“Lillith! Hurry up!” Sam yelled out over them the rest of the girls and Lillith nodded rushing to join her as Sam held the tray within her hands. When Lillith reached over to grab some of it Sam shook her head.

“No freaking way I’m letting you touch this.” She shot back and for a second she felt hurt until she nodded with a look of nonchalance on her face.

“Fine.” She waved at Koyama as they walked through the curtains and she didn’t bother holding it open for Sam.

Someone should have probably told her that standing up for your self didn’t mean be a bitch to everyone but she simply bowed again as the guard from yesterday let her into the room.

The atmosphere in the room was tense but the moment the girls entered the room the tension seemed to dissipate.

“Ah! Toma look! Our beloved Clumserlla is here!” The younger boy from yesterday shot out. “Toma didn’t you let her go? Why is she back?”

“Some people don’t know how to listen Massu. She’s kind of like the gum on the bottom of your shoe. Don't know how to get it the fuck out.” Toma shot out as she turned to look at him with a tight smile on her face trying not to sock the shit out of the blasé expression he had on. He wouldn’t even meet her eyes as he insulted her. Rather he looked at Sam who had come in panting. “Sam.” He nodded as the girl stood straight glaring at Lillith.

“Ikuta-sama.” She set the tray down on the table in front of them taking a deep breath and straightening herself out before she bowed to everyone. “Matsumoto-sama. Sakurai-sama. Akanishi-kun. Tegoshi-kun…Junno-“ Her eyebrows narrowed as she took in an empty seat and she looked in confusion towards Toma again who gulped flicking his hand outwards.

“He’s in the back room. Which is why we requested you to come in. He’s hurt.” Sam’s face seemed to drain of the blood in it as she bowed quickly and dashed out leaving Lillith alone in the room of men.

Who was hurt? What back room?

“The Black Russian is mine!” Massu the young looking one called out as he pointed at the drink and Lillith nodded bending down to pick it up and held it out to him.

“I’ll have the Tequila Sunrise.” The man now looked incredibly recognizable to Rie. Today however Sho had a look on his face that wasn’t like last night. Last night he’d looked exuberant and happy, perhaps it had been the effect of Daisy. Today it was as if someone had come and sucked the life out of him.

“You’re such a fucking chick Sho.” The wavy haired man beside Daisy’s savior called out as Lillith handed it to Sho and he inclined his head thankfully. “I’m assuming you’re new so I’ll just let you know.” The wavy haired boy called out raking his eyes up and down her. “We don’t like telling you guys which one is ours generally you’re just supposed to know. Got it?”

Lillith nodded her head professionally. “Got it-“

“Matsumoto Jun-SAMA. Don’t forget that ending. It’s very important. If you do forget it, it’ll be your unhappy ending. Got it sugar cheeks?” He waved her off and she let out a small scoff.

“Of course Matsumoto Jun-sama, what would you like sugar cheeks-chan to serve you?” She was mocking his nickname for her and by that he seemed pleasantly surprised as he turned to face her full on.

“You. Come back later. I don’t drink.” If she had been drinking something she would have spat it out of her mouth as Massu burst into laughter at the look on her face. “Don’t look so shocked! It’s a joke girl. Relax.” Lillith nodded weakly and felt herself automatically look to Toma who was caught up in conversation with the last man in the room, who at the sight of her directed gaze pointed to the beer. She nodded and put the beer down when her mind came to the sudden realization.

The gin and tonic wasn’t here. It wasn’t on the tray.

She gulped weakly…why wasn’t it on the tray? Why was it every single time she found some way to fuck up Ikuta’s order?

“Go get it and come back.” Toma sighed weakly and she didn’t need much more of a signal as she ran outside the door barely pausing when she heard it.

The sounds of a woman crying…and she was sure that it was Sam. She froze knowing that while she should have just gone and gotten Toma’s drink this probably had something to do with the shipment.

She walked towards the sound precariously until she finally reached the source of the sound and saw the blond hunched over a boy who was bleeding from his arm.

“Sam. Sam stop it. You know I hate seeing you cry.” He spoke softly and Sam’s head shot up as she glared at him and looked as if she was two steps away from smacking him herself.

“Then why don’t you stop doing things that make me cry jackass?” She cursed and hunched back over him as he sat up from underneath her slowly and Rie recognized him from yesterday. He had been the normal nice looking boy who had looked like he wanted to laugh yesterday when she’d spilled everything on Toma.

He wasn’t laughing now…he had a smile on his face and his body shuddered with his every breath but that wasn’t from laughter. That was from the freezing pain Mukai had described to her was the sensation you got from getting shot.

“I’m lucky I’m not dead Sam…god. Telling Takuya about Oliver is going to be a bitch. We don’t have anyone else who’s fluent in Spanish anymore.” He brought his better arm around Sam and enveloped her in a one sided hug. “Let’s not talk about this okay?” He took a deep breath into her hair and she relaxed in his arms as the sobs let themselves freer a little more with every breath they took together.

“You’re quitting. I don’t want you there anymore.” She whimpered softly between her tears and Rie couldn’t stop her hand from touching her mouth as she stopped herself from crying for Sam as she imagined Mukai in this man’s position. She remembered hugging him, the feeling of him so distinctly still around her that she could not imagine the way she would feel if she knew that her husband was going into sure death every day.

Mukai was protected, Mukai was strong, Mukai was righteous and just like her…Mukai was safe.

“It’s not like I want you out there.” He shot back and at that the girl with a million and one opinions shut up as she grew ashamed for a second of the occupations that had brought them together but would now shame them apart. “We can’t change now. It’s too late…but I’ll make sure I will never let myself get hurt again okay?”

“Not good enough.” She pushed him away and sat on the side of the bed pulling her feet up to her sides as he shifted weakly towards her. He rested his head on her shoulder and as Rie saw Sam turn towards him and within moments they were leaning on top of each other as Sam cried into their kiss and held onto him tighter.

Rie turned away the moment she felt a hand touch her shoulder.

“Quite the little voyeur aren’t you sugar cheeks? If you wanted someone to take part in it with all you had to do was ask.”

She yelped as Jun pulled her away from the room quick as lightning and felt herself thrown against a wall so quickly that her wrist cracked the slightest from the impact. His words may have been filled to the brim with innuendo but the look on his face showed that he was interested in anything but sex right now. For that reason Rie felt safe as he bit out in a low breath.“Toma said Gin and Tonic. Hurry it up will you? He doesn’t work unless he’s inebriated.”

“Did Oliver die?” She couldn’t help but ask as she thought of the words she’d heard pour out in confession from Junno’s mouth in the room and Jun threw her a look filled with contempt.

“Gin and tonic sugar cheeks. It doesn’t concern you.” He started walking away and Rie didn’t know why but she felt it in her gut. That intense pull to understand that your only chance was walking away from you unless you didn’t do something about it yourself and Rie was not going to lose this opportunity.

“I speak Spanish!” She rang out, this was it. She could help. She could get in, find out, and get gone. She saw Jun’s eyes darken as he grabbed her rougher this time. He threw her outside the curtains that blocked the hallway without a care for how she banged out against a Koyama who yelped at the impact of a woman being thrown at him.

“We don’t fucking care! Now get a gin and tonic or I promise to god you will be out on your ass, follow your fucking orders.” He was angry as he stormed away from her and Rie heard the faint sound of the door banging as she felt a ball form in her throat as Koyama continued to ask her if she was feeling okay and she nodded weakly.

Rie rubbed her wrist faintly as she felt Christol come up behind her and place an arm around her shoulder and guide her towards the bar. “Take over Sam’s shift for now will you? She doesn’t end till 5.” Rie nodded.
Whatever she could do to help the girl she would. She’d seen the way she looked so utterly broken down. “Daisy! Go get Toma’s Gin and Tonic! Lillith can’t go inside again. She was a little foolish.” Christol sighed half-heartedly as she looked back at Daisy who suddenly looked stricken at the idea of entering the room still the girl whipped her arms upwards and tossed the drink in the air shaking it until it landed directly in her arms.

At the sight of that Wana screamed out from the back of the bar. “Shake it sistah!”

Daisy laughed as she placed the drink on a tray and walked past them giving Koyama a flirty look which he reciprocated laughing as Rie took her place at the bar beside Wana again.

“Toma requested you today you know.” Wana had the smallest hint of a smile as she poured another drink into the glass and smiled secretively at another customer before she turned to look at Rie.

“I didn’t know Toma requests the girls. Christol doesn’t assign them?” Rie asked in shock as she grew increasingly bewildered by the way this man functioned. Didn’t do work unless he was drunk, tried to convince her that this place wasn’t for the type of girl he thought she was, made her come into his office twice even if he disapproved of her and didn’t even bring his girlfriend inside…or girlfriends. She wasn’t quite sure what kind of relationship he had with Wana and Christol.

“No…and only the best-looking go inside. I’ve never been in there because-“ Wana stopped speaking as she looked back down and poured another drink. “Well…I’m Toma’s half-sister and he doesn’t want me in there. He doesn’t want me knowing what he does. He doesn’t need to hide it from me. I accept him for it…but he doesn’t want me to anyways.”

Rie’s eyes widened as she turned to look at Wana in shock. “Wait… so you’re not Toma’s girlfriend?”

Wana's face turn into one of disgust as she let out a loud sound promising she wasn't. “Heavens no. I wouldn’t want to date that with a ten foot pole. My brother's not exactly the type of guy you want to be in love with.”

Ikuta Toma…good brother or bad? She couldn’t make up her mind. “Do you two live together?”

“No he lives in the main house with the Matsumoto family. That’s if he’s ever home.” Wana wiped her hands as she grabbed another pair of glasses and stuck them into the dishwasher in the back. “Anyways. My shift is over. I just don’t remember him letting any new girl in that easily. Once maybe to test her out but twice in a row…I’ve never seen him do that. He must be fond of you even if he’s trying to convince the world of otherwise.” She looked cheekily at her friend waggling her eyebrows suggestively as Rie laughed shaking her head. "I'm only joking don't worry." She whacked her friend lightly on the shoulder with the rag in her hands.

“I’m sure it means nothing.” Rie assured her as she started to assure herself silently in her head as she grew nervous. It wasn’t so much the fact that Toma would even have that sort of possibility in his head. But rather the idea he could have spotted her as a mole already.

Wana scoffed. “Don’t be so sure of anything around my brother.” She leaned back against the back light display her heels lengthening her legs to extreme lengths as the men on the other side looked on appreciatively as they had their drinks and watched the two girls converse. “Toma’s waiting for me to get a normal life so I can escape his. Truth be told he’s probably tired of me.” Wana looked away from Rie for a quick second but Rie was sure she caught the slightest bit of pain in her eyes. “But no one else was hiring and “ well he had no other option. It was this or I get placed in the back. He didn’t want me anywhere near the male bartenders and I can’t leave yet…not until I finally get what I’ve been waiting for.” Rie looked across the room where the gaggling group of females surrounded the fist pumping manly Korean men across the room.

“JaeJoong and Seung Hyun are kind of my exes.” Wana joked transforming h features into one of her cute adorable faces as she waved at them and they nodded back to her. The male bartenders were also shirtless. “I have a thing for Korean boys,” She sighed weakly. “Anyways…you’re taking over Sam’s shift?”

“Yeah. For now…”

“Come out when you’re done okay? When you were gone those two boys came back looking for us. I might as well go have fun neh? Those Korean boys break my heart too easily.” Wana performed dramatically leaning backwards with a pained look on her face as she ran out behind the bar and Rie wasn’t sure.

But she almost thought she’d made a friend.

Too bad it was Ikuta Toma’s little sister. She sighed weakly as she saw Wana jump onto Ryo with a kiss on his cheek and Rie couldn’t help but sigh a little.

They probably couldn’t have been anymore different but for some reason she knew that she was going to like this girl far more than she should have. She saw Wana glide her hands around Ryo’s shoulders and then-

But a man blocked her vision and she recognized it as the guy who had been pouring over documents with Toma. “Can I have another beer?” He seemed to be talking to her but his eyes were directed at the same sight she was taking a look at.

Wana pulling Nishikido Ryo into a corner of the nightclub, Rie raised her eyebrows but stayed silent as she snapped her fingers in front of his eyes.
“And you would be?”

“Akanishi Jin.” He turned back to her smiling widely as if he was happy at what he’d just seen across the room as he brought his hands to his eyes.
Rie shook her head as she attempted to distance herself from the man in front of her. This story was not one that needed meddling with…especially not the meddling of an undercover cop.


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