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forgotten_dreams Sep 25, 2010 - Can Never Be by Punklovgrl - Chapter 3: Schedules, lesson and...

I like I like! continue writting please!
Author's Response: Awww thank you, I will try. Since this story I have had in my head for a while I'm having trouble remembering all the little details I need in the story.

forgotten_dreams Aug 04, 2010 - Nothing To Lose by Christine - Chapter 3: Chapter 3

I don't usually read any J-fanfics but I like this! Please continue to write :)
Author's Response: Wow I am honored! Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing! I hope you will like this til the end! :D

forgotten_dreams Aug 03, 2010 - Wrong Number by nizzyool - Chapter 1: Wrong Number

Aww :( I actually almost started crying over just 100 words. I miss DBSK. I loved the drabble though. So sad at the same time :(
Author's Response: I have always wondered how their lives would be after the lawsuit.. since there's almost no fanfic about that, I tried to make one on my own. But I'm still not able to make a long one about that so it's ended up to be a drabble.. I miss the five of them. Really... :""(

forgotten_dreams Apr 13, 2010 - Can Never Be by Punklovgrl - Chapter 1: Off to Taiwan!

I like it! I love how you just kinda started off with a chapter used more on get to know the main character. :) Update!
Author's Response: Ahhh Thank you so much, I have been on the edge of my seat since I posted it. I will definitely work on getting the second chapter out soon! :D