[1] Introduction.


Any of the names of the companies or authors or schools used in this story are purely either made up by me or just a coincidence.
Toyotoku Kai was a Law Student that attended the private academy that his mom was director of. Asukai Yuriamy was a poor cook at the cafeteria so that she could attend the school as well. Yuriamy was two years younger then Kai and had heard about him on her first day in that academy. Kai, on the other hand, had never heard of her since normally he tended to hang out with the other kids whom were as rich as him and only about a total of two. One Taiwanese boy and one Korean and Kai considered them both his best buds.
One of the other two boys Kai hung out with was the Taiwanese boy and his name was Lu Chang Hsu. Chang Hsu is a year older then Kai and is known as the softie of the trio. His biological parents were killed in a car accident when he was about one month old, a baby, and so he became the responsibility of his aunt and uncle whom owned “Lu Hotel.” Lu Hotel was a chain of Hotels all over the world starting in Taipei, Taiwan and ending in the United States of America. There are 278 hotels in Japan, 300 in Hong Kong, 190 in Canada, 50 in France, 20 in Russia, 5 in Bulgaria, 9 in Spain, 670 in Italy, 489 in the America and finally, 3698 in Taiwan. By calculating how many that is all-together, you can probably tell that the Lu family makes some big money. The reason they moved to Japan is because they wanted Chang Hsu to go to the best academy that his friends attended and that was the one Kai’s mother was the director of.
The other boy Kai hung out with was the Korean one and his name was Choi Jun Hyo. He was the youngest of the trio and moved to Japan for the same reason Chang Hsu did. Jun Hyo was raised by his biological parents and they owned the Choi Entertainment Company that sponsored actors, actresses, and singers both male and female in more then just one Country. They had 10 of the Companies in America, 88 in China, 34 in France, 569 in Spain, 92 in Italy, 12 in Taiwan, 1098 in Japan and 9889 in Korea. With owning so many Companies of the Choi Entertainment, the money they make is as much as Chang Hsu’s family does.
Kai, Chang Hsu, and Jun Hyo are not only the richest kids in that academy but also the most popular and chased ones. Girls go after them and stick to them like glue so much that Chang Hsu and Jun Hyo decided to finally give in and get a serious girlfriend for once in hopes of getting the annoying ‘glue’ off of them that way. Kai, on the other hand, decided to just ignore the attention of the girls and just stick to being single until he meets the right one for him.
While the three rich kids lived their life the way any other normal rich kid did; spoiled and rude, Yuriamy struggled with the littlest things in her own little poor world. She barely made enough to afford food but worked hard to make at least enough to support herself and her family. If ever she did not make enough in a month to afford food for herself, she resorted to even stealing just so she would make sure her family would not starve no matter how much theft was never an answer.
And so, my dears, here starts a story of loss, trust, love, pain, heartache and betrayal between two teenagers that are on the verge of a tragedy without even realizing it.

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To Be Continued.
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