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BC its been exactly two years...and I figured that's a bit long.

Toma reached the trucks parking point, his mind in a panic as he took in the aftermath of this night’s catastrophe. He could see the last of the vehicles take a turn and screamed after them, his feet kicking up harder against the ground.

He was too fucking late, or he was just in time. Depending on whether he was happy, he would get to live since everyone that had come to disturb the shipment had vanished from the scene. God knew he would have been out numbered if that guy on the beach had been telling him the truth.

As he grew closer the stench of death hit his nostrils, the blood seeping out of the bodies around him was fresh. He coughed covering his mouth, running harder and feeling his eyes bug out of their sockets as they took in their surroundings. He dashed from body to body, the panic in his heart growing ever faster still.

Not one of his people was alive. “What happened?!” He screamed but no one was alive to listen or answer.

He was too late, fuck he knew he shouldn’t have spent all that time with that idiot out there. The last figure as he reached it, he saw was Massu and his heart hammered in his chest as he lifted the boy on top of his arm. “Massu, Massu!” He shook the boy by his shoulders. “Come on! Massu! Are you-“

After what seemed like eternity a look of discomfort mixed with pain crossed the young boy's face. “Fuck off Toma, you’re too late.” The guy coughed out, blood spattering out from his mouth and the guilt set into Toma's face.

Massu looked at his boss in somewhat of a shock, he didn’t often see Toma emotional but right now it looked like someone had taken Toma’s guts out of his body and left them outside for all the world to stare. He heard the older man gulp noisily as he wiped at Massu’s forehead. He might as well tell him what happened with his last few breaths…anyone who looked this sorry to see him go deserved to know whatever they wanted.

Massu felt bad dying without helping Toma get his justice, when it was too obvious now that no one had planned for tonight to succeed. “He was here. He’s stronger. They’re all stronger.” He doubled over himself with a sudden bout of pain and Toma felt his instincts kick in.

"Don't say another word." If Massu had the energy to talk, he had the energy to be saved. He quickly picked the guy up onto the back of his shoulders and somehow managed to run the 10 minute distance to his car within an alarmingly short time. He passed the port and felt his eyes drawn towards the sea. It appeared as if it was the only pristine section of the area not littered with some dead body or the other.

Now that he thought of it, it had been smart of him to park so far. “Fucking leave me Toma, Jun and the others ran like dogs its okay.” Massu grunted out in pain as he struggled to get away from him. “You can run too.”

“Shut up and save your energy. This isn’t for your sake. We’ve lost too many men for me to let you die now. I need people on my side.”

“The Spanish-“ Massu coughed out and Toma panicked just a little seeing the way his skin had turned into a stony grey colour. Like there was barely any life in him.

“They’ll take care of themselves. Takuya would have been smart enough to get them safe, and Jun was with you guys wasn’t he?” Massu coughed, or it could have been laughter. Toma couldn’t really tell but he knew he’d just given a sorry excuse for his own absence right now. “I’m sorry I wasn’t around.”

"Why? They would have just shot you too and this time that girl wouldn't be there to save you." Toma looked shocked at the crass way his junior spoke but he couldn't hold it against him. Massu leaned against the back of the seat as Toma sped through the highway. He’d drop Massu off at the hospital and drive away as soon as possible. Maybe hide out in the house...then again considering that the shipment had been fucking stolen he probably wasn’t safe in the house either.

It wasn’t like the streets would be safe either. The police were probably pissed since he’d fed Rie wrong information and sent them to a completely different port.

Quickly remembering Jin must have messaged him he flicked through his phone. He was happy to see he was right, but as he read the text he realized exactly how much more fucked they were. Someone knew they had sent them to the wrong port, and they were trying to make sure the police had a crime to charge someone in their clan with.

Some kid in a boat showed up dead. He used to work with them. Someone’s trying to fuck us over. As soon as I saw that kid tailed it out of there. Meet me at the house. Takuya’s going to need to hear about this.

Fuck. Someone was trying to frame a murder on them…and the police always made such a big fucking mess of things when it was one of their own. Toma groaned and looked at Massu who grew paler and his breaths became even more shallow. “A bit longer, then we’re out of the woods.” He said as he sped off the exit. “Just a bit longer Massu.”

And then there was Rie. As they hit a stoplight he banged his fist again the steering wheel and pushed the accelerator anyways, he didn’t have time to wait and thankfully the streets were abandoned enough that he didn’t die because of his impulsive behavior.

After reading that message- there was probably only one outcome for her anyways. Whether she was with the Takuyas or the Yamashitas. He didn’t know why they’d taken her, maybe that had been what she so desperately wanted to tell him-

And he hadn’t let her.

He felt his throat close upon itself and his fingers tightened on the stick shift as he changed gears and parked in the hospital bounding outside of the door. He stepped through with Massu’s weakened body and realized that he had been shot in exactly the same spot that Rie had.

He rubbed his head, it had never been him they’d been after that night, Yamapi, Christine, Takuya or whoever the fuck it was that was trying to mess up his life. It had always been her. They’d always been trying to shut her down. Why she’d turned into the victim, he wasn’t sure but he was pretty sure of one thing now.

She definitely had a reason to be paranoid that she was going to die.

Why else would Yamashita want a cop who had failed to do her tasks properly? The only girl who had challenged Christine’s standing in Tryst, in his world?

He shut the door seeing the doctor’s rush to work on Massu and drove into the house.

And now he really didn’t know how he was going to keep his promise.

Because keeping her safe seemed like the hardest thing to do in the world right now. Unlike his assumptions, Rie seemed destined for death.


“She’s taken somewhere and I’m sure of it sir, she’s not safe. I assure you that. We need to get in and pull her out.” Mukai was thankful that chief assistant Inagaki was the one saying all of this and not him. “Kei and she were the ones who carried over the information to you that night, that means she’s in danger.” The chief turned to look at Inagaki and Mukai and shook his head.

“Do you think I don’t understand that? I have the world scouring for her and that shipment but you know the rules, it’s 24 hours missing until we decide to pull her out. Or we jeopardize her cover. We do not invade the Takuya house until that point.”

“How much more can she already be in jeopardy? Fuck cover!” Mukai didn’t realize it but he was yelling. Everyone else in the department had realized it however as they watched the fiancé of their rookie run his hands through his hair. “It’s already too fucking late. We need to get in there. They must have known she was a rat why else would they have given her the wrong information. They’ve done something to her. I’m sure of it sir. Please…don’t let her stay there any longer.” The pain in his voice left an uncomfortable sort of atmosphere in the department as everyone looked at each other with barely withheld pity for the guy in their eyes.

“I don’t think they quite had time to Mukai.” Ryusei spoke up from the back of the room. Mukai turned on him, his fury at being contested evident on his face. “My sources at the hospital tell me they’ve been treating one of the Takuya members for gunshot wounds. We all know what Ikuta Toma did a few days ago, sending one of the most prized Yamashita assassins to his death. No matter if we were assigned to the wrong area there is some inter-clan tension here and it came to a head last night.”

“Are there any updates on Rie and the shipment?” The chief called out exhausted as he walked towards his office, indicating his conversation with Mukai and chief assistant Inagaki-san was over.

“She’s not at her apartment, I just got back from checking.” Mukai heard Hidori speak up, the girl still had her jacket on. Mukai nodded gratefully at her as she avoided his gaze and sat down in her seat.

“The Tryst girls say they haven’t seen her seen the day before last. I don’t know how much we can trust them but there you have it.” Eisai spoke up and Mukai nodded at him too. He doubted those girls would say the truth, they were fucking covers for the gang in the first place…but maybe if he scared them into it one of them would end up cracking.

“We can’t track down any of the members, they’re all in the Takuya house. I could be wrong, but they’re definitely mourning something. Spies in the area say no one has entered or left that house since 5AM last night when Ikuta’s car drove in. We know from the 2005 invasion the Yamashita’s placed on the Takuya house, on those days no one leaves the house. The shipment is either kept there or that’s exactly what they’re mourning. Ryusei and I have this theory that the Yamashitas did what they do best and hijacked their shipment last night.” Chihiro turned to look at Mukai sadly and felt his gaze drop to the floor.

“Keep working on that Chihiro I think it’s a probable idea, we can’t reach out to the Yamashita spies but- if we can prove Ikuta was the one who handled the murder a few days back, I have a feeling Takuya will let him go to prison this time. We can finally bring down one.”

“To what let another one back on the throne?” Mukai muttered under his breath and saw both chiefs turn to look at him shocked at his words. Mukai had never been that blatantly disrespective of the chief’s orders before. Inagaki looked at him with a mixture of pride and regret at his bravery. The chief looked like he was about to discipline him.

“Go home Mukai.”

“Why because I’ll challenge you again?”

“Our job is putting guys like Ikuta away...Mukai don’t you think you’re forgetting that?” The department peered on closer as they saw the way the chief belittled the star of their department. While the two normally got along well it was no secret that because Mukai had climbed up the ranks so quickly, the chief made more than enough allocations to keep him happy in his current position…including letting Rie be in Drug control.

“Bet he’ll back down and go home.” Chihiro heard Ryusei whisper in her ear as she rolled her eyes.

“Do you even know Mukai? There’s no way he’s backing down from that. He’ll get suspended but he won’t let the chief talk to him like that.” Ryusei held his hand out for the bet and Chihiro placed her hand in his shaking it profusely as they watched as the two power figures in their department stared each other down.

Then finally Mukai spoke. “No, our job was to stop the drug shipment from coming into the country AND we failed. It’s time for damage control but for some reason-“

“Before you say something that makes me suspend you Mukai leave. Inagaki.” The chief looked to his assistant to nodded and grabbed Mukai’s shoulder clapping a hand on his mouth just in case he said something he would regret.

Now Mukai understood. Now it made perfect sense why Rie had been so scared when she’d spoken to him that night when he was in her apartment. How could he have just- he shut his eyes tightly willing himself not to cry.

If she wasn’t dead yet, he was sure she would be in the next 24 hours.

“DAD!” Mao shrieked as she walked into the room and saw half of Toma’s face stained in the red she recognized all too well. His blood had splattered over the wooden floor of her father’s office, no doubt from the multiple hits he’d faced by now. As she looked closer she saw that there were fresh red gashes, slashed across his chest like someone had been trying to make myriads of whip marks into patterns.

The bile rose in her throat as a hand rose to her mouth, tears flooding her eyes. She felt her mind shut off as she made a move to stop this. She raced forward to try and stand by her brother-in-law’s side when she felt Jun’s fingers reach into her shoulder and pull her back. She looked back up at him and then at Talia who was standing frozen as she took in Toma’s bloody frame. “What are you two doing?” She hissed quietly as she looked at the image in front of them. These were the two people who were supposed to be closest to her and right now she was disgusted by the mere sight of them. “He could kill him, Talia stop dad!”

“And what? Hand over the business to your scheming little fiancée there? As if. Toma’s safe… he just needs to be punished which if you ask me with the way he’s been behaving isn’t such a bad idea.” Talia rolled her eyes and at the exceptionally dirty look Jun was throwing at her, simply tossed her hair over her shoulder. “It isn’t Toma’s fault anyways what happened last night. Dad knows that, he knows there’s a rat. He just can’t figure out who it is…that Lillith girl vanished into thin air. It’s probably her.” Talia’s breath was a bit ragged though as she spoke and Mao couldn’t help but shudder internally. “Don’t you think so?”

“Why do you think so? Any of us could be the rat, anyone who had access to that information. Lillith didn’t remember? Last time she came here she talked about the way Toma didn’t trust her.” Mao muttered. She didn’t think there was anything indicating that the girl was a rat, for heaven’s sake she’d been abducted and T.O.P had been killed “ but then again Mao had never been particularly knowledgable about these things. Content to sit out. When she’d spoken out of turn as a child she’d been beaten bloody by her own father.

And looking back at Toma’s own bludgered face, she thought it was only too easy to remember why she resisted speaking up in the first place.

“Why would the Yamashita’s take her if she wasn’t their rat? I don’t think she was abducted Mao, I think she was saved. If she was really one of us she would have been shot last night along with T.O.P don’t you think?” Jun offered up and Mao was shocked at the smile that grew on Talia’s face as she realized Jun was supporting her.
“Right. Mao, it makes total sense you’re the only one that doesn’t see it. Tell Dad Jun.” Talia patted Jun’s shoulder happily. “And it makes perfect sense that Toma would fall for her.” Talia laughed rather cruelly Mao thought. “He’s never been very lucky has he? Every time he even lets his heart falter, it ends in catastrophe.” At that, Jun cracked a smile.

“That is true. He never knows how to hold himself back. He’s getting beat up because he refuses to admit that she’s guilty. What an idiot.” He agreed but neither of them could speak more as they heard Takuya speak again, his voice dreadfully calm.

“So what do we do now Toma? What do you want me to do with you?”

“Suspend me. You think I let a rat in. I don’t. I’m not going to change my-” He couldn’t finish his sentence though because he could no longer speak without coughing. Takuya saw Toma’s eyes squint in pain and he felt his heart squeeze for a second.

Toma was the boy he thought of as his son, even his hard heart couldn't bear the sight of the pain he'd put him through...but this was their business, their tradition, so he readied his hand again. “If I suspend you, you know what I have to do next.”

“Let Talia handle it?” Toma attempted to smile but his teeth were so caked with red, it looked rather disgusting if Mao had to say so herself. Even as he sniffled, and laughed acting like he wasn’t affected by the pain she saw the way the blood trickled down his mouth. He rubbed his mouth but it only served to stain the lower half of his face with a strange red tint that made Talia cringe.

Talia had never wanted him to look like that but she knew she had to stay impartial. Or there would be even worse consequences for her, she just needed time “ then she could do everything else she needed to. “No. I’ll be done with you. That will be it.”

“Like fuck you’ll ever be done with me.” Toma laughed a little more and when Takuya didn’t respond he just looked up at the guy. “Just fuck my life up a little more, I dare you Takuya-sama.”

“Toma don’t say another word, if I hit you anymore I’ll end up killing you.” This time Toma didn’t say a word, he just continued looking on at the floor. Takuya stood waiting for Toma to express some sort of emotion and when he didn’t he took the boy’s face and tilted it upwards bringing their gazes together.

When he saw shocked him. It was- gratitude.

Takuya was caught off guard as he examined Toma’s rigid face, the boy before him struggled to hold himself upright, each breath shakier than the last.

He could no longer stand the sight of the weak Toma before him as he barged out of the room and almost immediately saw Mao burst forward and catch Toma so that his bloodied figure fell on her dress and not on the floor, just so his fall from grace could be a little less painful.

She had always cared too much about people, Takuya couldn’t help but sneer as he watched his other children look between themselves as Mao yelled at them to bring bandages and balms. Toma didn’t fight her, how could he when he could barely move?

Takuya shuddered as he remembered the way Toma looked at him. He knew he hadn’t been fair with the boy, but even just letting him live had been the greatest gratitude he could afford the boy. He let his mind drift back to the first interaction he’d had with the boy.

As a child the boy had kicked at him through the stomach of his mother. He remembered when his mother had come to him with the news she was pregnant. She hadn’t been too special…and he’d debated killing her. What good was a prostitute in your brothel if she was pregnant? She begged to keep the child, kissed his feet, and pleaded with him. Forcefully she’d grabbed his hand and pressed it to her stomach, and even Takuya’s own inhumane soul could no longer endure it when the child kicked right at him. It was the first time he’d kicked she'd said. She could have easily been lying, but Takuya felt an odd connection with the child within her.

He knew there had been cases when the women had been allowed to give birth, he had let some of the women keep their children in a separate house. Takuya was an evil man but even he wasn’t without his good points. He considered that house where he raised these children to leave the business they were born into one of his only redeeming businesses. He never devoted too much money to it, just enough to keep it running after all- more than a few of those children there in the past had been his own. Christine was the perfect example of that sort of child.

When he started keeping track of Christine he learned that she had become close to that woman’s son and another daughter that lady had had later. He let them be, and live out their peaceful life. They went through all the proper procedures and left the house they were born into to build their own house.

He had been happy for her, though he didn’t have much affection for her he was happy that he had let that boy live when he was still in his mother’s stomach.

He’d planned on leaving them alone, until the Yamashita’s had massacred his world and in an attempt to salvage his house, his family and his clan he promised them a daughter but he couldn’t imagine giving Mao nor Talia to a house that foul and disgusting. The very thought of it made him feel like he would have truly lost to the Yamashitas. So he bided his time and offered Christine as his eldest daughter, claiming her mother had died- which was true, in childbirth Christine’s mother had died.

And why would they not be happy with her, Christine was ethereally beautiful, the daughter of a gorgeous German woman who had entranced him for weeks.

Within days, he had married his other daughter who had never done much more than look at from a distance- and yet he couldn’t help but feel apologetic towards her, and the boy he had once allowed to live.

Imagine his surprise when he saw the boy come back to this world he'd left, day after day to fight for her hand back- even after she was married. Initially feeling bad for him Takuya told the guards to send him away without a beating but when it got more and more irritating he was beat harder each time he came back.

Until one time he was almost left for dead and as he gasped painfully, Takuya wondered if being so persistent about something he loved wasn’t indeed a good characteristic. A man of such character, would it not be a waste to let him be killed like this?

So Takuya decided to save him yet once more. When Toma woke up from the last beating he'd gotten from Takuya before today, he pestered with the head of the clan with the same question he always did, 'Please may I marry Christine?'

This time, instead of laughing Takuya gave him a choice. He could train as a member of the clan and take her back himself one day or he could die today.

The hope of having Christine one day was enough for him to choose life in the clan. Once dedicated, Toma surprised him. Whatever the boy was determined to do, he did excellently and Takuya was shocked as he became nothing short of a killing machine. He was efficient, and he brought results, his most promising protégé Matsumoto Jun was quickly being dethroned as Ikuta took over the position that Matsumoto had slaved after year after year, the head of Drug Distribution.

Takuya had always wanted a son, but it had not been in his fate and his daughters had held no interest in the business so he decided that he’d make Toma family. It wasn’t a hard choice, and soon after Toma had been engaged to Talia he announced he was bringing Christine back to the family.

Takuya knew to trust Toma’s judgment and permitted it only because he knew that in Toma’s situation he wouldn’t have been able to hold himself back either. He’d made Toma promise not to kill the man who had taken advantage of Christine though. Their tentative truce with the Yamashita’s was all built on the one marriage. An unhappy marriage sure but it was necessary for the Takuya clan’s survival. Killing Nagase would only ruin that truce.

He should have known to never send Toma to retrieve her, because it was a mistake to let the man who loved his daughter so dearly, be in the same house as the man who had snatched away every shred of her dignity.

When Yamashita Tomohisa returned himself from his foreign education he asked for Christine back but Toma refused to give her…and so did Takuya. Christine herself refused to go…and so their strange tentative truce began to be broken apart every day that Christine stayed in this house with Toma. He knew he had been preparing for a war with that clan for some time now, but he’d let Toma do brazenly whatever he’d wanted because- well because- he didn’t love many people in his life… and he didn’t know how to show it either.

He wasn’t sure when he started loving the boy whose life he had only too many opportunities to end but something about the innocence of Toma’s behavior but his ability to change who he completely was to fulfill whatever his heart desired- Takuya had to admire him for that.

He hadn’t been kind to Toma, or to Christine for that matter, in their lives. He had let them live, but he realized now he had never given them a chance to live a life that they’d wanted.

He couldn’t do much to save Christine now. This time she had willingly bartered herself off to save Toma.

But he could still let this boy who had developed a strange affection for go away, live whatever was left of his life to his own devices…at least for a while. It seemed that was what Toma wanted as well, and so Takuya would do it.

As it was the clan was expecting his death, and Takuya couldn’t bring himself to kill him. It would be best to let him go with the police, at least there he’d remain alive. Takuya couldn’t guarantee his safety in this house where the clan would turn on Toma because of that girl.

What was her name again?



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