The Prince's Allure

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Sorry guys it's still a little boring but it's getting more and more interesting I promise.
“Now may we welcome our guests of honor? The wonderful actresses, Yui and Kumi, as well as his Royal Highness Jun-sama! Some applause for our nation’s talent and our own prince!” The horrible completely tiresome MC spoke. Mao looked at her clothes and felt that their light bright colors were about to blind her. She’d been complaining and begging for a black dress but here she was sitting in an absolutely sunny yellow. Her hair was twisted into the most beautiful high pontail with curls twisted on the ends, a flower clipped onto her hair for added lack of prettiness.

Her aunt stood up there, as usual an attention hog. She didn’t blame her aunt though after living as the servant of the Toda family for the most of her childhood and being cast away, of course you would enjoy attention. Yui had taken care of Mao for most of her life and was the second most important person in Mao’s life. The first being her grandmother.

Mao’s gaze shifted from the other actress Kumi to his royal highness.

It would be ridiculous to say that the prince in his twenties wasn't gorgeous. His hair in perfect curls falling around his face. He bore a strong resemblance to his father, the strong features of his face, the long eyelashes, and the seemingly deep eyes that were looking intently at something near her.

Mao looked around for a second and found her pleasantly removed from the crowd.

Oh so she was the object of his attention. Well wasn’t that delightful? The pretty young girl in yellow caught the eye of the prince. She wanted to scoff.

For a moment Yui turned to look at her and Mao immediately broke her eyes away from the prince to look at Yui but it was too late. Yui had managed to see where Mao’s eyes had been directed and her reprimanding gesture was enough for Mao to walk out of the doors and away from the eyes of the Prince for now.

For just a moment she imagined what it would be like. To be the wife of a Prince, or even his lover if it was just a night. The cold wind touched her arms and she gulped. No she could never have loved a person like a prince, it would be far too complicated even if she was with him for a night. Men like him could never ever be with girls like her.

Jun was looking around the room aimlessly displaying to the world the smile two years of braces in his prepubescent years had created. Oricon had named his beam most mouth watering. He was actually rather proud of it.

At the thought of it, for just a second his smile stretched across his face farther and he was sure he could hear some girl almost swooning in the crowd.

His eyes scanned the crowd for the source of the noise to flash the woman a look but instead he found his eyes attracted to a bright yellow dress standing off to the corner, worn by someone who was simply looking at the two actresses.

Oh was he not important enough for this one?

He stared at her until her eyes made their way over to him. She looked pleasantly shocked to find that he was looking at her first. Well it was quite hard for her to hide. He’d imagined she would turn away from him thinking his gaze on her was but a momentary thing but she held on for a couple of moments before heading her eyes back to the actresses and then suddenly walking out of the doors.

As he saw the girl in the yellow dress leave he had no idea why but he was reminded of her. The woman who had ruined the name of the Japanese royal family. A name they were still trying to rebuild even today. A name that had changed everything.


“So why did you come Mao?” Her aunt finally asked her at the party when they were all seated together. It was her aunt, that other lazy actress who was simply speaking away on the phone with some person who wasn’t important, and the other two groupies of her aunt.

The other seat was left empty for the other guest of honor who at the moment had decided that he didn’t want to sit and wanted to go mingle. Mao didn’t really care. All she cared about was the information.

Besides, she hated all royalty. She found them useless and their allure pointless. Oh oh look at me. I’m rich but I haven’t done a day of work in my life, and I’m a spoilt brat with women all over me all the time so I’m a player. MARRY ME AND BE A QUEEN AND LOCKED UP IN A CASTLE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

She did not understand these prince fantasies some girls had. “Why else would I come? I’m done not knowing shit about my mother. So I guess you could say that I'm on a quest.” She spoke with a clear intention in her voice.

"Mao..” Her aunt started clearly displeased at this answer.

“What? Why am I not allowed to know anything about her?”

“Mao you don’t know because it’s best for you.”

“Fine just tell me about her early years then shall I? I can know at least that can’t I? How she was as a child. I doubt she was the spawn of Satan from the beginning of her life!” Mao insisted and finally Yui caved looking around to see if anyone was listening.

“Fine. I guess I could tell you a little bit about how your mother and your father got together."


“JIN!” Erika ran hard after the car that had left with the boy who had thrown her a most bewildering question. “Do you love me too?”

How on earth was she supposed to answer that being a twelve year old? She wasn’t sure what the hell love was. But being all knowing and sixteen she supposed that Jin knew all about it. Why did she hang out with him so much anyways? He was obviously a loser if he couldn’t find people his own age to be with.

“Erika! Erika!” She could hear him screaming out of the car. Well that was odd that wasn’t how its supposed to be.

“ERIKA!” She felt a slap on her bottom and immediately she shot up out of the bed and looked down at herself. She was sixteen...what she was sixteen?

That’s right. That was just another dream like them all. She rolled her eyes. It would make sense to get the dream of the very first love confession just as she’d had her heart broken for the first time in the world by Matsuyama Ken’ichi, the director of her first and only music video. It hadn’t even touched the waters of popularity. They said she had a beautiful voice that would call out the most shy of creatures.

She would have gotten far popular in a little while but there was one man between that stardom, that fame and her.

“Erika! It’s time for breakfast!” She found herself looking up into Yui’s face. Yui was just a year older than herself but was enslaved into the house of Toda by her own father to earn her keep. She stayed in different quarters as well, the servants quarters.

She got up quietly and sauntered onto the table in her long nightgown seating herself, not daring to look at her parents who ate in silence.

“So the preparations for tonight’s party are going fine then are they?” Her father said finally breaking the silence and Erika rolled her eyes, that stupid party again for Father and all his associates.

“Yes well it’s all moving along pleasantly. The caterers are bringing their best as was ordered by you sir.” Her mother said. Erika had never understood this. If you loved someone, if you married them, lived with them, and even yes bedded them were you supposed to address them as sir? Yet every morning her mother addressed her father as such. Erika found this to be the oddest peculiarity between them in addition to their lack of affection for each other.

“Well you know how special the guests are for this party right.”

“When are the guests not special for any party?” Erika muttered under her breath slicing part of her bread up and placing it in her mouth chewing consciously. She’d hoped to be soft enough but the softer clatter of her father’s fork proved that he had heard her.

“I’ll be home early tonight. Make sure Erika is ready.”

Oh right last time she’d been walking around in her nightgown. That had been embarrassing. “Yes sir!” She joked and found her father’s strange strong glare on her to quiet up her slight humor.

Yui however cracked a small smile of happiness. “I can’t believe that young...” With a look from her father however Yui shut up in the middle of her already odd phrase. Erika turned to look at her father with confusion apparent on her face.

“ young what?”

“It’s nothing darling honestly.” Her mother intervened placing a hand on hers so as to tell her to shut the fuck up. That it wasn’t her business.

But how could it not be? Her name had been spoken!

“Erika so young what dad?” Erika questioned yet again. This time the frustration barely left out of her voice.

“I’m off to work.” He finished sliding off the table and moving towards the exit of their house. Leaving Erika banging her fist on the table.


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