Kiss You Quiet

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I apologize.

Jin's finally being more co-operative.

And Ryo's being hot as ever for you guys.
“We’re here.” Ryo held onto Mao’s hand as she saw the large house sitting atop the hill they’d been walking on. It was a massive temple and it was empty inside. The stairs were winding downwards and all around them was the green vines she’d always come to associate with her childhood.

“Meisa lives here? It’s odd to imagine it eh?” He spoke softly as he felt her hands squeeze his.

Her eyes were shut as she said her next words. “Ryo- let’s turn back.”

The boy turned to look at the girl who clutched onto his hand just a little bit tighter with the fear set into her features. He smiled as he leaned into her ear. “Why?”

“I don’t want to mess up her life. I can’t do that to her. She’s been through so much because of my grandfather. I can’t drag her past into her life.” She turned to him and Ryo was shocked at how pained she looked. For others it might seem like this journey was virtually painless. Mao had a loving grandmother and a great chance at becoming a history doctorate.

But in the short time Ryo had known her he had gotten to understand her so well it was scary. The childish way she threw herself upon him when she was drunk told him she’d always wanted to be babied. The way she didn’t want to hurt others the way she hurt herself showed how much-

“HI!” Someone screamed out from the top of the hill and Ryo turned to look at the figure that had discovered their presence. It was a little child dressed in a priestess uniform she was waving furiously and telling them to climb up the stairs. He looked to Mao who screamed with her eyes to let it go but he couldn’t.

“Hello there.” He climbed the stairs halfway to meet the little girl who slowly made her way down skipping.

“Are you guys here to pray?” She smiled and Ryo shook his head.

“No we’re here to meet the head priestess of this temple. Can you take us to see her?”

“Obaa-chan?” He nodded and the little girl nodded as well and burst into laughter and he held out his hand to her and she held onto it and they walked to the top together until he turned around to look at Mao who was still standing at the base of the steps looking fearfully up at him. Her eyes wide and shocked as she mouthed for him to get his butt down.

At that moment she looked so much like a child he had to crack a smile. “and whose hand am I supposed to hold?” Mao yelled at him from the bottom and he laughed.

“Come up yourself Meow. I can’t hold your hand all the time can I?” He teased.

She glared at him and stuck her tongue out as she climbed the stairs. Ryo laughed as the little girl tugged on him and they started towards the temple.

That was when Ryo saw her. There was something about the woman’s demeanor as she bent down and touched the flowers. The little girl immediately ran to her and Ryo did not even have to ask if this was Meisa. Her features themselves showed you that once upon a time men used to go crazy for her.

“Hikari…who are these visitors?” She smiled at them and Mao finally caught up to Ryo glaring at him for leaving her alone.

Ryo opened his mouth but a panting Mao stopped his words. “We’re students from Todai.” Mao interrupted as she kicked his shin. “We’re studying the effect of the economic downturn of NTV studios a place we’ve heard you were a very active member of. You were said to star in 4 of their 5 star productions and one they never released.” Mao gulped as she remembered the tape that didn’t work. The whole reason she was doing this.

“Yes. I was a member of that studio. And I was made partner right before it closed down. I’m sorry what is this about-“

“We hear the shut down had a lot to do with Toda Erika the second wife of the late His Royal Highness Matsuda Shota-sama.” Meisa’s eyes hardened at the mention of the Toda family as she took a closer look at her and Mao flinched under the hard woman’s gaze.

And then she suddenly spoke. “You may leave us.” She spoke roughly and towards Ryo who the little girl immediately linked hands with. “Come come I have so much to show you.” She yelled and Mao stood plain now in front of Meisa.

“Did you think I wouldn’t recognize you?” The contempt and disgust in her voice let itself out as Mao gulped and stood her ground.

“Who am I? Who am I really?” She shot back and Meisa glared at her.

“Come inside girl. I would have never thought you were this stupid.” Meisa grabbed her hand and dragged her into the shrine where they walked until they entered the dining area.

She sat down herself on a cushion. “You were three years old when I last saw you. You were the most beautiful little bundle of joy and now you look like someone ran you over and stomped all over you. Your nail polish is all chipped, and your clothes look tattered. Does Nao not take good care of you?”

“It's style and she takes excellent care of me thank you very much.” Meisa cracked a smile as she poured Mao the green tea and gestured for her to sit down.

“Now why don’t you be honest with me? What do you know until now? What do you want to know? I’m not like Nao. I have always thought you should know the story of your mother. She isn’t just the woman who-“ Meisa’s eyes watered for a second and Mao felt her body transported to her eight year old eyes.

“I just- Yui’s told me everything until my conception.” Meisa nodded knowingly.

“I told Jin to leave with you and Erika but he never listened. In his hearts of hearts he always loved his father too much. Do you know he didn’t even-“

“Meisa. If possible I would like to leave my father out of it as much as I can.” Mao quietly and Meisa turned to look at her stunned.

“Mao. Your father was one of the best men I ever knew. He was courageous, fought for his family. Heck even after “but that was my and your grandmother’s fault. Perhaps if we had not intervened in Erika's life as we did they would be here in front of you. However, the rest of what happened involved your father so completely it is almost unavoidable.

After the episode at the hospital, things went even more downhill for the company and the strain on the family was evident.

Jin managed to hide it all from Erika however…which perhaps if he had not done they would be with you right now today.”

Jin sat in between his father and his father-in-law in the office. “The movie did badly that’s okay we can recover.”

Takuya scoffed and shook his head. “Jin are you blind? The reason all of this started was because of your father and his horrible direction to the movie. Who gave him approval for the project anyways?”

“I did and I stand by my decision. It was a good script with horrible actors.” Jin’s father spoke but his voice lacked so much conviction that Jin wanted to kill himself as he knew that Toda Takuya would rip his father apart as he smirked at him.

“Did the woman sleep with him to get made the lead?” He seethed and Jin’s eyes narrowed as he saw his father cowering under Takuya’s words. It depressed him until finally he threw a look at his father-in-law and banged his fist down in front of him.

“Is that the only way you know how to do business Toda-san? Pushing people down?”

“Careful boy. Don’t get out your limits…or I’ll put you in a worse state than your father’s in.” Jin glared at him and sat back down in the chair and groaned. This was going to be a long meeting.

When he got back into the room he saw Erika sleeping. He hated this. He hated coming home late. He hated not being beside her when the baby kicked, when she sang to it, he hated not being there for her in the morning because of work.

He crawled into bed beside her and felt her shift and turn towards him. He stared at her in shock. Why was she awake?

“You stayed up?” His voice was reprimanding but he couldn't help but be happy in his heart that he could spend these few precious moments with her awake. He couldn't control himself from leaping to peck her lips. God, he loved her. Way more than she could ever love him.

She bit his lip lightly and he smiled as he looked into the mischievous eyes of his wife. “I needed you for something.”

“It’s not good for the baby’s health you being up so late." He countered but he couldn't stop the grin from stretching wider on his face.

“Well…what I’m not getting isn’t good for my health.” She joked and she wrapped her arms around Jin and hugged him tightly. “We never spend time together anymore. The baby misses you. He kicked when you came in the door.” She smiled into his shirt and Jin felt his heart swell.

“Did he now? Does he kick often?” He pressed a small kiss on his wife’s forehead and felt her breathe on his neck.

“He’s going to be a football star one day.” She joked and then her face changed from a smile to a look of concern so much so that Jin rested a hand on her cheek and grazed his thumb past her cheek.

“Hey…hey what’s wrong?”

“Is everything okay- you’ve been coming home awfully late nowadays and look at the time now. It’s one AM.”

Jin gulped. He’d never attempted to lie to Erika before but he would try now. He let his hands fall from her cheek to her neck and he kneaded the back slowly as he spoke his next words. “Of course everything is fine. You don’t worry your head about it or this little guy here will have trouble becoming the fine soccer star he ought to be.”

“But Jin-“

He pecked her lips shutting her up effectively as she glared at him. “No I said don’t worry about it.” She opened her mouth again to argue but he simply pressed another kiss on her lips.

“You can’t shut me up with kisses you know.” She mumbled faintly through the presses of his lips and he laughed back.

“No I’m not shutting you up with kisses but I am giving you a hint. Let’s not talk about it tonight all right? You’re awake. I’m awake…it’s late. Everyone else’s sleeping-“ He grinned down at her as she pecked him.

“Okay okay…this time I’ll shut you up with the kisses.”

And so as she reached up to kiss him he smiled as he grabbed her and threw the covers over them.

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I hope you guys enjoyed that. It's some of the cutest moments in this story that I love.

I'm going to have a lot more being under the wraps so I don't know if Erika will get updated again for a while. I ask that you bear with me while I write Your Love Is My Drug guys. I want to get it well underway. If you guys want you can read that too while you wait but yeah. I apologize in advance to you guys who have stuck with me all the way to here.

CHAPTER FIFTEEN. I never thought I would make it. I'm finally almost halfway into the story-line.

Do we love Mao and Ryo? Honestly they're so cute. I'm kind of in love with this pair if you can't tell the way I write them.

And Jin and Erika. I love them too.


Cause I figure I should leave you guys with something.

“Eri, I need to tell you something.”

That's all I know for sure is going on right now. The rest is variable.

WHAT DOES JIN NEED TO TELL ERI? We'll never know...until the next chapter.

If you feel like taking a guess guys go for it in the reviews section=D

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