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Kumohime Mar 29, 2014 - A Cat in Gloves Catches No Mice by Kristy - Chapter 4: Chapter 4: Yuuki and Gloss

aaww she misheard him :(
And she is a really talkative and honest drunk lol Will she remember she said she loved him?
He's her neighbor? Wait, how did he know where she lived?? had he been stalking her all along? Well, if the stalker is as hot as Massu, it could be okay :P
sorry, I'm sleepy and it's turning my brain into mush
Author's Response: Real-Ceil just turned legal drinking age, so I thought it was a funny incorporation XD Honest drunk, psh. She's just getting too much alcohol into her system! That weird girl.. Hm... We can have a stalker Massu anytime, Hime. I'll take him any day. Just imagine it. *teehee*

Kumohime Mar 29, 2014 - A Cat in Gloves Catches No Mice by Kristy - Chapter 3: Chapter 3: Tuttifrutti and Natalia

Aaaww Ceil is jealous of princess! But at least she got a meal and a sort of date with Massu, right? :)
Author's Response: She's jealous of you, maybe that's why you're not too upset *stares* Anyway, it IS a date! Well, a lame date for lame people. Just kidding, I love both Ceil and Massu *squishes* And thanks for your reviews so far!!!

Kumohime Mar 29, 2014 - A Cat in Gloves Catches No Mice by Kristy - Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Chris and Tiana

aaww poor Tiana and Chris, found in a swer.
And he came back! Wait, what does Ceil mean? She's a princess??
LOL he was afraid of contracting a decease, I can actually see that happening hahhaha
Author's Response: Ceil thinks she is a princess, when she really isn't. Kinda like having an inflated ego, eh? And yeah, Massu's a bit of a .... weird child, don't you think? *pets*

Kumohime Mar 29, 2014 - A Cat in Gloves Catches No Mice by Kristy - Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Dioscorea, Morrow, and Lilyput

Finally I started reading the story!!
This first chapter is hilarious, and the cats from hell are adorable and well don't get me started on the incredibly hot customer (Massu right?)
I'm glad you are doing a romantic comedy! xD
Author's Response: Yahoo! I'm glad you liked it XD Trust me, this romcom-streak isn't going to last. I feel like writing another angst story now... *too much fluff* (Cats from hell- that made me laugh, Hime!)

Kumohime Mar 28, 2014 - Songs About Jane by Ooper - Chapter 2: Story Two: Christine's Cake

This was so cute!! At first I thought "god! the woman he's getting the cakes for is going to be dead, isn't she??" LOL

It was such a cute story, so sad, she holding on to an idea for so long! and then getting it crushed. But I thought the ending was so sweet and Tomo was exactly the way she had imagined, huh?

It is beautifully written and since the stories are short and they have a very personal feel to them, I think the present tense fits perfectly. At least, this is my opinion xD

Kumohime Mar 23, 2014 - Songs About Jane by Ooper - Chapter 1: Story One: Lillith's Loss

Oh, god!! This was so beautiful! I almost cried (and I rarely cry over story so if you almost made me cried it's huge!)
In such a short story you conveyed so much. You feel for all the the characters, Lillith, Toma and even Haruka, even if she has no idea.
Great job and I'm really looking forward to the series!

Kumohime Feb 26, 2014 - Imbroglio by Anna Clair - Chapter 7: The Question-Answer Game

Great chapter. Loved the interaction and the dialogues. No way it disappointed. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Kumohime Feb 13, 2014 - Crooked by Christine - Chapter 2: Their First Meeting

Interesting chapter! I really can't wait for the next one!
(sorry I don't say more, I'm not feeling so well but I wanted to read ^_^)
I'm getting more and more intrigued!

Kumohime Feb 05, 2014 - Imbroglio by Anna Clair - Chapter 5: Unconscious Imitations

I did enjoy reading! I always do with this story.
I loved TOP and Cherry's exchange at the beginning, not sure if I said it before but I really like their friendship, how they are friends out of necessity and because they have no other option. It sounds bad maybe, but I don't think it takes away from their relationship (Did that make sense? I hope it did hahahha)
I loved the descriptions too.
Good chapter, build up for what's to come xD

Kumohime Feb 02, 2014 - Peppermint Sticks and Frosted Windowpanes by Kristy - Chapter 6: Chapter 6. I Looked At You Once, Then Never Looked Away

Beauiful story, really. At first you do say, why does Henry die? But the story would just be another story if he didn't, it's what brings out everything in the story.
I love the descriptions, they were so good, perfect.
And Sora's character is so interesting. She is a child and yet at moments she seems soemthing else entirely, somehow (sorry if I'm not making much sense, I'm really sleepy)
The writing style is so different from your usual style (but I still see you hahaha)
No, I did not cry, but I loved the story, very emotional and I know how you love angst.
Grate job! *throws flowers*
Author's Response: Oh my gosh, you finished it! Thanks Hime! Well, his death was actually the first thing I thought of :D I know it sounds a bit sadistic, but really- a lot of my stories revolve around the climax, which was obviously his death. And thanks for your compliments ^^ I'll be honest- I really didn't put much into developing Sora's character. She was just a fill-in, you know? Maybe that's why she didn't act as childish as she should... Hm... I KNOW! This was such a deviation from my normal stories! O_o Of course you'd recognize my writing, wifey *throws flowers back* And I can tell you're tired, so go to sleep! *huggles*