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Kumohime Jul 19, 2014 - I Got Hurt by JumpIntoMyCore - Chapter 1: Chapter One.

Oh my god! The Ryo-Massu story!! You have to tell me when you post woman!!! Ok, I calmed down hehe
Aaawww, Shige and Pi?? I like that couple too xDD.
I love how you described Tegomasu and how the learn the job xD
Massu is married?!?!?! Phew, you scared me.
I loooove Shige and Pi. Love them. Come on Pi, give up and date poor Shige.
That's it? Damn you Ryo! Ask for a phone number!! Massu has to do something! Ceil! You can not do this to me again! No, I demand (yes demand) a second part! Start writing young lady!
I really liked the story and how it was written and the descriptions (in spite of my outburst just now, it's just, they always end up in nothing, the other story had a similar ending. Damn you people who hate happy endings - you, Chrisa, Cherry, even Kristy - damn...

Sorry for the rant again. Great job, really!! I don't remember the challenge though. Well, anyway, awesome job... Sorry if I keep complaining next time we talk... I really thought those two were going somewhere... *sigh* If you don't give them a happy ending, I will!

Sorry, this comment is weird and all over the place, I blame hormones... I'm extra sensitive today heheh, I'll stop here. Again, great job! *hugs*
Author's Response: You don't know how much it means to me that you got excited over a story I wrote. XD Because one, as you know I have major confidence issues, and two, because you're an amazing writer, and your comments always make my day better, whether they're compliments or criticisms you really do help me out a lot. *huggles* Anyway, enough of being weird and mushy. I always picture Pi and Shige as the friends who are always hassling Ryo and flirting with each other even though they'll never get together. XD Do you really ship ShigePi? If you got scared, imagine how Ryo felt when that was the first thing he had heard Shige say. XD I'm glad you liked Shige and Pi in this story, but Pi won't be broken that easily! Actually the other night at work I was inspired to write a second part to this, but I didn't know if I should or not. But since you demanded, I started writing it last night, it's a work in progress, but it's getting there. XD Yay! You said you liked the descriptions in my story! Am I getting better with them? (I got a little excited for a second) I actually didn't put Ryo and Massu together because of my first RyoMassu drabble, like you said, they didn't end up in that one either. I don't know why, but in these stories, I like ending them in heartbreak for Ryo.... is that mean? We can't help it! Sad endings are just too good, sometimes. XD You'll give them a happy ending? XD Well once I'm done with the second part, you'll just have to see if they get somewhere or not. muahahahahaha. *cough* Nah, I really liked this review! It made me so happy. And thank you for saying a did a great job, and for even reading this! It means so much to me. *huggles even tighter* (by the way, the challenge was "just don't get hurt" and instead of molding the plot around that sentence, I just made one of the characters say it, because I'm lazy. *nods*)

Kumohime Jul 01, 2014 - It's Alright by Chrisa - Chapter 1: IT'S ALRIGHT

You finally wrote a Gackt-Hyde story haha
It was so sad. I loved it. I really love all your drabbles xD

Kumohime Jul 01, 2014 - Colour Me Happy by Chrisa - Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Tragedy in the warning. Of course tragedy!! The descriptions are perfect Chrisa! I really loved it and very well written.
She’s going bonkers, ain’t she? She’ll end up in an asylum… The story has more chapters, right? right?
Ok, I’m done hahah. Really great Chrisa. Awesome job using the prompt

Kumohime Jun 26, 2014 - Caramel Macchiato by Chrisa - Chapter 1: CARAMEL MACCHIATO

I really liked the story, so short but with so much in it.
I was well written and the descriptions were so vivid, I really loved the use you gave to the coffee and the scent. Great use of the prompt.
Great job!

Kumohime Jun 21, 2014 - Lovers' Night by Chrisa - Chapter 1: Lovers' Night

aawww loved it.
How can you write something so short with so much into it?
I comment something similar, but it really amazes me xD

Kumohime Jun 21, 2014 - Red Lips by Chrisa - Chapter 1: Red Lips

So sad and so much is conveyed in such a short story.

Great work Chrisa!

Kumohime May 19, 2014 - Enter At Own Risk by SimpleSnow, JumpIntoMyCore - Chapter 28: Alone.

You're welcome! And I remember I have to make one more ;)

“There are only two options I see; we all leave together, or we all go down together.”
“I don’t accept those options,” Massu.... I agree with Massu, they are a bunch of extremist! hahaha

“I’m not going to hit you; I just wish you’d understand more than just your own thoughts.” She sighed..... well seems to me that they are all doing the same with Massu and Ceil, none even tries to see things they do.... but then again that is usually the case with people, huh?

Lol, Tegoshi being annoying to be forgiven.

And birthmark? common, at least say it was a drunken tattoo, it would be more believable hahaha

Finally, Ceil is not snapping and being bitchy

Aaww, what's going to happen next?? Why is TegoHime separated!? :P
Seriously, I want to read the next chapter!

“I don’t need saved, nor do I want saved if it" shouldn't it be saving both times?

I saw a couple more... but I'm lazy ahahah and they were just little things I think ;)
Author's Response: You have one more to make? I don't remember, oh my gosh! My memory is failing me! Nooooo! Ok, I shouldn't reply when I first wake up. They're all nuts, is what they are. Yeah, nobody wants to listen to the most obvious way of getting out of there, especially since it's Massu and Ceil who are the ones that see it. I made Tegoshi such a child in this fic. XD Yeah Ceil doesn't come up with the best explanations. Thank you for pointing that out! I saw a few mistakes myself, but I'm being a little lazy, I'll get to correcting them, don't worry. XD I'll update as soon as possible, I hope it's better than this chapter, I'll work on what you told me earlier! *hearts and huggles*

Kumohime Apr 10, 2014 - Enter At Own Risk by SimpleSnow - Chapter 27: Simple Explanation.

Love you too! And you put up with a lot of my whining too xD
Poor Snow! :(
Is Koyama really dead?? I won't believe it until I see a body, period. :P
People have to stop hitting Massu. And aww, now Ryo is mad at him.
Way to go Massu, hitting two birds with one stone, distracting them and kissing Ryo at the same time hahah
Ok, what's next? Update soon! pretty please :))
Author's Response: Yay! We're here to listen to each other whine. XD I know, poor Snow, let's see how she continues to deal with losing Koyama. muahahahah. I think I should tell you, he gets hit like two more times. XD But that's the only spoiler I'm giving you! Best distraction ever, right? I'll update as soon as possible. Thank you for the review! *huggles*

Kumohime Apr 10, 2014 - Enter At Own Risk by SimpleSnow - Chapter 26: Nothing Else Can Be Done.

Finally I have some time to comment!! Sorry it took so long xD
"then we’ll re group in the room" I think there is a typo there :)
Why are they so afraid of of waking ppl up? Facing a disembodied voice, sure. Waking ppl up, no way! that shit is scary! hahahah
It is a little weird that Haruma is scared of... but those couples won't be together??? hahaha. Well, first they have to get out of there... and I don't trust you :P hehe
we it quickly.” Massu said. ----> typo (I'm pointing them out cause I told you I would xD )
See?? I was right not to trust you, you buried Koyama!!
Ok, time for the next chapter...
Author's Response: Review whenever you can, I'm just happy to get them. XD You know what, don't ask me, maybe people they have to be around all the time are scarier than a voice they all hear every once in a while? I've had people scared to wake me up, and I'm a very pleasant person! XD Haruma in general is weird, he holds a lot of secrets, and holds his feeling in too much, tsk tsk. You don't think I'll let them escape? I'm offended! Ok, not really. XD You should still trust me though! Even if I burried Koyama, I did promise a happy ending, remember? Anyhoodles, thank you for pointing out the typos, and thank you for the review! It means a lott!

Kumohime Mar 29, 2014 - A Cat in Gloves Catches No Mice by Kristy - Chapter 5: Chapter 5: Two Princesses?

I loved this story so much!!!

They are both soooo weird and I love them even more for it and if there are two people I can imagine having a pillow fight instead of saying I love you, those two people are Massu and Ceil, for some reason LOL

Wait... is he adopting Princess or Ceil??

The end!! It was so sweet that my screen is leaking honey hahaha. I loved it so much.

And yes, if Massu and Ceil (or anybody really) were about to kiss I would jump on their heads, she has to prove she is worthy of Massu!! *narrows eyes* ahaha
(I really should go to sleep)

This was a great story and an awesome present, I know Ceil LOVED it.

Great job, as always, wifey!! *throws flowers and hearts and macadamia nuts cookies* (those were your favorites right? xD
Author's Response: YAY! I'm glad you liked it! I actually wrote a story that nobody died or got hurt in, this is amazing. I should give up angst forever! (just kidding) Very weird people, huh? And I suppose Massu's adopting both- he's going to have to keep a leash on both of those silly girls! ^^ And you'd better clean up your screen! It's leaking honey :3 Just kidding~! I figured you'd tackle the person who Massu was going to kiss, so I just wrote you into the story doing so XD I think I know you so well.... And YES MACADAMIA NUT COOKIES ARE MY FAVORITE HOW DID YOU KNOW -_-