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Han_Wan_Ji Nov 13, 2010 - Not Too Late to Say I Love You by iscream - Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Saranghaeyo (I Love You)

That was...Jjang! :D
Author's Response: Thanks for the review! Readers and reviews are loved! ^_^

Han_Wan_Ji Oct 29, 2010 - 14 Moments That Define a Relationship by Onyx - Chapter 1: The situation was awkward to say the least.

I'm not a big fan on OnTae but this is just...awww~!
This is better than any old chick flick!

Han_Wan_Ji Oct 29, 2010 - KEYrrupting The Maknae by melfaescotland - Chapter 1: Chapter 1

One Word: Aus'm!
Best 2Min Fic ever! :D
Author's Response: Three words I love you keke ( ^ _ ^ ) Thankyou so much for reading and reviewing, i appreciate it so much AND did i mention that I LOVE YOU~ <33333333333333333333333333 PEACE Take care babe <33333333333333333333

Han_Wan_Ji Oct 29, 2010 - Interest In Singing by Jishu - Chapter 1: Chapter 1

I never Imagined Jjong being girly~! XD
It's really nice
Author's Response: Hahahaha!!! I never thought he was being girly.... until you mentioned it. Hahahaha!! Thanks for reading ^^

Han_Wan_Ji Oct 29, 2010 - Texty Time With Taemin by melfaescotland - Chapter 1: Chapter 1

who's the mystery man???
Need to know!
Author's Response: Keke Its whoever you want it to be babe Pssssst......... To me, it was Yesung but thats only coz i think they r both so cute, especially together BUT im bias, i LOVE all of Suju n SHINee, so ALL pairings go as far as i'm concerned although i do have my faves, like Eunhae and Jongkey and many, many more ( ^ _ ^ ) Whoever you choose though, its him Thankyou again babe Much love PEACE <3333 Oh and any requests/suggestions, i'll happily try to oblige Take care <333333

Han_Wan_Ji Sep 30, 2010 - Keep Safe by AgnetaloveK - Chapter 1: keep _ safe

Why? Why?! WHY!?

ELFs' Pink Prince...

Author's Response: hehe

Han_Wan_Ji Sep 30, 2010 - Fragile by DubuLove - Chapter 1: Fragile

Too short, but still....awwww!

You make me cry!
Author's Response: aww.. thanks. it made me cry too. thanks for the comment. :)

Han_Wan_Ji Sep 30, 2010 - Love's Way by Reini - Chapter 1: Chapter 1 - MinKey: 'Cause I Hate How Much I Love You

aww! so sweet!

Key, to me was like 'WTF!? Lol!' at the end! xD

Please write 2Min/TaeMinHo :D
Author's Response: Thank you so much! ^^ I'm glad you liked it! kekeke<3 there will be 2MIN, I promise! ^_^v

Han_Wan_Ji Jul 15, 2010 - Cheated On Me by francispen - Chapter 1: At yesterday I found my happiness

Omona! Medyo nakakahilo yung papalipalit ng POV pero Cute! :D
Author's Response: haha...ganyan ako ^^