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JumpIntoMyCore reviewed Chapter 8 on May 10, 2014 07:53 PM [Report This]

Such a pretty poster.

I like Aimme and Kame's friendship already. xD He's so sweet yet protective and bossy.

I love that Ryo likes to cause trouble, he's so adorable. xD

But he only likes to cause trouble because he can see right through everyone, I like the way he thinks. *nods*

Especially this part; "you liked something, you get it, you buy it, you steel it or you sleep with it. If only his friends were that straight forward. Idiots."

I know how he feels, life is straight forward, so why aren't people?

Awee, Lara don't be like that. But, I really wonder what happened to make Koyama so angry at women, and what's up with him and his mother too.

No Sakurako you should be with Shige! *pouts*

But I see now why you said I shouldn't be so harsh on her, her parents aren't the greatest, huh?

You'll be developing her story more, right? I'm interested now. xD

Massu, you adorable thing you.

Oh my gosh, Lara and Koyama are adorable. But the moment he lets his guard down he gets all defensive and shut off again, poor guy.

Lara will break him of that! And they will fall in love! xD

Yay! I'm so glad you updated this! And I can't wait for the next!

You'll update soon, right? xD Nah, I can wait.

Thank you for this update! *huggles*
Author's Response: Aimee and Kame are cute xD I think there be more of Kame to come.... who know, she may choose Kame over Tegoshi? mmhhh who knows.... hehe. Ryo will get his own story, but not just yet xD. And it's not always eaasy to be straight forward, it can be very scary. Yes, I will develop her story more, I will develop all of their stories, that's why this story is so difficult to write, too many characters, and sooo many background stories and new stories! Massu will probably become more and more adorable I think, if that is even possible xD Yes, they'll fall in love, but Lara has her own issues to solve as well. Thank you for commenting!! *hugs*

ichigoyamada reviewed Chapter 8 on May 06, 2014 06:20 AM [Report This]

Sorry for that caps lock :p
Anyway, great update, and please, pretty please, *kitten eyes* update this story soon! *kitten eyes again*
Author's Response: I KNOW I SHOULD BUT LIFE GETS IN THE WAY!! I'll try to update as soon as possible xD -hugs-

JumpIntoMyCore reviewed Chapter 7 on Jan 14, 2014 07:39 PM [Report This]

Mom's and wanting grand kids I swear. *angry face*
They aren't that great! I guess I'll never understand the appeal of it.

Theys gonna' be pen-pals now, huh? XD I just hope she doesn't only message him when she's had a bad day, that would be rude.

I'm so glad Lara doesn't take Koyama seriously. XD

He's so mean sometimes. *shakes head*

I love the narrative feel to this story by the way, it's so different, and totally adds to the comedic tone of this story.

Sakurako is so straightforward, and acts like nothing is unusual. XD

Poor Shige though, it sounds like his friends aren't contacting him, and I'm pretty sure he's crushin' on Sakurako too.

ahh, so Eika is the girl Pi is talking to? She does seem nice.^^

"Damn, women this beautiful should be bitches."- I love that line. XD Although, shouldn't people be happy that "beautiful" women are nice?

I loved this chapter too! This is such a good story.^^
Author's Response: LOL not all are like that, but they sure bring interesting plot developments :P

She called him because she had a bad day and he makes her feel better, why is that rude? It's not like she only complains xD

Koyama has his issues. I just hope I can write it in a good way... well, I hope you don't go "this makes no sense" when people read it LOL

Eika is a nice girl. And I don't know how people should feel towards pretty girls lol. In the story it was just a funny comment, and a little jealousy on Lara's part, Eika is that pretty hahah.

Thank you for commenting!! it gives me a bit more confidence in this story (like you said hehe) Thank you!

JumpIntoMyCore reviewed Chapter 6 on Jan 14, 2014 07:15 PM [Report This]

Yes Massu, your life is so normal, that you counsel strangers over the phone. XD

Although, I had a similar situation happen to me. Ok, maybe not so similar, but my sisters ex boyfriend gave his drunk friend my number, and we talked for like five hours.

Poor girl though, will she be a big character in this story later on?

Massu is sweet though, still wanting to talk to her even after their first conversation. Such a budding friendship through a wrong number.

Gosh both Tegoshi, and Kame need to take a chill pill. Nothing ever good comes out of an angry conversation with a stranger.... well like in this situation, someone got punched. XD

Storyteller Massu is adorable. And if Tegoshi doesn't want exaggerations in the story, he should just tell it himself.

Awe, Pi is so nice to Lara.^^

So, Koyama has an underlying bitterness towards all women? I wonder if that has anything to do with Pi saying he used to be a more easy going guy?

Shouldn't Shige be a little more worried about how Sakurako got into his apartment? XD

I loved this chapter! It was so full of funny dialogue! XD
Author's Response: Five hours?? You talked for five hours with a drunk guy? LOL
Yes, she will be a bigger character in the story, you'll see xD

oh well, angry conversations make interesting scenes :P

Pi is always nice in my stories... mmmhhh I should look into that... maybe :P hahah

well, Sakurako didn't get into his appartment, he got into his building, the front door is not locked :P

Thank you for reading and commenting!!!

JumpIntoMyCore reviewed Chapter 4 on Sep 26, 2013 01:00 PM [Report This]

XD She and the screamer know each other. But why didn't she mention to them before that she was so good in dancing, they could probably find a job in that area for her.

You know, Lara and Pi would seem cute together, he seems like he would take good care of her, and she seems like she's already starting to trust him. I guess I'll see how their friendship goes in the other chapters though, huh? And how things go with that person on the phone. XD

Chicks like Sakurako get on my nerves. Astrology and divination are fine, but when they start saying "we're meant to be, it's written in the stars. It's our destiny. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah." I want to smack them, very hard.

I'm not sure if I like this girl Pi is interested in. She seems sketchy.

Ryo's outfit is priceless. XD At least it threw Koyama into action, he has a nice eye for style and what suits girls, huh? I'm beginning to like his personality too.

Ahh! She's pregnant!? Is that the girl Pi is interested in, or does she just know Tegoshi, do we know the father? Is she going to stick around. So many questions!

I'm going to move on to the next chapter now, this story keeps me so curious! XD
Author's Response: Oh, well... I wished I could give you a deep answer as to why she didn't mentioned she was a dancer before but truth is.... I came up with that in this chapter (I should start planning my stories better hahahah) And she is not really a professional either... We'll see how that goes xD Aww, don't judge Sakurako too rashly, that's all I'll say xD And as an 80's comedy lover I had to add the clothes montage :P Yes, she is pregnant... and who was she talking to? And calling him by first name? hehehe you'll know what happens with her in the next chapter ;) Thank you again for your comments!!

JumpIntoMyCore reviewed Chapter 3 on Sep 26, 2013 12:31 PM [Report This]

Poor girl, I can so relate to how she feels with her ex husband, not entirely, but I can relate. Stupid men! And I have to say, I love Shige's personality in he's so cool and calm. And what is Pi hiding?

They are all so nice to her, aside from Koyama, understandably. XD I wonder who Pi was talking to though, will she show up?

Great chapter! *moves on to the next* This story is exactly what I needed to pull me from my reviewing slump.^^
Author's Response: Yep, Shige is the serious and centered lawyer... at least for now, who knows what will happen in the future ;) Yes, wouldn't you be sorry for her? Plus she is a cute girl, that helps, as Ryo points out (or will point out, I don't remember hahahah) So happy you are following the story!!! Thank you!

JumpIntoMyCore reviewed Chapter 2 on Sep 26, 2013 12:08 PM [Report This]

“It’s not a ghost it's a person. Come out of there.” That's one of my favorite lines in a story, ever! XD I'm so glad it was Pi who found out, because I totally pictured it. XD (Wahh, I can't believe that actually happened to a man in japan, some people are weird, huh?)

I guess I can see how she lived normally, since he's a pilot, but uh, being under a sink when he's there has to be really uncomfortable.. XD She must have a huge attachment to that apartment, because she can't let go of that mystery man, right?

“What are those puppy eyes for?” That one made me laugh too. XD

Ohh the ending, I'm so glad it was Shige who found them. XD

I love this story! It's so funny and interesting. I'm going to move on to the next chapter now. XD
Author's Response: Yes, people are weird and they keep getting weirder hahaha Yes, she is very bendy but it has to be so uncomfortable... and I wonder who the mystery man is.... Thank you for your comments!!!! *chu* hahaha

JumpIntoMyCore reviewed Chapter 1 on Sep 26, 2013 11:42 AM [Report This]

I love when my joints pop when I stretch when I first wake up too. XD It's like the coolest feeling in the world, especially when I crack my fingers when I first wake up, so I can relate to her on that. xD

Perverted NEWS members. XD I like the conversations between them. And I like how Yamapi and Shige are the serious ones, there has to be at least one or two take charge friends. I agree with Ryo though, nothing good every comes out of recording to see if you have a ghost. The ghost always gets worse, the more attention you give to it.

Ohh, she watches romantic dramas to yell at the girls for forgiving the boys? XD I wonder what happened between her and this mystery man.

Ugh Hime! You've got me paranoid of my kitchen now, and the only person up with me is my three year old cousin! I'm sitting in the room next to my kitchen! *wails*

Ok, I laughed a little when he screamed.... XD

This was awesome Hime! This chapter makes me so curious and want more, so I'm moving onto the next chapter. Great work!
Author's Response: I love that too! And yes, we all know they are a bunch of perverts :P And at one point or another we've all wanted to shout at the female lead for something stupid she does xD Hehehe, be ware of your kitchen.... or any crawl in space really ;P And how they are all afraid and screaming is really funny hahahah Inspired by the haunted houses programs they have participated in LOL Thank you for your comments, they made me really happy (you know I have little confidence lol) THANK YOU!

ichigoyamada reviewed Chapter 7 on Aug 13, 2013 01:09 AM [Report This]

Finally! The girl's appeared!!! xD (Too bad it wasnt Maki *whacked*) But wait, who is Eika? o: *goes to google*
When I read the description about that girl, I thought maybe she is Kitagawa Keiko xD
Hahahaha xD Shige!!! Now he's afraid with that girl xD
Ah~~~ Keichan is so different from the real Keichan xD He looks more like Ryo in this story xD

Thanks for updated Hime (and you updated it for me!!! Awwww, ureshiii xD ) Love this chapter :D Gonna wait for new chapter! Ganbatte! *hugs*

ps: I couldnt find anything about Eika on google~~ So, she is just a character, huh? o:
Author's Response: Yes, the girl is an original character. And I wanted a different K chan in this one xD I'll do my best! I don't know when I'll update but I promise I wont drop the story or forget about it xD And sorry for the late response!

ichigoyamada reviewed Chapter 6 on Jul 22, 2013 06:14 AM [Report This]

After re-read the story, finally I remembered the story line xD
Definitely a GOOD story!!!
Love this story :D Some conversation made me laughed xD
I'm so curious about the girl that Yamapi liked, who is she? Is she someone that I'm thinking about? xD
Tegoshi! Be a man! Take that responsibility!!! You got a girl pregnant!!! *glares at Tegoshi*
Somehow, I get a feeling that Shige will end up with Sakurako *nods* xD

Anyway, thanks for updated it (after a long time #whacked) xD Don't forget to update this story, okay :D Ganbatte! *Hugs*
Author's Response: Sorry it took so long to update! And you like the story!! I'm so happy >.< Ah, sorry Yammie, no Yamaki in this story and the girl will show up soon :) And yes, Tegoshi should take responsibility... though it has to be a shock poor bb Mmhh Shige and Sakurako.... I wonder.... though the poster is a giveaway, huh? hahaha Again, sorry!!!! It's not that I forget, I was having problems with this story >.< I'll try to update more regularly <333
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