A Glimpse Of Perfection

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Only Meow in this chapter =D Erika gets the next chapter all to herself guys. Cameo from Suzuki Emi! Kato Shigeaki! Koyama Keiichiro? (is that how you spell it?) Yamashita TomohisaUeto Aya and my favourite.

Christine Portelli =D as well as mentions of a certain Ayumu Hamano.
Like she had set out to do finally she called Tegoshi only pausing to smile at the picture of Shun she still had beside his contact. It was of him licking her face when they were teenagers. He looked like he was having way too much fun and she looked like she was going to punch him in ten seconds, which was exactly what she had done.

Mao expected to hear the sounds of a bustling family on the phone as Tegoshi answered but the sounds of blasting pop music were all that reached her ears. “MAO-CHAN?” He yelled into the phone she could tell.



“Yeah... but if you’re going out or something it-

“No please! I want you to come. Don’t worry. It’ll be fine. We’re just...come okay? Do you want directions?”

And half an hour later there she was. In front of the mahogany wood door in the small apartment complex and as she opened the door she heard it right away. It was Calle Ocho by Pitbull. Somehow she knew knocking wouldn’t quite work and just as she flipped open her cell phone to call Tegoshi inside the door opened up.

“FUCKING ASSHOLES! GO FUCK YOURSELF RYO I DON’T FUCKING NEED YOU.” A girl exited, her blond hair reaching just beyond her shoulders in waves that made Mao a little jealous. On most people this would look fake, and pretentious and would warrant a huge raucous laughter from Mao’s mouth but on this girl. Phew...was she hot and Mao had to be really comfortable with herself to admit to this.

“WELL GO FUCK YOURSELF TOO EMI.” She heard from inside and flinched slightly. She’d never really been too much of this type of person. The kind who swears and parties and, obviously looking at the way this girl was swaying side to side as she looked at Mao, drinks.

“TEGO I’LL SEE YOU AT THE CLUB LOVAH. Move bitch!” With that she pushed Mao so that Mao hit the back of the slight railing left on the second floor to keep people from falling off. Mao didn’t like pretty Emi...no she didn’t like pretty Emi one bit.

“MA-OH!!!!” Someone screamed from inside and she saw immediately that it was Tegoshi. Completely wasted and completely different looking than when she’d seen him today. No this Tegoshi would not be the one with the happy family. This Tegoshi Yuya had thick layers of eyeliner on his eyes, wrists filled with black bracelets, a white wife beater on underneath his bright blue shirt that was undone and leather pants on. His hair was gelled to perfection.

Mao had to hold herself back from calling this one sex on legs. “Tego-chan?”

“Oh My God. Did I tell you how cute you look sleeping? You’re so totally cute.”

“Thanks Tego-chan. Um...are you...impaired?”

Cackles of laughter came from the room that Mao couldn’t help but hit herself over the head for using that word. Tegoshi smiled and came up to her ear whispering softly. “Onlyyyyy a little.” Smiling he pulled away and then with surprising strength for a drunk pre-pubescent looking skinny boy picked up her duffel and her hand and dragged her in. “EVERYONE SAY HI! THIS IS MAO!”

“HIIII MAO.” Only one boy didn’t say hi. He looked pissed off and at the appearance of Mao looked indeed, if possible, more pissed off. There was a girl with an airplane uniform lying on the ground that waved lazily as she turned around spinning on the ground laughing wildly. Another boy was lying on top of a foriegn looking girl also in the airplane uniform, he lifted his head from the girl’s lap and the moment he saw Mao his eyes widened and seemed to pop from his head. Mao was a little scared to be honest but she had no idea to run from this situation as the boy immediately got up and got in front of her.

“I’m fucking her tonight. Tego she’s amazing. Where’d you find her?”

“Yamapi! SHUT THE FUCK UP! God you’ll fuck anything that moves.” The pissed off boy said.

Mao appreciated the gesture but really she couldn’t help what she said next. “Excuse me...but are you saying I’m unfuckable?” Tegoshi squished her hand in his grasp as if telling her not to argue but it was already too late now. The pissed of boy had been angered.

Pissed off boy seemed even more pissed at her arguing back. “I was trying to help you out. Go get into a room with the guy if you really feel like it. I’m sure you’d be one of the funnest numbers in this guy’s list.”

“List?” The girl rolling around the ground started as pissed off guy rolled his eyes.

Tegoshi answered the inebriated girl’s question. “You know...the list Yama has of how many girls he’s fucked, how many times, where and what number they were on the hot scale.”

“I just found my first ten in a while.” Yamapi winked at her and Mao gulped slowly and couldn’t help feeling the need to cover up, even though honestly her entire body was engulfed entirely in clothing.

“ASSSHOOLLE!” The European-looking girl said and then giggled pointing at Mao. “You don’t know our names do you?” Mao thanked the girl in her head but only shook her head physically. “I’m Christine. I’m the asshole’s...Yama what the hell are we?”

“I’m not too sure.” He answered honestly kissing her softly on the lips and Mao breathed a sigh of relief. Hopefully the girl would help restrain him. They pulled away easily as Yamapi, who to be honest Mao wanted to hear nothing more about, smiled at her beguilingly. Mao had to admit she could tell why girls would sleep with him. “I’m Yamapi...I’m 24 and I think you’re so beautiful.” Here he gulped and rubbed his cheeks foolishly smiling the entire time. “Oh my god I’m blushing!” He said turning to the girl, rolling on the floor. Christine smacked his head on which he just kissed her on the cheek tousling her hair.

Mao didn't get it....were they together or not? How was she okay with him saying things like this?

“I’m Ah-ya. Hamano. Hamano Aya. Aya Hamano. Hamano Aya. BWAHHAA.” She burst and couldn’t keep a conversation obviously in her state and so passed the reins onto pissed off boy who looked as if he couldn’t bother being introduced to Mao.

“I’m Ryo. Hajimemashte.”

“Is he wasted?” Mao asked quitely to Tegoshi trying to keep her voice low.

“Oh yeah. He had the most out of all of us. He just acts serious while he’s drunk. ABSO NO FUN!” Tegoshi sat Mao down as he went to the door again as the doorbell rang and yet another two people entered the room. Mao just hoped to god they were sober.

“omgomgomg.” Aya started breathing so softly that Mao had to lean forward for her to whisper in Mao’s ear why she was freaking out. “It’s Shige and Koyama. Oh my god what am I going to do girl I don’t know? TELL ME!” She screamed a little too loudly so that Mao noticed the black haired boy turn to look with an almost concerned expression. Mao saw his face change to a more hard expression when he realized that the object of his sight was in fact not harmed but just yelling for lack of control over her voice. The red haired boy did not even pause to look at her.

“Just...act normal okay?” She attempted to calm the girl down as Tegoshi called the boys over to sit around Mao.

“MaoMao... oh god I sound chinese like...GuiGui! YiYi! HAHAHA MAOMAO!”

“Um...whatever?” She was going to try to stay sober but the problem usually was when she got even the slightest bit tipsy she kept downing them like she’d just broken up with someone.

“I’m Shigeaki Kato and this is Koyama Keiichiro.” The black haired guy introduced himself to Mao and she nodded.

“I’m Inoue Mao.” Shige barely seemed to pay attention though as Tegoshi offered him the shot of vodka.

Koyama was next to go.

“Don’t mind them. They’re depressed. I don’t even know why they showed up.” Ryo explained as he leaned back in what seemed like a relaxing position but Mao couldn't help but think of it as uncomfortable. She offered him a tight smile for explaining.

“HERE YOU GO MAOOOOO.” Tegoshi was gone so far and somehow he still had the life to pour her a shot. “It’s Peach Schnapps!” Mao was actually happy to hear this...peach schnapps was one of her favourite drinks. At least she could drink something that tasted mildly good. She grabbed it and downed it in a second. She pulled a face soon after.

That was when she felt it. The familiar burning sensation in her throat that felt so freaking right she couldn’t believe she’d stayed away for so long. Without speaking she held out her glass to Tegoshi who poured her another one just as quickly and Mao downed it quickly. Shige looked at her obviously shocked. Yamapi was wolf calling she could hear but she didn’t care. All she needed was that warm sensation and seriously she knew tonight that she was getting drunk.

Her head started buzzing from the alcohol.

“Does Pi look anymore attractive now?” Aya asked giggling to which Yamapi hit her on the top of her head.

“FAACCK U!” He screamed and Ryo edged away from them as Aya ended up on his lap from a harsh push from Yamapi. Koyama pulled another shot as Christine laughed and pulled Yamapi back into her grasp, his back resting against her front.

“She’s right.” Mao said reaching over to pull Yamapi’s cheeks from the sides. “Boy you look so much prettier. There’s just one problem.” She couldn't control her serious voice as she broke into giggles. She wasn’t gone yet but no she was on the verge of being tipsy. She’d hold off the next shot for a while.

“I’ll do anything MaoMao just tell me the word and I’ll go change if it gets me into bed with you.” Mao laughed leaning on Tegoshi as she moved away from Yamapi’s face.

“You have the biggest man boobs I have ever seen!”

At this Ryo really could not hold back. He collapsed onto the floor in the largest fit of laughs any of them had ever seen out of him so far. He grew so emotional. As Mao laughed herself she saw the others had shocked expressions on their face as they broke into laughter slowly as they took in Ryo's new image of expression.

Shige grew so happy that he grabbed Mao by the side and brought her into his own hug rubbing her head.

“IT’S SO TRUE!” Christine shrieked out as she rubbed the so-called moobs of her man who squealed in what could have been pleasure or indignation. They pecked each other on the lips and Mao couldn't help but think they looked good together.

“Tegoshi I like this girl! Where’d you find her?” Shige shouted to his friend who was still pouring shots when he dropped the bottle on the table and ran to Mao’s other side.

“A bus. She’s mineee get away!”

“Guess they do have do-able girls there.” Christine relinquished giving a high-five to Tegoshi who simply laughed along.

It had been a long time since Mao had had friends but with these people she had no idea why. The atmosphere was so utterly accepting that she had no problem holding her hand out to Tegoshi so that he could pour her the next shot. She wouldn’t be open with them or comfortable until she got smashed that much she knew. She never had been good at making friends easily unless she lost her inhibitions and that involved getting very mad...or very drunk. She would rather get drunk. She could see Shun’s face behind her eyes judging her. He never approved of her drinking habits.

“This is girl is going going.... goooooooone!” Koyama sung out in a surprisingly melodic voice that Mao had to hum along with him. It seemed entirely too good an option to miss out on. She could hear the others laughing beside her. It was kinda nice to hear people laughing with her.

Except she was almost sure they were laughing at her.

“Hey Ryo, keep an eye on her eh? It’s her first time with us and I don’t think Tego knows how much she can handle.” She heard Christine say quietly to him, the only other voice of reason. Ryo and she seemed the most sober of them all.

“Yeah yeah. Come here Mao-chan.” He made room-pushing Aya a little farther as Mao gladly got up and sat down in his lap instead of on the spot he’d cleared out for her. She giggled as she looked at his shocked face.

“You don’t mind do you?”

She was vaguely aware of Yamapi’s jealous screams and it was all Mao could do to not make out with Ryo right there to hear him get angrier. Pissing Yamapi off would definitely become one of her favorite activities...and it helped that Ryo was probably the prettiest guy in the room.

Ryo hung his head smiling as he glanced up at her from his eyes shaking his head and positioning her so she was facing the others, as he wrapped his arms around her small waist holding her steady. She realized now that she was swaying everywhere but in his lap she sat quietly. Her only real action other than talking and pushing against him was breathing.

Mao wasn’t sure why but Tegoshi seemed to be giving her one of the most grateful sober smiles she’d ever seen. In fact so did the others.

Mao felt Christine come up to her ear and tell Ryo to move his head away from Mao’s shoulder so she could tell her a secret. Ryo obliged and Mao found herself listening to the sound of Christine’s voice again.

“Mao-chan! Are you hitting on Ryo?!”

“Nope. I do think he’s the cutest one here though.” She admitted even more honestly than she’d honestly like to have normally. Shige smiled as he poured her another shot. He needed to see more of this girl unwound.

“Mao-chan ready go?” He asked her and she nodded as she faced him front on and they competed with each other on who finished the shot first. Of course Shige won.

She wasn’t sure how time was moving. She was seeing things as if she was spinning...oh she was spinning she realized as she set her feet down on the ground and could barely stand up straight. She took advantage of Ryo’s shoulder as Tegoshi took her other side and they started to sway together.

Aya, Mao saw was entirely meshed between the two best friends. All three of them avoided the situation with a skill that almost alarmed Mao. Christine and Pi were holding onto each other tightly and it seemed now that the more fun part of the evening was over, they grew closer together.

She didn't get why they weren't official.

Then the music got louder to Mao’s ears and they started dancing and she couldn’t help but remember Jun for a moment. The prince she’d danced with sober, a white knight it made sense they would do ballroom.

But this music was nothing like the one that night. No...this was Shots by LMFAO. Mao couldn’t help but enact the movement of downing shots as she bent her back backwards until she was touching the floor and Ryo pulled her up.

“Careful eh?” She nodded carelessly wrapping her arms around his shoulders.

“You hate me don’t you? Cause I’m freeloading here.” Her voice was soft as Tegoshi left them to go dance with the others and Mao found herself increasingly close to Ryo’s face. Her head was hurting a little but she could ignore that. Especially with Ryo's pretty eyes staring at her like that.

“I promise Mao-chan. I do not hate you. I disliked you when I first heard of you but now...you remind me of someone. She acted exactly the way you do. Well you do drunk.” He smiled softly reaching to rub her hair a little resting his forehead on hers. His eyes were shut and his every breath seemed to shake her just a little more to her core.

“What happened?” She asked softly wrapping her arms more tightly around his waist and reaching up to let her hands lie comfortingly on his back.

“She died. Her name was Hamano Ayumu. She was Aya’s twin sister.” The honesty, pain and longing she saw in his eyes made her own tear up as she moved her head away from his burying it in his body.

“Hey...hey you don’t have to cry.” His voice sounded so concerned for her as he caressed her hair but Mao couldn’t help it. No she had to cry, the tears were coming out now. She hated being alone, she hated that feeling. She understood without him having to say that the girl she reminded him of was his girlfriend. Obviously who else could it be?

“I have someone who left me behind too. I never knew her. She left when I was a child. I’m trying not to love her. She’s gone but it’s so hard. It’s so hard to love someone who’s gone isn’t it?” Ryo stopped swaying her side to side to I Remember by Kaskade.

“No...it’s just that much easier to love someone whose here.” He admitted honestly and Mao couldn’t help it. Whether it was the way he felt next to her, or the way she looked in his eyes, maybe it was the fact that she was just feeling this way for someone other than Shun after so long. She had no idea why but her next move was to kiss him.

It felt like a supernova had exploded in her heart. She felt light and she didn’t care what was happening around them because why should she? They were the starring attraction, and she couldn’t help but feel the others around her quiet down as they moved slowly in the most calming kiss that Mao had ever experienced. He pushed her into an absolutely beautiful place she’d never been with passion before. It was like clarity and haziness all in one.

A glimpse of perfection not yet complete.

And the last thing she remembered...was the way Ryo's lips were the softest she'd ever felt against her own.


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Um. Hard to write, but so proud of it still. I hoped you guys enjoyed the latest chapter of Erika =D And all the mentions. If you can't tell already Nishikido Ryo is now a main character in this story. The others will come and go but YAY for Ryo becoming a starring attraction!

I hope you guys understand Mao and Erika a little more as they grow as characters.

See you guys soon! Read Review and Enjoyyyy that's the motto.


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