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cutterpillow Jul 11, 2010 - Four Guys and A Baby by Blossy - Chapter 1: Chapter 1

I hope I made the write title now, LMAO

just tell me if there is some mistakes again. keke. thanks :)
Author's Response: awwwwww thanks Nika!!!!!!!!!! you really are AWESOME!!!!!! XD but now its perfect so you dont need to change anything else XD XD

cutterpillow Mar 14, 2010 - Secrets by meow_bunny - Chapter 1: Even they wouldn't wish it upon anyone else.

I'm pretty sure I will credit you. keke. I'm currently working on the story, and I will tell you immediately if I have posted it. Perhaps I will post it on winglin, on my blog, and here. keke. THANKS a lot!

cutterpillow Mar 14, 2010 - Secrets by meow_bunny - Chapter 1: Even they wouldn't wish it upon anyone else.

Hi, I really really like this story of yours. I cannot even remember how many time I have read this. lol. keke. And for the many times I have read this, I've conclude a story of it. Is it possible if I would use this as a reference for my short fic? Don't worry, I will credit you for sure. and my storyline will be somehow different with this. I hope your okay with it, thanks ;)
Author's Response: Thank you!~ Aw, I'm glad you like it so much. Yeah, that's totally fine with me as long as I'm credited somewhere. XD Can't wait to read what you come up with. ^^;

cutterpillow Mar 01, 2010 - Secrets by meow_bunny - Chapter 1: Even they wouldn't wish it upon anyone else.

I like SHINeeeeeee. ^^ keke. but i never know their characters, and with this short fic, I've learn. ;) thanks ~
Author's Response: Well I'm happy it helped you learn then. (= Thanks for reading!~<3

cutterpillow Mar 01, 2010 - Friends Can Be Lovers by mushie12 - Chapter 1: Chapter 1 info


- freaking scared of cats.
- swimmer
- black belter on taekwondo
- people mistaken her from a quiet/shy type girl, however when you have known her deeply, she's talkative. funny. and etc.

cutterpillow Mar 01, 2010 - Chatmates by Jishu - Chapter 1: Chapter 1

I love flaming charisma a.k.a minhoooo. hope you would write another shinee fic. and I hope its not a yaoi anymore. btw, who's bling_bling? taemin or jonghyun? haha
Author's Response: It's Jonghyun~ He always introduced himself as bling bling. Hehehe. Thank you for reading. I can sense that you don't like yaoi but you read my fics anyway so I'm really thankful. Now, I've noticed how most readers here are actually into straight pairings but I'm into yaoi. Hehehehe... I will try to write a straight fic... soon... hopefully... ugh...

cutterpillow Mar 01, 2010 - Last Mistake by Chrisa - Chapter 1: Last Mistake

awwww... You should write a one shot stpry for this. ;)
Author's Response: Ehehehe~ =^.^= I have actually though about doing so~ I think I'll do it after I finish another story of mine ~.^

cutterpillow Feb 28, 2010 - Life As It Is... by biniBningPunkista - Chapter 1: Drabble.

Mejo nakakalito (or sadyang hndi lang ako nka pokus kasi nkkatawa ung bubblegang.) so, ang gusto ni eita si juri? kaso alam ni juri gusto ni aoi si eita? tapos namatay si juri? oohhhh.... anyway, i like it. ang hrap cguro gumawa ng ganitong challenge. good luck, thanks sa pag post at sa magandang short story. keke. ;)
Author's Response: hehe... it was a fun challenge to do. Aoi was already in love with Eita, while Eita was in love with Juri. Juri did love Eita as well... but tragedy happens so they never got together. Eita wanted to die, Aoi helped him pick up the pieces. Both went on to their separate ways... Eita became a doctor instead. so yun... hehe.. the story is like going on flashbacks, then to the present. kaya medyo nakakalito. i'm glad you like it. :)

cutterpillow Feb 28, 2010 - Ji Yong's Confession by xmilkyshake - Chapter 1: Ji Yong's Confession

TOP. I love TOP the most among big bang. keke. cute story.