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“Has everything been taken care of on your end?”

“We are planning on using Ikuta as a scapegoat. Takuya has to be upset with him, we’ll take the heat off the shipment itself and try and focus on letting the media report on the Akihabara shut down and the capture of one of the country’s most fearsome drug lords. Your team shouldn’t have killed Keii though.”

“It’s another thing to tack onto Ikuta’s record. The farther away he is and the longer he’s there it’s better for me. You see that don’t you chief commissioner?” Yamashita Tomohisa smiled brightly as he looked down at the speaker of the phone he was using for the conference call. Koyama beside him was making a gesture to show he needed to leave. He would let Koyama do whatever he wanted from now on, the man had proved his worth. So Yamashita raised his hand to wave it and immediately the young man had run off quickly. “There better not be any trouble from your side, or you’ll know we’ll have to focus on eliminating all those who pose a threat to us on your end. As it is, your team member failed to provide accurate information which is why we have to go through the stress of eliminating her at exactly the right time.”

“I understand Yamashita-sama but none of us anticipated Ikuta was smart enough to-“

“Are you done your call? I’m really bored here.” Yamashita’s eyes shot up as he saw his wife staring back at him.

“I’m not done. You can wait.” He took a deep breath and started to speak again to the police chief. “You do understand that your excuses are meaningless and-“

“I don’t want to wait!” Christine huffed loudly marching over to where he was and taking the spot Koyama had left wide open. Who the hell had let her in anyways? “Can you hang up already?”

“Should we hire you another boyfriend so you’ll stop irritating me?”

“Alas, any person related to this family isn’t my style.” Christine had gotten mighty mouthy since the last time he had spent any length of a period with her when they’d first gotten married.

Unable to take the distraction of his wife as she threw her clad legs up on the glass table crudely he decided it was best to hang up. “Chief, we’ll continue this shortly.” He heard a brief sound of dissent to the chief’s voice but didn’t bother with that. Whatever it was, it would wait if he told it too.

“Wow, you’re mighty eager to please me.”

“For the time being, pleasing you is important. When it’s not. I won’t.” When they’d first been married all she would do is sit silently in their joint room. She would spend time with the rest of the family only at meal times, and would do everything that was expected of her by him outside those times.

Now she was like an irritating leak in their house that couldn’t be fixed, persistent, noisy, disturbing, but ever present because everyone needed her. All this thinking of water and yelling at the chief had gotten him thirsty, so he reached for his glass of water and gulped it when he heard- “So…wanna do it?”

He almost spat out his water in his wife’s face. “Is that what it’s going to be like?”

“Well…you need a child. I want out quickly so let’s get me pregnant and be done with it. I don’t think you remember well but you promised me the moment I give birth to your satanic spawn I’d be free to leave. I’ll go wherever the fuck I want to and we’ll be divorced.” That had been their deal…and he would fulfill it but only if he had to. He had plans to keep her here, not that Christine realized or he was sure he’d be forced to endure even more irritating talk from her mouth.

“Considering the fact your boyfriend’s getting put in jail, you’d like to sleep with the guy who’s putting him there right now?”

Christine shrugged. She was trying her hardest to appear as if she felt nothing at the statement, but Yamashita had caught the way her fingers had clenched the table just a little tighter. “Why not? I’m married to you, not him, am I not?” Her voice wavered, her eyes shut as her mouth made an exaggerated shape.

He gulped a little as he examined her. Bringing her back into the house had been harder than he’d thought, and then she had angered him by so blatantly flaunting her extra-marital relationship. Unlike her, he had actually refrained himself- not quite on purpose but watching through Koyama’s eyes as she lived so carelessly, it had irritated him.

He understood that their family had wronged her, had he known he would have never hesitated with returning to Japan but as it was he had hated the way his family had run- now at the helm he’d changed things. He had never been groomed by his father, that had always been his brother, so he had the room to experiment, and come up with his own values for their business- it would always be illegal but it didn’t have to be done with such disregard for the people they worked with.

“Is that so?” He moved his chair closer to hers, his hands folded together in his lap. Her eyes got a little wider because their faces were brought closer together, if he focused his hearing enough he could hear her breathing softly. His wife had always been a beautiful woman, but when they’d been married he hadn’t bothered to appreciate her because it hadn’t mattered if she was beautiful. All that had mattered was that he had been forced into this much the same way she was, but he was at a slight advantage.

He stayed in his home.

He made the move close their lips when he heard her scream loudly.

“I’m sorry.” She whispered softly, her eyes blinked quickly as she stared at her lap. She looked as if she didn’t understand her own reaction. Gone was the pretense of the irritating, confident woman who was ready to annoy him into freeing her. He glanced down at her fingers, they were quivering. He was just about to reach a hand out to her to steady them when she spoke again- “You look like him.”

Without wasting a second she had gotten up from the chair and raced out of the room.

He sat there, hunched over himself because though Christine was tall she was still a considerable bit smaller than he was and to admire her face fully when it had been pointed downwards he’d had to bend himself.

There were five guards outside.

Of course, no one entered.

He realized how sad it must have been to scream and not have anyone hear, he felt his blood boil when he imagined that someone who was his family, someone who he had once upon a time loved had muffled this girl’s screams as their hands had touched something that was so preciously hi“


He was thankful for the distraction because he was drowning in his thoughts. He couldn’t think of Christine that way. He had to remember that saving her was not his problem. Christine did not want him to, she had a savior…and she had willingly sacrificed herself back to enter the lair of the lions for him. “Yes Shige?”

“I’ve brought her as you requested.” Shige had always been overzealous, too rough, too strong, too snarky but this came in handy when you wanted someone to focus entirely on eliminating a threat. Shige opened the door wider and he saw the way his man handled their little prisoner. He roughly pushed the girl through, normally he would chastise Shige but this girl had caused them a lot of trouble.

“Tomomasa Rie, welcome to our humble abode.” He threw his hands up in greeting, the girl with her long freshly washed hair was looking around them in fear. “There’s nothing to fear for now. We don’t have the clear yet. So you can rest assured in this room, you will probably be alive.” She looked even more stricken now that he’d read her thoughts. He still didn’t quite understand why everyone made such a fuss about the girl before, there was nothing overtly pretty about her. Her eyes were small and almond-shaped though he supposed her skin was her best point. Smooth, and it looked soft enough that you felt tempted to touch it. “So how have you liked your stay here so far?”

The traumatized look on Rie’s face almost made Shige want to laugh at her. The girl looked perplexed as to why Yamashita was asking as if he was the general manager of the hotel she was staying at and not the man who had trapped her in a highly cushioned cell with chains. “It’s been alright, but your staff can be a bit unpleasant.” Shige cackled behind her, ruffling her hair and pushing her head down roughly.

Rie looked between Shige and Yamashita careful to relay no fear as she folded her arms over her hands flinching as the pain shot through her shoulder. “Ah it appears our friend has hurt herself- remind me Shige where did you shoot her?”

“Her left arm sir,” At that she shot the man a dirty to look to which Shige just leered proudly.

“Ah well…then someone else must have smashed in her right.”

“Can we get to the point please?” This incessant banter was unnecessary and Yamashita looked amused that she had highlighted just how inane their chat was. “My physical incapacitations is obviously not why you have called me here.”

“You’re right…I’ve called you here to give you the decency of getting to understand where you went wrong.” Yamashita walked over to the seat he had at the head of the table and indicated his hand towards the one to his right. “Please, have a seat.” Rie didn’t move so Shige shoved her hard in her back. “So…since you’ve let us know of your preference to be completely honest…you have 24 hours Tomomasa Rie.”

Of all the times she should have been scared this would be one, but she could only muster a disinterested stare as she blinked looking between Shige and Yamashita. “And what do you get from revealing your plans?”

“Nothing…but we don’t hide anything here. We give everyone the opportunity to change their fate, though in your case it would be rather hard I should admit. You my friend have nothing left to offer. But I’ll offer you something, wine?”

“No thanks,”

“Sir-“ Shige’s eyes widened as he looked at his phone. “He’s been arrested.” Then he turned to look at Rie brightly.

“I stand corrected then Rie, you have been quite useful indeed.” Regardless of whether she’d accepted his offer for wine she found the glass in front of her. “It’s just that you’ve outlived your purpose now.’
“Who’s been arrested?”

Yamashita and Shige smirked at each other, surprised she hadn’t caught on automatically yet. “Ikuta Toma of course…you know I’d always known about him. Christine told me before we got engaged. She’d lived with a boy. She thought that would be enough to deter me from the marriage. What she didn’t realize was our marriage was a marriage of convenience. It didn’t matter who we were before or what we wanted. What mattered was the legal documentation. I mean the thought irritated me a bit but really nothing more that that. Drink up Rie, we can’t possibly have a civilized conversation with you looking at me like I’m the enemy!”

Rie raised an eyebrow. “How do I know you haven’t laced this drink with poison?”

“What kind of host do you take me for? Please. You will be killed, there’s nothing around that. You’ve managed to deflect the righteous cops, helped me steal away Akihabara and now you’ve even put Ikuta Toma in prison for me. Just rest assured that the right time is very close but not quite here yet. You can enjoy the wine in peace.” He got up from his chair and began to pace the room slowly. “So you see, I thought that was the end of the little boy who had fallen in love with the little girl that I stole away.” In what universe did she care about any of this- she wanted to block her ears out like a child but sadistically there was a small part of her that enjoyed hearing about this Toma. The person he was before he was the man she met. “Rightfully Christine was my property now.” Rie bit back a snide remark that it was no surprise that Christine stayed away from him for so long with the way he referred to her. “Imagine my shock when I found out that the little boy grew under my father-in-law’s tutelage and stole my wife away…and began to hijack my team members. Started raids in districts titled specifically in our name all without alerting my father-in-law to how he was growing the business exponentially. When I told him- Takuya disregarded it saying we were all the same family anyways what did it matter whose pocket the money ended up in.”

Shige scoffed. “We’ve tried to kill him before- get Takuya to send him to prison, give him up. Takuya was hell bent on having the boy succeed him…and nothing would make him break that. And then you came up as the perfect excuse to let that man go.”

“Yes, your chief did let us know he was hiring this brilliant little thing that was sure to get Ikuta in trouble when as predicted he tried to steal the Akihabara district from Wakama clan-“ Yamashita smiled kindly upon her but all of this revelation made her feel like throwing up. She hated the thought that she was gullible, that she’d been taken for a fool by the men around her. That they’d played with her emotions and her life and her beliefs. She felt violated.

“And what a brilliant little thing you turned out to be. You made him falter just as we expected but we didn’t expect that you yourself would be so invested in the drug lord.”

“You were better than what we thought, we thought you’d give up the shipment details but you did something better.” Shige snickered as he sidled up close to her neck. She kept her composure just barely, every part of her body wanted to slam into the man beside her and twist his neck.

“You managed to bring me back my family.” Yamashita bowed his head towards her. His teeth she remarked were perfectly set, always ready to tear into flesh should they be needed. “I am ever so grateful for your work so far Tomomasa Rie. Thank you for putting an end to a story that has really become too long.”


“Are you sure this is going to work?”

“You’re the one who suggested it.” Mukai grumbled late at night. “Besides you said you’ve been in that house before, that’s better than any of us.”

Once they’d told Takuya what had really happened, and once he’d tried to shoot Toma down for betraying his trust and selling his daughter out. He realized that the boy wasn’t lying. He conducted his own investigations and found Talia had been paying people off for a bit more than a year that she’d been with Christine’s bodyguard and given him the information after sneaking into Toma’s room.

Which is how they’d ended up here, in the assistant chief’s house as he got ready to explain why he’d broken Ikuta Toma out of the jail cell they’d only put him in yesterday. “Do you know what you’re going to say?” Mukai looked at him as Toma shrugged.

“You told me to keep my mouth shut. I didn’t realize I needed to have a speech ready.” It was then Mukai decided there was decidedly something infuriating about Ikuta Toma.

“Do you not want to help yourself? Because I promise you once this is done if you don’t start co-operating you’ll end up exactly where we’d put you earlier.”

“You’ll still need me to save your beloved fiancé.” Toma scoffed looking at the taller man with disdain. Mukai couldn’t help but feel as if he was being mocked. Which Toma affirmed shortly with less than choice words. “I’m fine as long as you’re incompetent enough to not take her back yourself.”

Just as Mukai began to raise his hand against the guy he felt someone pull on his shoulder and saw chief Inagaki shaking his head. “Leave him alone…he’s trying to instigate you Mukai. I’m disappointed you didn’t see through his technique, he’s been doing this since the interrogation yesterday.”

That was true. Ikuta Toma had been trying particularly hard to not cooperate with him. Though for what reason Mukai was not sure. “Sir, we need your blessing-“

Inagaki sighed. In his own house, in his pajamas the man didn’t really look like he gave a fuck about giving Mukai Osamu his blessing but Toma wasn’t about to break that to his overeager partner in legal crime. “What do you want me to say to the chief?”

“Nothing.” Mukai shook his head, eyes lighting up. “There’s no way he can know Ikuta Toma isn’t in prison. We can place our own team members there day and night, highlight strong cards, new recruits who the chief hasn’t yet made connections with. Get them to communicate that Ikuta Toma is there and safe.”

There was that word again, safe. Everyone was so concerned with his safety it made him feel bad. Lillith wanted to break him out of Takuya’s world, Christine had broken him out of Yamapi’s house and now here was Lillith’s fiancé trying to break him out of a real prison. Since when had the world decided to revolve around him? For a man who was practically an orphan it felt strange to know now there were too many people willing to put their lives on the line for his. “We can manage that but can you handle him? Who’s to say he won’t run away?”

Toma scoffed. “Takuya would find and finish me off faster than the police actually putting a real criminal away for once in their lives…I should take that back you guys never do that. It’s a bit unrealistic to compare against.” He grinned politely around the room as both gruff men looked as if they were reaching the end of their patience with him.

To be honest, he was quite enjoying this. He felt a bit like his older self.

In this room, he had no power. It was a refreshing feeling, he felt light for the first time in years. He didn’t have Takuya breathing down his neck, like he didn’t need to worry about Jun behind his back…ready to stab it, he didn’t have Christine’s painful expression beside him.

He had some very complicated feelings for those people, but for these people it was easy. He knew he had to hate them. “If you keep being this annoying, I’ll forget about you and end your life myself.” Mukai threatened.

“Sure, go ahead…but imagine all that paperwork. Reason for gunfire: I broke a guy out of jail and he was a real dick so I offed him because I’m- oh my god. I’m a piece of shit too! WE’RE BROTHERS! OH NO WHAT HAVE I DONE?” He burst out laughing as both policemen looked at each other. When people heard of him, they heard stories of his fearful gaze, his brute force, the violent way he behaved towards his juniors, the blood he shed readily- he was sure this wasn’t what they imagined and to be honest it hadn’t been for quite some time for him too.

“As much as you’re enjoying yourself Ikuta, we have an agent in trouble and we need your help to make sure we bring her home-

“Then rather than talking about it and spending the past 48 hours delving into the legal implications of breaking me out of jail can we go ahead and get her now? Because I’ve been waiting for you nuts to say that we’re good to go because I don’t want to keep her in there anymore than you two do.” He smirked as he saw their faces fall. He was sure he’d made them feel shafted by the curt tone of his voice. “I’m sorry was that too honest and forthright for you?”

Mukai glanced carefully at him, there was something strange about how he’d spoken about Rie. “No you’re right…so just tell us what we need to do to break into the Yamashita house. The rest of it we can figure out later, every second she’s there she’s in danger of dying.”

“And wouldn’t she be sorry to leave you. What use is a knight in shining armor if you don’t get to show him off at the wedding day?” Unwillingly an image of the two of them shot back to his eyes, the way the man in front of him had rushed into his fiances grasp to kiss her. How they were probably planning on embracing when they reunited.

Oh right, he was trying his best to not think of her. “Just shut your trap and tell us what we need to do Ikuta.”
“I would point out the irony of that statement but- Gladly.”


Rie walked through the grass, the field was open, the wet soil soft on the balls of her feet and she felt her body sink happily into the ground it was on. Her knees knocked beside someone else and she turned her head to find Ikuta Toma lying beside her. “Hi.” His voice was barely a whisper.

Despite herself, her eyes watered, the clouds that looked before like they were cheerful little pillows of joy, darkened grey and threatened to spill themselves. She crumbled into his outstretched arms, crawling like a child into his arms curling over his figure as she collapsed. “You’re scared aren’t you?”

She couldn’t speak, she wanted to there was so much she wanted to tell him but the words never left her mouth as she looked at him with wide round eyes. The rain started pitter pattering around them and as they became ever more soaked and she should have felt colder, all she could feel was the heat protecting her.

“I’m not scared…” She finally spoke up surprised herself that her body had allowed her to open her mouth. “Because you know everything now. I’m not scared.” It was true, telling Toma had to be the smartest thing she’d ever done because there was no one on the force she could really trust. Mukai had all but pushed her away but Ikuta- he was used to people betraying him. He wouldn’t doubt foul play and he would try- she wasn’t sure if he would succeed but the fact that he would try was more than enough comfort for her.

Rie shot up right, drenched in her own sweat. This room wherever it was in the Yamashita house, did not have the same comforts of air conditioning, and she woke up often like this. It had been three or so days, Rie thought since she’d first been bought here. Fewer and fewer people were coming to monitor her which was a clear indication that was becoming less important. She coughed and spoke up. “Can I have some water please-“

There was no response from the guard at the door. The time between her meals and water breaks was getting longer and longer. She wasn’t stupid, less valuable meant closer to death. She didn’t want to go down like this but she couldn’t imagine what else would happen.

Thankfully the door opened and Koyama walked in, with a water bottle- he himself was drinking. She lunged forward to try and grab it. She thought she was fast but she was obviously slower than normal because he lunged out of her way. Panting with exhaustion, she must have looked pathetic because he sighed and passed her the bottle. “So are you giving up now?”

“What’s the point in fighting? There’s no realistic way.”

“Oh come on.” Koyama scoffed. “You’d make a horrible protagonist, aren’t you going to find your way through the vents above-“She’d tried they were barricaded. “Or try to knock out the guard.” He was making fun of how approximately 16 hours ago now she’d tried to seduce and break the neck of a surprisingly very dexterous, very gay guard. She took a deep breath and gulped down some more water in a manner most unladylike that left Koyama scrunching up his face when he saw the sweaty dirty Lillith wipe her mouth with the back of her hand and breathe heavily. “So you’re actually giving up?”

“You said it yourself. I’ve tried everything I could think of- so how happy are you now?” She snickered closing the bottle off and almost suspiciously placing it behind her back to make sure Koyama didn’t take it away from her. After all, who knew how long it would be before she got water again?

Koyama didn’t say a word but continued to look at her. “You can at least be thankful it’s me visiting you and not Shige.”

“Am I supposed to be happy about that? At least he’s rude to my face.”

“Look Rie, I don’t know what you want me to say-“

“Why don’t you say sorry.” She sighed and leaned back against the room. “I thought you were my friend. I mean really at the end of the day we were as close as an undercover gangster and an undercover cop can be which wasn’t that close but I didn’t think I’d die…and I’m just taking the fall for your girlfriend right?” Koyama’s eyes shot up. “Come on, just tell me the truth. She was the one who told you everything but if Takuya found out it was her he’d shoot her himself so it’s better to accuse me.”

“You didn’t do your job-“ Koyama stuttered out as she started laughing. “Rie-“

“Come on… you and I know better than that. You set me up to fail. You just didn’t set me up to fall for your target and that fucked everything up.”

Koyama sighed. “It wasn’t just you if it makes you feel better.”


“He changed. You changed him. Or rather, the way Christine put it, it was you brought him back. That was what made her jealous. Talia had never seen him as generous with those in the house, and he went out of his way to to protect a girl from the foul behavior that went on in Tryst for the first time- think about it-”


“Are you his sister?”

No…she wasn’t.

“So Tomomasa Rie- are you ready?”

“Ready for what?”

“Ready to say goodbye.”


When they brought her into the room she took a deep breath, they’d done well. Kept her blindfolded, from the voices she could make out about six distinct voices, two stationed at the door she’d walked through, three surrounding the room and one right behind the chair where she was sitting. Hands flittered across her shoulders that she cringed under.

Unfortunately she recognized those hands all too well. “Shige…”

“It’s nice to see you too Rie.” His voice whispered into her hair. “It’s finally time to punish you for the bad little girl you are.”

“I thought you said you were married, you talk like a freak.” She felt a fist flit across her face, her cheek stinging in pain.

“Let’s get on with this, I have to meet Chief Itano in two hours and you know what traffic is like-“ Yamapi spoke up.

The numbers started and she realized this was it. So she might as well take the next few moments she had to remember her life in its entirety. It wasn’t that she hadn’t wanted to fight this and it wasn’t that she couldn’t beat all these men into comas all by herself one-on-one, but all surrounded and trapped like this her soul had lost some of its fight.

This whole mission had dissolved some of the resolve she’d felt when she’d busted down that door in Akihabara. Right now as her eyes were shut the scene flew up before her eyes, she was arresting Shirota Yuu, standing before the lawyers in their deposition room and giving her statement.

Since she was a little girl Tomomasa Rie had loved playing Cops and Robbers.

Then she was five, she was looking up at her mother as she brought her brother in front of her, ear pinched in her hands as she scolded him for stealing from their father.

Yes. Tomomasa Rie had always been the type of child her seniors and adults had trusted to do the right thing. She was the epitome of justice in a little girl.

She remembered going to her first police station when she was seven and being enamored by the atmosphere of the busy cops around her as they hustled and shouted. Others yet were quiet poring over evidence, building cases, filing paperwork as required. She knew she’d wanted to wear those starched blue suits, be a top-notch cop and catch the bad guys and put them away forever.

By the time she was sixteen she had so strongly believed in eradicating the presence of evil from her society that she barely remembered that without the existence of evil there would be no good. She did not want these horrible things like murders, robberies, rapes and other things existing in a society she wanted to raise her children in. She had always been a believer in good things, like pink clouds of cotton candy, blue water you could soak your feet into with your loved one and white extravagant wedding days. She was an eternal optimist, a strong source of good and she touched everyone whose life reached hers.

It was impossible not to be touched by the purity of her heart.

And yet now looking back on her life and the past few months she felt her heart grow distorted.

Where was the system when Christine was snatched unwillingly back into her father’s grasp? Where was the system to protect her when her own husband’s brother was abusing her in her husband’s absence? Where was the protection for sex workers who had children snatched from them when they were barely two days old- and that was if they even got to give birth to those children or get safe abortions. Where was their law when men like Shige got to roam free for attempting to murder the people around him? For that matter, why wasn’t Ikuta Toma already in prison when the world had all but seen the damage this man was capable of after he had his own heart snatched away from him?

Yes, Rie had never expected to be strapped to a chair, her eyes blind folded as she struggled to breathe slowly knowing that her entire body was facing a gun with a full barrel now finally in her twenties. The atmosphere around in the dingy dark room palpable as the countdown reminded her of that one fact.

That she loved to play Cops and Robbers and she’d just realized what a stupid pointless game it was.

A game she had immersed her life in completely, and perhaps that was her fault. After all… you were bound to get out one day.

Today was her turn to get out. She had never expected that she would run to save Toma from getting shot, and take the bullet herself, but somewhere inside of her.

She knew her sense of right and wrong that had never failed her before had been irreparably twisted when she met him.

She couldn’t do this anymore. There was no way at this point when she imagined the chief’s false face in front of her eyes could she work for men like that again. She could never be who she was meant to be and part of her mourned the death of that girl before she could mourn her own death because she had wanted to save the world. As noble and impossible of a cause as it was, she had wanted it more than she’d wanted anything else in the world.

That was why she wanted to save him too.

In the darkness around her now she imagined Toma in front of her. He was looking at her quietly. Peering at her and she felt like she was looking in a mirror because when she lifted her hand he lifted the opposite one.

He was a symbol of everything the system had failed to do right. The symbol of someone who had never seen the other door to turn to, a blemish the world had turned a blind eye to until it became too large to ignore.

Here she was waiting for her last moment to hit her as she envisioned his face and finally answered the question that had plagued her since that first night she’d met him

Why had it been so hard for her to give up on him when she’d seen the damage he could do? When she’d seen how disgustingly murderous he could be? When she’d watched him all but sleep with the woman he loved?

The Toma in front of her glowed, and she felt his hand reach out to grab hers breaking his mirror movements.

There was a smile on his face, not like the ones she usually saw…this one felt genuine.

He was worth it. He was worth her pain, her sorrow and it was too bad that when she finally knew this she was going to -


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