The Engagement
"LOVE!" A woman exclaimed proudly as she entered the Toda mansion that same night staring at her beau. Behind the man who she loved dearly stood the woman who was actually married to him.

Well not that that would ever matter. He would never love the likes of that woman.

"Meisa." Kimura Takuya said a bright smile adorning his face as he made his way over to the young feline like actress. Stopping in front of her he enveloped her in his arms burying his face in her long locks, trying to keep some sort of subtlety around the fact that he loved this woman who he was obviously not married to.

Breaking apart from her he grasped her hand and lightly touched it to his lips.


"Who’s that?" Mao interrupted circling her glass of water with her index finger. They were still sitting at the party. Every now and then either Mao or another person coming to wish her aunt, or one of the three posse kids would interrupt the story.

"That was your grand father’s lover. He used to run the famous Nizaki Television stations but what ended up happening was he sold that corporation after it turned out that the people employed under him were trying to make his little daughter a singer. One of those people was Meisa. That was how he met the free spirit and however attracted he was to Meisa he would be sure to keep her apart from his family and his beliefs. His attraction to her made no sense." Yui said sounding quite annoyed at this point. Mao could understand. There was a fierce loyalty that Yui had to Mao’s own grandmother Nao. It was the same for Mao as well but she’d always kind of known that her grandmother and grandfather hadn’t really loved each other so much as stayed together.


"And is that my darling Erika?" Meisa said ducking to look behind Takuya who simply nodded looking proud of his little beauty that was sitting in a corner with her mother. Meisa bowed taking her leave and rushed towards Erika who seeing Meisa brightened up.

"Meisa!" Nao’s attempts to hold Erika back from the scarlet woman did nothing.

"My my you look all dolled up today. Is there any grand occasion?" Meisa said looking at Erika who was wearing a traditional kimono. She shrugged.

"Dad said I couldn’t be walking around in a nightgown."

" can’t be. Showing off those feminine curves and all that. How dare you?" Meisa herself was wearing a practically night gown like dress. For a moment they stood in silence until Meisa sighed in boredom.

"I’m so bored."

"Then why did you come?" Nao said coming up behind her daughter and Erika turned to look sharply at her mother. It was impossible that her mother was being so rude.

Meisa blinked unfazed for a moment before breaking out into her normal smile once more and started speaking to Erika again. "What kind of a party is this anyways? There’s music but no dancing?" She said shaking her head in clear disapproval of the idea.

"I would love to dance!" Erika exclaimed in her child like innocence and immediately Meisa dragged her out onto the empty floor. Nao hit her forehead. She had no idea why Erika was so completely blind to her surroundings. Sometimes she wished that girl would wake up and look around her for once.

"Well this is all good and well I suppose but we really ought to find you a boy to dance with don’t you think?" Meisa said in her typical tone of flighty-ness. Erika looked at her confused. She wasn’t quite sure of what her father would think of that. He’d always been a bit of a prude about these things. She had decided to not piss him off today too.

"It’s okay honestly. I don’t even know what I’m missing so. Dancing with you is fine."

"What do you mean you don’t know what you’re missing?"

"I’ve never danced with a boy Meisa." Erika spoke with no ashamed tone or excited tone. There was just the simple fact stated but Meisa looked as if Erika had told her she had cancer.

"What?" She exclaimed her head automatically starting to shake to protest the minor detail of Erika’s life. Erika immediately started to open her mouth about how it wasn’t a big deal or anything but Meisa opened hers first.

" give me two seconds with your dad all right?" With that Meisa disappeared into the crowd leaving Erika standing on the floor alone. Erika grinned around a little awkwardly and promised to murder Meisa when she returned.

Erika edged away from the dance floor walking backwards but not looking where she was going she tripped on a little crack in the floor and got ready to hit the ground in her clumsy-ness. She shut her eyelids preparing for the shame.

But the impact of the ground never came on her as she realized that someone had wormed their hands around her waist and caught her arms in their hands. She blinked her eyes open to look at her savior.

Him? He had saved her? But...but how? He wasn’t even supposed to be here.


"Erika." He voice was soft and silky and he pulled her up on her feet grasping her hands in his but of course being the girl she was Erika just as quickly stepped at least a meter apart from him.

"Jin what are you doing here?" She questioned looking not quite that pleased to see his face yet again. He would have thought that at least as a best friend she would have missed him just a bit.

"I- I’m-" But he could never finish it because it was too late and now Jin could see that right behind Erika was his own father and Erika’s father.

It was too late.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! May I be honored to finally tell you the occasion of this party?" Erika’s father started off and Erika turned to see Meisa and him standing side by side.

Meisa looked at him like a woman angry and disappointed. She glared at him in a way that would never let anyone know that they were lovers.

Erika looked at her father in confusion and her eyes flickered back to Jin whose face was starting to line with some sort of shame.

"I’m very pleased to announce the engagement of my best friend’s son Akanishi Jin," At this Erika’s eyes flicked back to him. For a moment Jin thought he could see the slight pain in her eyes at the fact that he was getting married.

If only she knew. "To my own daughter who has now come of age! Erika!" Erika looked to her father in shock as he came up to her and gave her a pointed look. Her face glazed over with no real expression. Her father came around and pushed her into Jin’s side and to keep herself from falling again she found her hands land on his chest. Jin had finally become what he’d promised to be.

A strong, dependable husband. Her husband. She looked up at him but could not find much that seemed to flicker something in her.

She fell to the ground for a moment feeling her legs turning weak at the thought. They betrayed her...they did not offer her the strength she so desperately needed to survive this announcement.

Now what would come of all her dreams of love, romance and most of all passion?

As she looked up to her father’s face and at Jin’s and consequently her mother’s guilty features she laughed slightly.

Of course! She was Toda Takuya’s daughter. Why on earth would her wishes matter?


Author's Chapter End Notes

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