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whaaa... GlynZaelin, i hope you update this too. ^_^ i love the flash backs and the arashi comments and their thoughts. lolz

biniBningPunkista Feb 15, 2010 - Capturing the Casanova by shattered_teardrops - Chapter 31: Epilogue: "Casanova Successfully Captured"

I have finally finished this fan fic!!! going gaga over it too. I thought jae joong would seriously like Ga Eul for real... then take her for himself instead of helping out Yi Jung.

I also like how Ga Eul did that pinky promise in which Yi Jung used for himself to get Ga Eul to be engaged with him. hahaha... it was so cUTE!!!! thank you for such a lovely story. *hugs*
hey! i was wondering if this fic is already done somewhere? its so cute... teehee... i'm enjoying the tsukushiXtsukasa moments again. >_
Author's Response: It's not done yet, but I do have a couple more chapters posted on Winglin and the Love So Sweet forum.

biniBningPunkista Jul 26, 2009 - Capturing the Casanova by shattered_teardrops - Chapter 4: Chapter 3: "His Winning Piece"

darn... i'm hung up with this story now.
btw, what does Jagiya mean?
Author's Response: Thanks for the review! hehe Jagiya is a term of endearment which roughly translates into "Sweetheart". :)

biniBningPunkista Jul 20, 2009 - Capturing the Casanova by shattered_teardrops - Chapter 1: Prologue: "Valentine's Day"

This isn't a one shot thing right?
I want more. teehee...
btw, I miss reading your stories at winglin...
Thanks for this. I'm one of those people who still didn't have a closure for there story after Boys Over Flowers ended.
gambatte on your other stories! ^_^v
Author's Response: Nope, this isn't a one-shot! :) Thanks! Good luck on your stories too!