Reviews by Kumohime

Kumohime Dec 23, 2014 - Friends Forever by yukino78 - Chapter 1: Friends Forever

aaww, very nice story! Nice job!

Kumohime Dec 23, 2014 - The Long Journey by Lil Daisy - Chapter 1: Christmas Ball

Great story, loved it! Great job

Kumohime Dec 23, 2014 - Hidden Message on a Christmas Card by Blossy - Chapter 1: Chapter 1

so cute! Nice job!

Kumohime Dec 23, 2014 - Worst Day... Not by biniBningPunkista - Chapter 1: Worst day... not.

Very cute drabble! And I love Love Shuffle so I was happy to see a story with Tamaki Hirishi ;P

Kumohime Dec 23, 2014 - Not Ever Again by Dreamy Luna - Chapter 1: Not Ever Again

poor guy, not trusting anyone at all, even to help him stand up. Sad. Good work!
Author's Response: Yes, that's sad. Sometimes trusting the wrong people could lead to inevitable consequences and makes us lose faith in humanity... Thanks for reading, Hime! =)

Kumohime Dec 23, 2014 - Snow Fun by Chrisa - Chapter 1: Snow Fun

Looks like they are having fun! Nice drabble good work ^.^

Kumohime Dec 11, 2014 - A Different Perspective by mmizuki951101 - Chapter 1: A Different Perspective ~ the snow globe

Great story, loved the change in perspective but poor snow man :(
Author's Response: Thank you :D well too bad for him, someone has got to sacrifice :P

Kumohime Dec 08, 2014 - Home for Christmas by yukino78 - Chapter 1: Home For Christmas

Aaawww so cute!

Kumohime Dec 07, 2014 - Exasperated Winter Kittens by FeliciaSueLynn - Chapter 1: Chapter 1

LOL!!! I loved it, it was so funny and cute. Great job!

Kumohime Dec 07, 2014 - After a Glass of Wine by Chrisa - Chapter 1: After A Glass of Wine

I really liked this. It has a very intimate vibe and it was very well written and Yuri stories are unusual here :)