Written for "The Cliché Challenge"

"You don't belong here." His voice challenged her even in the way it rose up and down threatening her. Telling her that he wanted her to leave. He was upset with her. Why wouldn't he be? She'd wrecked everything. She'd wrecked him.

That was all she'd been good for. That was her purpose.

So why did she feel like crying when she saw him in front of her? Why did she want to save him? And why did she want to turn her back on everything she'd learned all her life to have him trust her again?

Tomomasa Rie has always wanted to be a cop and she's on her way to becoming the most stellar officer in Tokyo after busting a large drug ring in Akihabara.

But when she goes undercover to stop a large cocaine shipment from entering the country Rie gets trapped in her new identity, the Takuya clan's family issues and under the hold of the very dangerous Ikuta Toma, who can't decide whether he wants to kill her...or kiss her.

Category: Japanese Entertainment – Drama/Series: None – Challenges: The Cliché Challenge
Characters: Arashi: Matsumoto Jun, Arashi: Sakurai Sho, Hey! Say! JUMP: Inoo Kei, Ikuta Toma, Inoue Mao, KAT-TUN: Akanishi Jin, KAT-TUN: Nakamaru Yuichi, KAT-TUN: Taguchi Junnosuke, Kato Rosa, Matsuda Shota, Mukai Osamu, NEWS: Kato Shigeaki, NEWS: Koyama Keiichiro, NEWS: Masuda Takahisa, NEWS: Tegoshi Yuya, Oguri Shun, Yuki Jutta
Story Type: Multi-Chaptered – Genres: Action/Adventure, Crime, Drama, Romance – Warnings: Character Death, Dark, Drugs, Explicit Sexual Scenes, Sexual References, Violence, Vulgar Language
Published: Nov 21, 2010 – Updated: Oct 16, 2016 – Word Count: 98790 words – Read Count: 7538 – Completed: No

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I love this story as my own baby. If anyone takes the plot and changes the names and puts it under their name I will take legal action against you because these will all one day be converted into original stories now that I have stopped relying on movies to inspire me.

Got it?

I don't know any of the asian celebrities mentioned here. They're my ideal cast =D I like to portray them in these roles if they seem to match my characters.

Table of Contents

# Chapter Title Read Count Reviews
1 Prologue 681 16
2 History 536 8
3 Tryst 433 5
4 Truth 362 3
5 Assumptions 321 5
6 Opportunities 297 4
7 Entry 348 6
8 Rules 332 2
9 Action 310 1
10 Believe 280 1
11 Sacrifice 333 4
12 Reveal 288 2
13 Tell 265 2
14 Deceive 258 3
15 Pursue 260 2
16 Admit 257 1
17 Plot 216 2
18 Burn 241 5
19 Doll 217 2
20 Slip 210 2
21 Save 192 0
22 Break 191 1
23 Scribble 176 0
24 Escape 188 0
25 Reach 181 0
26 Laze 165 0