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Tryst is a real club.

It's amazing.

If you live in the area you should totally go.

“RIE! MY OFFICE PLEASE!” It was the morning after the big drug bust. He wasted no time getting down to business as he turned the lock and turned to look at her with all of his steely superior airs. “Look. There was a reason I insisted you be placed in our department despite of the fact that there would be a conflict of interest with Mukai and you working so closely together.”

She had to refrain herself from slapping the idiot and telling him that she’d earned her spot here. “Yes sir, and I appreciate it and I believe I proved myself last night.” For a moment her mind flashed back to her thoughts as she had climaxed last night. She had never wanted to get away as badly as she had that moment.

God she loved Mukai, she knew that- but where had all of that come from? Had it been the exhilaration of the bust? Had she experienced that tell-tale sign that told her she wanted to advance more in her career before she got married?

Her boss gave her a quick smile nodded. “Of course you did and there’s no one who’s prouder of your accomplishments…but I can’t give you downtime. I just received knowledge that because of your big save in Akihabara last night, the yakuza from Ginza are trying to supply that territory with their cocaine. Now...because it's unanticipated business and they're lacking the supplies they’re shipping it in. I know nothing else...but I cannot have such a big shipment entering the country Rie.”

She nodded. “Of course not. How can I help you?” His eyes turned to look at her with such exhaustion that she had to ask herself for a second if she would look like that one day too.

“I need you to go undercover for me. All of this particular groups operations take place in a club called Tryst. I have managed to place you as a bartender there for now with someone who owes me a favor. You will need to infiltrate Tryst and find out the details of the shipment. Overhear and find out all you can. I am sure they’ll say something there...there should be a room where all of the operations take place. Infiltrate that room and you've completed the mission. Other than that I am so sorry I have nothing else for you to go on.” He looked at her apologetically and she shook her head.

“I know how to do my job sir. I don’t need much else, you know-” She bowed low before flipping her hair back up as she stared at her boss. “it would help if you knew the supposed date of the shipment?”

“It’s supposed to arrive within the month Rie. We don’t have time. Once all the files are put together I’ll call you in here once again. You’ll be given a new identity, and a new place to live for this short while. You are not allowed to interact with anyone from the station while you are involved in your mission am I understood? Not even Mukai.”

She had to stop herself from feeling restricted as she imagined living alone for a month. “Wait sir about back up, I can’t be complet-“

“You’re going undercover solo for now which shouldn’t be hard for someone who was the best in their class right?” He looked at her again with those same exhausted eyes and she gulped. It should be all right but she couldn’t help but feel as if it was a lot more dangerous than she would have liked.

“Of course not!” She insisted but she couldn’t believe she was being shoved in so unguarded. If she made even the slightest mistake she was sure they would have no problem wiping her out…and she had a life to live with Mukai. She couldn’t risk that could she?

Her boss looked at her with wide eyes. “Rest assured we will have people looking in on you Rie… but you cannot know or it will compromise your situation in Ginza. You have to remain unaware. For your own sake."

To be honest that only somewhat comforted her. “Okay,” She nodded affirming she’d understood but the man went on without a care for her.

“You’re going to be infiltrating the Matsumoto clan that rule Ginza…their head of smuggling,” Here her boss smacked down a grainy picture of a guy taking a smoke outside a shady looking convenience store with a hooded gaze in his eyes as he looked at what seemed like directly at the camera…but it couldn’t have been right?

“Ikuta Toma will most likely be taking care of both its safe arrival and distribution.”

“So then-“

“If you spot him going into any corners, follow him. He would probably be going towards the room where all the plans are laid out and the information is stored. He's extremely dangerous...and he doesn't seem like the brash kind. He will most likely know everything about the shipment. Tail him and you’ll be able to easily discover the plans. That is all I have for now.” As she attempted to ask question she was thrown outside the door with only one piece of advice sinking into her ears. “Don’t try to hide anything from me Tomomasa, I know everything…and I will know if you don’t tell me something.”

Why on earth would she ever want to hide anything? She wanted to help!

She had to stop herself from feeling nervous. She didn’t want to be thrown in blindly no matter how prepared these guys thought she was. She felt stricken and scared. She turned around to look at her fiancé who was sitting at his desk working hard as he always did. At the sight of her staring at him he smiled back and looked around for a brief second before he blew her an embarrassing flying kiss.

She had to stop herself from laughing as she blew one back to him and walked to her desk.

It really was ridiculous how something as small as that could comfort her.


“Maguri Lillith desu yoroshiku onegaishimasu!” She bowed low but the girl in front of her simply shoved the clothes into her arms and pushed her towards the change rooms as she flipped open her lighter and lit the cigarette that hung off her hands.

“Get dressed. I’m not interested in who you are. Make sure you’re wearing a double push up bra and your hairs straightened and that’s all I care about. The tips get split at the end of the night and if no one pulls their weight they don’t get their portion understood?” The girl bit out as Rie gulped and stared at the handle of the door as she shut it and pulled her shirt off.

She was wearing a sports bra. How was she supposed to know being slutty was a requirement?

“What the fuck is taking so long?” The door crashed open and Rie immediately rushed to cover herself as the rouged woman pulled her out of the stall and looked into the mirror with her. “You have a nice enough body…but girl if you ever wear a sports bra again I will kill you.” Rie wanted to smack the woman and act stronger but she knew that doing that would ruin her cover. So she just nodded.

“I am a 34B…would you happen to have any spares?”

“We have a D. You can stuff it with toilet paper...that's coming out of your paycheck. Being as small as you are you're going to need a whole roll at least to pull of desirable.” The woman ran over to a piece of the wall and pried it open and Rie's jaw dropped. She stopped herself seeing the way the woman knew exactly which parts of the wall to press before the large marble tile slipped off. That couldn’t be the only place they would use technology like this. While she grabbed her a bra Rie’s brain whirred with possibilities of how she could attempt to push in the same method once she discovered the room.

The woman grabbed her a bra and placed the tile back on.

If this woman knew how to operate these tiles she was sure that the woman knew at least a little bit about the drug plan.

“I’m in charge of all the bartenders.” She started and brought the diamond studded bra back to Rie. “They’re all fake diamonds of course but it’s gorgeous. This is the type of equipment we expect you to have here. Am I understood Lillith?”

Rie nodded slowly as she caressed the cold material of the bra. It was ridiculously heavy she realized as she stepped back in and changed into it before buttoning up her black short sleeved shirt with the Tryst logo emblazoned on the side.

As she stepped back out the woman laughed again. “Where are you from doll?” With that she grabbed the shirt and popped the first three buttons leaving her bra completely open from the front. “Do you not know what bartenders usually look like? You make us look like nuns.” Rie gulped. She didn’t really club, per se.

It all seemed like a whole lot of nothing to her honestly.

“Do I have to look like a whore?” She couldn’t help but bite out as the woman got on her last nerve. The woman’s eyes that were previously amused fell into a mean gaze.

“Don’t fuck with me little girl. I do not enjoy watching twits who aren’t meant to be here walk in and think they own the place.” That shocked her. Rie whipped around to look at the woman who simply stalked out of the room. “Do your makeup and get the fuck outside. We need to start prepping.”


Rie had learned a lot from her first shift at Tryst.

She had learned that all the girls worked for themselves.

They would shake and twirl in such ways that Rie hadn’t even known possible. Her boss had paid for her basic classes bartending but she had no idea how to move or shake the way these girls did. They would grab the ice shakers and strain in such ways that the slightest bit of liquid would fall onto their chest and drip downwards. A seductive smile and a lean over the bar to let the men who were ordering ogle their assets adorned in beautiful bras that pressed down painfully into the skin on their breasts. Or maybe it was just her bra that hurt.

Then they’d promptly receive a couple of notes of yen that the girls would tuck half into their bras and the rest into the jar that their boss laid out for them. The numbers would get tossed into the trash or the napkins would be scribbled with a number and shoved back with a pressed kiss where the outline of their lipstick was clear.

Rie still wasn’t sure what that meant but all the girls seemed to be doing it like their own little secrets behind the bosses backs.

Across the room was a legion of male bartenders where no doubt the women flocked as half of them were half-naked and the other half were getting there.

She had learned that the men who frequented Tryst were foul.

They would come in drunk and order more. There was no such thing as a tap-off or last call at Tryst. They would shove you upright with all the Belvedeer you wanted as long as you could pay for it and you weren’t ready to be on an ambulance. The men, if they weren’t behaving, could reach over and grab for the girls for which the bouncers had been ordered to wait exactly one minute before intervening and throwing the guys out. If their little escapade was less than a minute...well lucky them they didn't get kicked out.

Even if they did they would get thrown out screaming WORTH IT! on their way out.

Rie had been groped so many times that now it ALMOST didn't even bother her anymore. The other girls had not bothered warning her...of course and every time she yelped they just scoffed and looked away from her.

“GIRLS GIRLS! Ikuta just sent me a message.” The woman who had adorned her with her diamond bra she had discovered was named called Christol…she wasn’t sure she liked her yet. Didn't seem to matter much though the way the other girls looked at her, no one seemed to like her. “We have to have their drinks ready. Daisy take Lillith and teach her okay? She may need to do it alone once or twice and I don’t want her messing up in front of them.” She looked at the girl Christol had addressed and couldn’t help but remember a term Mukai had told her once.

The girl was a regular BBB. Big-titted, brunette, babe. Rie couldn’t help but feel self-conscious for a moment as the girl stalked upto her in her bright blue shimmery bra that was covered with the scantily transparent black shirt and black short shorts under which lay lace stockings.

“You’re new huh?”

“Yes. I’m Lillith it’s a pleasure to meet you Daisy.” She held out her hand but Daisy brushed her hand back into her hair and looked away. The half looking girl simply shrugged her off and walked away as Rie gulped. Daisy made her way to the girl who was currently flipping the shaker in the air.

“Samantha! DRINKS PLEASE?! Could you work any slower?”

Samantha who was the gorgeous leggy blonde smiling at an equally blonde boy across her turned around slowly her smile changing into a plastic one as she turned towards Daisy. “Why don’t you-“ She paused letting her eyes drop low as she waved her hands around Daisy's face “shut the fuck up Daisy." Her smile did not falter as the whole show was left forgotten as she tossed and turned what seemed like millions of little containers with the other girls. Every once in a while the red head who had been working on Daisy's other side looked at Rie as she stood awkwardly around and laughed.

Samantha pointed Rie out to the blond boy and they laughed together their hands intertwining over the bar as she took another order for a customer.

Until finally a tray of all the drinks was laid out in front of Rie and Daisy. The redhead placed the last drink on the tray. "Keep the gin and tonic safe!" She winked at her and Rie could only gingerly nod at the piece of advice as she bowed and lifted the tray weakly.

Just then the door to the club let in a large group of men who inclined their head towards Christol.

Christol nodded back and poked Daisy in the back as the older girl yelled and Christol gave her a pointed look. “Get going now!! Or our asses are all on the line! It’s not like I’m not dealing with enough out here!”

Daisy glared at her and mumbled under her breath. "What the fuck are you dealing with anyways?" But Christol chose to ignore her words as she dashed away to the other side of the floor near the male bartenders.

Daisy turned to look at Rie but Rie was busy looking at the group trying to spot Ikuta Toma. They had disappeared past the large black curtain so quickly she had barely the time to rush and see where he was in the group. Was he the one with the white fedora on his head? Or the one that’s jacket was billowing so largely she could barely see through it? Or the one who had been smiling happily at the redhead as he walked past?

Daisy inclined her head towards Rie. "WALK! Come on! They’re expecting the drinks come on.” Rie nodded gulping nervously…this was her first undercover mission.

This was good, this was progress. She thought she would have had to go find the room herself but here she was...walking straight into it practically invited. It was helpful because she'd know where the room was located…then when she got off her shift in approximately an hour she would be able to sleuth around a bit hopefully.

Or maybe tomorrow before they arrived if she snuck out of the cleanup crew, she followed Daisy’s instructions but felt her arm falter for a second under the weight of the tray.

"HOLD IT STEADY!" Christol yelled at her and Rie nodded cursing herself. What kind of glasses were these anyways? Daisy turned to glare at her. “What the hell- keep that thing steady.” Rie nodded and lifted it feeling her arm go limp under the pressure as she struggled.

Daisy guided her past the guards who held the curtains open for her and just as she was starting to walk away she felt one slap her ass and she stopped transfixed in her tracks.

She flicked her head painfully towards the back to see the sure-to-be-some-sort-of-sex-offender and found him smirking back at her winking at her as her jaw dropped.

Oh no-

“LILLITH! SERIOUSLY!” Daisy yelled out and Rie rushed forward as she held onto the train and Daisy looked as if she was going to seriously injure the girl for not keeping up with her.

Daisy spoke to another guard outside the door before he let them in and Rie could immediately tell the difference between the club outside and this private room she had been guided to. It was all men in here, the setting looked far more professional from what she knew of other yakuza clans who operated in clubs.

The cafe they'd busted into at Akihabara had a room that was doused with the smell of marijuana. This was almost like a boardroom. The seats were couches of course but all arranged over one long glass table on one side and the other left practically empty. There was no clear head as more than three men were seated at either end. The lighting was dimmed and for some reason no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t seem to spot Ikuta Toma anywhere.

“Daisy!” A man stood up and came over and hugged her, Daisy smiled softly as she stayed in his grasp for three seconds longer than necessary. Rie wanted to punch her out. She could barely hold up the tray any longer and she felt her heels more than she had all night long. “My god, I haven’t seen you in two weeks and I swear you look more beautiful each time I lay eyes on you.” The man flattered her as Daisy let out an airy laugh that reached everyone’s ears and the men in the room looked at her appreciatively as Rie struggled with the plate in quite an ugly manner.

I mean she’d never exactly considered herself hot but come on- not even one look in her direction?

That was just pathetic of her as the future-wife of Mukai Osamu.

“Who’s the new girl?” A voice called out and Rie bit her lip so she could stop herself from smiling or frowning. It was the man who had smiled happily at the redhead at the bar. At last someone had noticed her but- was that really a good thing? She tried to stop the pain from her heels from showing on her face. “She looks like she’s ready to die in a hole.”

The other men laughed riotously as did Daisy. One of the younger looking boys, who had the distinct features of a Barbie Doll called out. “I wouldn’t mind getting into her hole.” Rie wanted to go die in a hole as they fist pumped each other.

She had never felt more assaulted in her life as she had been today. Talk about harassment in the workplace.

"Who is she Daisy?" A serious voice finally called out and within seconds Daisy was out of the man's grasp as she turned towards the voice and Rie reflexively followed her direction.

Daisy clucked with her mouth and shook her head. “No one important Ikuta-sama.” She threw her a look that made Rie feel as if she was supposed to be worse than dirt but Rie could barely notice. She was looking around the room and found Ikuta finally as he brought his head up from his hands. He had been the man leaned over the documents that were splayed out over the table. “Gin and Tonic please.” He ordered and Daisy threw her a look to go hand it to him.

SERIOUSLY? What was this girl even for? Was Daisy just here to entertain them while she struggled with everything else?

Rie ignored the blinding pain as she walked slowly towards the man in the black suit at one of the ends of the table. He barely threw her a second look as he poured his attention over the papers in front of him again. She leaned forward just the slightest to take a glance at the papers he was looking so intently at.

It was probably something about the upcoming shipment…if they had the data she required she could be done right now at this very point she could run away. She leaned over the slightest bit and-

Suddenly the tray lost it’s footing in her hand and it slipped off her grasp and fell entirely and completely on the two men directly in front of her, the sounds of glass crashing against the floor and liquid spilling over so loud that she could barely stop herself from gasping as she heard the loud clang of the metal tray come crashing down.

Her hands, now conveniently empty, rushed to her mouth in shock.

Wow did she know how to fuck up. She bent down immediately and started picking up the pieces. “I’m so sorry!” She bowed low finally speaking but really it was more like squeaking. She couldn’t risk a look at the men who she had doused in alcohol.

Until of course a hand clutched at her neck and shot her face upwards so fast that she felt a distinct sharp sting in the muscles he had pulled on. She found herself staring into the eyes of the man in the photograph as he narrowed his eyes with no emotion clearly decipherable. All she could sense from his gaze was power as he stared her down and she felt herself revert to a little girl. Could someone human really have a gaze so powerful? These guys were serious. The more she stayed here the more she got nervous that she couldn’t pull this off.

She was strong…but she was alone. Three weeks ago she'd been a student at the Police Academy. She was bumbling and stupid and making mistakes as foolish as this. Her chest heaved in anticipation of what he might say now. Daisy was silent holding onto the man who had affectionately wrapped his hands over her waist. None of this would have happened if she'd only helped Rie couldn't help but curse as she clutched onto the short fabric of her shirt within her hands, her eyes shutting tightly as she couldn’t stare at him any longer.

“I’m so sorry,” She breathed out softly and the foreign man who had also been affected beside Ikuta Toma finally decided to speak.

“It’s okay love, happens to us all. Doesn’t it Ikuta?” He tilted his head towards his comrade who continued staring at her his eyes narrowing dangerously. “You’re a pretty one though so sod it. We won’t bother this little gem too much will we-“ But Toma had already thrown her face back away from him and wiped his hands clean as she sat in the pool of spilled alcohol. She felt so ashamed…she couldn’t believe she had compromised everything like this.

It was supposed to be a quick drop in and out stay in the background. That was how all undercover missions went.

Not if you were Tomomasa Rie.

Ikuta Toma moved past her and took his jacket off throwing it into the garbage. She stared weakly as he took his tie off and threw it at her feet and he proceeded to whip off his shirt. It landed in the same arena as his jacket. Rie could hardly control herself from wanting to cry.

Toma turned to look at Daisy who was still standing looking at him as he stood in his white wife beater and black pants. “Get her out of here. I don’t want to see her here again. Tell Christol to hire girls that are worth our time. Am I understood Daisy?”

Daisy nodded and Rie felt herself pulled up from her puddle of shame and tossed out the door but not before the English man barked out. “And another gin and tonic for our crabby one here please! I cannot work with him unless he’s under the influence.”

“Done Oliver!” Daisy called back clutching Rie’s wrist tightly in hers so that Rie whimpered just the slightest with the impact of Daisy’s nails digging into her skin.

The moment they were out of the room she pulled Rie by her hair and Rie squealed at the impact on her head. “WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING?” She yelled out at the girl who couldn’t help but feel the tears hit her eyes.

She’d fucked it all up.

What was she going to tell Mukai now? What was she going to tell her boss?

You’re marrying a failure. You hired a failure.

Oh right. She couldn’t even see them…unless she compromised the mission.
“You’re talking to Christol about this. I’m not telling anyone how bad you fucked up in there. Toma doesn’t like being pissed- in fact Toma doesn’t like showing any emotion whatsoever if he can avoid it. Why the fuck did you have to go be an idiot and IF YOU CAN’T WALK IN HEELS WEAR FLATS!”

Rie felt the tears start leaking as Daisy tore into her. “Christol said-“

“Fuck that bitch… she’s never going to get kicked out of the club. YOU ARE! I suggest you go grovel to Toma the moment he’s out of the meeting if you want to even stay here. Which I suppose you have to.” Daisy glared at her and Rie couldn’t help but shoot back.

“How do you know I’m desperate to stay here? Why couldn't you have just helped?!”

Daisy scoffed as she tossed her hair behind her shoulders. “Please…none of us end up here unless we’re desperate...and you'd do your best to learn that we're all for ourselves here.” She walked outside the curtains and left Rie alone in the dark hallway to think about what had just happened.

She couldn’t stop herself from crumbling down in what felt like the tunnel of loneliness and breaking down into tears.


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The models featured above are Solange Wilvert who represents the Daisy character and Jessica Stam who represents the Samantha character


“Promise all to myself. I just like scaring the new girls. Keiichiro Koyama.”

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“You can go all night can’t you gem?”

“Are you always so paranoid Ikuta-san?”

“Sex is not nothing! So please stop it! ”

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