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romantic swan Oct 10, 2015 - In His Bed and After by biniBningPunkista - Chapter 38: Falling in deeper

Yeah its already a year lol. Friend my neck is as long as the giraffe. But worth the wait. Can't wait for Pi to confess but I doubt he dare yet. Poor Mao so confuse with Pi's weirdness. Love Ryo here, he knew how to react in situation. Massu is such a blur.
Author's Response: Thank you for keeping up with this story! I won't make any excuses for my lack of updates for years! I myself am disappointed for not uploading my stuff. BTW, I love your comment about Massu being such a BLUR. I like that word. Haha! I hope you love the latest chapter! *hugs*

romantic swan Oct 10, 2014 - The Legacy of the Red Dragon by Lil Daisy - Chapter 25: Epilogue

Though Erika and Yamapi were not romantically link in Code Blue but I like the pairing. And Summer Nude the pairing also fail. I am glad I read the successful pairing of the two here. Thankyou for a wonderful fanfic.
Author's Response: I like the pairing in Code Blue too! Then again maybe i just dont like aragaki yui

romantic swan Oct 01, 2014 - In His Bed and After by biniBningPunkista - Chapter 37: The question why

Oww, so happy you update, I have been checking for update everyday.

I doubt Yamapi will dare to touch Mao again if he is sober when he knew who the real her. Poor both, so undecisive. But I think Mao will be the one to risk it if she knew Pi loves her. Pi will be afraid to hurt her. Aish I am so in dilemma.
Author's Response: Thank you for leaving your review! I know this chapter is quite frustrating, but I think you'll love the latest chapter. Enjoy!!!

romantic swan Jul 15, 2014 - In His Bed and After by biniBningPunkista - Chapter 36: Between like and like

Glad you update and resolve the way to continue writing.
yamapi will not be happy to know that his many members are attracted to his "soulmate".
Yah yamada yu what is she trying to do? Investigating? Interogating? wow wow?
Hahaha that stray cat does not know that her identity has been exposed. so naive.
Mao just fall in love without fear, please.
Author's Response: I love how you've said that - "Mao just fall in love without fear" That's an awesome statement and I would LOVE to have Mao do that too... but! There are always buts and you know that already. hehe... Yamada you is clinch in this story. *sigh* but also an important clinch to say the least. I'm happy you reviewed. I love reading all your reviews right after I have updated. It pulls me back in to make another chapter, every time. teehee...

romantic swan Jun 16, 2014 - Office Affairs by Kumohime - Chapter 1: Office Affairs

I am a yaoi fan, like the story. Very interesting.
Author's Response: I'm happy you liked the story, Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

romantic swan May 06, 2014 - In His Bed and After by biniBningPunkista - Chapter 35: The other calm before the inner storm

You are back, so glad. As long as you continue writing we will never bother how long you will take.

Well the mom case is a surprise to me. Just love the twist.
Author's Response: Thank you for this message Kay... all your comments mean so much to me. I have a trivia regarding the mom's case - before I posted this, I have to re-write the chapter 3-4 times due to some back tracking on the story line. The line of thought for Inoue Taiyou should coincide with the first chapter where she had that initial conversation with her butler and the agreement she had with Mao. It went all jumbled until I came up with this final one. This is one of the reasons I take so looooooooong to update. Aside from my writer's block/crappy writing sessions - I have to reread the story again and again even though I already have the outline for it. I just had to get the details again so as not to lose the story. (why do I sound like I'm explaining myself?) Lols. But anyhow I am so glad you guys are still there for this story. *hugs*

romantic swan Dec 10, 2013 - Sweet Christmas by yukino78 - Chapter 1: Sweet Christmas

Yes it is a very sweet and romantic story. Love the plot and the flow not too rush and not too draggy. Nice job done. Write more but unfortunately I don't know who you are? I will give you a 10.

romantic swan Dec 09, 2013 - The Christmas Kiss by yukino78 - Chapter 1: The Christmas Kiss

Good job nice story. My all time favourite Korean actress. This is the first time I read about her here in AFF.

romantic swan Oct 08, 2013 - Runaway Daughter by Blossy - Chapter 29: Chapter 28 "Trapped in Sorrow"

Does not see this coming. Darn must be very painful in such a forbidden love, poor ayumu.

romantic swan Sep 29, 2013 - In His Bed and After by biniBningPunkista - Chapter 34: Self Confession, Self Realization and Self Preservation

So happy that you update it is getting interesting.
Oops the cat is almost out of the bag.
Wonder when they are going to confess but the way it goes I don't think it will be soon.
Author's Response: Awww... I have to confirm your prediction. Yes, there's still a long way to go before the cat is out of the bag. But I am still having slight withdrawal symptoms just thinking about it, because when that happens, this story is about to be over. ghaaaaaa....