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Happy Anniversary My Flowers =D
She’d stayed like that with Mukai for thirty minutes before having to rush out again and run towards Tryst. When she’d walked in Christol took one look at her and said “Acceptable.” before Rie could nod and run off into the lockers where all the other girls already were. She found herself pleasantly surprised when a girl who hadn’t been there last night raised her eyebrows at her.

“You’re back new girl? Yeona told me that Toma fired you yesterday.” The girl who addressed her was an exotic hybrid of everything. The way she looked at you was as if she commanded your attention and so Rie felt as if there was no other way but to look back at her and respond to her claim with a shrug. The girl had rolled Ikuta’s name over her mouth was as if it was extremely important to her with a possessive streak that was definitely apparent.

Well it would make sense he was laying one of the girls around… and it would also make sense why she’d gotten called in if this girl hadn’t been working last night.

Bingo. Rie couldn’t help but think as she stared at the girl who challenged her with her words. She tossed her hair back and faced her full on. “I don’t see him around. Are you going to go run and tell him?” Meeting Mukai, remembering the way she had allowed herself to get stepped over yesterday had made her blood boil in retaliation of whatever culture was on here. She was going to stand up today. She was going to be strong and show them that even if she wasn’t a cop here that didn’t mean she had to be a pushover, especially not to Toma’s little woman. If she couldn’t take her, she definitely wouldn’t be able to take that bastard on later.

Needless to say yesterday had ruined any image of him in her head. Not that she’d even had one but she hadn’t pegged him for the type he was in her mind right now. A horny insensitive genius smuggler.

The female across her simply looked as if she wanted to burst out laughing at the clear look of challenge in Rie’s eyes. “Hey man…it’s your prerogative. I was just asking. Not the kind of guy you want to piss off that’s all.” She clipped her name tag onto her shirt and Rie saw that her bra was red and silky and her shirt had an equally silky texture. “I’m Wana.” She held her hand out and Rie remembered her manners putting her own hand out.

“Lillith.” She let out a small smile as she banged her locker shut and straightened her shorts out.

Wana looked different from the other girls. “You grew some balls between yesterday and today didn’t you?” Wana’s smile was so genuine, Lillith hard to believe for a second that a girl like her existed here in the walls of Tryst.

“Just chopped some off some guy on the way here.” She joked and the way Wana’s face fell, Rie got scared that she had said another of her strange jokes. Just as quickly as Wana understood the joke though the smile was back on her face as she placed a manicured hand over her mouth to cover her girlish snickers.

“Girls! Chop! LET’S GO!” Christol yelled barging into the room to see the two being friendly and shaking her head. Lillith leaned back against the wall mimicking Wana’s move of shoving her cellphone into the underside of her bra and walking out with Wana directly behind her as Christol stared on disapprovingly.

“Don’t spill anything today or you’ll really be out on your arse.” Christol bit out and Lillith simply inclined her head forward. She’d learned showing any sort of work-ethic in Tryst meant you cared, and showing you cared meant it was easier for someone to walk right over you. Christol pushed past her not bothering to hear her response as Lillith grumbled under her breath and leaned close to Wana.

“Maybe if Daisy ever lifted anything with me that wouldn’t have happened.” Lillith couldn’t help but drop softly as she saw Daisy walking towards the change room late. Christol didn’t even throw Daisy a second glance and she couldn’t help the thought that it wasn’t fair. Why was it that Daisy got special treatment anyways?

“Oh…don’t get on Daisy’s bad side.” Wana shot out seriously. “Sho’ll really make sure you’re out on your arse…and he spends more time caring about her than he does doing his job.” She shot out bitterly as she stalked towards the bar, where no doubt in mere hours girls would be atop it serving drinks.

“Sho?” Rie questioned back as she ran a hand through her hair tousling it over one side of her head. Wana nodded her head approvingly.

“One sided toss, I like that…has a very bed head appeal.” She shuffled on her feet as she answered Rie’s question. “Didn’t you see him yesterday? You must have! I’m sure he was working last night.” Wana furrowed her eyebrows as she bent down on the ground to pick up a shard of glass and toss it in the garbage.

Sho…sho…“Was he the one who came up behind Daisy and hugged her?” Rie inquired again as Wana smiled and nodded.

“Probably. Their entire relationship is shrouded in mystery…not that I even care enough to unravel it.” Wana scoffed and took one look at Christol who was glowering.

“Am I interrupting some absolutely fucking lovely conversation that I’m sure you two will remember when you’re old and ugly?”

“You mean when we're yo--” Rie started opening her mouth but Wana whacked her side as she bowed in front of Christol who simply continued glaring at Rie.

“Sorry Christol! We’ll get prepping! Come on Lilypad.” She grabbed Lillith’s hand who turned to look at her with widened eyes and a foolish sort of smile on her face.


Wana looked stricken. “You don’t like it?”

“No No!” She assured the sad looking girl as she followed her to behind the bar. “I do!”

Wana smiled widely. “Good then today I’m going to teach you how to shake your assets to get more tips!”

Now Rie could have easily said no thanks but with the way Wana was looking at her she felt almost like it was unavoidable. So she set a tight grin on her face and reveled in the fact that she had made the energetic girl happy as she got to learning how to shimmy and serve at the same time.

Toma’s girlfriend wasn’t that bad…now how such a nice girl had fallen for such an asshole Rie would never understand.

The men were cheering around her as the clock struck midnight and Christol was watching from afar with a proud smile on her face. Wana and Rie simultaneously jumped onto the bar laughing and squealing girlishly as they poured an orange liquid from each of their strainers into a two glasses that rested with blue frosted sugar on the pedestal in front of their customers. The moment the last drops landed into the large crystalline structures they turned to look to the customer and his friends with identically seductive eyes.

The moment their customers started screaming in happiness Rie realized she REALLY didn’t feel like herself. She felt as if these girls around her had taken her in and transformed her today. She wasn’t sure why but she felt far more accepted today than she had yesterday. The redhead from last night she’d found out was Tsuki who was married to one of the lower henchmen in the little gang that operated the drug division for the clan. The Korean girl who wasn’t here tonight had texted her an aja aja text to keep her going and at one point Daisy had come up behind her and complimented her choice of bra. Only Sam hadn't really done anything and that was because she looked as if any moment she was about to puke.

Christol hadn’t jumped down her throat since the start of the night…which she supposed was enough showing off support for that girl anyways.

It was probably because all of them had heard how bad she had fucked up last night and figured she didn’t resemble any competition at all. Which was better for her anyways…she wasn’t here to work. Not as a bartender anyways. Nothing behind these women's movements could be out of the goodness of the heart. They may have changed but Rie hadn’t forgotten Daisy’s words from last night. She was no fool to fall for them again.

“You girls are the best bartenders we’ve seen this week!” One of the guys shot out and Wana pouted as she leaned forward over the ledge to stare at him right up in his face her silky bra conveniently offering him the best view he must have gotten all night. The girl may have been the sweetest thing possible but she positively oozed sex appeal when it came to milking her customers.

In fact if Mukai ever met her, Rie would want to go crawl in a hole because of her utter lack of appeal in comparison to this girl. Wana had totally transformed once the guys had started pouring into their side of the bar. Rie laughed at the parched look on the man’s face getting off the small marble standing that she had her knees on and massaged them lightly.

“Only this week?” Wana left soft wisps of words from her pink glossed lips onto his ears and the man in front of her shook his head gulping weakly.

“Our lives.” He corrected and Wana’s cute smile immediately got him throwing tips in their direction as the other men followed and one threw Rie a smile as if he expected her to follow some similar procedure like Wana.

She didn’t really do much other than drop his drink in front of him and caress the side of his face.

Which proved to be enough, thankfully as she felt a wad of cash being stuck in her hand. “Arigato gozaimashta!” She grinned looking up at him. She should look into doing this part-time once she was done with this mission.

Seriously the money was ridiculous.

“No no. Don’t say that until you’ve come out there to dance with me.” The boy retaliated and she let out a laugh. Ah that price for a good tip Mukai wouldn't be comfortable with.

“I’m working! You want me to get fired?!” She shook her head a serious look on her face.

“Both of you come! When you’re done your shifts!” The other boy who had liked Wana pushed and so the girl acquiesced to his wishes and politely nodded answering back so she left the guy in front of her hooting so loud an owl might have been jealous.

“If we’re off early we’ll definitely come.” Then the man who was interested in Rie leaned over the bar and clutched her hand as Rie heard Christol’s tell-tale screaming that the men had walked in.

“I really want you out there.” He told her and she looked back at him and somehow found herself unable to find him attractive. While she was sure half the girls in the club would have jumped to dance with this guy she couldn’t bring herself to even want to. In fact she almost welcomed Christol’s jab in her back when she wasn’t paying attention and pulled her hand away as she found her eyes looking towards the door.

The group with Ikuta this time had a completely different aura. They walked with more direction and less fool-hardiness. None of them paused to look at any of the bartenders each of them walking directly behind each other past the curtain that Koyama held open for them. They had grim looks on their faces and she swore she saw one yell at Toma and push at him.
Sho, Daisy’s boy was present, Toma himself…however Oliver was nowhere to be seen. Which Rie was happy about…but if there was one thing she had learned from last night was that Oliver was not not here for her comfort.

While she was making all of these assumptions she found herself caught off guard when she felt a press of lips against her cheek and she turned to look at the man in shock.

“Sorry…I couldn’t help myself.” Her customer bowed low. “You can slap me later if you’d like.”

“No no it’s okay.” She shook her head smiling unaware of a pair of eyes that had befallen on the pair. “If I’m out early I’ll definitely come see you. What’s your name?”

“Kato Shigeaki.”

“And I’m Nishikido Ryo.” The other boy yelled out seemingly jealous that Shige had gotten to kiss his bartender and he hadn’t.

"Will you two stop macking on your chicks now?!” Another boy from their group called out and Shige and Ryo smiled drunkenly as they were pulled away by their friends.

“Cute right?!” Wana yelled out over the music and Rie nodded as she saw Christol’s eyes fall on her.

“LILLITH! You’ve been requested to bring the tray inside with Sam!”

Christol’s eyes seemed to narrow as she stared at her. “I swear to god another fuck up like yesterday and you’re out on your ass. Understood?” Rie couldn’t stop her jaw from falling to the ground as she turned to look at Wana who had an identical shocked look on her face.


“But what? Get the fuck ready and don’t mess up that’s it. Two instructions! Go follow them! Don't question them!” Christol yelled out.

“I won’t mess up Christol.” She replied back with determination present on her face and Wana gave her an encouraging smile that seemed delighted at the idea that she was going inside.

“Yeah. Okay we’ll see about that.” Christol scoffed and walked off while Lillith’s jaw dropped.

“What a-“

The moment Wana realized that Lillith was about to shit talk Christol she placed a hand over her new naïve friend’s mouth. “Don’t do it here. Christol’s situation here is a little complicated…Christol’s situation with Tom-.” Wana shot back her eyes wide as she let go of Lillith’s mouth once she was sure that the information had sank into her brain long enough.

Knowing now that Christol had a past with Wana’s boyfriend made Lillith’s blood boil in retaliation for her new friend, it was true that no one looked out for anyone here. It was obvious a girl like Wana would get walked over too if she wasn’t with Toma.

“With Toma? Are you telling me they have history?” When Wana looked like she wasn’t going to respond Lillith sighed weakly and continued her attack on Christol. “Not everyone is amazing Wana! You need to be able to see that here you know that right? Tryst isn’t your normal club.” She cursed stomping her foot childishly onto the floor staring at her friend who seemed to grow a little exhausted with her rampage for justice.

Wana finally turned back to her after smiling suggestively at another boy in front of her who seemed to melt a little bit into their bar. This time when she looked at Lillith her voice had a completely different tone to it. “Lillith didn’t anyone ever teach you that line?”

“What line?” She shot back a little angry with Wana for always trying to make everyone look more saintly than they were here. Especially when Rie was only trying to help her new friend out.

“That you should never judge a book by its cover.” The girl looked wise as she poured out another drink for a gentleman and tossed his glass onto the table wiping her hands loosely on the towel hanging off her belt. "And you don't want to judge an Ikuta without getting to know them first."

The prophecy hung silently between them as Rie was forced to agree with her for now.

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To celebrate my anniversary all by lonesome without you guys I'll go to Tryst and take some pictures on Sunday Night =D and show you the kind of place I'm talking about. It's totally not for myself lies



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