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This chapter does have a little bit of rated stuff....

but if you're reading an M storyline I assume you guys are okay with this stuff and mature enough to understand and deal with it.

She stood outside waiting at the curtain, hearing the raucous laughter coming from inside. It was 7AM she had officially been awake for far too long to have her mind be coherent. Even the tears had stopped from how tired she was.

“Why the hell are you still here?” It was the guard that had grabbed her butt last night…or today morning. God she couldn’t even tell.

“I’m- waiting. I can’t get fired from this job…I really need it.” She admitted as she slumped down against the floor and the guard sat down beside her and she watched his hands nervously. “Hands to yourself please.” She couldn’t stop herself from letting out and he laughed and held his hands up in confirmation.

“Promise all to myself. I just like scaring the new girls. Keiichiro Koyama.” He held his hand out and Rie gingerly shook it and nodded.

“If you had a girlfriend she wouldn’t approve.” She shot back thinking back to Mukai…did he ever do things like that before he met her in class? “Maguri Lillith. Are you single then that you’re doing this?”

“Quite the contrary.” He laughed back shaking his head and at that precise moment a girl walked into the club. Rie turned her head to watch the way their eyes connected across the room and a wide smile stretched on her face.

“Girlfriend?” Rie asked quietly the same smile stretched on her face at the sight of love in front of her. She liked seeing people who were entirely too much in love with each other. Keiichiro smiled back and shook his head to answer ‘no’.

“More like lover.” Rie’s eyebrows furrowed as the smile on his face grew increasingly sad as he stared at the wavy haired girl who looked riskily at Rie. As if she was worried…well Rie could have told her about the ass-grabbing but it was harmless now that she thought of it.

Wow she really had gotten jaded after her shift last night.

“How do you pull that off creepy-san?”

“Maybe I’m her boyfriend…but she can’t be any more than a lover because she can’t know.” Koyama gave her a shifty smile so that Rie could only stare on in confusion as he stood up and ran away towards the girl at the door. She looked at Rie with her own gaze of disapproval that changed quickly as Koyama grasped her hand and pressed it to his lips and ran out of the club entrance with her.

“Love…are you still here?” The voice of the English gentleman from last night rang out behind her and immediately Rie was on her feet as she bowed low.

“Is Ikuta-san inside?” She rushed rubbing her tired eyes as he examined her.

“You can go all night can’t you gem?” He raised an eyebrow and Rie gulped. She was sure she wasn’t the only girl who got abused by guests, guards, and gang members but god it felt awkward to her. She ignored the question as she struggled with her response.

“Can I go in?” She tried she honestly did but if the guy inched one centimeter closer to her and she could kick his ass. His eyes were drooped low as he brought his hands over her head and maybe his intention was to ruffle her hair but all she could feel was the way his hands entangled themselves within her hair. It felt more as if he was trying to make her feel like she had no other option than to leave with him. She remembered the moment she’d lain under Mukai after the big drug bust that had catapulted her to this moment. Made her look senior enough to get to this position, to go undercover, the man raked his eyes past her body and she couldn’t help but scoff as she pulled herself away. There she stood trying to ignore him in her diamond studded bra shielded by a button up see through black shirt with short black shorts and gladiator flats she’d managed to steal off one of the other girls but she hadn't caught her name.

He leaned closer to her ear as she felt him pull her forward towards him so that his every word shifted a tendril of her hair in the air “You can come home with me.”

His every hot breath rested directly upon her chin and she felt the hairs on the nape of her neck rise. She pushed herself back landing against a cart that had been left uselessly so that glasses fell off and the sounds of clatters could be heard loudly. Oliver fell with her and within moments Ikuta Toma himself came out and turned to look at the position they were in. His eyes glazed over as he looked directly at the British man. He looked so unaffected by the position they were in. Oliver’s hands half way up her shirt, her tousled hair.

“Oliver get the fuck off need rest for tonight.” With that he walked back inside calm and collected as ever. Oliver threw her a look before letting her go and tilting his head towards her as he licked his lips and walked away. She was left heaving slow breaths placing a hand on her heart as she tried to get a hold of herself. She needed to learn whatever these guys did here didn’t have to shake her to her core every time.

If she hadn’t made that much noise she would have been assaulted and that could not happen. She had to learn to stand up quicker, fight against the way these guys grabbed whoever they wanted. She had to be the defender…not the victim.

What was she doing here? Why was she letting herself get all walked over?

She took another deep breath steadying herself before she started towards the door of the room and knocked on it before entering. “Ikuta-san?” She looked at him as he was hunched over the files again his hands dug into the sides of the leather loveseat he was on.

He looked bored as he continued looking at the papers that were splattered all across the table as he was alone now. He was obviously attempting to ignore her.


“I just wanted to say thank you for- you know outside.” She gulped as he shot her a look of mockery. She didn’t want to thank the asshole but she had to. If he hadn’t come in and told Oliver to leave…well. She didn’t know what would have happened. She would have probably punched the guy out but she would have also probably revealed herself. No normal girl was as strong as she was. Explaining it would be risky. “I also just wanted to say that I really need this job.” She noticed then that there was the smallest cut on his cheek, it was fresh…and probably from a shard of glass flown astray from the impact of the glasses falling everywhere.

When he realized she was staying and he lifted himself up and walked up to her.

Without a moment’s notice he had her enveloped tightly in his arms and she felt his chest hard against her own hard chest…the backs of the diamond studs poking roughly through to her skin. She flinched for a second at the impact as his hands drifted past her entire body feeling her up for something.

No luck there.

“Do you now?” The way he was searching her was as if he was expecting to find her wired when he was sufficiently satisfied he pushed her off him, letting her crash by the drawer as he sat back down his eyes barely throwing her another glance.

She couldn’t help but feel even worse. What was with these guys? If she didn’t stand up for herself now, she probably couldn’t ever. “Are you always so paranoid Ikuta-san?” She pushed her shirt closed and wrapped her arms around her body shielding herself.

“I don’t hire prudes and I sure as hell didn’t hire you. Do us all a favour and leave. This isn’t the type of place for a girl like you.” There was such direction in his voice that she couldn’t help but take it as an order and no one got to order Rie around.

She was glaring at him but he seemed to not even notice as his fingers carelessly flipped the pages in front of him. He moved with such grace she found it hard to believe he was one of the roughest gangsters out there.

“What do you know about what kind of girl I am?” She replied the defiance clear in her voice as she moved up straight to look at him and bent down in front of him so that he could not just ignore her. When he still attempted to she turned his shoulder towards her forcefully. She had to be stronger…she had to prove to these people they couldn’t walk over her. When he saw she wasn’t letting him go he sighed starting slowly as if he was speaking to a child.

“You’re easy to read with those eyes that scream purity.” His declaration left her befuddled a she opened her mouth to contradict him but he placed a finger on her mouth and continued. “Let me finish, you’re honest and righteous. You like happy endings, you may even want one and this place is not at all for a girl like you.”

There’s nothing wrong with that. She shot back in her head but kept her mouth shut as she shook her head. “I’m not at all like that.”

“Do you have a boyfriend?” He asked suddenly and her eyebrows furrowed.

“What does that have to do with anything?” The indignation on her face apparent as he looked at her exhausted again.

“Answer the question Lillith.” He knew her name, she tried not to let that affect her as she shakily sat down beside him again.

This time his eyes didn’t seem to stray from her face at all. “Yes. I- It’s serious. It’s been a year.” She supplemented and a tiny grin touched his face as she shot back almost instantly.

“I didn’t ask about any of the details. I don’t have time for that kind of thing.” He turned his entire body towards her and faced her full on. She shifted backwards to give him more room on the couch but he only moved forward as he grabbed her hand within his.

He looked up at her slowly and Rie grew even more confused as she looked back at him. Shellshocked as she felt his fingers intertwine with hers.

“Sorry.” She said softly but she wasn’t sure about what she was saying sorry. For dropping the vast amounts of alcohol on him, for telling him more than he wanted to know.

He looked up at her and she felt his thumb slide up and down her palm and struggled to pull it back instantly. “That’s all right…” His voice grew soft as he brought their hands towards his lips and she felt the heat from his lips soak through her skin.

That was all she needed to break out of her reverie as she saw his drooped eyes looked back up at her and she pulled them back roughly.

“What are you doing?” She shot back evidently surprised as she rubbed the part of her hand where she could still feel his lips.

He smiled at her the same way a wolf smiled at their prey as he sidled closer to her. “It’s nothing.” He placed his arm over her side effectively blocking her exit as she turned her face away from him as he grew increasingly close. “It’s nothing. Don’t worry.” He used his other hand to bring her face to face with him directly. She stared at him shaking her head within his hands hold, her eyes shut tight as she tried to shift back without exerting too much force. He was playing with her…he wouldn’t do anything. He didn’t seem like the type. She had to wait it out. His voice grew silkier as he grew ever closer to her so that almost every single part of their bodies touched, his lips leaving soft wisps of air onto hers. “All of the other girls know it’s nothing-“ and she shook her hair furiously as she bit her lips and pulled them inside.

“Please I-I can’t- I” But he wasn’t listening. He pressed his lips directly onto hers and moved against them as she froze in his grasp. She remained unresponsive but he snaked his hand across her back and she squirmed trying to get away pushing roughly onto his chest but he wouldn’t budge as she felt herself pushed back onto the couch. She used her arms against him but he was firm pushing himself back down every single time she pushed him off her he’d close the gap insistently throwing himself on her harder.

The mission. Mukai. The mission. Mukai The images kept flashing by her head as she stayed frozen her only movement fighting against him as she felt his lips move away from hers but not far as they he pressed them down on her neck. His hands slowly working their way down the buttons of her shirt as she felt him push his face down further across her body, his mouth tugging at the skin he exposed as his hands crawled up to spread her shirt open farther. “Please-“She whimpered softly as he brought his lips back up to hers and moaned into her mouth and she struggled to get away. She could go nowhere she felt trapped in his grasp as his breathing grew heavier and louder near her ears, his hands rested firmly on her face now. “STO-“ But her words got lost as he took the opportunity to keep her positioned. He probed her mouth open with his tongue and she felt her heart ache as she thought of her fiancée. She bit down firmly on his tongue and lower lip together so he cursed loudly.

She couldn’t do that to Mukai.

That broke him out of his animalistic attack on her and she took advantage of his weakness for a second using all the strength she could without giving herself away and threw him off her so that he landed on the other side of the couch. “Sex is not nothing! So please stop it! ” Her final plea seemed to reach his ears as he laughed and she was stuck staring at him as he collapsing over his side. She couldn’t help the thought that she’d thought him a little different. He didn’t seem like he’d be interested in anything other than those papers he had looked at all night.

So what had just happened? She felt her eyes blind out with tears as she curled into herself weakly. He had saved her from Oliver…or had he? She touched her lips gingerly hearing his voice filter through her silence.

“It’s only everything if I’m fucking up your perfect little life. If you stay here...this club will definitely ruin your life the same way I almost did. So do me a favour and just leave. There’s no room for girls like you here…and I don’t have any more time to waste on this matter.” She didn’t need to be told twice as she ran her fingers through her hair sat up and dashed outside the room running away from whatever had just happened.

He didn’t bother throwing her a second glance as he took in the papers on the desk.

What was she going to do now?


Before she left her apartment with Mukai, he had shoved in a small piece of paper into her hand and told her it was a number she should call should she feel as if everything was getting out of hand and she couldn’t take it.

She called him the next night before she was supposed to work and shockingly found it was the number of a pub where apparently Mukai was spending all of his nights as he wasn’t allowed to watch over her.

“Hey, I was hoping you’d call but it’s just the second day. Are you okay?”

“I can’t do this,” She let out shakily thankful that she had her fiancée on the phone now. He sounded happy. She could take the smallest bit of pleasure in that.

“Don’t say that what happened?” He let out softly as she felt herself struggling to not break down in front of him. She didn’t want to hurt him…she didn’t want him to come running to find her either otherwise they would be in trouble with shachou.

“I’ve just been pushed to my extremes…that sort of club Mukai. It’s- the men there think they can take whatever they want an- it sickens me.”

Mukai had gone suddenly silent as he asked very slowly. “Did they touch you Rie?” She gulped as she heard the edge of danger in his voice and quickly shook her head.

Not that he could hear her. “Did they touch you Rie?!” This time there was more urgency in his voice and she replied back quickly.

“No of course not! But do I have to wait till that happens to tell you?!”She shot back nervously. She couldn’t let him know. He would go crazy. He would barge into Tryst and burn it down, find Ikuta Toma and do everything short of putting a bullet in his chest to make him suffer. Mukai was not violent…unless it was about her.

“OF COURSE NOT!” He yelled back and she could hear the way his voice grew tired as he struggled to formulate an appropriate response to her plea. “I wish you were coming home. So- we could talk properly.”

“I just want to hug you right now and remind myself that there are men like you out there.” She sighed into her phone and she heard the breath in his throat hitch.

“I’m not perfect Rie. Where are you?”

“Ginza Square.” She sighed looking around the bright lights and jumbotrons around her.

“Walk five blocks north, walk into a pub that’s called Fiddler I’ll be in the third stall of the women’s washroom.” He hung up just as quickly and Rie stared at her phone. Should she go? Would shachou find out?

Fuck it. Shachou hadn’t been groped from all four directions the past 24 hours. He wouldn’t understand. She let her feet glide her upwards until she finally saw the pub and rushed in checking her watch.

She had an hour until she was supposed to start work at Tryst. She’s learned from yesterday and today she’s wearing black wedged booties that are comfortable with a black satin bra with gold studs adorning it peeking out of her see through black shirt. A big huge black bag swung over her shoulder.

When she walked in the barkeep gave her a slow smile and she nodded back knowing reflexively that Mukai must know this man. She couldn’t stop the way her feet rushed forward running into the washroom and banging the third stall open to find it empty.

She couldn’t stop the disappointment from falling on her face until she heard a voice behind her. “Sorry…it was kind of busy with this girl taking a dump that was so nasty I couldn’t stand that but I promise the fifth stall i-“ She didn’t let him finish as she launched herself onto his lips and wrapped her hands around his neck as she pushed him inside the stall and held onto him tightly after letting his lips go. She’s drowning herself in him before she does back before she has to be strong for all of them. Today she cannot let herself get walked over. Today is not yesterday.

“I’m sorry.” He said softly as she felt his hands come up running his fingers through her hair. “I don’t know why he sent you in like that…but there’s nothing we can do but be strong right baby?” She nodded slowly into his shirt.

“I just miss you.”

“And here I thought I was the one who loved you more in our relationship.”

“Shut up we love each other equally.”

“No such thing.” He stuck his tongue out at her and she made a move to bite it as he laughed. “But you’re close to loving me almost as much…you’re just scared. It’s okay Rie. You’re much younger than me. It’s okay to be scared. If I was your age I would have run away from us.”

“Isn’t that reassuring?” She shot back unable to stop the sarcastic smile from falling on her face as he ruffled her hair.

“It’s scary to find the person you’re meant to be with right out of adolescence Rie.” He held her closer and pushed her head into his shoulder and Rie wrapped her arms tighter around his neck taking a deep breath. Her heart felt immediately comforted with Mukai here. “Now shut up and let me hug you. I haven’t seen you in a whole 48 hours. It’s horrible…what’s your new place like?”

“I thought I was shutting up.” A pointed look from him just made her laugh and continue on. “The police really get some seriously low funding in Japan neh? The apartment is crap compared to ours!”

“Very low funding.” Mukai agreed as she hugged him back and forgot about everything else as she stayed with him feeling her heart calm itself in his presence.

Everything would be long as he was here.

But Rie couldn't shake the feeling that she should have told him about last night.


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So what is she going to do now? O.O Seriously. I don't know XD (joking joking i know what she's gonna do)

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“You’re back new girl? I heard Toma fired you yesterday?”

“I don’t see him around. Are you going to go run and tell him?”

“If I’m out early I’ll definitely come see you. What’s your name?”

“Akanishi Jin.”

“I'm sorry...he got wounded."


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