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JumpIntoMyCore Mar 29, 2015 - Asylum by Kumohime - Chapter 24: Chapter 24

I finally got around to read this! (took me long enough, I know)

The poster is amazing, by the way.

Anndd,I really liked the exchange between Massu and Tegoshi. And about time Massu showed Tegoshi his feelings. My favorite part was Massu holding Tegoshi in the bed though, that truly shows he cares.

Ohh, 25 people unaccounted for, and eggs need be cracked? None of that sounds good.

Sorry this review isn't very long, but I really did enjoy this chapter! I'll move onto the next now.
Author's Response: You finally read it! xD Many bad things will happen before the end but I was feeling sappy when I wrote this chapter. So many Tegomass feels lol Well chapter 26 is up today so you'll see!!

JumpIntoMyCore Jun 24, 2014 - Asylum by Kumohime - Chapter 23: Chapter 23

Ryo’s back. *does another happy dance* Although it was short, I’m still happy.

XD I just love his curiosity, and the fact that even though he let Shige and his group get away with a lot, he still takes his job very seriously. Even if he is trying to run away from that hospital.

Shige! You bad, bad man! Just kidding, I don’t blame him for wanting them to be alone, Erika is the only bit of normalcy he has. And poor Tegoshi! He needs to wake up soon, so Massu can confess his feelings and they can be together forever.

Did I ever tell you that I really love Yamashita’s character? Because I do. XD

It’s so odd for Maki to be like that. She was so different before.

Poor fujigaya. *sad face* I don’t want him to die, or any of the others. *double sad face*

This was an awesome update! I’m glad you followed craziness with calm. And I hope you update soon. XD
Author's Response: Ryo is back and he will come back one more time near the end ;) Well, I wouldn't call it take his job seriously.... he has bills to pay... a lot heheh You will just have to wait and see who dies and who doesn't mwahahah Thank you for your comments, I really appreciate them!! And BTW, I just updated ;)

JumpIntoMyCore Jun 24, 2014 - Office Affairs by Kumohime - Chapter 1: Office Affairs

So, just recently my innocence has been ruined, and I was able to read that scene between Jiyong and Shige without be embarrassed.

Are you proud of me? xD
Sorry, I woke up like an hour ago and I'm still a little weird.

But anyhoodles moving on,I like how Joongie couldn't remember Shige's name, it made me laugh.

And I like the way Jiyong approached even though jaejoong was avoiding him, all cool and whatnot. xD

xD First Joongie is uncomfortable that he's gay, then he's biatching at him about not being good enough. Jiyong did the right thing, kissing him to make him shut up. *nods*

"Well... We could split them up and keep the pieces." Joongie is evil when he's drunk, huh?

They're not really married are they?

I knew it! Oh G Dragon you silly boy.

So it ended with a happy ending for G Dragon and not Jaejoong? XD
That is quite fitting actually, luck has never been Joongies friend. XD

This was super adorable! And you fit their personalities super well!

(that was my entire review before it got cut off, can you believe I remembered it word for word? I added a few more things but still. XD)

Anyhoodles! I really enjoyed this. *hearts*
Author's Response: It's sad you lost your innocence but I'm glad you could read the whole story xD And it's the smuttiest thing out there... not even close hahahah Jaejoong was a little drunk and apparently he is a bit silly... and evil yes. Of course he is not! I wanted a happy ending for JoonShige... KatoJoon.... I'm happy you enjoyed it and that the personalities matched! I had no idea what I was doing hhahah Thank you for reading and commenting *sends love*

JumpIntoMyCore May 10, 2014 - Unexpected by Kumohime - Chapter 8: Chapter 8

Such a pretty poster.

I like Aimme and Kame's friendship already. xD He's so sweet yet protective and bossy.

I love that Ryo likes to cause trouble, he's so adorable. xD

But he only likes to cause trouble because he can see right through everyone, I like the way he thinks. *nods*

Especially this part; "you liked something, you get it, you buy it, you steel it or you sleep with it. If only his friends were that straight forward. Idiots."

I know how he feels, life is straight forward, so why aren't people?

Awee, Lara don't be like that. But, I really wonder what happened to make Koyama so angry at women, and what's up with him and his mother too.

No Sakurako you should be with Shige! *pouts*

But I see now why you said I shouldn't be so harsh on her, her parents aren't the greatest, huh?

You'll be developing her story more, right? I'm interested now. xD

Massu, you adorable thing you.

Oh my gosh, Lara and Koyama are adorable. But the moment he lets his guard down he gets all defensive and shut off again, poor guy.

Lara will break him of that! And they will fall in love! xD

Yay! I'm so glad you updated this! And I can't wait for the next!

You'll update soon, right? xD Nah, I can wait.

Thank you for this update! *huggles*
Author's Response: Aimee and Kame are cute xD I think there be more of Kame to come.... who know, she may choose Kame over Tegoshi? mmhhh who knows.... hehe. Ryo will get his own story, but not just yet xD. And it's not always eaasy to be straight forward, it can be very scary. Yes, I will develop her story more, I will develop all of their stories, that's why this story is so difficult to write, too many characters, and sooo many background stories and new stories! Massu will probably become more and more adorable I think, if that is even possible xD Yes, they'll fall in love, but Lara has her own issues to solve as well. Thank you for commenting!! *hugs*

JumpIntoMyCore May 10, 2014 - Asylum by Kumohime - Chapter 22: Chapter 22

Damn, I don't know why, but reading about Tegoshi being like that made me cry. XD

I love how calm G and Kimura were though.

It sucks they all couldn't hide the fact that they care about Tegoshi, but I'm glad they stopped listening and grabbed Tegoshi and Massu knew exactly what to do before the thing broke Tegoshi's neck.

G makes such quick decisions, and what did Tegoshi whisper in his ear?

Massu cares about Tegoshi so much, but I wouldn't want to know the other things he was thinking about Tegoshi. XD

Poor Yamashita, being a mind reader and all.

I like that Shige took up the role as like second in command, since Yamashita has the role as the leader.

“Who the hell wrote this fucking story? It really sucks" Oh hush Massu, it's an amazing story, and if it weren't for this you wouldn't have met Tegoshi.

Uh oh, they done pissed them off even more now.

I loved this chapter Hime! I can't wait for the next update! *hearts*
Author's Response: aawww, I know *pats* I didn't like it either, but it might help them and it wasn't entirely in vain. They are very level headed *nods* And can I admit something? *looks around and whispers* I still don't know what he said xD Well... A lot went through Massu's head and only he and Yamashita will know :P Shige is one of the more stable, so it kinda fell on him to be second hahaha Yup, the things are pissed off. What will happen now? I'll try to update soon. Probably when I'm done with my deadlines haha Thank you for commenting *hugs*

JumpIntoMyCore Apr 13, 2014 - Asylum by Kumohime - Chapter 21: Chapter 21

It's been a while since we've heard Tegoshi sing.

And the song very much suits the situation. XD

Tegoshi thinks he'll end up like Maki after everything is said and done? And Koyama and Erika argee?

Tegoshi is so different when he's around Massu, he's very take charge, and protective.

Awe, they kissed, I wonder what Massu is thinking though, and what he'll do now.

I don't like the way Massu thinks about Tegoshi, it makes me sad.

I knew I liked Kimura. XD He's so smooth, except the tie you up part.. XD

Massu is still protective over Tegoshi, that makes me happy. ^^

I guess the others aren't speaking up because they know it's Tegoshi's decision, huh?

And I like G again too. XD

This definitely wasn't a boring chapter! I loved it, it really helped define Tegoshi and Massu's relationship!

I really liked this chapter, and I can't wait for an update! *hearts*
Author's Response: Sorry I didn't answer before! Well, they may all end up like Maki.... it is a possibility... ;) Well, Tegoshi is in a mental institution and that's Massu knows. But yeah, it is sad. Thank you for commenting!!! *hearts*

JumpIntoMyCore Apr 13, 2014 - 9 Times by Anna Clair - Chapter 1: The Talkers

First I'll start by saying,I love the poster, it's so cute!

And second,I'm so glad I read this! XD

I love how Toma isn't creeped out by her at all, but instead gets an ego boost, it may have a lot to do with the fact that he's drunk,but also think that has a lotto say about his personality too.

The talkers are a bit odd, aren't they? And I think you portrayed them perfectly.

You know thats one of the reasons why I'm afraid to get drunk?(I've never been drunk before by the way, I've actually only drank alcohol once.XD) Any way, I'm afraid I'll be a talker. I'd rather be an angry drunk than a talker.

Anyhoodles, the fact that she kissed his cheek instead of his mouth is just so adorable and innocent.

I can't wait to see their relationship develop!

I loved this chapter, and now I'll move on to the others.^^
Author's Response: thank you boo :D! lol most guys enjoy it when a girl comes up to them (especially an attractive girl) and makes the first move and compliments them. essentially...guys are big princesses deep inside who just want their egos to be stroked XD. (but you're right it does say a lot about his personality but it's also because he's drunk and when you're drunk free love is good love XD) :DD thank you! Yes the talkers are odd T.T as I'm sure you've experienced one of the talkers first hand before. They're a cute little bunch that just can't stop chattering away. But :OOO do you want to try being drunk? It's kind of amazing and horrible at the same time. Nah you'd probably giggle and talk Ceil :D! Or maybe cause you're pretty talkative you might be the silent type :O but def. not angry! Lol...more than her doing that because it was adorable it was because she's wimpy :) <3 but I think we can all relate to that (after all it's hard for girls to make the first move initially neh?) Thank you for reading love ! :D i hope you enjoy the story!

JumpIntoMyCore Apr 05, 2014 - Locks and Latches by Anna Clair - Chapter 10: No Strings Attached

It's nice to see that Toma is adjusting, and finally able to smile again.

And he's writing again too!

You know, in the chapter when his father passed away, I was really hoping Toma wouldn't stop writing and take over his fathers company.

Did you know, this story isn't predictable at all?

Like seriously, others would have taken that route and had Toma take over the company, but you went a whole different way.

That's just amazing.

Ok, sorry for that awkward little I don't even know what to call that, and back to the story! XD

It's not odd that he'd want to observe her, since he had spent so long avoiding her.

He's not like most others who would walk away in an instant, although, he might have if he was still in the mood he had been in after his father passed away.

Ohh, he has a file based on her in his laptop? Interesting. xD

Yay! And now they finally re meet! Totally not a start I expected, but I love how it's comical, instead of angry.^^

Awee, she wanted him to stay.

Awee, Lillith was happy she met him again because she thought they could be friends, and he was happy because it made him realize he doesn't care about as much as he thought he did, that makes me kind of sad.

I do see why this was your favorite! Their meeting was awesome, and so was their parting!

I loved this chapter! And I can't wait for the next. *hearts*
Author's Response: Ceil :D of course he's smiling, it's all because of you! But also yeah in a way you just have to wait for time to pass. Time can really heal all sorts of scars miraculously. Emotional ones always, and physical ones well most of the time... In some ways that would have been easier...and probably in some cases what a lot of people would do because it makes more sense. You're brought up and groomed a certain way to become something but Toma's always been something else right? So thank you for thinking of that :D I wanted to challenge that belief that you go for what you're brought up for (even though I went exactly for what I was brought up for T.T I'll live vicariously through Toma). It's not awkward! It's an epiphany! It's brilliance :)! Right?!! Keh I'm sorry that was the one scene that showed up in my head right after the kitchen scene in the very beginning so you guys can see why I was so excited for that moment where they'd meet again in the middle of two completely different lives. You're right and he almost did walk away but he didn't because she's ridiculous XD and he needs a little humor in his life even if it's at her expense! He does! Toma has many muses :) of which there'll be a few more in this story ;) He's going to write a lot...and write a lot more than Lillith. We'll come back to that later though I don't want to spoil the things I've set up carefully. It is a little sad but when you think of where they're coming from it makes sense. He's pined after her -> so for him it's a freedom to not feel anything for her and he doesn't want to care for her much either even as a friend. For her she wants to bring their relationship from enmity to normalcy. KEHH :D I'm so happy all of you readers are saying it makes sense it's my favourite :D you make me very happy! Thank you lovely! I hope you enjoy the next one!

JumpIntoMyCore Mar 13, 2014 - A Cat in Gloves Catches No Mice by Kristy - Chapter 5: Chapter 5: Two Princesses?

She cheered? And he slammed a pillow into her face... XD

They are an odd pair, very odd.

He is right though, women are unpredictable.

And then they have a pillow fight. XD

He's going to adopt Ceil....? XD

What he said was pretty sweet though.

Princess is a cock block. XD

I loved this story and I love how it ended the way it started. XD

OH! And you named the cats after members of AFF, thats so awesome! I would have never guessed that princess was Hime. xD I think the cats suit the members well.

Gosh I can't thank you enough for this!

You've made me very happy, and one day, I will do the same for you.

(Ok, that was awkward, I'm going to stop this review now. XD)
Author's Response: Odd couple, definitely. But no seriously, I could totally picture this scene! And whoops, I might have made a little mistake ^.~ Whelp! Anyway, the ending was too sweet for me. But I'm glad you like it :) I made it super special you know, with the dratted Princess! But do you get it? Hime is Princess in Japanese (well, not exactly but a close enough translation) and I made her interfere between you and Massu because she's super protective of him in real life! ^^ Well, as a FYI, my birthday's on my FB page, so if you want to plan ahead... *cough cough* I wouldn't mind! Love you too, you awkward bunny :)

JumpIntoMyCore Mar 13, 2014 - A Cat in Gloves Catches No Mice by Kristy - Chapter 4: Chapter 4: Yuuki and Gloss

Awee, poor girl mishearing what he said. He could have said it louder, and nicer! XD

Ceil talks when she's tipsy, and has mood swings, then passes out.... she's a very classy girl. XD

But, I've seen worse, so I can't judge her. XD

Plus she's talking about the cats, which is cute.

An exception again? What does that mean?

Awe, don't throw the kitty!

So, that's how he wakes her up, with food, and poking her? XD

She thinks he kidnapped the cats? She's not the fastest at understanding things, is she?

Oh! He took her to his new place? And he's her neighbor? And is that what he meant by another exception?

Lets see how she reacts to this news. XD
Author's Response: This is what happens when you drink! Think of it as a warning!! And yep, she's the classiest of the classies. Ahahaha, made that one up Ceil, you have so many questions! Sheesh! I swear that they'll be answered soon. Sort of. Hey, at least Massu and Ceil didn't die together. Always count your blessings *nod*.