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bunnyxwarrior Jul 30, 2012 - Fated For You by FianceOfASamurai - Chapter 3: Chapter 3

omg, i hope you update soon, please!! totally loving this story. :D

bunnyxwarrior Jul 27, 2012 - The Pacemaker by maui_maui - Chapter 1: Chapter 1

omg, i'm totally loving this story so far!!
it's supppppppppppppper cute. lol
i can't wait for the next update!!
Author's Response: Thank you! The second chapter at your service!!! :)

bunnyxwarrior Apr 13, 2012 - High School with Minako - One-Sided Love Arc by Blossy - Chapter 12: Volume 03 - Chapter 04

ahh just realized this is the 2nd arc. XD anyways, i hope you come back to update this. i'm really liking everything so far. i'm glad that Hideaki got his own story. and can't wait for more of the boys to have it too! and for Minako and Jin to get closer too. :D

bunnyxwarrior Apr 12, 2012 - High School with Minako - Just Friends Arc... by Blossy - Chapter 104: Volume 25 - Chapter 04

omg, that was such an awesome story. i really like your way of writing and i would so totally love this as a live action drama honestly. =] and hopefully you'll post up the 2nd arc, really curious about it. =]
Author's Response: hi thank you for your review^^ sorry i don't reply as often as i should. and to tell you the truth, i wouldn't mind it live action too^^ but i did write it as if it's like an anime. 2nd arc is up for reading^^

bunnyxwarrior Mar 25, 2012 - High School with Seul Mi - Just Friends Arc... by Blossy - Chapter 23: Volume 06 - Chapter 01

omg, i'm definitely loving this story so far!! Seulmi is a very sweet girl, i really like her characters. i also like how each character grows to like her through her honest personality. also, i like the way of your writing style, very nice. anyways, hope for an update soon!! thanks for sharing.