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It was a week later and Rie was out on the floor again barely able to stand having worked two long shifts but she kept the flirty smile on her face and transformed her droopy eyes into bed eyes that made the man in front of her struggle to control himself. “Damn we didn’t get a break today at all huh?” Tsuki who had worked the past three nights with her shot out over the

“I don’t know how you two are still standing up.” A pretty Korean girl named Yeona started and Rie sighed shaking her head.

“Yeah neither do I but at least I’m wearing gladiators instead of heels.” Rie shot back in reply as she flicked her eyes back towards the crowd.

“I heard about that.” The Korean girl shot back smiling widely. “I messed up too on my first day in the room but not as bad as you.”

“No she only ran up to Tegoshi screaming about how cute he was and yelled she wanted to adopt him.” The redhead shot back smiling.

“Lillith still owns the failure match then huh?” Yeona giggled at the other girls as the bar died down.

“You’re lucky Lillith.” Tsuki replied softly as she looked up at the stage where a band was rocking out on their guitars and Rie spotted Wana with Ryo as they danced the night away. Every so often the girl would wink back at her with a thumbs up. Wana had finished early tonight…probably because Ryo had told her he was coming back tonight to meet her. It hadn't escaped Rie's notice though that Jin hadn't come back to the club since the first night she met him. She had yet to ask her best friend here who he was.

Shige was a bit more drunk tonight and Koyama had had to toss the guy out of the club… but not before he accidentally kissed Tsuki’s cheek as she was working beside Rie. Koyama had gotten the biggest kick out of it as he’d smacked the drunken fool around shouting Massu was going to shoot this guy down if he tried anything like that again.

“Why am I lucky?” Rie questioned back straining a drink for one of the few customers left before she turned back to the fiery faced girl.

“Because! I’ve never seen someone able to stay here after being explicitly told to leave…plus you got to humiliate Toma which is always a good thing.” Tsuki nodded happily as she wiped the glasses and laid them out starting to clear up the bar as the good times started to fade in the crowd and Rie could hear the distant sound of the DJ yelling.

“She’s just upset don’t mind her.” Yeona shot back laughing as she took a shot herself before giving the tray to her customers. “You don’t mind right babe?” She breathed softly against the customer’s ear. He looked like he was going to die of happiness.

“Of course not! YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL!” Yeona let out an airy laugh and shook her head.

“How’s this? You go have them all…dance the hell out of your sexy little body and come back and get some more and we’ll do a lovers shot okay?” She winked at him and the man looked like he was about jizz his pants as he nodded eagerly downing them all ready to take his shot with Yeona.

If he had that many shots there was no freaking way this guy was making it back here, Rie realized as Yeona turned and snickered evilly beside her. “You’re not actually gonna do a lover’s shot with him right?” Rie shot back smiling as she wiped one of the glasses clean and Yeona turned to look at her appalled as the man ran off drinking like crazy.

“OF COURSE NOT! Tego would kill me! You’re single and cute if the guy makes it back here well- there you go. You go have a lovers shot with him.” Yeona rolled her eyes walking the length of the bar with a ferocity that would be expected of an aspiring model.

“I would have a problem with that.” A man shot over the bar and Rie turned to look at the offender. “Yo.” He smiled up at her from under his huge hat and the necklace he was wearing was hanging off his shirt and Rie gulped as she took in the way he was inclining his head towards her.

“Lillith stop drooling. You look like you’re going to eat the boy alive.” Tsuki slapped her arm and held out her hand to the guy. “Tsuki Matsushita. I’m so sorry about my friend’s behavior here. She’s obviously gone without for a while.” Tsuki teased ruffling the girl’s hair as Lillith continued looking doe-eyed towards the man, a foolish smile arising on her face.

“That’s my fault. Don’t worry…she looks like that often around me. Hikaru. Hongo Hikaru.” He held out his hand to Yeona as well but all Rie could do was throw the dish rag onto the bar and run out and jump right onto the man in front of her while trying to take in the fact that he was here in front of her. When she ended up in his arms she felt the way he magnetically pulled himself into her hair and even though she looked freaking weak doing it she took in the scent of him. He was clean and fresh and he smelt like the most wonderfully minty soap. God she missed him.

“Is this okay?” She muttered softly closing her eyes in his embrace.

“The boss approved me coming off work to see you.” He smiled and pecked her on the lips and Rie heard Yeona scream out behind her.

“Is that your boyfriend?!” Rie turned away from Mukai’s face to look at her and nod enthusiastically to her new friends.

“Yup. Guys do you mind covering for me for a while? Is it okay?” The identical looks on their faces assured her it was okay as they ran towards opposite ends of the bar and started their own little show for the few remaining members at the bar.

Rie didn’t wait. She ran out towards the dance floor and without taking no for an answer leaped onto her fiancé. She had her own little show planned for him. “What are you doing here?!”

“Well…the boss just wanted to give you a little reminder to get a move on, it’s been a week with basically nothing Rie. And he kind of told us to get it out of our system.”

“Get what out of our system?” She raised an eyebrow and Mukai sighed weakly.

“He found out we met and was- well a little more than upset about it. So I can come home with you tonight but that’s it. He’s had this little co-op intern Inoo Kei following me around to make sure I don’t do anything foolish like contacting you.”

Rie felt her mouth stretch into the largest grin she’d ever felt on her face as she hugged him tighter. “I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW.” She yelled out and he grabbed her around the hips and nodded.

“Let’s just dance for now okay? So it doesn’t look too sketchy once we leave right after I showed up.” Mukai emphasized and Rie nodded as she flipped her back to him and his arms came around her holding her close towards his back.

“Have we ever gone to a club together?” Rie asked idly into his ear and he shook his head.

“You’re too nerdy. I could only take you to libraries, and amusement parks. No sexy clubs for you.” He shot back and at the look of indignation on her face he couldn’t hold himself back from laughing.

“Are you kidding me?! I am not too nerdy. I’ll have you know I’m one of the most desirable bartenders behind that counter.” She dropped her look of indignation from her face for one with that was filled with slightly more charisma and smolder. “I can prove it to you, you know.” She let one of her fingers fall onto his collarbone and trace down slowly as Mukai’s eyes widened and he laughed pulling her hand up to be within his.

“I don’t doubt it. Where’s your boss anyways? The bitchy one?” Rie rolled her eyes. Christol had spent all night on the other side of the room beside the Korean bartenders. Rie pointed her out as the brunette who was leaning into the half-naked Lee Joon. “She’s pretty hot!”

Mukai was being ridiculous. Here was his fiancée practically throwing herself at him and he was looking at Christol and exclaiming she was hot.

“EH!” She yelled out shocked as she turned away from him stopping the movement of her hips against his. “Are you serious?”

“You’re hotter for me chill out. But the girl does have the whole- look at me I’m so openly sexy thing going for her.” At a pointed look from Rie Mukai’s eyes immediately widened as he shook his head. “If you’re into that sort of thing which I’m-“

“Totally not right?” She answered back for him and they laughed as she leaned back into him and felt him bump into one of the many pillars that were set out around the club and she wriggled into him and felt his chest firm up against her back so that almost every part of them was touching close together. She flipped herself around and pressed her lips to his delicately so that it wasn’t quite a chaste kiss but she wasn’t shoving her tongue down his throat or anything either. “Just so you know...I can be openly sexy too.”

“My, my Rie what have you been up to here?”

She felt a smirk touch her lips as he blew into her ear and Toy Friend by David Guetta came on. “I’ve learned a lot Osamu.” She let her elbows rest on his shoulders and felt his forehead rest upon hers and his every breath fall directly upon her lips. He shifted her so that one of his legs lay between hers and one of hers lay directly between his.

“Care to demonstrate?” His voice was low and she didn’t need to be told twice as she lapped up his lips within her own and felt his tongue enter her mouth and she pulled on it with her own digging her nails into his hair and felt him moan into her mouth as his hands worked their way into the pockets on the back of her shorts and she giggled as she felt his hands rub her butt.

“Did you just laugh at me?” He shot back embarrassed and she wanted to laugh harder at that blush that rose on his cheeks even through this darkness and she shook her head.

“No no! It’s just ticklish.” She assured him trying to kiss him again and he shook his head.

“No no! You don’t get this sexy beast trying to get with you again you crazy giggl-y girl.” He teased indicating towards his decked out sexy body and they would have gone on in their little banter but Rie found herself faced with Christol.

“You’re wanted inside.” The girl looked clearly at her and then smiled at Osamu in a way that left Rie a little scared. “Don’t worry I’ll take good care of your guest.” Rie glared at her and shook her head.

“That’s okay. He doesn’t need any taking care of.” Mukai’s jaw hang loosely off its hinge and Rie swore she was going to slap him if he didn’t stop looking at Christol the way he was.

Christol shot out snarkily. “That’s not what it looked like. Get inside Lillith.” She turned to look at Mukai and he raised an eyebrow.

“Seriously Rie?”

She leaned into his ear to whisper softly. “It’s not that I don’t trust you. It’s that I don’t trust the old you with her. She’s exactly the type you used to go for. She’s not exactly perfect herself you know. She’s a total slut from what I can tell!”

But Mukai looked mad at her from the way he moved off her quickly and looked kindly onto Christol as if Rie was the one who had something wrong with her. “Way to have faith in me Rie seriously.” He shot out turning towards Christol. “Can you direct me to the lounges please? I’ll wait for my girlfriend there.”

Rie didn’t know why but the fact that he didn’t refer to her as his fiancée hurt her as she stalked off angrily towards the bar.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Tsuki shot out as she collided straight in front of her with her face flushed in anger as she leaned over the bar towards her friend.

“Absolutely nothing. Does Christol ever attempt to go for your boyfriends?” Fiancée ? Fiancée! Why hadn’t he used that term? He used it free enough at work. So what was the difference here?

“No…but yours is cute I’d go after him myself if I wasn’t totally involved.” Tsuki admitted freely as she shook the drinks and set out a tray in front of her. “Good to go?”

“Good to go. Is Yeona coming in with me?”

“Yeona went ahead. You’re gonna meet her inside with the drinks.” Tsuki said softly as Daisy came out of the break room and didn’t bother throwing them another look as she stalked to the other side angrily downing a shot of her own. “It’s nice to see you too Daisy.”

Daisy waved her hand back as if she didn’t care as Rie grabbed the tray from Tsuki’s hands and paused to smile at Koyama as he held the curtain open for her.

She saw the door open for her and rushed inside with the drinks on her shoulder.

“Don’t run or you’ll drop them on me!” Jun yelled at her as she set the drinks down in front of them all.

“Gomen nasaii.” She smiled as she laid out the Tequila Sunrise for his partner beside him who looked clearly displeased. “Is everything okay Sakurai-san?”

He turned to look at her for what might have been the first time and shook his head. “Not at all…but you don’t worry your little head about that okay?”

“If she hates you she hates you. What has she been doing here, sleeping with you for?! Relax Sho. When it comes to women it’s easy to bring them into our grasp.” Jun was mindful of his advice but Sho looked like he was about to rip, what Rie assumed, his best friend’s brains out.

“Shut your fucking mouth Jun. You don’t know what you’re talking about.” Sho spat out as he dug his hands into his hair and the look of aggravation grew more extensive as Rie analyzed the way his knuckles flashed white. He had a death grip on his forehead and Rie couldn’t help but think it wasn’t helping his headache any.

“You shut yours.” Jun stuck his tongue out childishly and flipped his cellphone open. “Oi…drink girl. Number please.” His eyes were demanding as he stared at her ready to note down her number.

“Why?” Rie asked her eyes drifting to Toma who was ignoring them as usual. She wasn’t sure why…but she felt like she needed his permission. Where were Tegoshi and Yeona anyways? She was supposed to meet the two in here but once again she was stuck serving these guys alone.

Jun smiled up at her. “As much as I’d like to say it’s because of the fact there’s some burning passion between us I’m sorry this is strictly business. You speak Spanish right?” At his words Toma’s head shot up and looked straight at Jun.

“Absolutely not.” Toma shot out now incredibly aware of what was happening around him. He gave Rie a death look when she turned to him in shock.

“If you guys would like me to translate I could do that for you.” Try not to sound too eager or you’ll give yourself away she tried to calm her body. A week without any progress was shameful of her.

Easy access to documents and dates was all she could think of in her head as she looked directly at Toma attempting to convince him.

“No. She’s a bartender. She’s not even Christol. Leave her out of this.” He assured Jun who simply turned to look at him in shock.

“Why the hell not? She speaks SPANISH Toma. The very language that’s been cock blocking our every step right now.”

“She’s new she can’t be trusted.” Toma finished quickly and honestly as his eyes flicked back up to her as she stared at him even more confused.

“EXCUSE ME? If I can’t be trusted why the hell do you keep making me come in here to freaking serve you anyways? I was having a great time outside.” Rie shot back now thoroughly pissed off. True, she couldn’t be trusted but not because she was new. It had far more to do with the fact she was an undercover agent.

“You heard me. I wouldn’t trust you with my life AND you coming in here all the time has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that Jun likes the way your breasts look in that shirt.” Toma shot back at her standing up and running to the door. “Leave please.”

Rie turned to look at Jun who was suddenly blushing furiously red. “It’s true but you don’t need to look at me like that.” Jun explained rolling his eyes and looking away from her. “I’m a guy. I like the way a lot of people’s boobs look.”

Rie sighed. “Well at least don’t you want your gin and-“

“We can serve ourselves. Out.” Toma nodded and pushed her out the door without so much as another word as she heard Jun and him arguing from within the room.


“Can you please keep your penis out of this?”


“It looks like it’s a little about your penis.” Sho agreed from within the room and Jun sounded aggravated as he yelled back and she stood with her ear pressed to the wall.

“Listen, all I know is this is coming too fast. Oliver’s dead. We have a ready translator who can help you Toma. I swear to god if you don’t listen to me I’ll get our boss to order it from you. You know he doesn’t like meddling with your operations but he will if I tell him how you’re jeopardizing it based on some fucking LANGUAGE barrier.”

“We can hire some outside translator.”

“And risk MORE knowledge than necessary spreading? Please just take the bitch and be done with it.” While Rie didn’t like being referred to as a bitch she couldn’t argue with Jun’s logic. So she shut her mouth as she listened closely Mukai all but removed from her brain.

The silence was long and she could only pray that they had listened to Jun.

She saw the door open and the light filter in and saw Toma standing before her tall, exerting his power over her as he pulled her wrist and dragged her into the room and shut the door. “You’re too fucking stupid for your own good.” He muttered softly as he threw her onto the couch.

She stared around at the three of them gulping.

She'd made it into the room.

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