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mmizuki951101 Dec 26, 2015 - Emergency Room Romantic by Ooper - Chapter 1: Idol Encounters

OH MAI GAWD! best christmas present ever!!! ok, so maybe second best. ikon's album debut on christmas eve comes first kekeke ^^ thank you sooo much tali !! i was really really praying hard that you'd choose this particular request! muacks!

mmizuki951101 Dec 03, 2015 - A Hundred Words by burningzoul - Chapter 8: September 2015 - Sneaking Out

OMG! I did NOT expect that HAHAHAHA! i was expecting a couple of teenager trying to sneak out while their parents are asleep, not the other way around. Good job! loved the twist!
Author's Response: Thank you. Glad you liked it!

mmizuki951101 Dec 02, 2015 - Happy to See You by biniBningPunkista - Chapter 1: Love Cell: Happy To See You

awww how sweet! good job!

mmizuki951101 Dec 02, 2015 - Ready for the First Christmas by Blossy - Chapter 1: Ready for the First Christmas

how cute! though i really wonder, how will they ever fit that tree in their apartment HAHAHA!

mmizuki951101 Apr 22, 2015 - Never Ending Story by Ninner - Chapter 11: Heartache

THAT BASTARD TAKA! HOW CAN HE NOT COME TO VISIT AFTER SO LONG?! your writing has really improved Ems, it really has evolved into something much much better. however if you want to improve further, here are some of my advice to you:

1) once again, dialogue has taken over your writing. i'm not saying that it's bad. actually dialogue can really help to make the story move. however, some dialogue is unnecessary. so you should cut down on unnecessary dialogues.

2) develop your characters more. if it was simply a one-shot, you could get away with 1-dimentional characters. but since this is a multi-chapter fic, it is important for readers to be able to connect with the characters. no matter how good the plot, if the readers can't identify with the characters, it takes away the "oomph factor" making the story less exciting. by giving them little quirks, or things like Emmalee's backstory (e.g why she ended up so depressed) or why taka started his own self-harm is essential in showing your readers the other facets of their personality. and keep in mind not just to only focus on the main characters, but also on the supporting characters in your fic. like talia and toru, what is their relationship with the main characters? what made them that way? etc etc

Anyways please don't get disappointed and disheartened by what i mentioned. like i've mentioned, this is is a very good attempt and your writing has improved by leaps and bounds.

i know that judging by all my existing fics i'm not a good writer, but those points that i've mentioned are what i learnt when i was on haitus. and i sincerely want you to learn them too so that you can soar to greater heights. anyways i am very impressed with the fact that you've completed this fic HAHA! my track record isn't good with muti-chapters, i always end up abandoning them HAHAHA.

Overall, good job and keep up the good work!

mmizuki951101 Apr 22, 2015 - Never Ending Story by Ninner - Chapter 10: Never Let This Go

shit. this is scary. and the thought that the ever present taka is giving up? thats even scarier.

mmizuki951101 Apr 22, 2015 - Never Ending Story by Ninner - Chapter 7: Let Life Be

taka begginf for sex, now thats funny HAHAHA! from the way you portrayed him, i'd expected a long queue of girls waiting in line to fuck him, not the other way round! but seriously, it's heartbreaking to read all these suicidal tendencies and self hurt. it's absolutely terrifying to sink into such deep depression. anyways good job on this chapter!

mmizuki951101 Apr 22, 2015 - Never Ending Story by Ninner - Chapter 6: Clock Strikes

Talia is sooooo protective HAHA! just like a mother tiger xD aaaand i just realised 6 chapters late that all your chapters are named after OOR songs! LOL! good job!

mmizuki951101 Apr 22, 2015 - Never Ending Story by Ninner - Chapter 4: Voice

seeing all the angst and hurt just makes me wanna grab you, hug you, and never let go. on a side note, taka is soooooo sweet HAHAHA!

mmizuki951101 Apr 09, 2015 - A Hundred Words by burningzoul - Chapter 2: March 2015 - The Makeover

HAHA! its so darn cute! but it's kinda true that boys have zero interest in make overs, so long as the girl turns out hotter than before ^^ good job!
Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! =))