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BC a friend inspired me to try words again.
Rie looked around herself groggily. She had just woken up and she felt her mouth groan loudly. She was parched, she didn’t know what time it was, how many days had passed since Shige had knocked her unconscious, she didn’t know if-

“Oh good…you’re awake.” Christol stepped through the door letting in a glaring light that hurt her eyes. Rie blinked back as she squinted. God her head hurt. She tried to speak but couldn’t do it. “Oh, you’re thirsty right? Here.” Christol walked up to her and gave her a glass of water, Rie gulped it down quickly like she’d been roaming a desert forever. “That’s the effect of the solution they used on you, it dehydrates you.” Rie couldn’t speak. She just held her glass out and saw Christol grab it and go to pour another glass from the jar that was kept to the side. Well if they weren’t planning on making her die of thirst they must have been planning on keeping her alive that was some reassurance. “I know you’re getting your energy back but I’m not your slave so why don’t you go get it yourself next time?”

Rie couldn’t bring herself to do much more than just look at the woman before her. Right now the girl in front of her didn’t look like the woman who had bossed her around. She stood in plain denim shorts and a white T-shirt, a pumped-up ponytail swinging behind her conceited head, Rie thought cruelly as she wiped her mouth and growled internally. Right now she couldn't help but hate Christol, almost 110% certain that somehow she was behind her kidnapping. “Where am I?” She croaked out but her throat still felt so dry that she started coughing.

Christol gave her a look of pity mixed with disgust. “Where do you think you are?” Christol answered back dumbly. “Heaven?” She teased her. Rie could only imagine that God wouldn’t be so cruel to send Christol to pick her up at Heaven’s gates. “This isn’t a movie, and you didn’t die. You’re very much alive.”

“That’s not what I-“ She started coughing again as Christol rolled her eyes.

“Are you even actually in pain? Or is this just some show you put on to make guys pity you? Sweetie this really isn’t working on me.” Rie gave her the dirtiest look she could muster in her weakened state. “Fine, I’ll get you some food. You look pathetic there…moving like a snail. It’s depressing.” She whistled loudly and a younger looking fellow with a beard on his face stepped in. “Yuuki, can you get us some food? Nothing special, bread and butter will do.” Rie gave her a sour look. “What you’re not a princess darling. You’re a prisoner, I can’t very well justify serving you caviar can I? ” Christol laughed to herself as she sat down beside her and that was when Lillith looked down at her hands, each one had a link restraining it, she must have shifted around in her sleep quite a bit because there were indents and marks on her skin. She tried to play with her restraints, seeing how far they would let her go.

She looked up at the distance between Christol and herself. If she really wanted to, she could kick Christol right now…but she wouldn’t because she still didn’t know where the fuck exactly she was. “Where am I?” She repeated dumbly. “Why are you here?”

“You’re at your grave…at least I think you are. We’re all waiting for orders to confirm you’re safe to kill off. They have to kill you at exactly the right time you see, too early and it’ll be blamed on their clan. Too late and it’s too obvious what’s happening between your department and the Yamashita clan.” Rie felt her heart stop as she took in Christol’s smirk. “In the end though, what I wanted to happen, happened. So I really don’t care when it’s going to happen to you so long as you end up dead.”

Rie wanted to feel sad. She really did, but right now at this very moment she couldn’t bring herself to care because at least she was alive now. There would be time to panic later wouldn’t there? It’d be best to just goad more information out of this ditz in front of her. Then she could start planning her escape. “Why do you hate me so much anyways Christol?”

“I hate you because Toma doesn’t hate you. It’s really simple Rie, horrible name by the way, Toma likes you. Because I’m immature. There’s a lot of answers to your question. I don’t really know which one is most true but they’re all true in some way. Does that help?” There was a knock on the door to signal Yuuki’s return and Christol stepped away to grab the food and she came back quickly sitting yoga style in front of Rie whose eyes only increased in size as she saw the way the girl lifted her hand to feed her. “If they’re going to kill you the least I can do is make sure you die fat. Open wide Lily flower!” Despite not wanting to let this girl feed her it was better than Rie feeding herself so she opened her mouth and chomped down roughly on the bread.

“You say we, and then you say they. Why don’t you just decide if you’re with one clan or the other?” She spoke through bites. She should have been polite and finished her food first but fuck that, what need was there to impress the girl who seemed hell bent on ending her life?

Christol looked at her sarcastically, rolling her eyes as if she was saying Story of my life girl! “I would…but they don’t let me decide. You think I’d be here willingly? I’m only here because of you.”

At that Rie scoffed, the girl couldn’t logically believe that that sounded like a convincing excuse right? “Please Christol, you’re only here because of you. You’re enjoying watching me in this situation…but Toma’s not interested in me. Hell you didn’t need to plan that shooting either...if anything that just brought the two of us closer together because you didn’t expect that I was a decent human being did you?”

“No…I’ll give you that. But then again who knows if Ryo decided at the last moment that he’d get a lot more praise for offing Ikuta than he would offing a little noname cop? So maybe I do have something to thank you for Rie. I still wish you could have died when you were supposed to, would have made sure you stayed away from Toma longer.” Christol raised an eyebrow as her eyes trailed down to her chest and Rie followed her gaze as well as she could, part of the bruise that Christol was looking at was obscured from her vision but she could still follow along with what exactly Christol was looking at. “What is that anyways?”

That’s right. She looked back up at Christol’s eyes to see the girl looking at her with a desperate expression on her face. She looked frantic, and though Rie would have under normal circumstances if it had been any other girl, felt bad for her. Right now, Rie wanted to flaunt the bruise in this bitch’s face. “It’s a lot of things Christol." She was pointedly mocking her explanation from earlier. "It’s a test, an apology, a fucking hit and miss.”

“You really need to read more trashy romance novels babe because that’s a hickey...nothing better than a tramp stamp. No wonder Shige said he can’t wait to play with you.” Rie felt herself open her mouth despite herself and angrily take a bite out of the folded bread, plain as it was it tasted delicious and disgusting in her battered throat.

“Fuck off Christol.” She muttered as she chewed.

“You fuck off first, you slept with my boyfriend.” Christol growled back.

Oh god she wasn’t still on this was she? Now that Rie no longer needed to respect her as her boss nothing was holding her back from saying what was already on her mind. “YOU’RE MARRIED! Don’t you think it’s time you let Toma go?"

Rie saw saw a light fly out of her eyes. Whatever mischevious banter they’d been exchanging till now suddenly flew out of the window and they were stuck staring at one another in silence. A minute passed, then another, and all Rie could do was silently eat.

When she was done Christine picked up the plate and left the room.

And then Rie had nothing else to do but sit quietly in the room. The room itself was quite nice, and with her bound hands she knew she could get out and fight but she didn’t feel like it…probably because there had been something in the water, but Rie couldn’t help but doubt that and wonder.

Was she starting to give up? Even just on herself? It was so hard to fight, and now that she was here, at the end. Was there a point to exerting more energy?

Couldn’t she just go as peacefully as possible? It wouldn’t be long until her chief gave Yamashita the go to kill her right? Well so long as her suspicions about her chief were correct.

So Rie took in a deep breath and leaned against the cushioned wall of the room and stretched her legs out, slowly spinning her ankles to fully reach and pull every one of the muscles in her legs.

Mukai was probably worried sick about her though…maybe that would keep her alive longer.


Mukai drove like a maniac.

The chief wanted Ikuta Toma arrested? Fine. Mukai would go into that fucking house and arrest the bastard himself, no back up needed. No mess no fuss, and before he left the place with the ass hole to lock him up he’d make sure he found Rie.

He changed his lanes without putting on his indicator and heard a long honk behind him. He opened up his window as he sped up and threw his finger outside the window flipping off the driver behind him. It probably wasn’t the nicest thing to do but since last night a lot had changed, Mukai had seen a little boy die, his fiancé had all but dropped off the face of the earth and the man he had admired as his boss seemed to be the guy behind it all.

The shipment too, he’d figure out where that was and just like he was going to put Ikuta behind bars, he’d make sure his chief ended up there too.


“Why aren’t you selling her out?” Talia muttered as she sat across from Toma as he lay in his bed, his eyes shut tight.

“Because I know she didn’t do it. She’s probably scared out of her mind right now, Talia.” Everytime he thought about Lillith he felt this exhausting version of guilt. Bringing her with him last night was a big mistake- hell everything about what had happened between them last night had just been the biggest mistake he'd ever made around her...and god knew that the more time he spent with the optimist the more he began to believe that maybe even he could-

No. He shook his head. He couldn't. He wouldn't. That wasn't meant for him anymore.

He would have called Christine to see if Lillith was still alive “ but he wasn’t sure she’d want to talk to him, and he was even less sure that she would have relayed that information to him no matter how much she loved him. Their parting while sweet hadn’t exactly been without its problems.

The last words he'd heard her say to him still echoed within the confines of his mind.

The sad thing is Toma, I'll always know- even if you don't want to tell me. I'll always know how you really feel.

“She could have done it you know- she could have fooled you, didn’t you think of that?” Talia pushing this topic was making him uncharacteristically growl at her. At closer look though, he saw Talia looked apologetic. Why would she be sorry? “I can’t believe he’s actually letting you go into prison for this my dad's crazy-“

Everything suddenly clicked into place as Toma peered closer at Talia, he shifted himself upwards to look at her and though it was painful being upright he made sure to look at her with enough ferocity in his expression that she’d know lying to him was a big mistake. "Talia, what were you doing in my room that day?”

“What?” She shot back faster than he'd expected. Like she'd expected and rehearsed this answer.

“My room. I left Rie decoy papers in the club. So you’re right she was a spy but she got the wrong information. Someone else didn’t. Someone else got Yamashita to the right information. What were you doing in my room that day Talia?”

“Rie- what? Toma-“

“Talia answer the question.” She was caught off guard. She’d thought she’d performed flawlessly. She’d done everything she was supposed to and tonight, after making sure Toma would live and apologizing to him (well…in her own way), she was going to leave.

She stood up, she’d made sure he was okay so she didn’t need to stay or answer his question. Toma had always been a vehicle by which she managed to keep her father’s attentions off her. His utility had outrun its purpose. “Why do you think I was here?” She finally said softly.

“I think you were here because you’re the rat.” She felt her lips quirk slightly. “It’s odd isn’t it? You stay away from me. I stay away from you. So why would you be in my room? I should have pushed you more that day but I was tired…and you were ready to run.”

“Aren’t you going to ask me why?”

“Weren’t you involved with Koyama, Christine’s guard, behind your dad’s back?”

“I was involved with Koyama long before he was her ‘guard’ Toma. I’ve been involved with him for the past five years. Then, he was assigned Lillith duty and ordered to snatch the information from her, but she never did get the right intel. I knew you wouldn’t trust her. He never believed me. So I got the information myself and proved it to him.” Talia raised her eyes to meet his. “You won’t rat me out to dad?”

“I could.” He shrugged but something about the way he sat and looked at her let Talia know that despite his words he’d give her a chance to run first, which is all she really wanted. Once she was in the Yamashita house she’d be safe, even from her own father. She wouldn’t be looked upon too favorably, people who betrayed their families never were, but it was the price she had to pay for having Koyama safe and in her life so she’d pay it. “Aren’t you ashamed of yourself though Talia? You ruined everything. You killed half our clan singlehandedly. And you don’t feel the slightest shred of remorse or guilt?”

“I do…but the alternative was far worse, at least for me. I can live with the choices I mea." Her hands were shaking as she looked up at her would-be husband."At least this way, dad will know to let me go.”

“Let you go?” Toma snickered, this girl was deluded if she thought this was any manner by which to get Takuya to healthily let go of his daughter and enter the folds of a clan he had detested since birth. “To heaven maybe...if he'd ever been ready to let go of you don't you think he would have left Christine and I alone all those years ago?”

She cringed. “Maybe he will kill me for this...but I did it more so that Koyama wouldn’t fail his mission and get killed himself, so I guess it’s not that bad an option either if I die in his place because I helped him succeed.” Talia hiccupped as she held back a sob. “I’m leaving now.”

“Look at us.” Toma snickered as Talia made her way to the door. She couldn’t stay any longer, simply for the reason that Toma could change his mind at any moment and holler for someone and then she’d really be stuck here forever, either in the ground or kept in her room locked away and neither seemed like an appealing option to her.

Not after they saw so many of their people buried today, and sure it was all her fault, but she couldn’t bring herself to regret it because she’d known if she hadn’t that Yamashita who had so cruelly snatched Christine away from their family would have put Koyama in the ground himself. His excuse to watch over Christine had always been just that- an excuse.

“We’re just all going off to make our own futures aren’t we? You’re running away, I’m being sent to prison, Jun’s going to take over, exactly as he’s always wanted, and Mao well she’ll stay here the good girl she is.”

“You should be grateful to Mao.” Talia bit back. “She’s the one who took such good care of you.”

“Yeah…after you made your father beat me up for protecting an innocent girl.” Though he was speaking of a harsh reality, Toma's voice held no malice in his tone. Regardless Talia felt herself become heavy with guilt when she heard him say the last words he would ever say to her. “Get out, Talia.”

She didn’t hesitate for another moment. As she began to leave the house she grew up in, despite herself she felt her eyes tear up. As soon as she reached her room, the bags that had been packed and waiting for her hidden in her closet were pulled out.

It was the dead of the night, and this was as good a time as any to sneak out.

As she covered herself with her scarf, she struggled to keep the sobs in her chest from releasing. She knew what she was signing up for the moment she’d betrayed her family, she knew that there was only path left for her and she’d taken her actions just so she could follow this path guilt-free.

So why did she feel like she’d done everything she’d wanted to in the worst way possible?

She could only be thankful when she heard the guards off beating someone else for trying to enter the house, this meant she could leave without much attention being drawn to her. Everyone knew that when the house was in mourning you didn’t leave…but she would. It would be the only way she could leave without being noticed.

So she ducked away into her car that she’d parked a few meters down from her house, away from all the cameras and drove.

She just hoped that Yamashita wasn’t as heartless as he looked and that all her sacrifices had guaranteed her future with Koyama.

Hell considering the way she’d behaved towards her own family she wouldn’t be shocked if Yamashita found her so despicable that he put the bullet in her himself.


“Little Rie, I heard you’ve been displeasing the lady of the house. Not smart.” Rie’s head jerked up at the appearance of Shige. “I came to tell you to- fuck it, you can’t be presentable. Can we let her shower? She can’t meet Yamashita-shachou like this can she?” He was speaking to someone outside, and Rie could only assume it was Yuuki the guy that Christol had called out to before.

“I’m not getting all dolled up for that bastard.” Shige turned to look at her with a smile on his face but she could tell that he was livid with her for calling his boss a bastard. She couldn’t bring herself to care.

“No we mustn’t forget, you’re Toma’s little slut...”

“Once again, you have the wrong girl Shige. That would be the lady of this house.” Shige came up to her and slapped her right across the face.

“She deserves respect in this house Rie, is that clear? If it wouldn’t kill Mukai to see you dead, I’d kill you myself…but your death needs to be handled with care or we’ll have the cops on our asses.”

When she turned back to look at him, she pretended to act innocent, despite the fact there was blood building inside her mouth. “Don’t you guys pay them off well enough that they’ll cover it up?” Shige’s eyebrows lifted as he smirked at her.

“Not as dumb as you look?”

“No, I am as dumb…you practically spelled it out for me in the hospital room, or don’t you remember?”

“No I remember…so you did understand what I was saying then. And I was way too high on pain killers.” He sat down beside her rather amicably she thought considering how their relationship had transformed since she’d first met him thinking he was an innocent guest at the bar with a crush on her.

“Mukai said you’re married. I can’t imagine someone loving you.”

“I am. He attended the wedding, I like your fiancé quite a bit actually so I invited him. Of course he has no idea who I actually am." He agreed. “He’s a good guy though, the type of guy I wish I could be. That’s why I messed with your head when I first got assigned to tracking your moves. I figured it’d be one step closer to being Mukai if I could play around a bit with you.”

Rie raised an eyebrow. “Why would you want to be Mukai?” There were miles and miles of differences between those two, but Rie had a feeling that if she vocalized her thoughts Shige would slap her again and as much as she hated him. He did slap quite hard, so she’d refrain from being cheeky for now.

“He’s good, he has a heart of gold, and I know that the type of guy he is. He’ll give anything to save you.”

“If you save me, you could be him.” She teased and Shige laughed right alongside her.

“Yes but then I’d have to like you and I realize that’s one difference with Mukai I enjoy having. I like being bad, I like being cruel and I like being able to know that I’ll be the one gunning you down in a few days Rie, women like you are the worst.”

“Yamashita gave you the grand honor so you decided to get to know your victim?” She pointed between them, for someone who had been direly scared of getting killed by Toma she was shocked to find that now sitting across this guy she felt shockingly calm as he announced he was going to be shooting her.

Shige didn’t scare her she realized, if she wanted to- she could get away and she would. “Something like that.”


“Boss!” Takuya lifted himself from his bed as he saw his guard Yuu’s frantic expression. “They caught a cop outside. He was a bit “ rowdy so the boys managed to keep him calm but he’s looking for someone.” Yuu cringed as he saw Takuya’s eyebrows furrow and he got up and wrapped himself in his robe and came out of the room. As his guards surrounded him and they walked towards the entryway that Yuu led them to, Takuya saw Toma heading down the same way.

“If you’re already up and walking I mustn’t have hit you hard enough.” He called out to the boy who turned to look at him, for a second Toma looked caught off guard but just as quickly he shrugged it off.

“You probably didn’t." He agreed and then smiling responded. "You never do anymore. You’re the showy type of guy nowadays Takuya-sama, more blood less injuring.” Takuya wanted to laugh, because his son was throwing things back in his face so well that he was tempted to pat him on the back. “As it is, the cop asked to speak with me. Another one of the guard boys got me.” He limped towards the door and Takuya realized that kneeling for as long as he had had hurt his legs. He looked towards Yuu and immediately the guard had raced over to Toma’s side to help him walk.

When they stumbled upon their intruder on the floor, held up by his arms Takuya was shocked to find that the guy had more than a considerable measure of distaste in his gaze. “And who might you be to look at me like that, kid?”

“Bow your gaze!” One of the guards hit the cop’s head with the back of his gun and his head staggered over like a bobble someone might keep on top of a car. The guy shut his eyes groaning in pain.

“You’re her boyfriend aren't you? Rie’s boyfriend.” Toma muttered as the guy looked up. Takuya took a deep breath, if this had to do with that girl who had singlehandedly managed to seduce her way into this clan’s destruction he’d kill the guy on the spot.

Toma, he cared for. Whoever else she had screwed over, their lives were expendable. “Ikuta fucking Toma.” The guy sounded positively venomous as he looked up at him.

Toma looked to Takuya and nodded his head. “Sorry, I don’t know your real name or I’d fuck it up a bit too.”

“Mukai Osamu at your service.” The guy was struggling a bit with saliva and blood and Takuya cringed a little seeing the way the guy wormed the spit in his mouth and released it on his fine wooden flooring.

“Let him go,” Takuya squinted at Mukai Osamu as he collapsed on the floor rolling over holding onto his chest. “For a cop, you’re mighty weak Mukai Osamu-san. One wonders how someone like that thinks he can barge into my household and expect to live, on a day that most intelligent men in your force would not test our patience."

“Blame it on the fact you’re holding my fiancé hostage will you? Can’t focus on kicking your asses right now as well as I normally can.” He coughed out and Toma’s eyes widened as he looked at the guy on the floor.

Fiancé? Rie was this guy’s fiancé? “She’s not here.” The guilt that came when he thought of that foolishly loyal girl grew heavier when he saw the pang of pain flash through Mukai’s eyes.

With a voice demanding explanations, Takuya spat out. “What’s going on here?” He had never been so unaware of something happening in his own house under his nose. What was this girl and would she continue to disturb the Takuyas every step of the way?

“Takuya-sama, you never let me finish earlier today…will you hear me now?” It was true, he had been pre-emptively angry but it was only easy to blame the situation on Toma’s obvious partiality towards the new female in the clan who had gained importance startlingly quickly. The only one of their people whose body was not to be found on the grounds of the drug trade. “I knew there was something wrong with that girl. She was too shifty, too eager to please, too naïve and new, she was a horrible under-cover agent-“

“Though I’m sure in combat she kicked your ass.” Mukai coughed out and Toma almost smirked before he caught himself.

He couldn’t disagree. She did kick his ass and he’d never thought he’d have to actually use that needle in his jacket when he’d finally shoved it into her veins to knock her unconscious. “I planted false information for that girl because I suspected she was some sort of spy for Yamashita.” Toma finished finally as Takuya looked at the cop before him. “I sent them to a completely different port four hours away, it was better than not giving her any information at all. It was best to keep their resources and attention focused elsewhere.” Takuya marveled at his prize killer’s intelligence. There was a reason he had placed Toma at the helm of his operations and that was because nothing escaped his eye. His instincts hadn’t been wrong, but then what had happened?

Mukai nodded scoffing as he looked back between the boss and his crown prince eagerly discussing their illicit activities without restraint before him. They were probably going to off him too, just like Kei. “And you sickos sent us a nice gift with that too. You killed one of our team members.”

“We didn’t kill anyone last night. All of our resources were focused on the shipment. The only other businesses operating last night were the brothels and the traffickers in the areas, and unless your cop was trying to get smart with my madams he would have been safe from our side.” Takuya cut Mukai off with a clear glance to his head. “What is going on here Toma? If it wasn’t your little toy, who would be foolish enough to jeopardize their standing in the family by leaking information to that family?”

“Lillith was a cop Takuya-sama and this guy right here…I’m guessing he was just helping her try and take us down.”

Silence blanketed the hallway as Takuya felt his jaw drop and he laughed a little bit, covering his mouth in a way that made all the workers in the hallway cringe. It was his tell-tale sign he was ready to begin another rampage. “So we let a cop into our midst when we were trying to take over Akihabara? I really should have hit you harder today Toma.”

Toma laughed back, a little too arrogantly for Takuya’s taste. “Maybe you should hit Jun because he’s the one who suggested it.”

In a second, Takuya disagreed with him. “Or I should hit you because you let your judgment fail you from stopping him from making such a decision.” Really, everyone in the family knew that while talented Jun was too impatient, impulsive and impertinent. He didn’t have the ability to lead a group. Toma on the other hand was rational, careful, and aggressive... and so Takuya would rest the blame on his shoulders because Jun may have pushed it but Toma should have been the one saying no.

“Oliver was dead we had no choice!” Though if perhaps a girl like her had offered her services day and night, perhaps Takuya wouldn’t have been able to say no either in his past.

Finally tired of being overlooked their little cop barked loudly again, like an irritating dog that didn’t know when to keep its mouth shut. “Sorry to interrupt this little slap fest but if she isn’t here, where the hell is she? I'm not leaving this house without some shred of knowledge.” How valiant, Takuya smirked looking at the idiotically brave man before him.

Takuya’s eyes sidled over to the man whose arms were crossed over his chest. “She ran away with the Yamashita’s last night.” Takuya answered for him as Toma tutted and shook his head.

“No I’m pretty sure she was taken sir. She’s the perfect fall victim for the real culprit. She’s the newest, she doesn’t have the trust of the family, she pushes her way into getting more information- but there’s another person who did outsmart me.” Toma took a deep breath as he looked out of the window.

It had been at least an hour right?

He had done all he had to do for that girl by giving her the head start she needed. “I hate to tell you this but-“

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Bc I miss writing and this story is always in my mind.


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