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Blossy Dec 02, 2015 - Happy to See You by biniBningPunkista - Chapter 1: Love Cell: Happy To See You

I never watched this drama but this was very nice. I'm kinda guessing that the girl is someone that resembles someone he knew or that she lost her memory. Just 100 words and the story can make you try to think 10 different scenarios lol.

Blossy Feb 10, 2015 - A Hundred Words by burningzoul - Chapter 1: February 2015 - After The Goodbye

I love the detailed description you put in the drabble.

I look for more on the future :)
Author's Response: Thank you! I always admire your works, so this means a lot. Thanks again :-)

Blossy Feb 09, 2015 - All Too Well by Ooper - Chapter 1: After all These Days

Omg that was sooooooooooooooooo heartbreaking! I was in tears in the end... It took me a while to realise that he passed away sniff sniff

This was really good and moving!

Blossy Dec 25, 2014 - Winter Abandon by FeliciaSueLynn - Chapter 1: Final

Merry Christmas! OMG Thank you for this story! Read it soon as I woke up but I had to get ready to go out so I couldn't reply quickly. Anyway that was adorable! They got lost and Sae Li lost her chance for fame but it was worth it right? Spending the time with KIM WOO BIN instead! XD Thank You!!
Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Blossy Dec 25, 2014 - Candle Light by Chrisa - Chapter 1: Candle Light

wow what a steamy dream!!!!! too bad he woke up. we need light another candle!

Blossy Dec 25, 2014 - Holiday Lights by yukino78 - Chapter 1: Holiday Lights

loool that made me laugh

Blossy Dec 25, 2014 - What's in a Name? by Kumohime - Chapter 1: Chapter 1

haha Massuda gets the perfect present ey? ;)
Author's Response: Yup, an awesome present ;) Thank you for commenting!

Blossy Dec 25, 2014 - First Kiss by yukino78 - Chapter 1: First Kiss

KYAAA pure fluffyness!!!!!!!

Blossy Dec 24, 2014 - MAXMAS by Chrisa - Chapter 1: MAXMAS

awwwwww omg soooooo adorable! and the picture adds more cutenESS!!!

Blossy Dec 24, 2014 - Melt by Anna Clair - Chapter 1: The Curse of the Snow Princess

wow that was sad the boy will never know... poor princess... sniff