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Kristy Jul 20, 2014 - I'm Doing It Again These Days by FeliciaSueLynn - Chapter 1: Final

Cute!! I really like coffee shop aus. They're my favorite. Somwthing about innocent love blossoming the tendrils of caffeinated shots... Anyway, I have to congratulate you on your fantastic writing style. I prefer the flowy, more romantic style, which you encapsulated perfectly. It really made this into a great oneshot, not just a good one.

I don't know BTS at all, but I feel like I got a little glimpse of their characters through your story- basically, I'm saying your characterization is on point. The little interjections of personality (the jealousy, the indignant 'call me V!', and the cutsey- all of it) made it so adorable.

So, all in all, I am really impressed with this oneshot! It was really well done. Cute little romance with sweet ending. And as a yaoi author as well, welcome to the community!!
Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it even if you don't know BTS. I really appreciate your thoughtful comment I don't get too many of those. And uh thank you for the welcome but I've been around here for about 4 years now lol.

Kristy Jul 19, 2014 - His Happy Ending by JumpIntoMyCore - Chapter 2: *BONUS* The Proposal.

So I read this earlier and thought it was just so cute!! Like 150% cute. Gonna die of the cutie patootie-ness in this scene~

I'll never get an opportunity to work in an office in real life, but at least I can dream it in this story! (Also, what are the chances Henry would propose to me?!)

Cute, I wonder if Henry told everyone beforehand? Maybe that's why they were so nice? But boo for having a bad day. Made better, by a fiancee!!

I like that word. Fiancee.

Gotta make him my boyfriend first, ahahahaha!

So when I skimmed it earlier, I don't know why, but I pictured the balloons as all yellow. Though I do like blue and pink as a bunch! Blue is one of my favorite colors, too!

(He better hold me when I'm sad or else I'll torch his behind-)

OMG I died at his speech. For a moment, I thought she was going to say no, but thank god she didn't or else I'd have to reach into there and knock in some sense!

And... I reached the end! Thank you so, so much babe! What a lovely present. Love you too!!
Author's Response: Ahahaha, I succeeded in writing something cute, Yaay!! Why won't you ever get the opportunity to work in an office? Because of the line of work you're going to college for? Yes, it'd be nice for every bad day to be bettered by a fiancee, ok maybe not, because that would be a lot of proposals... XD Say that word enough Fiancee, and it won't sound like a word anymore. I made them blue and pink because I'm a kpop nerd and thought of the Super Junior and SNSD colors. Why would she say no!? XD Who would say no to Henry when he's putting his heart on the line like that? A heartless person! That's who! XD I'm glad you liked his speech and this story as a whole! *throws flowers at you* XD

Kristy Jul 19, 2014 - His Happy Ending by JumpIntoMyCore - Chapter 1: Blind Date.

First of all, I want to say how flattered and thankful I am that you went out of your way to write this story for me! I honestly don't know how I'll be able to thank you. It's incredibly sweet of you, really.

Moving on, I need to stop gushing! You know how much I like Henry and cute romance-angst! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Onto the review: even in the story, I like how classy I sound. Just like me in real life, I wish! And a long black dress, curled and pinned hair, sipping wine in a restaurant, how classy. Just my style. Though not classy that I had to wait for my date.

Speaking of my date, can I get an AMEN for Henry?! I don't know how you know, but my favorite hair on him was the sandy blonde-brown hair he had for a short period of time! Made it really super yummy picturing it in my head. Coupled with the formal attire, and my heart is swooning already! I have a thing for high class older men. :)

Honestly, I think it's cute how much he fretted over his appearance only to have it go to waste when he crawled under the car XD Such a cutie, arughh! And the matching flowers was a nice touch! What kind of flower were you picturing? I was thinking either maybe a white orchid or a purple one. I like those flowers, you see.

And oh wow for Heney taking charge and just kissing, that was so unexpected but hot at the same time!

Why am I the one who got away? Like, GIRL. It's Henry freaking Lau. You would have stuck to that boy like glue! Though at least they had a happy ending!!
Author's Response: Well, you did the same for me. XD So, this is my way of saying thank you, and that you mean a lot to me. *hearts* I'm glad you liked Classy Kristy. XD Well, that was my favorite hair on him too, especially when he spiked it... I have a weakness for spiked hair, (and if it's dyed red I'm like all over the place.) Anyway, so it was just a lucky guess that it was your favorite too. XD I was thinking Lillies, honestly. XD But they could be whatever flower you want them to be, that's the power of little description! Leaves the mind open to all kind of imagination. Well, I remember you saying you're like forever the little spoon, so I thought I'd make Henry a very, take charge type of guy. XD Honestly, I don't know why their relationship ended, I just threw that in there so the story could come together. Yep! I had to give them a happy ending, this was for your birthday, I didn't think you'd want an angsty story with a bunch of dying characters. XD ....Unless that is what you wanted, and I can totally write a story like that for you too. Anyhoodles! This is a long reply, so I'll end it now. Once again, I'm so glad you liked it! *huggles*

Kristy Jun 26, 2014 - Star of My Dreams by YoonEunHyeFan - Chapter 1: Star of my dreams

Summer's keeping things real- snoozing off while studying, that's so relatable!! Though unfortunately, I've never dreamed of handsome men. I wish I did... *knocks head*

Daisy's funny! "Alien and special powers" sounds like a reference to My Love From The Stars, ahahaha! Though Summer, GIRL. I don't care if it's deja vu or ESP- don't question it and just act.

And... there she goes! Wow, and Ryan sounds so dreamy, too, that lucky duck!

Good job on the story! I really enjoyed your descriptive and flowy languages. The setting descriptions were great too!!
Author's Response: Haha I am glad it was relatable because even though it's fiction, I like to try and keep it close to real life people unless of course it was fantasy xD I am so glad you loved the story a don't we all wish we could dream of handsome men :P I thought my descriptive wasn't all that good this time around but I must of done better then I thought. I am glad it was descrptive and it flowed well. This is what any writer hopes for (well I hope!) Thanks for a constructive review kristy, I appricate it!

Kristy Jun 26, 2014 - Stars in the Sky by dove - Chapter 2: Bonus: And It's Too Empty

I'm done. I'm SO done.

Crying right now T.T Relly, this is too much- your writing is just so good, it makes it real for me. Also, I think that it provides an interesting perspective into Kris's story (in real life, that is). Gives a different feel to the situation- he, too, suffered. We can't always chalk it down to our suffering; we must think of others as well.

Anyway, gotta applaud your for your productivity after the news broke out. I found out at 5 am when I checked allkpop right before my national economics exam. And cried all the way through the supply-demand charts. :(
Author's Response: Your description of angsty Kris ships was so accurate...they will never sink! anyway, thank you for your review ^_^ I feel bad, but when I read that you were crying through the test, I laughed a little. Lol sorry... I'm really bad at replying. But thanks again!

Kristy Jun 26, 2014 - Stars in the Sky by dove - Chapter 1: Shine No More

Thank you for joining the Angsty Kris Ship, which will dock in approximately... never. While you're here, please enjoy a course of never-ending fangirl tears. But no really, I totally feel you on the angst and depression-esque stories.

Okay, I need to start reading the story now... and got to the part about Tao, and literally let out a whimper. Way to go breaking my TaoRis heart... again!

And omg with the FanXing :( "They were finally realizing their dream but Yifan wasn't there" OH WOW THIS PART IN PARTICULAR.

*deep breaths* I gotta get through this without crying T.T actually, this is my first Kris fic since that day. So not ready right now...

Holy smokes with the whole 'nobody talked about it' and the 'dimmer silver sea', I'm in pieces right now. :(((((((

You made me smile... a little bit with the 400 names of Kris at the end, though. Ben Ben, Wu Yi Fan, Kris, Kris Wu, Galaxy Kris, I am so done with him. XD

Kristy Jun 26, 2014 - The First Morning by Kumohime - Chapter 1: The First Morning

I don't know whether to be sad or happy!! Conflicted right now. While I'm glad that the brother finally found his love (that was an implied marriage, right?), it seems that he was reluctant to do so? As if he, too, had a one-sided crush on his younger sibling? There's so much hidden that would make for an excellent back story, ahahaha!

For me, I read it as a yaoi story. Maybe because that's namely what I write, but it just had that 'forbidden love' sort of aire that's usually surrounding the genre. Hmm. But good job, nevertheless!!
Author's Response: It's more like he cares for his little brother, and I wanted to keep the story a little mysterious, that's why there is so much unsaid (but implied, I hope) And who knows, I might end up writing the rest of the story hahahaha (after we are done with BMR) And, honestly, I wrote it thinking about yaoi at first (since the prompt image seemed to be two boys) but then I realized it could work both ways. Thank you for commenting! Means a lot wifey :)

Kristy Jun 26, 2014 - Caramel Macchiato by Chrisa - Chapter 1: CARAMEL MACCHIATO

How interesting! I really liked the contrast of real life to the surrounding aspects of coffee. Creative usage of the prompt for sure.

I also enjoyed your varied and complex sentence structures- they create a feeling of... reality? Not sure how to explain it. But it seems more intimate and actual. Great job, and I really loved that last sentence: "Prehaps it was time to change taste." Really is the icing on the cake!

Kristy Apr 18, 2014 - Enter At Own Risk by SimpleSnow, JumpIntoMyCore - Chapter 27: Simple Explanation.

Someone bumped into Ceil? Wait, I thought she was alone with Massu. That's like 100% creepy, doll! What if it's like a ghost or something that can see in the dark... *shivers*

I hope Haruma's not straining himself :/ And what is Ceil planning? To be honest, she's the one who's seeming a bit suspicious as of recent. I dunno, maybe it's just me?

WAIT WHAT JUST WENT DOWN. Koyama's dead? No, he was just alive! Ryo, don't you dare lie to me. Or punch Massu. Because even though he doesn't play for my team, he's still my property! *gives evil glare*

And wait, Massu kissed Ryo?!?!? YAY! That was cute. But Ceil really does seem suspicious. I wouldn't be surprised if she turned out to be the liar in this troupe. Hm... We'll see in the next chapter.

You know what just happened? I clicked the next button and nothing happened. This is a problem. We need to remedy this. How? By a new update!! Seriously, I hope you update soon :)
Author's Response: Nope not a ghost, just a very angry Ryo. That's just as scary though. *nods* Haruma needs to man up! Just kidding, he needs to chill out with all the movement, what if he breaks a hip? Kidding again, he's not old. XD Koyama did just get trapped, remember? Maybe they're all just assuming he's dead, or maybe not. *mysterious face* Pi hit Massu too, and I should warn you that he gets hit a few more times. I think I should let you know, just to clear up the confusion, that it's Ceil that's wanted by that man, that's why she acts the way she does. XD Don't worry I'm working on an update now! I will hopefully have it done soon. Thank you for this review, and getting caught up with the story! It probably wasn't easy, huh? Thank you again! *millions of huggles*

Kristy Apr 18, 2014 - Enter At Own Risk by SimpleSnow - Chapter 26: Nothing Else Can Be Done.

Who's the she? And the he? Is it Henry and Ceil? *gives suspicious face*

"The girls are useful"

Excuse me? I am extraordinarily useful. And so are all of the other girls. Seriously, don't need to label us as objects, boys! *gives another suspicious face*

Though I found it cute that they're planning on waking everyone by being loud- it's true, I do lash out when I'm tired or just have woken up. Maybe a kick, or a punch... Or even with my hidden dagger (kidding, again). And you just have to love how Ceil pops up at the most random times- she always end up scaring the boys when it's their mission to scare the girls!

Aw, Haruma, you shouldn't ever give up on love! There's someone out there for you. Okay, maybe not, since there's an odd number of us, but HEY! Maybe you'll end up with Zhoumi! Or Heechul! See, look at this amazing potential to fall in love :3

And the smarties are splitting up again. I thought they learned last time with the smashing door that splitting up wasn't a good idea! Like raiding Russia in the wintertime- they'll never win without using their brains.

LOOK AT THAT. Don't say that I didn't warn you- I was the smart one and told you that walking in basements without light is a bad idea. Though the collapsed cave gives a nice tough for hero-Massu to go save Koyama in a dramatic moment!

And what's this about giving up? Never give up! You got to keep going and I'm sure everything will work out in the end~~
Author's Response: You'll find out who they are soon. They're stuck on the whole "girls are weaker than boys" mentality! *glares at them* Thats what Haruma does, he yells to wake everyone up, but since he can't move, they have to do it themselves. XD That's Ceil's favorite thing to do, show up at random times and scare people, ok, maybe not, but still. (And having a hidden dagger would be so cool!) Just throw a random Zhou Mi in their so Haruma won't be lonely. XD Nope, they still haven't learned, and in the next chapters, they get even dumber. XD Massu isn't giving up necessarily, he's just going to hand Ceil over is all. XD I'm almost to your last review! *does happy dance* And then maybe I'll finally be able to sleep. XD *crosses fingers*