Favorite Authors
1. Anna Clair
I'm taking notes from this girl when it comes to angsty stories. Lol. I like her stories despite me liking non-angsty stories.
2. Anonymous Author
3. biniBningPunkista
She's a good writer and I love her stories XXD
4. Christine
Love her stories. When it's funny, it's FUNNY. When it's sad, its SAD. When she's a killer, she spills BLOOD. lol
5. Lil Daisy
Her stories are like the best :P It would be a shame if you didn't give it a shot.
6. riceberries
Even if I'm not an Ariel/Joe fan, I still love her stories. It's got the humour I love.
7. shattered_teardrops
Her stories are amazing, the describing, the style and the plots! LOVE her stories and i will be taking my time reading them as i don't want to skip anything XD