Time To Man Up

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It's Finally Erika's Turn Again

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“DON’T YOU DARE SAY THAT ABOUT MY DAUGHTER.” Toda Takuya could not control himself from banging his fist down on the table and glaring at both his son-in-law and Jin's father. They stared at each other each silent for a second as they took in the expressions on each other's faces.

One was angry, one was smug, and the other completely exhausted.

Erika walked into the room watching her father and her father-in-law fight as they had been these past couple of days since her father-in-law had been turned down for the VP position at Horikita Mining.


Jin was sitting on the armchair his head in his hands. “Erika- nani?”

“Jin..can you come out with me right now please?” She spoke softly.

He lifted his head slowly and let his eyes float up to hers. “Erika we’re a little busy here.” His face looked so exhausted. Her heart weakened at his appearance. He hadn’t shaved today, the work today was even tougher which was sad considering today was a Saturday. She’d known for a while the studio was in trouble.

But she couldn't help this. “Please?” She pleaded.


“Jin you know I wouldn’t ask unless it was important.” She spoke with the same frustration in her voice and as she went out to reach him she felt her head start throbbing so massively, she couldn’t see anything. She shut her eyelids closed as she felt her body swaying from side to side and within moments she felt her father grab her one side and Jin rush to her other. She could barely make out the sound of their chairs hitting the wall. Jin pried her away from her father who only glared at Jin as he grabbed her and held onto her shoulders.

“Jin-“ She started and felt her mouth run dry, she went limp in his arms and Jin’s eyes widened in horror.

“ERI! ERI! ERI STAY WITH ME!” He slapped her cheek as hard as he could and shook her shoulders but nothing was happening.

“I’M GETTING THE CAR! YOU COME WITH ME!” Her father rushed out and Jin nodded cradling Erika in his arms and running towards the entrance.

Her mother peeked out of the kitchen to see the two men running.


“Eri fainted Ma. Come quickly, we have to go first can you call Meisa and bring her?” Nao’s face twisted but Jin didn’t have a chance to see it as he jumped into the Ford T. There was no other option.

Jin couldn't lose her. “ERI. ERI!” She floated in for a moment and as her eyes, in their haze, raked over the worried expression of her own husband and felt a smile stretch onto her face.

“You’ll be a good father.” She whispered softly.

“Are you okay- Eri stay with-“ Jin started as her eyes shut slowly again and a look of calm came upon her face as she grew limp again resting completely against him.

“Jin…” She whispered softly as she wrapped her arms around him feeling the car jolt and she squinted as she held him tighter. She felt nauseous.

“I’m right here Eri.” He held onto her and Toda Takuya glanced back at the couple from his mirror as he sped across the roads and turned into the hospital.

Erika opened her eyes and looked at him from underneath. He looked like an angel under the Saturday sun behind him coming through the back of their car. “I’m pregnant.”

And then she fainted.


Jin couldn’t stop the smile on his face as he sat beside his unconscious wife. She was “

They were-

He was going to be-

He held her hand tightly. “Come on Eri wake up. I want nothing more than to hug you as tightly as possible and hold onto you and the little guy forever.”

“Who says its going to be a guy?” A woman’s voice flew through the door like silk and Jin turned around to see the ever present Meisa in all her glory. Today she was dressed in a Manchu dress with her hair artfully pulled into a bun tucked with a lily clip.

“I’ve come directly from the set.” She explained and he nodded happily. She hugged him from behind and looked at him from the side as he couldn’t get up or leave Erika’s hand. He didn’t feel right letting it go.

“I hear someone’s going to be a dad.” Her beautiful smile ever-present in her voice and she looked to her best friend who was lying in the bed her body frail.

“You have no idea.” He pressed his clasped fist with Erika’s hand within it to his lips.

Meisa’s smile faltered for a second as she looked from “Jin. You’re ready to be a father right?”

He turned to look at her in shock. “What do you mean?”

She turned to look at the door and ran to shut it. “Jin you can’t stay with your families. You’re making your own now. And I'm no fool. I know the trouble Takuya's been putting you through.” She looked fearfully at the window where she could see Takuya holding onto his wife. Meisa paused for a moment to see if he would turn towards her but of course when he did he didn't let his eyes rest on hers for more than two seconds before turning around to embrace his wife coldly again.

Her hands tightened into fists. “You need to leave Jin. Or I promise you this man will ruin your life just like he almost ruined Erika’s. Takuya is toxic.”

Jin looked at his friend in shock. “Meisa-“

But at that very moment Erika uttered a sound as she opened her eyes and Meisa’s eyes watered seeing her best friend. “Erika.” She ran to her best friend's other side and clasped Erika’s other hand within her own.

“I’m a mommy.” She said happily making a move to sit up but Jin immediately held out his hand.

“Relax. Stay with Meisa for a second. I have to go speak to the doctor. He told me to get him when you woke up.” She nodded strongly as she felt the smile stretch onto her face. It was shocking how good a man Jin was. He was perfect.

“Jin!” She couldn’t stop herself from uttering as he made a move to leave and he turned back to smile at her.

“Yeah Eri?”

“You’re happy right?”

He smiled as he walked back to her bed slowly and bent downwards to press a soft kiss to her forehead and then pausing to go down towards her tummy and kiss it as well before he walked out the door.

And that was when Toda Erika realized.

She was in love with Akanishi Jin.


Jin walked up to his father and Erika’s. He stopped in front of them. “If she had never woken up I would have killed the both of you.”

The fathers immediately froze and stared at Jin who gave them such a steely stare that even as they made a move to fight back in their defense he held up a hand. “I am no idiot. I know the stress that you guys have been putting on each other and me have inadvertently affected MY WIFE. Not your daughter or daughter-in-law. Now hear me out. The doctor has said the baby is draining on Erika’s energy and so are you two babies. I will not stand for it. If you two do not grow up and stop your childish fighting then consider this relationship I have with both of you ended. And I am also taking the liberty of speaking on behalf on Erika.” He looked to Erika’s father who laughed.

“My daughter is mine. Not yours.” Takuya spat out even as Nao laid a hand on his shoulder to stop him from arguing with his son-in-law. Jin could only scoff back.

“Correction. By all legal documents she is married to me. So for the past two years and the rest of my life, Erika is mine. Erika will always be mine.”

He paused and turned to his own father before continuing. “And if you do not stop your immature behavior, Erika and I will be moving out. Now if I have made myself understood I need to go be with my wife.” He paused when he saw Nao looking at him with tears in her eyes. Her mouth was stretched into a smile and he gave her a quick nod and heard her break down in sobs as he walked towards his wife’s room.

This was a new era.

And he wasn't going to take their crap anymore.

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