Happily Never After

Author's Chapter Notes

So the title of this chapter is especially sad.

This has been brewing for a long time. Most of you knew it was coming.

Good luck.

Thank you for being patient with me :)

“Jin, go and grab the prepared proposal from the printing office will you?” Kame hollered at his employee as he watched Aya’s ‘boy’ immediately perk up and lift his head with a smile at him nodding. That was the one thing Kame didn’t understand, Jin was just so happy to just be an unpaid intern here. Most of the interns here hated their jobs, but Jin actually loved it and spoke with such passion that he’d even managed to render Diplomat Goro speechless.

And his connections had even proved useful. Jin had turned out to be a childhood friend of one of the owners of China’s most prominent manufacturer, Qiaoting, who the Japanese were leveraging with this initiative. It had definitely made the discussion smoother having him there.

“Definitely!” Jin bolted out of his seat and waved at a couple of his co-workers on his way down. This month had felt like heaven working here. Here when he was doing things, it felt like he was actually making a difference, far more of a difference than he had ever made trying to run Erika’s father’s failing studio.

Here he was useful, people actually listened to him...and he was just an intern. It didn’t make sense to him at first, until he realized that these people wanted to see him succeed, Takuya hadn’t.

As he approached the printing office, he saw all the printing girls were huddled around a desk, screaming childishly. He scoffed covering his grin with one hand. Tatsuki-nee, the printing supervisor, must have stepped out for a second. Otherwise, she would never let them slack off like this. In some ways, Tatsuki-nee reminded him of what his mother-in-law Nao might have been like had she ever been allowed to participate in the family business.

Who was he kidding? The Toda family was not that forward in their mindset, at least not with their own women.

Jin stepped forward watching his friend in the copy department, Rosa, sigh breathlessly as she trailed a finger down what he assumed was some sort of picture. “Our prince is so beautiful and she is too, they suit each other so perfectly.” Jin smirked already thinking of ways to take advantage of their distracted attitudes and teach them a lesson about ignoring their work. As he approached just the slightest bit closer he leaned his head near Rosa’s ear and saw Sasaki yelp as if to warn Rosa but it was too late, he’d already blown into her ear. Rosa jumped in the air and Jin cackled as he heard her squeal loudly and back up. Of the printing girls, Rosa was undoubtedly the most beautiful and talented, she was able to fluently converse in five languages so she was responsible for most of the translations that were sent down here. She was also his English tutor on Tuesday nights.“JIN-KUN!” She placed a hand on her heart. “Stop doing that when we’re-you know-busy doing-something!” Rosa huffed noisily as her cheeks colored red in embarrassment.

Jin was already glancing behind her, Sasaki was trying to reach for the paper on the table but he snuck over and snatched it out of her hand. He laughed watching the women growl at him and try and get it back, he focused on keeping it away from them avoiding looking at the paper. “I’m going to tell Tatsuki-nee to fire all of you, hiring 20 year old unmarried women was not a good idea when they’re so -“ His eyes glanced at the paper and now he realized exactly why the women here sounded so breathless.

“Ha, look who’s floored by our dear prince. Like what you see Jin?” Rosa was about to tease him that he shouldn’t look so in love with the image on the paper...after all there wasn’t a soul here in the building that didn’t know that Ueto Aya and Akanishi Jin were together. Without fail they ate lunch almost every day and it was pretty obvious who held the power in their relationship too. Aya would stay over working nights with him in the building sometimes, just so Jin could finish his assignments on time. After all the Ueto daughter knew most of his job anyways, considering she herself had been in the same position last summer.

Jin didn’t respond. How could he? Did he like what he’d seen? A sadistically sad sketch of the woman, who he had once upon a time called wife?

“Do you have the Qiaoting proposal?” He muttered out softly, unable to tear his eyes away from the image of Erika wrapped in the arms of a ghost as the Japanese Imperial Prince Shota looked on from the back.

He hadn’t seen her in front of him like this in so long, it was making his heart hurt.

Rosa leaned her fingers on his shoulder and he turned to look at her as she handed him the proposal. “Have the hots for Toda Erika, Akanishi Jin?”

He felt his eyes widen as he took in the name on the poster and saw that Rosa was right. Indeed, it did say Toda Erika. “Is that her name?”

“And you called us perverted. You didn’t even bother reading the name of the woman you think is so beautiful.” Sasaki teased him and he shot her back a small closed smile. It probably didn’t look too genuine...but that was the least of his worries.

She had chosen to go public with her birth name. Had she already divorced him in her mind? “Yeah I guess so,”

Jin dropped the paper back on the table ready to leave when he heard Rosa’s voice filter through his ears again. “I heard Maki-sama doesn’t like that Shota-sama spends so much time with her now, that Erika-san, Sasaki.”

Sasaki shrugged. “Well...you do know the rumors behind Shota-san. I wouldn’t be surprised...and what girl has the courage to say no to the Prince even if she didn’t like him? Which mind you, I don’t think would ever happen.”

Jin scoffed lightly, his soft interruption made the girls turn to look at him as he quickly stepped through the door before anyone could ask him too many questions. He felt his knees shake as he trudged up the steps, feeling like he was going to war now the way his heart hammered in his chest.

He tried to calm himself down, why shouldn’t she use her maiden name? She probably thought of herself as separated from him anyways, that was why she didn’t respond to his letters. That was why she had sent him those divorce papers.

He was the only fool here, holding on to a fantasy like an idiot when Erika was so obviously moving on without him.

What the hell was he doing with his life?

He marched his way to Kame’s desk like a dead man who had risen from the grave. “You can go for lunch now by the way,” Kame shot out at him and Jin nodded idly as he handed him the proposal. “Are you alright Jin?”

“I’m fine.” He lied through his teeth. “I promise.”

“All right,” Kame raised an eyebrow and Jin just grinned tightly. Kame only looked at him skeptically, he supposed he looked rather fake. The Ueto family didn’t know his history...and that was the way he wanted to keep it. He had managed to keep his brief time in Japan these past few years as vague as possible when asked. “Are you meeting Aya today for lunch?” Kame glanced down at the proposal nodding, obviously pleased with the work the printing girls had done.

“I might call her office and ask them to tell her I can’t make it today.” Kame looked slightly alarmed but Jin tried to ignore the implication of it. “I don’t feel that well actually...”

“Okay come off it Jin. I can tell you’re not fine.” Kame suddenly stood up and grabbed his coat. “We’re going to the bar come on. There’s no ailment, a good glass of whiskey can’t fix.” Jin was about to insist that they don’t drink but then Kame attacked his secret thoughts. “You look like you need to talk, a glass of whiskey will help.”

He did need to talk...that was true.

If there was one thing Jin didn’t like about the Ueto family, it was that they all drank considerably too much. Of course, it wasn’t like he didn’t understand why. The world’s politicians bonded over liquor. Deals were made in saloons, bars and the odd burlesque club or geisha house. To be an effective public figure, it seemed you needed to lead an excessively large private life.

They walked to the bar in silence. If he was going to tell Kame about this, he’d need liquid courage that was for sure.

So this was a habit, Jin had found himself picking up. On top of helping open you up to other people, liquor was numbing and fun and he could forget for a little while that he had responsibilities. That he wasn’t sure what was happening to his family back home, that he should probably go back soon rather than dwindle his short time here doing things that weren’t relevant to his career. Even if he was enjoying it far more than-

Kame sat him down in a booth as soon as they entered the small shack, and called for the lady at the front to bring them a bottle of imported alcohol. “You’re not physically sick are you?”

“Not really...does nausea count?”

“Not if it’s related to your mind and not your stomach.” Kame grinned as he poured them the amber liquid and offered it to him in a shallow glass. “Drink up.” Jin pulled the liquid back in his throat. Kame poured him another glass and he shot that back far too quickly too.

Another two glasses and twenty minutes later Kame grinned at him. “If you don’t start speaking up I’m going to have to call in our father.” The words slipped out casually from his mouth but Jin didn’t notice which was just as well. Kame wasn’t in the mood of explaining why he’d let it slip. “What’s wrong Jin?”

“If a bird wants to fly, do you let her fly?” Jin mumbled. “If she begs you, do you open her cage, sign the documents and let her go?”

“If you’re going to get sued otherwise, yes.” Kame poured himself a glass watching the sullen Japanese man look at him with an utterly disappointed expression. This was not the answer Jin had been hoping for. “What is this about?”

“A woman.” Kame’s head shot up from his glass as he saw Jin huddled over himself, face shoved into his arms. He felt his own fists tense at the revelation.

Jin was- with someone? He sure as hell knew Aya didn’t know about her and Jin didn’t act like he cared so much for this woman when he was around Aya. Kame tried to arrange his face, to try not to look so shocked but it was near impossible. He managed to keep only the slightest hint of anger at Jin in his voice. “A woman?”

“She wants to end it.” Jin shook his head. “No I should correct that. We’ve been apart for a while. More than a while. More than a year. It’s just not final in my own mind. I need to end it...and I can’t.” The face of his infant child flashed before his eyes and Jin choked back a sob. His daughter didn’t even know what he looked like, how much he cared for her...and nor had anyone bothered to send him a picture of her. He didn't know what she looked like either.

Kame shut his eyes tightly. This was slightly more bearable. All men had women who plagued them. Hell so did he, and every time he thought of his lost bride he wanted to shatter himself to pieces for being unable to protect her. Why was he alive if she wasn’t? But this wasn’t about sharing their mutual pain, Kame had to convince Jin to let this woman go if he wanted to see his sister happy. “Your love is dead...so put the relationship to rest in your mind, Jin.” Jin looked up to see Kame look at him stonily. “I understand your feelings...don’t misunderstand my advice for being brutish. I had been bethrothed to a girl when I was young. We grew up loving each other and I lost her when I was 15. She died in an after hit of the war. Soldiers were firing...and their bullets pierced her liver, dead within minutes because it took too long for us to get her to the hospital. She died right before my eyes...and believe me, if you don’t let yourself move on. You’ll live life in grief forever.”

“Is that why you haven’t married anyone?” Kame’s eyes narrowed into a glare but he sighed. He should be honest with Jin, he knew that, but he wanted Jin to close this chapter of his life so that he’d openly love his sister.

So yes even though it was the reason he hadn’t remarried, he wouldn’t reveal that. “It isn’t necessary for you to know this...but my loyalty to her ended when I attempted to follow her past this life.” Kame smiled sadly as he remembered the way the water in the ocean had filled his lungs. How her face had flashed behind his eyelids, how much he’d wanted to die. “When I find love...I will be the first person to embrace it, Jin. I don’t want to live selfishly. I want to share my life. I can’t do that if I’m holding onto her in a destructive state can I?” Jin gulped as he rubbed his eyes groaning. Kame had a point. “I gather your woman is still alive?”

“She is,” Jin admitted as he rolled his bottom lip between his front teeth. Then the true plague behind his thoughts, the true reason behind his anger slipped his lips. “I’m pretty sure she’s with another man.” He kept his eyes fixed on Kame, gauging his reaction as he saw the older boy look at him with a barely shielded disgust.

Jin didn’t blame him. “Then why are you prolonging the torture on yourself?”

“How can you ask me that when you’ve so obviously been in love yourself?” Kame didn’t know how to respond. It had been so long since he had loved, so long since his heart had frozen over for all but his family. “It-isn’t-“

“If another man is in her bed, aren’t you being pathetic by keeping her in your heart when she so obviously doesn’t want you in hers anymore?” Kame shot back cruelly. Jin felt his body flinch at the impact of Kame’s words like a whip to his mind. He imagined Shota caressing his wife where only he had before, holding Mao in his arms, swooping Erika into his-

Kame watched Jin’s eyes fill with tears as he pushed on, desperately hoping to help Jin see reason. Sure, he was doing this for his sister but he felt a real urge to speak out to Jin now. How could he stand for this? How could he want a woman who had all but crushed him by loving someone else? “How can you put yourself in this position Jin? Have you always been this weak?”

Jin knew he should stand up for himself right now...but he had a feeling Kame wasn’t saying these things to be hurtful to him. Kame was simply acting like any older brother would. In a way, it was almost better Kame didn’t know the woman Jin was talking about. It made his advice unfiltered and honest. “So I should let her go?”

“You’re a fool if you don’t.” Kame narrowed his eyes as he leaned forward. “Remember, the sooner the better...” Kame couldn’t help but add as he saw Jin’s eyes glaze over. “What are you waiting for? She’s not changing her mind.”



“So...they ended it then?”

“Oh absolutely not,” Meisa corrected pulling her hair out of its tight gray bun. “It is getting late...should you not call out to the man who you refuse to love and not because you’re interested in females but because you’re just a self-righteous little stubborn human?”

“Are you normally so eloquent?” Mao glowered at her mother’s best friend, watching Meisa’s smile grow larger. The godmother she had never consciously met was obviously enjoying Mao’s own personal drama far more than she was relaying the story of her mother. “Oh don’t look so cocky, old lady.”

“Speak for yourself brat, I am the picture of youth.” Meisa looked out of the door as she brushed her hair with her fingers. “You should warn your friends if you do not plan on returning tonight and prepare yourself to leave tomorrow morning. I judge Nao will need you back home soon?” It was the first hint of Meisa speaking of Nao and Mao took this as an invitation to finally speak more on a topic that Mao herself had been unsure of whether she’d wanted to bring up.

After all, was it entirely proper of her to ask Meisa about her relationship with her grandparents? “Did my grandmother hate you?” She blurted out as Meisa stood up on her feet ready to walk out of the door.

For a second Mao saw Meisa’s face flicker with an unrecognizable emotion, until she rolled her lips inward and shook her head. “No, Mao. Your grandmother is not such a person. She is selfless and sacrificing above all else, she is a martyr. She is more a priestess than I could ever be, and yet here we are.” Meisa smiled softly. “Without your grandmother... I would never be where I am today. Your grandmother pitied me. Her heart was never broken in her life. She had never loved anyone before your grandfather...and she had never bothered to be unfaithful to him.” Meisa looked down almost ashamed of the way she was explaining this to Mao. “Your grandmother is the strongest woman in the world, and- sometimes if she’s too harsh understand Mao that she is only looking out for you.” Meisa’s eyes brimmed for a second with tears. She rubbed at her eyes and lifted herself from the floor as she stood up and looked at Mao. “Please go make your calls and we’ll meet back here in ten minutes. I will prepare a mattress for you to sleep with us tonight.” In a flurry of miko clothes, Meisa had disappeared and Mao was left looking at the room blankly.

What had that been about?


It started with tears, that was the first thing Erika realized. It was the sound of her child crying loudly, beyond loudly. In fact the sound of her tears were horrific, and not just because as mother Erika was hurt at the sound of them, it had more to do with the fact that after a long night rehearsing this was not the way she wanted to wake up. She’d barely managed to get herself to bed as she remembered that both her director and her lead actor had impure intentions when it came to her.

Still…even she knew that these few precious moments hugging Mao and coddling her back to bed would be the only moments she had with her daughter. So when she finally got the will to lift herself from the bed she was shocked to find her mother was already at the cradle’s side and Mao was safely tucked away in her arms. “Mom?” She said softly as Nao turned to look at her.

“Erika…I know you came home late last night, but would you mind coming with me to the living room?” Nao muttered softly so that Mao wouldn’t stir. Despite this Erika slowly stood up and made a move to take the child from Nao’s grasp. She was thankful Mao didn’t wake as the two of them moved towards the dining table.

Their house, it appeared, had gotten horribly bare. The intricate vase at the entry hall had disappeared from view and Erika wondered when that had happened. “Mom, where did the vase go?”

“What?” Her mother muttered back as she stared at her daughter, who stood transfixed staring at the entry hall of their house.

“The vase, you know that big black one we kept by the front, always filled with flowers? To honor your own mother you used to say?” For a moment as Nao’s silence echoed in the room. Then she just kept moving shaking her head smiling softly. Erika realized what must have happened and more than that she realized that she had neglected her family these past few months. Reflexively, her arm tightened around the slumbering baby in her grasp.

Would Mao’s future really not be safe here in the Toda house? Was the studio in so much trouble? Was this the end of the great Toda family? Was this how it really happened?

The tears sprung to her eyes and her mother turned around to look at her and shake her head. “Come now Erika, that was a part of my dowry. There’s no reason to cry. It was just a vase…we no longer needed it.” As Nao continued walking, all Erika could do was follow until finally they were seated at a table and Erika saw now there was an envelope there waiting for her, and quite clearly the name read Akanishi Jin.

Her heart jumped in her throat. After so long, there was finally word from him. A smile flittered on her face, despite how she may have been feeling before now this proved that all she had done these past few months was worth it. She had waited patiently for him, she had spurred the advances of men who had made her heart skip wisely, because she knew as she had always known.

Jin would come back for her.

“I’ll never let you go.” He had promised her in that small shack in Argentina.

Despite her faith in him, she had started doubting herself. How could she not after more than a year, but it was time for him to return home soon. He had never sent her the divorce papers back. This was the sign she had been waiting for.

Soundlessly, her mother realized what her daughter needed from her. Erika passed over Mao to her mother’s arms as her hands eagerly reached out for the package, rips resounding loudly in the air as pages upon pages of things tumbled out of the package…but none of them looked like letters.

Except one, and despite knowing it would be better for her to read all the pages entirely she reached for the one with his writing. The writing she had craved for so long, the writing she wanted so badly to see that she had written him religiously in those first few months, without response.


I’m sorry this took so long. I did not want to send these back to you.

I’m still not sure I do…but I hope these papers deliver you to your freedom as much as they deliver me to mine. I hope you finally get everything you’ve always wanted. I understand our situation, and as much as I want her to myself, our child deserves the company of her mother. Fathers are after all, just statue figures in the end.

I want you to know why I’ve sent these back. It wasn’t just because you sent them to me, because in that case I would have vengefully sent them back right away but Erika…I want you to know that right now, I’m going to be selfish. I think you of all people might understand. I know you’ve chased your dreams, you’ve always been that sort of girl. I’ve always been that sort of guy who never had a dream. Unless you count you, then yes I had a dream once upon a time. I even fulfilled it…seems like a fairy tale now, those years we had together. Maybe one Mao will hear one day…except there- well we’ll change the ending shall we? At least for now I don't think she should know our happily ever after was really a happily never after.

I finally found something I want to do Eri, something I want to do forever. Something I think that to start pursuing seriously, I need to let go of a lot of things.

I need to let you go. My signatures are on these blank divorce papers. When I first saw these I didn’t understand if this was necessary, I didn’t understand why you sent them to me unsigned. I thought it was a joke, a cruel test…but I think I understand why now these papers are necessary for the two of us to be able to freely grow.

Despite everything I’m writing, I want you to know I will always love you. No matter where we are, and who we become I will always be yours first. My heart will always have your name signed on it.

You are the great Toda Erika again, and I’m sure that you don’t need my help. I’m merely an Akanishi Jin who you knew once upon a time, but if you ever need my help for anything, for Mao, for your mother, for you- please tell me.

Yours forever,


Erika’s tears splattered loudly on the paper, like loud droplets of rain or maybe that was in her own mind. She could hear her world go quiet, as the pages screamed in her mind and for a few moments all she could do was read through the whole letter again. A gasp escaped her lungs and she stopped shaking her head. No she had to read it through again, this couldn’t be real.

She slapped herself. She had been sleeping before this, maybe all of this was just a dream. Mao had never cried and woken her up, her mother had never sold the vase that had stood in their house since Erika could remember and her husband-

If this was a dream why wasn’t she waking up?

She looked up at her mother, who was staring at her with pity in her eyes. Erika felt herself gasp again, and then again and then again.

It was getting harder to breathe.

She must be dreaming right?

There was no way they actually sold that vase right?

There was no way that her husband had just divorced her through a set of papers she’d sent him months ago in a fit of anger right?

There was no way that any of this was real right?

“Erika…” Her mother started and she looked at her mother shaking her head as the hand rose to her mouth to stifle her sobs. No, she couldn’t wake Mao up. She couldn’t do that- she was all Mao had left.

Jin had just-

Erika sobbed again despite herself. This time her hands ran to her eyes as she bent over herself, her chest touching the fronts of her thighs as she hugged herself and gasped for air. She was getting loud, this wouldn’t do but how could she stop herself?

It felt like someone had ripped her heart out of her chest.

Jin had left her, he had abandoned Mao, he had done what everyone had always told her he would once he went back to China.

I’d never wanted to come back! His words in their wedding day echoed in her mind now. When he’d left her that day in the hospital, she had been her old self, the self that had hated him- had he thought that was it? That she wouldn’t open up to him again? Could he truly believe that?

After everything they had and went through?

Had he really done this?

But as she looked at his papers she saw that he had, he had stamped his thumb at the right spots, made the right initials and scripted the perfect signatures designed to fit right into their spots.

Jin had finally let her go.

And it seemed for his own happiness, he begged that she let him go too. It was her turn to sign.

Who was she to deny the man she loved anyways?

So without another thought, another sob or another tear, she got up picked up the pen they kept right by the telephone in case they needed to note down messages and signed everything just as perfectly as he had. As the great Toda Erika, she couldn’t mess anything up could she?

Then she grabbed Mao from her mother’s grasp and heard her mother’s voice shakily say- “Erika,”

“Mom, could you take care of sending these to our lawyer?” She replied softly, she was happy that somehow throughout all of this Mao hadn’t awoke. Mao would never need to know any pain because of her father. Erika would make sure of it. “I have work tomorrow, Mao will be coming to the set with me.”


“Mom please…” Her words were filled to the brim with pain. It took all of Erika’s self-control to not turn into a bawling monster right then and there. She had been an insensitive selfish girl before but she couldn’t be that right now. She had more to think of, she had a child. She had plans. At least now she also had a source of income.

A source of income her family would need as it appeared.

“All right.” Her mother managed to mutter out and as Nao watched her daughter walk away she wondered if she had made the right decision here. Had it been right to make Erika send Jin those papers when she’d been emotionally vulnerable? Had it been right to use her daughters own emotions against her?

Had Nao just ruined a marriage that could have been saved?

She reached for the paper that Erika had clutched onto so desperately, so happily when she first reached for the package.

As she read through the passages she felt her heart jump in her throat, her hand over her mouth, tears building in her eyes for her daughter.

Jin wasn’t going to come back.

And despite her doubts, she knew that at least her daughter’s freedom this way would make her happy.



“You’re making the right decision.” Jin remembered Kame’s voice in his ears. “The more you think, the more you’ll hesitate.” Kame was right, but Jin wasn’t sure if it was the right decision. He didn’t think he ever could be.

He had just denounced all ownership of his family. The family he had dreamt of since the day Erika finally let him into her heart. The family he had promised to come back to when he’d left.

Jin had never broken a promise before.

He was sure Erika may not need him anymore but then what of their daughter?

Despite his own better judgment, he started penning a letter to Meisa. He couldn’t rest with this feeling in his heart. Meisa had always been a friend of his, she would tell him wouldn’t she? How his daughter was? How Erika was really faring? It was too late to ask these questions he was sure but he had to. If there was even the faintest hope of her reply he had to.

“Jin?” A voice echoed from the doorway and he saw Aya was looking at him confused. “Why did you just leave the party like that?”

He struggled to keep his voice at a level tone. He didn’t want her to realize he’d been crying. What sense that would make, grown men in the Ueto clan didn’t cry. “I just needed a moment to myself.” He managed to mutter out rather sensibly, he thought.

Junno had asked to hold a party at his house and who was he to say no? Jin had gotten accustomed to the whims and wishes of the Ueto house and he worked hard to fulfill them because these people were going to get him to his dream. He knew he’d have to work hard for it but he’d decided to follow where his heart led him and he realized now that because he’d never been perfectly at home in Japan or China “ he was in the perfect position to be an in-betweener.

A diplomat of Chinese growth and Japanese nationality, he saw this as the perfect opportunity for someone like him who had struggled in roles that placed him in one identity or the other.

This was the new dream he had decided to adopt when his old one had left him. He had to make sure it was worth it, he had to work hard to make sure this dream lasted forever. When he looked up at Aya he saw that she was looking at him, eyes filled with pity, mouth open ready to bite into whatever pain was gnawing at his own heart. He almost laughed at her expression, reading the thoughts that were already in her mind no doubt ‘How dare anyone let her beloved Jin suffer’? “Jin-“

“Forget it Aya.” He stood up quickly and moved past her. Sometimes, at times like these he realized that he was too close to Aya. He couldn’t be this close to her for her own sake. He knew times were changing, and he was a fool to stick to the old ways but something in him told him that if he kept up this ruse of friendship with Aya he’d let her believe that it could be more someday.

And it couldn’t. How could it when Jin had eternally pledged himself to a woman who was on her way to becoming the mistress of the most powerful man in Japan save for the Crown Prince and the Emperor himself?

Ueto Aya stood at the door as she gulped weakly, resting her back against the door-frame of Jin’s bedroom. Despite knowing that she shouldn’t be in here any longer now that he wasn’t in the room himself she allowed herself to walk closer to the desk where he’d been seated so passionately, the pen held in his hand with such force that she wondered what or rather who he could be writing too with such fervor.

Her eyes glanced at the one singular word on the page in front of her, she lifted the paper up closer to her eyes.


She looked back at the doorway, and outside the room where Jin was no doubt pretending once again like he always did that his life was perfectly fine but Aya knew now. Something was terribly wrong, she’d always known Jin was hiding something but never before today had she seen him in such a state about it.

When she’d first met him she’d decided it was none of her business, when she grew to like him as a friend she decided she’d wait for him to tell her about it the way friends should share secrets but now-

Now all she could do was glare at the paper in front of her and wonder who on earth was Meisa and why had she made Jin cry?


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