Reviews by Shweta

Shweta Jun 30, 2011 - Love Is... by Lil Daisy - Chapter 1: Prologue

I really like this story. Your writing is brilliant and I can't wait to read more. You know so much about horses and racing, wow.

I love how this story is totally based on their thoughts and emotions. And with each chapter there's more of it to explore.

Can't wait for the next chapter. :)

Shweta Jun 24, 2011 - I Loved You Girl... by FeliciaSueLynn - Chapter 1: She's gone

Creepy O_O But Nice. ^^

Shweta Sep 28, 2010 - My Sex Slave, My Wife by Joy - Chapter 10: Break-up

Lol ok! I'll wait patiently for more updates then :P

Shweta Sep 19, 2010 - My Sex Slave, My Wife by Joy - Chapter 9: Unlocked .

Aww! Poor Jiro! But did he know something about this already because he did tell Hebe that he would help her with divorce and stuff in previous chappies?
Author's Response: Stay tune to find out :)

Shweta Aug 09, 2010 - Impure Intentions by Anna Clair - Chapter 1: Just Keep Swimming

By kidnap you mean the one with Sanjay Dutt and Imran Khan?

Nice story...keep writing :D
Author's Response: Hi Shweta =D Thank you so much for reading it and yeah I do mean that one =D Imran is too beautiful and I thought the basis behind this story was actually really good if it had just been executed with a little more knowledge and didn't treat the audience like idiots then it would have done WAY better at the box office =D But I love your review thank you so much =D I hope you enjoy the next chapter =D

Shweta Aug 08, 2010 - Massu Goes on AFF! by Christine - Chapter 1: Massu goes on AFF!


Shweta Aug 08, 2010 - Koyama Finds AFF by Ooper - Chapter 1: Thanks Yamapi

Aww...that was so adorable! It made me smile throughout the story and I wish that really happens to you. So adorable! *mushy face*
Author's Response: Aww, thanks for reading it!! *makes a musy face back*

Shweta Aug 07, 2010 - Heat by Ooper - Chapter 1: Alice

Hahahahaha! Omg That was so funny! XD Allen is adorable! Lol
Author's Response: Lol. :D Thanks so much.

Shweta Aug 07, 2010 - The Epic Ending of Heroman by Midori Tsu - Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Lmao! That was funny. How suiting for him to die because of a pimple and not because of the building.

Shweta Aug 03, 2010 - Ready to Move On? by yoomi - Chapter 1: Ready to Move On?

Cute! Hey! Kim Junsu is cute! How could you make him creepy here with different names :P But thanks for the entry :D
Author's Response: loll junsu is definitely cute. the story kinda sounds like its written by an anti, but don't worry, i'm not! thanks for reading and leaving a review