang obvious, hon. Though it makes more sense about his background, coming from a different life.

And I noticed that Cherry hasn't been talking a lot! Glad to get more conversation from her :)

I think you're really smart to bring in a relationship between you and Henry. Only because I'd probably kill any other female with a past with my baby. (Kidding, of course, I'm not THAT violent!) But even still- I feel jealous. Oooh, so jealous.
Author's Response: Hime did do great with the poster, and the banner, right? She's so amazing with darker themed things. I remember those! I used to read them all the time. XD All aboard the TegoHime! XD That's my way of saying I understand what you meant.... Yes, *claps for Massu* About time he came out of the closet (excluding his confession to Haruma and Kristy) Someone has to be curious right? Ceil isn't asking the questions, someone has to. XD Koyama and Snow remain friends because well.. he's too old for her, and my protective sister instincts are kicking in. XD Massu and Ryo had totally opposite experiences, huh? I know, I don;t have her talk much, but it's hard developing so many characters! XD But, she talks more later, you'll see.^^ Awee, don't be jealous, Ceil and Henry never dated, so don't worry, I'm not that stupid. You'll see what happened between those two soon too. Anyhoodles thank you for this review! And sorry for another long reply! *huggles*

Kristy reviewed It's Me. on Apr 18, 2014 04:48 AM [Report This]

Uh-oh, we've got some (friendly) competition between the guys over a silly misunderstanding.

And Massu's the one throwing up? Henry's in pain? Wait, where am I? What's going on? And why is Ryo hurting Henry? I'm sad now, my babies are sad and hurt.

Tegoshi really is just like a little kid! Pouting and asking if he's clueless; no wonder why Hime really likes him. I feel like you've given her a motherly, maternal feel in this story which really blends well with Tegoshi's childish character. I'm sure that a lot more could have been said about their relationship, but not much has developed yet! I'm still waiting for a Hime X Tegoshi kiss to break out!!!

I know everyone's trying desperately to find out who the culprit is, but I feel like they're going about it the wrong way. They should be non-confrontational and keep an open mind!!!

Ryo's admittance of his feelings really shows his own maturity. It's alright to be scared- we all are, sometimes. But you know, you just got to fight back harder? You can't give up- there's people out there (AKA MASSU!) who are waiting for you to give them a sign, any sign, that someone's still in there and is responsive. And that, ladies and gentlemen, was Kristy's motivational speech of the day.

Over and out. See you in the next chappe!!

(But no seriously, who is that guy that the mystery man wants? I guess I'll have to find out...!)
Author's Response: Haruma is just being a prat and trying to push Ryo. Stupid head Haruma. Massu is throwing up because he was upset, and Ryo is squeezing Henry's hand a little too hard because of the name that was just mentioned. It's all just one big crazy mess. I'm glad you think I mend their characters well, because so far the TegoHime couple is the only one I've been doing remotely well at developing. They do everything wrong in that house, let's hope sooner or later they learn. He'll get over Koki sooner or later, with a certain persons help' like you said. XD You saying over and out reminded me of walkie talkies.... mahn I'm old. Moving on to the next review! XD
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