Osaka Leg

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Mao continues her search for information on her mother that leads her to Osaka and she meets an interesting boy.
"Miss...Miss this is the last stop. We’re here at Osaka. Miss." The boy looked in vain at the pretty young girl simply lying there. Slumbering leaning against what he knew to be the most uncomfortable window in the world. She looked to be at least three or so years older than himself.

"Oi Yuya we don’t have time for this. Hurry up and kick the onna out of the bus will you? We’re taking people back to Tokyo in fifteen minutes."

"It don’t seem right to do that to her."

"She’s not some sleeping fucking beauty." The driver replied to his conductor with annoyance present in his voice.

"Hai Hai Nishikido-san." With a final push on her shoulders she stirred and her eyes slowly flickered open. Tegoshi stepped backward suddenly shocked by the fact that she was now aware of everything around them.

She looked angry. Her eyes seemed to hold some sort of malice in them. That was odd that wasn’t exactly the look someone would get the moment they woke up.

"When did we arrive?" She asked him accusingly. Tegoshi gulped a little and stood up straighter for reasons unknown. She almost had the air of a queen bossing him around.

He’d never understand those kids from Tokyo.

"Um...around thirty minutes ago Miss." He answered honestly quickly glancing at his watch to re-confirm this time. Her eyes narrowed and her mouth opened in a threatening manner that had the hairs on the back of his neck raised.

"And you’ve let me lie there sleeping for that long have you?" She said somewhat sweetly. Though for some reason Tegoshi couldn’t detect the prettiness she held in her face in her voice. Her soul was contradictory to her vessel.

"Yes Miss. You looked so-"

"Don’t look at me." She said shaking her head obviously and sighed in a frustrated manner as she pushed past him towards the exit of the bus obviously annoyed at the present situation. She turned to look through the luggage section but she didn’t really need to. Her bag was the last one. She lifted it up and started descending. Tegoshi exhaled from relief when she suddenly turned her head at the noise.

"A hint to keep you hired little boy. People aren’t made of time. You should wake them up once you reach your destination no matter how nice they look when they’re sleeping." With that she opened the door to step into the mass waiting to get into the bus. Tegoshi ran to keep them out pleading that it wasn’t time yet and as he finally shut the door he found himself looking at the girl in her tattered jeans who walked on without a second look back.

He found himself believing that this was the type of girl who could only look forward in front of her.

How wrong he was.


208...208. She muttered continuously in her head her eyes squinting at each number in vain. She refused to take her glasses out of her bag. She hated wearing them.

Finally she paused at an estate that had the number 208 written in large blocks. This is where she rested. The only person she could solely rely on in the world. She thought of the useless reel in her bag. It hadn’t worked. No matter how many times they tried the video would just not play. It was fated not to work. She knew there must have been more than one copy.

But Shun had looked so utterly defeated and tired. He looked like he wanted her out of his life... and so she complied. She’d simply left with no words. As usual he’d accepted it because that was what she did in his eyes. Left people with no reason. No one did that. It was just that it was not important for him to ever know why.

Finally a beautiful woman stumbled out of the house. The light hitting her hair in a way that almost made a halo appear above her head, the beauty of hair product obviously.

Mao hadn’t bothered with asking if they could open the door cause they wouldn’t. Why would they when they didn’t even know if she was someone normal or some crazy rabid fan instead of her niece? She came with her entourage of at least three people.

Mao could recognize some of the most popular faces of today with her. One was another actress, one who collaborated with her in a lot of T.V. shows. The others, a stylist and a hair and make up genius that tagged along with her. No doubt to keep her looking flawless at all hours of the day.

She finally reached the gate and stepped out and stopped for a second as if there was something off about her daily routine. She turned her head towards Mao and Mao smiled cheekily.

"Spare change?" She spouted and the woman’s eyes filled with so many emotions so quickly that Mao almost blushed.

"Mao...what are you doing here?" She asked leaning against the gate as the other actress came out looking somewhat worried and the stylist and make up artist stood at the sides of the two. Like a cavalry ready to defend their clients.

"Yui is everything okay?" The woman asked inquisitively laying a hand on her friend’s shoulder and pausing to barely glance at the filthy cretin Mao looked like at the moment. Mao purposefully grabbed some dirt and rubbed it on her face just to irk and piss of the woman off. She looked like she was going to puke. Good.

"Came to visit my favorite aunt." Mao answered smartly, ignoring the other woman’s question, thankfully so did her aunt. She stood up from the ground her bag swung over her shoulder staring up at her from the long bangs that shaded her eyes.

"Mao. You know not to stop by like this. I bet your grandmother doesn’t even know does she?" Mao stayed silent letting the wind between them do all the talking. Finally her beloved rock relented and pointed towards the house.

"Right now I’m off to a party but when I come back we’ll talk."

"Not taking me along?"

"Would you like to come? I thought all this was a bit of torture for you. That was the reason you haven’t actually come see me in three years isn’t it?" She said pointedly and Mao bit her tongue and looked apologetic. Her aunt looked bored and Mao decided right there that just to prove her aunt wrong that she would go places she didn’t want to. She nodded.

"Fine. Leave your bags inside near the grass and someone will come take care of it. We have to go get you ready. I’m not having you coming to a party looking like that." Her aunt looked wary of her. Almost as if she didn’t want Mao to come to this party. Mao rolled her eyes. Who on earth could be there that she would shame her aunt so much?

She bet absolutely no one.

She had no idea who she was about to meet today.


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