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The door swung upon with such ferocity with the man yelling as if his life depended on it. “RIE!”

She turned around from the fighting stance she was in to see her fiancé running towards her as she got off the mat, her gloved hands falling to her sides as he crossed the wooden paneled gym towards her.

Today all the students had rushed down to the foyer to find out whether they’d gotten into the department and precinct of their choice when filling out their applications to each station.

Not Rie though, the moment she’d woken up she’d run to the gym to practice her boxing. She didn’t care so much about who she worked for so long as she worked for what she wanted.

Busting the bad guys and making sure they ate dirt and understood that they could never ever turn the law to benefit them. Without no good there would be no evil…and her job was to take care of that evil.

Of course if it were up to her she would work under Mukai Osamu without a doubt. He had been the best teacher she'd ever had, she grew so enamored with his stories of working on the front line that she couldn't help but constantly go up to him after class, invite him out to coffee, which turned into a dinner, which turned into that new cop movie...which had turned into a kiss that had changed them.

Which thankfully had now turned into something that she looked at now as her eyes fell on her left hand, inspecting the diamond.

She turned towards her fiancé as he ran to her and without a second's notice pulled her into the tightest embrace she had ever felt from him. “Osamu! Are you allowed to be here? You have work right now! Stop hugging me you’ll get sweat all over your grey suit!” She pushed herself off him as she straightened the suit of the ridiculously smiling boy in front of her.

“SO DO YOU!” He grabbed her again and pulled her in but this time she froze in his arms as she realized the implications of his words. What they meant, and what that meant for her.

She broke apart from him and stared up at his eyes. “Are you saying-“

“You made it into Drug Control Mukai Rie. Welcome to my world.” His smile was infectious and he looked so happy that when she finally let out a breath she was shocked at how relieved she sounded. She couldn’t stop the same foolish grin from spreading across her own face as she launched herself onto his lips and held him tight within her arms.

To hell with his suit she couldn't help but think as she clutched onto the lapels of his blazer and pulled away from him.

“God, are you going to be able to take me 24/7? And I’m still Tomomasa for a while you know.” She teased as she rested her eyes her half-gloved hands hanging limply from his shoulders.

“I ran here to tell you when I saw your name on the new recruit list. Can’t have more perfect timing too.” He embraced her and she raised an eyebrow.

“Why is that Mukai-san?” She teased and he moved apart looking coy as he waved his hands.

“Well our last hot girl is on pregnant leave.”

“Of course. I’m just filling out a quota.” She winked.

“And I want you to move in with me.” That caught her attention. His eyes danced with the light that was pouring in from the windows on the top of the large ceiling gym. She couldn’t help but hit him on the arm as she stared at him appalled at what he had just said. “OW!”

She glared at him. “Mukai-kun you are such an idiot, you asked me to marry you after you ended your class early at the academy in the most unromantic fashion in the world over McDonalds and now you’re asking me to move in with you without even asking me to dinner.”

“Would you like to go to dinner?” He acquiesced.

“No.” She rejected smiling. “But I will move in with you.”

The way he kissed her made her knees weak as she melted into him.

She was so sure of her happily ever after. She’d never thought she’d get one but meeting him had assured her that it was all negativity in her mind.

If only she could see into the future.


“Anata no namae wa?” The head of the department looked at her and she looked past him at Mukai who was giving her one of the most confident smiles she’d ever seen. She couldn’t help but look at him even as she responded.

“Tomomasa Rie desu, yoroshiku onegaishimasu.” She bowed low and bent her head back up as they all gave her a quick look.

“She looks like a decent enough worker…” One of them remarked.

“Ehh she’s Mukai’s girl isn’t she?”

“Her shoes are all wrong with that suit!” Another girl in the back said softly thinking Rie couldn’t hear. She kept her cool, she was the new recruit. Obviously people were going to target her.

“Tomomasa-san, there’s no room to relax here. Let’s get in the office and get you assigned to something.” Her ageing boss said as he indicated for her to follow him and she turned to look back at her fiancé who gave her a smile of encouragement as she stepped into her bosses office.


“Filthy son of bitch, he is. If Rie hadn’t gotten him down no one would have been able to.” Osamu praised as he grabbed his future wife into his arms and pressed a kiss tightly to her temple. He was a little drunk, and she was as excited as him. She leaned into his grasp further as the rest of the department cheered her on for busting one of the biggest drug rings in Tokyo right now. They’d been operating in Akihabara, Roppongi, and a little bit to the south of the city.

“I couldn’t have done it without my team mates.” She yelled out loudly and the department cheered along with her as she pressed a light kiss on her fiancé’s lips not expecting the way he would deepen the kiss in front of everyone that mattered to them.

Even her boss let out a whoop as Mukai pressed into her so that she got a little dizzy from the lack of breath between them. His hands grazed past the side of her body and he used his arms to pick her up and place her firmly onto his lap pulling her so tightly into him she was sure that if he didn’t let her go soon he would throw her down and-

But Mukai wasn’t foolish and he left her lips softly looking up at her barely controlling the way his eyes raked over her flushed face. She couldn’t help but blush as she grabbed another cup of soju sitting contentedly in his grasp as he wrapped his guns around her and she felt the most happy she had in a while.

“Bosu?” Mukai shot out loudly past her and she turned to look at their balding boss who was smiling kindly upon them.

“Mukai! You picked out the best lady here.” He cheered her on and raised his glass. “To Rie!”

The crowd echoed their thoughts and Mukai yelled out drunkenly happy. “We’re going home! Sorry guys! I can’t stop myself any longer.” And Rie’s eyes widened so much that she couldn’t help but smack him across the chest.

They could have come up with another excuse honestly.

“Mukai’s always like this…but he’s a lot more faithful since he’s met you.” A girl yelled across the room and Rie laughed.

“Arigato neh! We’ll be taking our leave then!” She bowed to her co-workers a foolish sort of grin on her face as her future husband laughed and smiled at her again grasping her hand so tightly in his she felt the blood in her hand stop circulating.

“I love you so much Rie,” He whispered into her hair and she nodded. She knew that.

“I love you too Mukai,” She did…at least she thought she did. There had been no one in so long and Mukai well he was beautiful , loving and he only cared to make her happy. She had transformed the playboy of the department into a strikingly sweet man the moment he’d met her in their class. After that first time they had kissed she had refused to speak to him again choosing to sit in the back and run away as soon as class was over. A relationship between a student and a professor was strictly prohibited, especially at the police academy.

So he chased her. He followed her to classes and convinced the teachers there to let him guest lecture. He was constantly in the same coffee line up as her and he never ever let her study alone.

And because these actions proved to be harmless enough she let him do all of it. She still wasn't sure what it was about her that had struck a cord with him...but she was glad it had happened. He chased her so much that she got to know him so well she had been unable to push him away when he kissed her again and she’d felt those tell-tale sparks in her belly.

So when she felt him surrounding her again and whispering her name softly under the cover of the stars, in the house they would live in for the rest of their lives, and beside the moonlight that filtered through the curtain. She had to remind herself that this was where she was always meant to end up, that this was the end and there was nothing wrong with that.

When he wrapped her in his arms in the midst of their silent embraces and gasps she couldn’t help but try to writhe out. She couldn’t escape the feeling of being in a cage.

She had waited so long…she had cried so many times that she hadn’t been able to be with Mukai the way she’d wanted to while he’d been her professor at the school. She tried to ignore the way Mukai’s every soft whisper made her feel more confused than she ever had before.


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I love this story =D I can't stop thinking about it. I keep seeing scenes. Btw. Did you guys think that the bang was Mukai opening the door? I kind of wanted to test that out on you guys.

I love Mukai. le sigh. Thank you so much to everyone who liked and commented on this story. You make me want to write this even more than I already want to. which is hard to pull of O.O


Thank you so much to everyone who reviewed and read the story =D Christine, Shan, Tali and Wanani I hope you all liked this chapter =D


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