Happily Ever Afters Do Exist

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“Oh my god!! Jin stop it!”

He was twirling her around and any moment now he was going to lift her into his arms so she could curl around him in fear. She couldn’t help but laugh at the strange feeling. It felt exactly like she’d thought it would in his arms, safe and thrilling.

Maybe she’d always loved him.

As she stared up at his face she realized now that wasn't true. She hadn't loved him forever... it was impossible to erase the memories of the lock stock and barrel. It was impossible to forget the pushes against the cage she'd felt she was in when she was married to him first. And it was definitely impossible to forget how much she'd hated him.

But if she had never hated him she may have never loved him...so while she would have to live with those memories in her mind it was okay. It was all okay now that she had finally made it here. To clarity.

This was their third and last night and they had returned to the same Argentinean bar. This time they had barely stopped to down a drink before continuing on the dance floor.

“What were you saying?” He yelled back up to her as she screamed giddily latching onto him wrapping her arms tightly around his neck as he bent downwards so she hang of him. She could hear Alberto’s catcalls and saw him disappear behind the bar again. They’d become acquaintances with almost everyone in the bar. This was so much more fun than their first honeymoon.

Erika had never been one for thought or contemplation. Jin had never been one for change nor spontaneity and together for a moment they were perfect. Here in this bar. So she could not hold her words back in her mouth.

No they insisted, demanded that she let them out of her mind, her mouth, and her entire body.


“Yeah?” He screamed over the music as he swayed them along and Erika found the rhythm sync into a slower one. She looked to the music booth and saw Alberto there giving her a thumbs up as Jin pulled her by the hips close to him. It was rare Alberto played the sensual ones and usually for them Jin would grab her hand drag her to the bar and they’d laugh at the awkward Japanese couples attempting to salsa.

But she wasn't attempting with Jin. He knew his way around- god this sounded wrong- her.

“You know how to salsa?” She asked as he pushed one of his legs in between hers and so one of hers lay between his.

Jin's eyes suddenly shot up as he realized they weren't at the bar. He looked far more nervous now. “I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable. Are you feeling uncomfortable? We can go sit down. I honestly don’t mind.” He couldn’t be more incorrect. No she was more comfortable than she’d ever been.

“No...this feels right. We can stay.” And again that foolish smile on his face was enough for her. She went to peck his cheek but at another cat call he quickly turned his head and without another moment's notice there they were. Lips pressed against each other. Neither of them moved...waiting to see who would make the first break apart, eyes open and looking into each other.

It was the oddest kiss she had ever experienced. The look in his eyes was clear, he was asking her. Not directly...not obviously to anyone else around them they looked like they were like this since birth. They had no idea how much effort had gone in from both sides, how many fights, cold nights, and tears had been poured into their marriage.

She didn't mind. She pulled away from him and stared down at the floor, repeating her words. “This feels right.” Her words softly went past his ears but she couldn't bring herself to look up at him.

She found she didn’t have to. For in the quickest moment she found herself flushed against him with one hand resting on her waist and the other holding her own so tightly as he pushed his lips onto hers and Erika relished in the feel of it all. Her body thrummed with an excitement she almost didn’t recognize as her own. Her heart went faster, and slower at the same time. Calmed that all she had been anticipating had finally come to be, and excited of the prospect of what all of it meant.

“I love you.” He meshed the words between their kisses but that was all Erika needed to hear. “I didn’t love you when I came back.” He pulled away from her now to look at her directly in the eyes. “but I remember why I loved you before and then it was hard to not fall again. Eri...when you trust, and when you touch. It comes from the heart in a way I’ve never ever seen with anyone else. Akanishi Erika...I don’t care if you want to take my heart out and stomp on it. I don’t care if you love some prince but this is real, whether you want to admit it or not and I just want to let you know. I’m not letting you go.”

She let the smallest of smiles come on her face. Jin had nothing to worry about with Shota. She couldn't believe he was even jealous. “Ever.” She spoke with such conviction that he turned to look at her not hiding his shock. “Don’t let me go...ever.” She felt herself wrap her arms tighter around his neck as she pressed herself to him completely, feeling him freeze only for a moment under the unfamiliar weight.

And she did not need to know the rest because it was true.

All those lines in the fairy tales were true.

Happily Ever Afters Do Exist.


(Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve)

“Mao...Mao wake up.” Mao felt for the first time since Shun the feeling of a warm body by her side waking her up. The sun hit her eyes and she felt blinded. The entire room around her was white. The sheets, the bed, the curtains...the-

She turned around to see a man she barely recognized. His black bangs came over his eyes as he smiled so brilliantly at her that she couldn’t help but smile back. He pecked her lips.

Sure she should have been scared of strange men pecking her lips but was she?

Not really. For that instant all felt right, it felt like waking up to her husband. Now they’d go cook some breakfast, probably walk to work together, something that would leave them entirely in unison for the rest of the day until night when they would-

When he broke apart from her lips, Mao remembered...she was not married. Nor had she been last night and-

And that was when she realized she was naked.

In a stranger’s bed.

Who was also very naked.

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