I Like You Just Because by biniBningPunkista
Story Notes:
I do not own the characters, nor is the story true. This is a work of fiction.
Chapter 1 by biniBningPunkista
Author's Notes:
I find the main characters cute and can't forget them from the drama Queen Seon Duk. They deserve to have a cute love story of their own. Hence, I came up with this story line.

Main Characters:
Nam Ji Hyun
Yoo Seung Ho

Supporting Characters:
Jang Geun Suk
Park Shin Hye

Enjoy reading!

Seung Ho took hold of Ji Hyun’s arm and dragged her far away from the museum as possible.

“Yah!!!! Yoo Seung Ho! Stop it. What the hell are you trying to do? Are you insane???” Ji Hyun tugged her arm away from Seung Ho as hard as she could, but to no avail, the guy was too strong for her to contest with.

“Where are you bringing me to? Yah!!! Seung Ho I am talking to you!”

No matter how hard Ji Hyun called out to him, Seung Ho appeared not to hear her or even notice that he was clutching her arm too tight that a numb feeling was starting to creep from his firm grip. Nonetheless she kept on shouting at him.

“You are ruining everything. That was Geun Suk Oppa! I was finally going to have a boyfriend after 16 years of being boyfriendless. This was my chance but you have to come and mess it up!!!”

“You… you… You IDIOTIC LOSER!” Ji Hyun shrieked which made Seung Ho stop.

Ji Hyun wasn’t sure if he stopped because she told him to or because she called him a loser. Whatever the reason is, she doesn’t care anymore. He has been ignoring her for a year already that there was nothing she can do to bring back that friendship. If he hated her that much and had to go to the extent of doing this to her, so be it. It takes two to play this game and she’s not backing down on him anymore.

“Did you just call me a loser?” Seung Ho turned faced her with his narrowed eyes, looking like he was about to swallow her alive.

His facial expression almost made her resolve waver but she mustered up her anger once more and lifted her chin to retort. It wasn’t her who was in the wrong, it was him. HIM.

“Yeah. I called you a loser. I was about to have my first kiss but you have to come and trick me out of it! You’re a prick! A big freaking loser who always bother me at the most crucial times!!!! You avoid me for a year and left me hanging around with myself then all of a sudden you show up and whisk me away like you have done nothing wrong. You are a sore LOSER if you think I’ll be your friend again after you left me like that!!!”

Seung Ho’s face was contorted and red. He looked like he was about to burst.

“So what are you going to do?!? Hit me? Go on! HIT ME for calling you a loser!!!” Ji Hyun yelled at the top of her lungs, daring him to lay a hand on her as she pushed her face forward for him to hit.

In a swift motion Ji Hyun saw Seung Ho raise his hand. Her eyes went wide in shock. She never thought that Seung Ho was really going to hit her. In a split second she shut her eyes tightly to wait for the impact that was about to hit her face any second. She braced herself for a sounding slap but it never came.

Instead something else happen that was beyond her imagination.

Something soft had hit her, not on the cheek but on her lips. A sudden tingling sensation shot through her body.

Ji Hyun’s eyes popped open, it went wide as she staggered backwards almost tripping on her own feet. The back of her hand touched her lips as if covering it in case he was going to do it again. Her chest felt tight it was getting hard to breathe. She couldn’t believe what Seung Ho did to her.

“Why did you do that!?!”

Ji Hyun was now freaking out. Her first kiss was with this slob of a guy who called her fat when they were in junior high. How could he do this to her??? Before they turned cold on each other he was first her friend. A good friend whom she confided everything to, cried her tears out and spent most of her days with. Even though they haven’t spoken to each other for a year she never thought he would do something so despicable like this.

“There! You got your first kiss. Are you happy now?” Seung Ho glared at her.

There was a mixture of something else behind those eyes but Ji Hyun was too pissed off to even notice that tiny detail. She was already stomping off the pavement back to the museum as Seung Ho scratched his head furiously with both of his hands.

“Aaaiissshhh!!!! You damn ass Seung Ho! You did it again. Why oh why do you always let your head get the best of you when she gets mad?” Seung Ho smacked his head as he grumbled to himself while squatting on the ground as people tried to avoid him.

To them he looked like an ordinary teenage boy who was talking to himself, while to him he is another hopeless boy who couldn’t convey his true feelings to the girl he liked.


+++To be continued+++

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