One Night

Author's Chapter Notes

I know I said we're going back to Mao but guys lets put that on hold for a bit.

Lets go back to Jin and Erika and Shota

I really like Jin's part of the story too guys...I can't help it! Damn you Jin! You were supposed to leave T.T

Jin shook his throat slightly settling into the spot he held on Aya's couch in her palatial house, he still wasn’t quite sure what he was doing here but he was quite nervous about the whole thing. She’d asked him over for dinner but the whole affair felt really strange.

He cleared his throat and looked at the cherry mahogany coffee table that was in front of him. This table was the only thing separating him from ex-diplomat Ueto and his sons as they amicably discussed China’s relationship with Japan. A topic though he knew quite a bit about, was obviously not invited to speak to. He was a mere business student, and the Ueto family was political royalty. A smile wormed its way onto his face as he remembered Aya. for their rebellious unwilling political princess.

“You have to understand father…the Chinese went through a huge century of shame and humiliation after the Japanese occupation “ the fact we’re even here, living in their country as revered citizens is because you have tried to improve that relationship. Diplomat Goro will definitely be asking too much of them if you ask them to become our manufacturers. You’ll put them in a ‘lower’ position, yet again.”

“Kame! You know that is not Goro-san’s intention by asking to utilize the factory workers here.” Ueto-san looked stricken at the prospect of his son's thought and for a second, Jin pitied him. Representing the country while living in a totally different nation must have been tough for him. He wondered if Ueto-san was ever able to feel at home in either country. Much like Jin himself, Jin could not see Japan or China as his home, he felt perpetually lost. “There has to some way we can convince the government to allow us to develop more facilities, we need them or Japanese production and exports won’t be able to fulfill the U.S. demand any longer.” Then shockingly he saw the older man, who had become the subject of much of Jin's admiration as of late, turn to look at him and Jin gulped. Though the words hadn’t left Ueto-san's mouth, Jin knew exactly what the man was going to say to him. “Jin…what do you think? How would you position our proposition to increase Japan’s manufacturing facilities in China without trying to make it seem as if we're using this opportunity to reduce the skill level of the workers here?”

He blinked dazed for a second, what the hell could he say? Other than the obviously strained relationship between China and Japan he didn’t know much. He was just about to say that when he saw Kame and Junno laugh to each other, the gesture obviously hidden from Ueto-san's view.

He knew that this shouldn’t affect him. It was obvious he didn't know much about politics...but the idea of the two brothers giggling at his expense made the tongue in his mouth taste bitter. Here was Ueto-san asking for his opinion and he was scared to give it just because of his inexperience?

No, he wouldn’t fall into such a trap again. “I think it would be best if positioned the proposal, as a means to which China can gain more international clout, something that helps build the nation and its people’s skills. Take a long-term perspective, with the short-term price.” When they didn’t respond Jin felt the need to continue. “China’s number one goal since the world war and colonization efforts has been to stand independent of the G7 nations. To the Chinese, Japan is another G7 nation trying to capitalize on China’s resources. Rather than positioning it in a way which threatens China’s own well-being we need to consider what this country, and what these people want. Not just our nation. They want to see themselves succeed on a global platform, as a force to be reckoned with. Japan needs to help them, not hinder them.”

When he finished he saw Ueto-san smiling kindly, and Kame and Junno struck silent. As if they hadn’t quite expected such a knowledgeable answer from him. “You’re highly optimistic about the way the Chinese will perceive Japan’s request.”

“No…I’m highly optimistic about the way we’ll present it to them. We are the ones who decide how they will treat us based on how we treat them sir.” Jin insisted. Growing up in China he had really learned what it meant to be a Japanese child in China. Many Chinese families lost precious family and honor in the Japanese occupation. The children grew up teasing him and bullying him, simply as a way to get revenge on the country that had ruined their families.

For a long time, Jin had thought it was his fault…but then he realized that he hadn’t given them a reason to believe he was different from his forefathers. It was only once he actively tried to bridge that gap was he able to make friends.

“What are you lot blabbering on about now?” Aya strolled in and, without a care for the obviously single armchair beside her father, came and plopped herself down right on the other side of Jin’s loveseat. She set down the bowl of dried nuts and chips she’d brought along, all mixed up together as Junno crinkled his nose at the sight.

“Yah Aya! You mixed them up again! You’re supposed to keep them separate!”

Aya shrugged as she reached into the bowl picking up two cashews, a chip and an almond. “What’s the point they’re both salty anyways.”

Sticking his tongue out Junno, Aya’s younger brother, followed. “You’re never going to get married. What a useless wife you'd make.”

Kame simply smiled and looked directly at Jin who was already in the bowl grabbing the munchies, happily throwing an almond back in his mouth. “I wouldn’t bet on that Junno.”

No Kame was sure now, that even though Jin himself probably didn’t know what was happening to him. The Ueto family would probably claim him as theirs. After all, he’d never seen Aya so desperately want to touch someone. Every three minutes or so she would lightly touch Jin’s shoulder or smile at him and laugh.

She was more smitten with this man beside her than he'd ever seen his little sister with anyone.

Kame looked to his father for just a second for his reaction. A pensive smile on his face Kame realized that his father wasn't blind at all to the antics of the two children pretending to be adults in front of them. The only reason he wasn’t stopping them from sitting next to each other and conversing amongst themselves was because he approved of Jin.

Kame looked at Jin again as the oblivious man laughed and covered his mouth to make sure a stray potato chip piece didn’t find its way spat across the room. “So Jin…what’s your poison?” Kame asked one corner of his mouth up-turned into a smirk.

Jin turned to look at him eyes widening. “I don’t really drink tha-“ but with one look from the Ueto patriarch he decided to take back his words. “Whiskey, please.”

Kame wondered if he’d chosen that on purpose, or if he could even know that his father’s favourite drink was Whiskey.

Aya chuckled behind her hand as she raised her hand squealing. “Me too please!”

“For once in your life act like a lady!” Kame chastised but poured her a drink anyways and brought back five whiskeys.

This would surely be an interesting night, getting to know his future brother-in-law.


“Kanpai!” Ken’ichi yelled out as the entire cast and crew collectively threw back the small portion of sake poured into cheap plastic cup. Well, all except for Erika…because Erika didn’t drink like the rest of the women on set did.

Shota would have thought this would have made Erika feel left out but the girl only smiled brighter and chattered more excitedly than any of the drunken women.

Ken’ichi continued his speech. “We’re almost done filming the movie and this group of actors has really been some of the best I’ve ever worked with. I’m glad we’ve worked together again Erika,” He raised his hand to his lead actress smiling brightly. “You, my phoenix, have saved us, with your eternal beauty and never-ending talent…and Shota- who the hell knew you actually were good at acting?” Ken’ichi joked laughing to himself. Everyone on set nodded in agreement and Shota knew he was supposed to take it smiling and nodding so he did even if he would rather have punched his director’s lights out. Ken’ichi had never been that wonderful at holding his liquor. “I’m only joking of course, thanks for your hard work Shota! Speaking of joking! Joe! You little surprise in a basket-“ He turned his attention to the rest of the cast and Shota took that as an invitation to stop listening. After all, when Ken’ichi started he could talk quite literally for forever.

Instead Shota found his feet shuffling him towards his leading lady. As he came up to her he saw her turn to look at him and, in his imagination he was sure, smile wider. “Shota! This party was such a good idea wasn’t it? It really helps us get the morale to do the last couple of scenes.”

He just hoped that she didn’t realize he had moved three steps closer to her since she’d started talking. Their shoulders were almost touching. He tried to mask it so she wouldn’t realize and close up like a flower at sunset. “Are you happy you did this film now?” Over the past three months that they’d been filming together he had gotten to see Erika close to every day. The idea that this would no longer be a reality was starting to hit him but he still had not found any indication in Erika’s behavior that showed she felt the same way about him. That she even cared having his presence in her life.

Then again…maybe he was asking a bit too much from a married woman and even if she did decide to give into his selfish demand for her love. In the end nothing could really come of them but a dalliance between the sheets that would probably ruin the very shaky friendship they’d formed. Nor if they got serious could he ever give her the things she deserved because his position, not to mention his wife, would not let him. He could never marry her, birth a legitimate child with her, or hold her for everyone to see.

So really you see, there was no point to his trying to force this relationship on the both of them. Yes, there was chemistry, and an undeniable urge in him right now…but if it was only him he could control himself he was sure because his urges weren’t worth ruining Erika’s life.

Yet even so he thought these things he couldn’t help but feel his heart deflate at the sight of her laughing happily as she took in the sights of the entertainment world’s glitzing lights and studio team. Smugly nodding, she gave him a friendly grin.

His own grin faltered. That was always the smile she gave him, the one that yelled what a ‘good’ friend he really was.

Sure Erika blushed and even mumbled a bit around him…but it was more that she was nervous about their situation not him as a man. He was a prince, she was a commoner and she reminded herself of it every day despite his attempts to normalize their friendship.

He was confused…had he even made any sense?

Drinking always muddled his thoughts.

“I really am happy about everything…this movie, you and everything you’ve done for me.” She folded her arms under her chest, and he couldn’t help but note the slight swell of her chest. He knew from his own experience with Maki, it was likely because she was still breastfeeding. He was more than healthily distracted when he heard her next word pass his ears. “Shota, you’re my savior aren’t you?”

The words were casual but Shota was floored. Had he heard correctly? He knew he shouldn’t take it seriously because she had the most nonchalant expression on her face but- all he could think was that- “Ah Erika- could I steal you away for a second?” Ken’ichi smiled at the two of them grinning as he tossed back another cheap cup of liquor. Shota wasn’t sure but wasn’t this Ken’ichi’s fourth cup in a little less than 20 minutes? “We can go to my office near the dressing rooms neh? We need to have a little chat.”

Shota couldn’t help but want to intervene and say no, that Ken’ichi couldn’t have her but Erika nodded and followed Ken’ichi carefully out of the set room. While they walked away, his co-stars Shirota Yuu and Odagiri Joe grabbed him and made sure his own throat was no longer dry.

A cold settled over his heart as he contemplated what on earth Ken’ichi could have to discuss with Erika.

Somehow his mind wouldn’t give him peace from imagining the worst of scenarios.

For her savior, he couldn’t help but think he was doing a horrible job.


For the rest of the night, Jin found himself laughing with the Ueto family as they drank and ate the food the chef prepared for them, politics left aside because Aya, they all knew now, detested it with a fierce passion.

Finally at midnight they re-entered the salon from the dining room. Aya ran towards the loveseat and sat down. She looked very sleepy but seemed to be waiting for something. The rest of them took their seats, still listening to Kame tell an embarrassing story about Junno and Aya stealing each other’s water bottles like foolish little kids.

Jin was smiling ear-to-ear barely aware of what was happening until he realized that Aya had fallen into his lap, her head nestled comfortably on his thighs as she smiled and sure enough…seemed to have gone ‘asleep’.

Junno laughed at Jin’s stricken expression. “It’s okay she does that a lot- I can move her for you if you’d like.”

“Ah no- I mean its okay she’s already sleeping I don’t want to wake her up.” Jin took off his suit jacket as slowly and carefully as possible as he draped her with it. It was colder now that it was night time and he didn’t want her getting sick but she really shouldn’t have drank this much. He was going to talk to her tomorrow morning…he couldn’t believe she was like this even around her father!

“Father,” Jin’s eyes flickered upwards to see Kame smiling at him though he’d obviously been addressing his dad. “What do you think of the idea of Jin taking over the summer internship that Aya dropped at the diplomat’s office?” Then as if realizing he needed Jin’s consent for this, he looked to him. “As long as that’s something you’d be interested in Jin.” Jin looked between the three men that he’d come to really enjoy the company of this evening. Though he was obviously a stranger, he felt like he had known them for years.

Ueto Shuichi turned to look at him with the full force of his critical gaze now. Jin could tell because now he was being measured up as a potential candidate and he couldn’t help but gulp nervously as the icon’s voice asked, “Would that be something you’re interested in Jin?”

He’d just been offered an internship at the Japanese diplomat’s office for the gods’ sakes. He would be a fool to say no, especially since he was getting so obvious an ‘in’ into a world he’d thought would be out of reach for someone who wasn’t even involved in International Studies. “Yes.” He grinned, ready to get up to shake Aya’s father’s hand.

Ueto Shuichi shook his head smiling as he came over to him, making it apparent he didn’t want to wake his daughter up either. “Then you have it.”

“Welcome aboard what Aya likes to call ‘train to boredom’.” Junno laughed but Jin couldn’t help but smile wider.

He had a feeling- things were really going to go well here.

Because Ueto Aya and her family felt like his saviors.


Erika stepped into Ken’ichi’s office watching him turn on the lamp and sit back against the wooden material of his desk. “Do you know what you’ve done Erika to be here?”

Indeed it felt like she had done something horrible at school and right now Ken’ichi was sitting her down to punish her, but she shook her head because the truth was she had no idea what she had done. “Have I done something wrong?”

“Rika…” He laughed lightly rubbing his lips and Erika felt the blood in her veins freeze. “Can I tell you something?”

She didn’t know what to say.

Ken’ichi had not called her Rika in years, too many years. The last time he had called her Rika, she had lost something that the world had labeled precious to her even if she had never really considered it so. His voice had been just as it was now, low warm and velvety, coated with the blanket of sake. “Ken’ichi-“ She started but just as soon as she spoke, he moved forward again to cover her mouth with his hand.

“I know I asked…but I’m going to tell you no matter what your answer is. So what you say now really doesn’t matter.” He looked at her so seriously a spike of fear grew in her heart looking at him. This wasn’t the confident, rowdy and directorial Ken’ichi she had always known all her life. This Ken’ichi looked like she had taken his heart and stomped on it. When it was quite the contrary. “Do you remember that day? That day Takuya dragged you off our set? You were going to be a star and he dragged you away.”

He didn’t need to remind her of that. He really didn’t need to remind her of that. “I remember.” Her words were muffled in his palm. It was all too clear the memory of her tears, the way her mother had screamed at her, begged her to answer why she hadn’t thought before her actions.

“I told him that day. I told him what you meant to me.”

“I know you did.” She sighed softly into his hand and watched his eyes shut. He looked pleased at the sensation of her breath against his hands and she felt her stomach twist inside of her unsure of where they were going…but then wasn’t this sort of conversation inevitable between them? All past lovers when faced with each other must feel this urge to- discover something about the other party years later. “Three months later I was married to Jin.”

Ken’ichi laughed. The prospect of her marriage must have been laughable to him but to see him laugh at the years of her life that she had devoted to Jin made her head hurt and her heart pain. Her love for her husband was no joking matter but she supposed to him it must have been a bitter irony.

“He asked me to marry you. Your father did. I couldn’t.” He laughed again but now all Erika could feel was a distorted form of confusion and sadness. Her mind pitied her younger self who had for weeks on end screamed and thrashed against her father to fight for a chance to come back to this man. This man who had never seemed to want her past her ‘expiration’ date. He lifted his hand off her mouth and looked straight at her. “You hate me don’t you?”

“No.” She cleared her throat looking at him straight in the eyes. “I could never hate you Ken’ichi.” His befuddlement encouraged her to continue speaking. “Without you I would have never met my husband…and he’s the one I truly belong with.”

This time Ken’ichi looked at her silently as if somehow her words had completely betrayed him. His face was a painting of anger, pain, hurt and misunderstanding. “Erika-“

“Ken’ichi-” She interrupted intent on ending the conversation because this was going nowhere.

“NO! I’ll speak first!” He boomed out loud and stood apart from her. “I wanted to tell you how much I hated that decision. How much I hated myself for being no better than your father! I ripped us apart just as much as he did!”

Anger fueled her own yells against him as she screamed now. “I’m glad it happened!” He seemed furious with her reply, un-expecting of the way she was so unaffected by his confession. Now Erika could only grow irritated…what the hell did Ken’ichi want from her anyways? Did he want her throw herself into his arms and bid good bye to her life now just because he had told her he admitted that he hated that he hadn’t fought for her?

“You don’t mean that.”

“Of course I do. I never really loved you. I know that now and I guess it’s time for you to know that too.” She huffed and turned around making a move to leave but felt Ken’ichi grab her hand and pull her back as he scoffed into her ear. His breath too warm on her neck.

“Are you serious?”

“You were an infatuation Ken’ichi, a crush that went too far.” She tried to wrestle her hand free from his grasp but he refused to give.

“ERIKA!” She turned around to see Shota stumble through the door panting heavily as he placed a hand on his forehead, shutting his eyes.

Seeing Shota, she felt Ken’ichi drop her hand and slowly trying not to make it obvious that they’d been fighting she walked towards Shota. “Are you ready to go home?” She asked softly and saw Shota nod rubbing his head still.

“I drank-“

“It’s okay.” She said. It normally wouldn’t have been but she needed to get away from Ken’ichi. As far away from him as possible and she would take any way to get there right now. Even a drunk Shota. She turned to look at Ken’ichi and bowed. “Thank you for everything today. It has been a pleasure working on this movie with you. I’m excited to finish this movie. You’re a great director Ken’ichi.” It was all she could really say to him…and yet she’d known though she was trying to be kind her words had hurt the most.

Her ex-boyfriend’s tearful expression injured her heart but she couldn’t bring herself to care much right now. How dare he simply yell things at her and what on earth did he expect her to do with this information anyways?

Shota held onto her hand simply nodding towards Ken’ichi as he pulled them out of the room. She looked up at his moving back as he entrenched their fingers together. His skin was burning hot and she couldn’t help but feel worried for him as he took them towards the car. She saw him come over and open the door for her before running back to the other side of the car. “Shota- are you okay?” She questioned softly as he sat down beside her. He made a move to start the car but she placed a hand on his and blinked shaking her head. “We can stay here parked for some time if you’d like.”

Shota turned to look at her and whimpered softly in his seat. He must have drank a lot after she and Ken’ichi disappeared. He was pale and shaking. They had been in that room for almost an hour. “It was Yuu and Joe…they made me drink and I couldn’t think and I knew Ken’ichi wouldn’t do anything but-“

“Shota you’re not making any sense.” Her tone patient she lightly caressed his shaking arm. He shook her off and sighed, leaning his head against the cool metal of the steering wheel.

“Forget about it Erika…you’d never understand.” He looked so forlorn but how was she supposed to help him feel better if he wouldn’t tell her what he was feeling right now?

“Shota…are you really going to say that to me?” She felt her eyebrows furrow as she took in the sight of her prince in such an un-royal state. “I’ve been through hell and back trying to reclaim myself and my pride and I really don’t think I ever will so really are you saying that to me?” He looked at her fearfully as she felt her voice let out some of the anger she’d felt towards Ken’ichi. “How could I of all people not understand whatever it is you’re going through right now?!”

“You really want to know?” He reached for her hands in his drunken stupor and she let him. He couldn’t do much harm to her in this state, nor would he remember likely, and so why should she not let the man who gave her butterflies hold her hand?

She nodded.

“I thought Ken’ichi would-“ He gulped and then shook his head as if trying to stop himself from saying it but then his grip on her hands tightened, stealing courage from her. “I thought he’d try something with you. Something you wouldn’t want.”

She felt her eyes widen and struggled to keep down the ball forming in her throat. When he looked at her and saw the pity in her eyes for him, he only felt the pain his heart stab through his flesh harder. “Shota…”

“No, see you don’t get it Erika-you just simply don’t get it and how could you?”

“Shota I understand you’re protective over me as a sis-“

“ERIKA NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT.” He yelled trying to stop her from speaking, from interrupting him when he so clearly needed to get something off his chest. From saying that she was something to him that she most certainly was not. She felt her fingers reflexively reach for his as he tried to shift away from her. “Erika…I- I didn’t want anyone else-“He gulped and shook his head again trying to clear the daze he felt from the alcohol over his head. It was like a cloud covering his judgment. “When this is over we won’t see each other again will we? And then the idea that another man would try and touch you-” She felt his fingers rub against the inside of her palm, willing her to not leave his hand now.

But she did.

She had to. How could Erika ever let Shota hold onto her when he had all but admitted that he -

No. She couldn’t allow it. She would be besmirching the name of the royal family by letting him feel these things towards her. She tried to turn away from the vulnerable prince but Shota didn’t stop, his fingers twisted their path up her body to her chin and pulled her eyes back to his. “Shota no-“ She muttered softly and he shook his head. “Let go of me please.” She begged softly hoping he would release her because if anyone saw them, anyone at all, she would never be able to recover from this and neither would he.

“Tell me you don’t feel a thing. Nothing at all, that I’m just a friend.” She opened her mouth to tell him just that when she felt a gust of air on her lips that kept the words from coming out. Like a block his breath on her locked her words in her mouth.

“Shota- you shouldn’t-“

“Damn the shoulds and shouldn’ts.” He cursed and let go of her chin as she shoved her face in her palms trying to quell the heat that had surged on her face. Her heart was pumping away in her chest at a million miles an hour. Had- had she encouraged this somehow? “Just tell me, so I can force myself to stop. Break my heart. Just stop this so I don’t think about it anymore.”

“Don’t you dare yell at me you selfish man!” She yelled back and heard him laugh the same way that Ken’ichi did. “No don’t you laugh either because you have no idea what I’ve been through.”

“Don’t I? Haven’t I been standing beside you while it happens? Watching you try to look so brave, so strong and I’m just waiting for you to let go so I can catch you.”

“Don’t flatter yourself. I’d rather fall on the ground.” She narrowed her eyes. It was hard to be patient with him when he was being this infuriating.

He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her towards him. His head fell in the crevice where her neck met her shoulders. “You still haven’t said it,” His lips kissed the tightly pulled skin over her veins and she sighed breathily despite herself. His lips were hot and trailed the smallest bit of saliva down the side of her neck. “So fine,” He raised his head and looked up at her ready to close the gap between them. “Tell me you don’t like it when my lips cover yours…even if we aren’t who we say we are when we kiss. Tell me my touch disgusts you. I’ll back off. That will work too if you’re not willing to be the bitch here.”

“Shota-“ She whimpered softly, trying to calm the heat that was unwillingly rising from her core through the rest of her body. If he kept pushing her like this, she really wasn’t sure what she would do. Or more importantly, what she would let him do to her. “You aren’t thinking right now.”

“Then why does it feel like I’m thinking more clearly than I have in years?” He let his fingers run past her lips and Erika knew she should have backed away from him but the mere sensation of his fingers on her flesh was making her weak in the knees. “Let me kiss you Erika. Just once. As me.”

“No.” She fought back softly shutting her eyes and heard him growl as he came closer to her.

“I’m going to do it without your permission.” That made her eyes fly open as she scowled and cursed herself for looking so weak in front of him.


“ERIKA-“ He hollered and she pushed him off her just as she felt the slightest brush of his lips against hers. Electric this time, more electric than any kiss she had ever had in her life with any other man. She had felt like a super charged battery had been placed in her body that reacted to his force.

“No, Shota.” She raised her left hand and pointed to her ring finger forcing him to look down at his own and she saw the fog that had covered his eyes lift as he remembered Maki. “I’m still married.” So are you, she thought quietly as she looked at him her entire body shaking from the surreal experience.

“You’re right…and you still love him don’t you?” She nodded. She could never stop loving Jin. “You’ll wait for him until he comes back won’t you?” She nodded again. “And what happens to me then?”

“I don’t know Shota…it’s none of my business.” She risked a look towards him and saw him look at her with mercy filling his face.

“It won’t be the same.” His words caressed the side of her face and she felt her spine twist her into an upright pose. “It’ll never be the same your relationship you know that right?”

“Because he left?” She shot back…she would have never thought Shota would be the type of guy to capitalize on a man’s weaknesses.

She was right because he wouldn’t.

His next words shocked her…mostly because in some part they were true. “No Erika it has nothing to do with him. Things would never be the same for you two because I came.”

Author's Chapter End Notes

One Night was supposed to be two parts long...but screw it. I put both parts up.

Thank you to Christine for reviewing!!! and everyone else I missed last time I updated! Lacey and eyeslikeatoms :)
all of you guys super rock.



and because I don't have much of the next chapter written here's a random excerpt of the story from WAY in the future.

“What’s your name anyways? And how dare you enter my room without asking for my permission?! Do you want to get thrown out?”

“How rude. Are you allowed to talk to your citizens like this?” The girl roughly pushed back and Jun was sure that if he wasn’t the prince of her country he would have been punched out already.

“When they’re obstinate and lacking manners I’m sure I’m allowed to teach them how to act. I’m merely helping you.”

“Helping me ruin your reputation in how I edit your answers in the interview asshole.”

“Did you just call me an asshole? Do you know what an offence it is to swear at members of the royal court?”
“Oh. What are you going to make me do? Bow down for hours until you take pity on me and forgive me? OH WAIT I FORGOT. You guys handed all that power over to the legislative body and now have no place in our government! Doll figures!”


“MAO!” He heard a voice yell out and suddenly he couldn’t breathe.


This girl was Mao?

“Mao- were you yelling at the prince?” The guy who entered, marched up beside the girl and bowed down apologetically as Mao’s own jaw dropped. “Please forgive her for her behavior. She wasn’t thinking properly.”

“Shun get up! What are you thinking apologizing to a guy like that?!”

“MAO!” Shun yelled out angrily having had enough. “Please.”

Mao- that girl with the laugh like wind chimes. “I get it I get it. Sheesh.” She rolled her eyes glancing at Jun with a dirty look on her face and for some reason he found himself laughing.

So this was her? Erika-sama's daughter? She was nothing like Erika had described. She didn’t so much inspire the image of perfection at all. “Mao have I met you somewhere before?”

“YOU ASS YOU DANCED WITH ME IN KYOTO! I didn’t even want to. You forced me!” She yelled back shaking her head and Shun looked at her in shock.

“You’ve danced with the prince?”

Jun grinned cockily stretching his arms behind his head as Mao grumbled. “I can’t be bothered to remember every girl can I? Just today morning I had an unknown number calling me and-“

“That was me.” She interrupted not at all pleased with his anecdote.

“Ah no wonder you were offended. I apologize for my un-gentlemanly manners.”

“Forget it. Asshole.” She marched out of the room and Jun couldn’t stop laughing it was too perfect.

Erika had been right. She was rough, and rude…and the two of them-

Well Jun could already feel it- that they they were destined to meet.


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