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I wanted to call this chapter Rules of Engagement but it didn't seem to fit as nicely as it should have because all other chapters are one worded. :( sadness.

Rie looked around the room vaguely as she saw the looks on each man’s face as their reactions at her entry into their secret little assignment was clearly visible.

Jun was blushing just the slightest and his mouth was stretched into a hidden smile that tucked into his dimples. Toma was obviously annoyed as his eyes landed on anywhere but her and Sho seemed mildly humored but other than that he had no other real care for the situation. In fact he just looked incredibly stressed as if he wanted to dash out of the room as soon as possible.

Remembering Jun’s words Rie was no fool. She knew it had something to do with Daisy but why would Daisy have ever hated Sho? Why would she continue hating him? It didn’t seem to make any sense to her at all.
Other than maybe Daisy was probably her strongest comrade here if she had something against these guys. This could prove useful if this entire deal she was about to plan out with them turned sour.

The face of the girl yelling for her to never trust anyone here came up behind her face and she was unable to shake it off as she heard Jun’s voice ring past her ears.

“Good so let’s plan this out. Toma gets the day with her and I get the night deal?” Jun offered but Toma immediately shook her head stepping between them as he came and sat down beside her on the couch and Rie couldn’t help but have her mind flash back to her first day at Tryst when this couch had painful dug into her back as she felt herself pushed further and further into it. She struggled for just a moment to stop herself from slapping him as she felt his leg touch hers.

He didn’t want anything of that sort. He’d been trying to make a point and she had to stop thinking about it because it would only make things tenser.
Still it didn’t make it any easier a pill to swallow so easily that here she was helping the living proof that she had cheated on Mukai accidentally or not.
“I swear to god if you lay one hand on this girl and PROVE my statement Jun. I’ll call your father-in-law and have him BAN you from entering our division ever again. It’s not as if he’s that keen on you anyways.”

“Don’t you threaten me!” Jun yelled out in retaliation immediately angry with Toma and Sho attempted to intervene and push his best friend back down but Jun was already up in Toma’s face glaring at him. While Toma looked calmly back at him barely a look of disturbance present save for the fact that Rie felt his arm firm up beside her as if he was ready to pounce on Jun the moment Jun dropped the punch that would break the entire place up into a bloody battle of fists.

The tension was too much for her. “STOP IT!” She yelled out and they all turned to look at her shocked that she’d said anything at all in front of them all. Jun lowered himself back into his seat as Sho looked back and forth between them.

Sho sighed as he brought his head back down to his palm. “This is what happens when you bring a woman into the fold.” He sighed. “This might be a good thing because I’m getting fucking sick of stopping the two of you fighting like cats and dogs anyways…and I’m tired of pretending to concentrate. I need to go find Daisy.” He stalked out of the room leaving the three of them looking at each other before Jun finally sighed and leaned back into his chair.

“Wimp was fucking pussy-whipped anyways.” He scoffed and Rie couldn’t help but feel her heart want to stand up for Sho who simply wanted to correct whatever he’d done to wrong the girl. Jun honestly just looked jealous. “So how is this going to work?” He acquiesced and Rie swore she saw a hint of a smile on Toma’s naturally emotionless face as he leaned forward. She didn’t understand men, they were almost like women in the way they bonded over the most foolish name-calling and gossip.

“Lillith will work her evenings as a bartender until the point at which we come into the club. After that point in time she will enter the room with our drinks.”

Technically he was requesting her right now but she knew if she said anything she’d probably be thrown out of the room again and she wasn’t risking that so she just listened silently as Toma continued.

“Meetings at which she will be required will cause the early ending of her shift. Otherwise I will go home with her after we’re done our meetings and translate the documents. She will not get any original copies. She will not obtain any other access unless she is with me. The translated documents will be placed only on my laptop. We will translate the documents at her house and she will get no access into the main household. Are you agreeing to these terms or do we end this foolish plan of yours right here Matsumoto?”

Rie gulped as she stared between the two men and meekly spoke up. “I don’t get a say in any of this right?”

“You got enough of a say when you volunteered yourself like an idiot.” Toma didn’t bother turning to look at her as he continued staring at Jun with the same confident look on his face that seemed to almost never disappear from his face. “If you’re okay with the terms I will agree to letting her translate our documents and conversations with the Colombians.”

Jun stayed silent for a moment as his eyes raked over Rie who was still looking at Toma as if he was debating the perks of this deal when it came to him. “Do you want ‘him’ to know about her?”

“Absolutely not. He disapproves of women in our line of work and a girl as weak as her he’ll definitely kill me for it even if she’s not on the front line. Hell he might even kill her. I don’t know but she’s an expense we can’t afford and by taking her on I’m practically handing over everything to you.” He sighed exhausted as he looked straight at Jun who scoffed smiling. “Don’t you even fucking think for a second that I’m giving everything up Matsumoto.”

“Maybe that’s my plan Ikuta…but she’ll help. Right now, we need all the help we can get when it comes to the Colombians. You know that.”

She felt like she was lost in translation…but she was the translator so she interrupted speaking up loudly. “I can take care of myself you know.” She crossed her arms over her chest with a look on her face that she was sure would demonstrate her capability to do the aforementioned.

Toma rolled his eyes as he turned his attention towards her and she couldn’t help but feel as if she was being directed. “Speak when you’re spoken to Lillith.” She hated that he was her boss here…she hated that he was even her boss.

“I’m not a little child!” She shot back rudely.

His smile looked utterly fake as he replied making her shut her mouth again. “Then don’t ask to be treated like one.”

“Seriously…I will duct tape you if necessary.” Jun shot back in determined to not be left out of whatever little banter they were all having. When they turned to look at him as if he was an idiot he couldn’t help but remark at how similar Lillith and Toma’s eyes looked and he heard the gears in his head turning as he flicked his eyes back and forth between the pair. “I have one more clause to add to this little argument here.” His gaze looked alight with mischief as he stared at them. “Let’s keep this entirely professional shall we? This is not a Christol case.” He looked directly at Toma at this jab. “Am I clear or do I need to make rules Toma?” Rie turned to look at Toma who had suddenly stiffened up at that comment before he unfroze again and shook his head so she was left wondering what Jun had meant by his comment.

“I don’t think you’ll have anything to worry about that in that regard Jun. ” He leaned forward and held his hand out but as Jun went to grasp it Toma pulled it back tilting his head sideways. “I hope you understand that this clause will apply to both of us equally.”

“Of course.” Jun leaned back smiling as he kept his hand held out and Rie saw the way the death grip handshake between them seemed to be grow tighter than any of the ones she’d seen them exchange before. A clear challenge between their eyes as they stared each other down waiting for one to crack before the other…what they wanted the other cracking for she knew had a lot to do with what was going down here.

“If that’s it can I go now?” She whispered softly feeling a little alarmed at what she’d been brought into. She wasn’t sure it was safe…but nothing about this mission was. It was the easiest way to access to the documents and she couldn’t complain. It would make her job a lot easier.

Toma twisted his frame to look at her and nod. “We’ll start tonight.” He agreed and Rie suddenly found herself transported to the dance floor…where she knew her fiancée was waiting for her.


“Do you want to do this or not?” Jun questioned raising an eyebrow at the hesitation that they could all clearly sense from her voice. Toma looked even more disappointed in her as his forehead leaned into his palm. He looked so utterly lazy and perfect.

“I mean of course I want to! But it’s just-“

“Well then. No justs, buts, or whatever the hell it is you were about to say. If you’re serious about this. Go through with it. You’re in the business now…and you have to follow the same rules as the other guys even if you’re a woman understood?” He looked so serious, Rie found it hard to believe this was the same Jun who flirtatiously played around with her. He looked like the one who had scared her in the hallway.

“Fine…just give me a minute to go say goodbye.” She stood up and Toma waved his hand off dismissing her.

She ran towards the dance floor and heard Wana call out her name as she ran past her but she knew she couldn’t wait. She had to find Mukai.

And she did. She found him smashed leaning on Christol’s shoulder.

“How’s everything going here?” She asked the tight smile on her face making it insanely apparent how she felt about the current situation in front of her.

Mukai however turned to her and immediately stood up straighter as he brought his arms around her. “I can’t wait to go home tonight Rie.” He whispered softly into her hair and Rie realized he’d been drinking.

Screwdrivers to be exact…potent ones. She moved her head away from his. It was odd how bad alcohol began to smell on the breath of humans. As if at the simple touch of alcohol a poisoning of the soul occurred...people transformed and shifted into something completely different. Changing every cell so completely that their entire composition shifted to accommodate the poison that alcohol shoved into the body of a human being.

She turned to look at the girl who had a sinfully scary smile on her face. Oh god what else had he said to Christol that couldn’t be repaired.

“Uh…I’m sorry Hikaru I can’t tonight I have some work to do.” She looked up at him from under her eyes smelling the alcohol on his breath. Oh god he was drunk. What on earth was she going to do now?

“Are you ready?” A voice called out behind her and she turned to see Toma march up to her already dressed and Christol was on her feet as she bowed to her boss.

Rie sighed. “Yeah I’m just saying goodbye. I have to go now okay baby?” She heard Toma scoff behind her but she couldn’t be bothered to care at his judgmental looks as Mukai looked at her heartbroken. He looked like a lost puppy as he stared back and forth between Toma and herself unable to really grasp the situation in his state.

“You’re leaving me for another man?” He finally said as he stared hard at Toma and it didn’t escape Rie’s eyes how Mukai’s fists tightened at his sides and his froze into anger as he looked at Toma who seemed as if he couldn’t care less. Even if she knew Mukai was capable she felt her heart jump into her throat as she placed her hands onto his shoulders and pushed him back to calm him down, her fingers stroking the sides of his shoulders until his gaze turned towards her and grew softer.

She let her hand drift to his forehead as she brushed aside his bangs and cupped his cheeks within her hands. “Look at me…I would never do that to you.” She pressed a chaste kiss on his forehead and the way Mukai’s eyes shut close made her feel guilty she couldn’t leave with him. “This is strictly professional. We’ll talk later okay Hikaru?” Mukai still looked completely broken down as he nodded weakly and slumped back down on the couch fell onto Christol’s lap for just a moment. At the sight of that Toma’s head whipped around and Christol immediately lifted Mukai’s head off her lap placing him on the other side as he heaved a sigh unable to open his eyes leaning on the arm of the couch.

It made her feel horrible to stare at her fiancé and not be able to take care of him while he felt like this. Mukai had this incredible habit of growing lazy or extremely passionate when he had alcohol. She felt her face heat up as she remembered the last time they’d gotten drunk together.

That was the last time they’d slept together too.

Rie knew there was something strange about both of them but right now she couldn’t be bothered as she glared at Christol. She couldn’t help but have an extreme distaste towards the girl knowing no doubt Mukai would end up relying on her tonight.

She just hoped it wouldn’t be for what he usually relied on her for.

God she really did have no faith in her man.

As Christol saw Rie’s eyes light up with jealousy she smirked and shook her head as she leaned forward towards her fiancé and placed her chest precariously close to Mukai’s arm. “Don’t worry…I’ll take good care of him.” Rie couldn’t help but sense a bite in her words as she smiled and flicked her eyes back and forth between Toma and Rie.

She knew immediately that this had nothing to do with her but rather Toma and it disgusted her that Christol would use someone so easily to anger Toma. Especially because that someone was Mukai. She wanted to pull him away and slap the woman.

“Don’t take too much care of him.” It was Rie who wanted to say this but she was shocked when she heard the words fly out of Toma’s mouth. As usual accompanied by his expressionless face but Christol simply bowed her head and sat down beside Mukai placing his head on her lap this time willingly. Rie gulped weakly as she made a move to leave unable to observe the way Toma’s eyes were glued on the scene the same way hers were.

“That’s your boyfriend huh?” Toma indicated his eyes towards the slumped figures as they made a move to leave and Rie sighed disheartened as well that she wouldn’t be getting to spend the night with him.


“WAIT!” Rie turned around and immediately felt a weight hit her as Mukai jumped on top of her and wrapped his arms around her shoulders, panting heavily. He came up right against her and he pressed his lips sloppily against hers and she swore to god she could hear Toma snicker beside her as she remained frozen still against Mukai’s kiss. Nevertheless the fact he hadn’t forgotten about her as she’d walked away depressed seemed to soothe her soul.

Finally letting go of her there was a foolish but incredibly happy smile on the undercover police officer’s face and he ruffled her hair. “OKAY! NOW THAT YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO REMEMBER ME BYYYY you can go!” He yelled out as Rie felt Toma’s judgmental look from the side. “She can’t cheat on me after that you know? I’M FUCKING AWESOME. IN BED.” He announced loudly and the few people that were around them cheered loudly and he immediately shook his head to them. “BUT NOT FOR YOU GUYS! ONLY FOR MY-RI-“ At this he burst into laughter and turned back to his girlfriend. “What’s your name again? I lose track.”

Fuck. She felt the strange look bearing into her back as Toma stared at her waiting for her to crack but she simply composed herself. Mukai was never going to be allowed to drink again. Rie turned to look at Toma wiping her lips as she attempted to erase any trace of what had just happened. “Let’s just leave please?”

“All right then.” He sounded suspicious as he started ahead of her walking towards the club entrance.

But Rie couldn’t shake the idea that something bad was going to happen tonight. As she turned back to see Mukai leaning his head on Christol’s shoulder and couldn’t help but force her thoughts to calm down. She had to trust him. Drunk or not, Mukai loved her more than she loved him…or so he kept claiming anyways. So she had no reason to be scared right?

“Are you coming?” She hadn’t realized it but the moment Toma’s voice broke through her thoughts she gulped weakly nodding as she saw where she was glued to. Stuck between the doorway as she saw Christol guide Mukai back to the couch and had to control herself as she turned back to face Ikuta nodding and letting her small black pumps guide her to the car that was parked outside that was being held open for her by Koyama. Who only looked strangely perturbed at the sight of her leaving with Toma.

“Be careful.” He muttered softly as she turned up to look at him as he held the umbrella over her head.

“You don’t have faith in me?” She said softly as she saw Toma walk with someone else to the front of the black Mercedes.

“I don’t trust Toma. That’s who I don’t trust.” Koyama bit out angrily as he opened the door for her. “Get in and just promise me you’ll be careful in the main house.”

“I’m not going to the main house.” She muttered out softly as she got in giving him a pitiful look when she saw the relief seeping into his face and couldn’t help but wonder why Koyama was so happy she wasn’t entering the main house.

“Directions.” Toma flipped out as if it was an easy curse on his lips and Rie gulped as she reached for her seat belt and he took a look at her the smile of mockery making itself apparent on his features as they started the drive towards her house.

What a night...and the worst part was that it wasn't over yet.

Author's Chapter End Notes

Yayyy for an update! I want to actually say that I'm not that satisfied with this ending because I feel like I could write more. And I have written more! But it's really long with it so that will come in with the next chapter and I hope you guys enjoy that instead =D when it comes up. Which should be soon considering I HAVE PREVIEWS =D YE YE.

You know you love me.

“Why don’t you not worry about the gun… unless you have a feeling you’re going to be seeing it soon for other reasons.”

“How was last night? Was it everything you would hope it would be?”

“You did good! You’re downing them like a Russian now!”

“Is water for a woman like you Svetlana.”

“Are you scared?”

Yeah kind of lame previews but I promise the chapter? Not lame at all =D

Thank you for all your support guys =D and I hope you enjoyed this chapter and I'll see you in the review boxes! MWAHS~


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